Why You Should Play Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

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JustPickAlready - 3 dager siden
I like this guy's crunchy ass voice. Idk how else to describe it. Croaky? Is it raspy idk that it is raspy.
Fernando H
Fernando H - 10 dager siden
I now have a crush on Senua... thanx Marcus!
Jack Snuller
Jack Snuller - 10 dager siden
Shit game with a crappy story. The gameplay is repetitive as hell and the puzzles are non logical gibberish that will waste your time. So avoid at all cost.
DAR Weekly Red news
DAR Weekly Red news - 13 dager siden
Wait I can smell this game to
M-1XÆ-L K - 13 dager siden
This was one of the greatest games I have ever played! If you have played and enjoyed this game, you absolutely must play "A plague tale". I got the same, if not more enjoyment out of "A plague tale". Games like these are just the most perfectly made single player games.
skeeterscum - 15 dager siden
The only reason why I’m hesitant to buy this game is bc I have auditory hallucinations
Andrew Nobbs
Andrew Nobbs - 15 dager siden
What is that “really good” movie that was referenced in the beginning of this video?
Michel De Bruyn
Michel De Bruyn - 3 dager siden
There Will Be Blood.
Jesús Hernández Alonso
Jesús Hernández Alonso - 17 dager siden
Want to play it so bad but the Windows Store version sucks. The fckin framedrop makes it unplayable. But the part I played was astonishing
Ryan Mullaly
Ryan Mullaly - 17 dager siden
This game genuinely freaked me out so much I had to stop playing and reevaluate my life for a couple minutes. Eventually i gave it my coveted “this game is 10/10 but I can never beat it”
Rohit Kashyap
Rohit Kashyap - 20 dager siden
the ending was confusing as fuck for me. i didnt understand how she got out of hell and why hela didnt murder her. i understand that senua accepts dillions death at the end but i didnt know if dillion was still in hell or not. overall i didnt understand what senua actually accomplished at the end
Michel De Bruyn
Michel De Bruyn - 3 dager siden
Senua hallucinates, a lot, and the supernatural probably doesn't even exist in her world. Hela isn't real, she's just one more voice.
hansolo916 - 20 dager siden
Just went back to this so I could finish it. Hands down, one of the best games I've ever played.. AMAZING!!!!!
nisher15 - 22 dager siden
This game was ok. I cant relate to hearing voices or mentally breaking down. The narrative dialog was ill-timed and out of place. The inner voices were a weak attempt to sow fear and self doubt. I ended up ignoring all the voices except the combat "look behind you" voice. The scene transitions were really good. The quality from a small studio like this was really good, better than a lot of AAA studios in comparison to a game like this.
lord of the hacks 60 117
lord of the hacks 60 117 - 23 dager siden
haaaaay doom slayer
Marjorie Liakopoulos
Marjorie Liakopoulos - 24 dager siden
Wow this was so validating! I'm just learning how to play video games and Hellblade is the first one for me. Knowing that people with *significantly* more experience playing video games find this as confusing as I do is a relief lol
I cannot stop talking about how incredible this game is.
Craggs - 24 dager siden
I played this after the last of us 2 and I feel like a need a holiday lol
Elmira - 26 dager siden
4:24 "There is a whole puzzle that is near impossible if you are hearing impaired".
Me (unilaterally deaf): Sooooo you're telling me there's a chance? 😅😅😅
Udnas Navzar
Udnas Navzar - 26 dager siden
oh ... what song is it at 9:30 ... it's bugging me that i know it but i forget the name .... aaah
TheJege12 - 27 dager siden
FINALLY there's a game in which when you get hurt, *YOU FEEL IT* trough gameplay, I have to check this out, even if I'm not a fan of this style of gameplay
Pen Writes - Men-Tal
Pen Writes - Men-Tal - 29 dager siden
Hellblades storyline is a BEAST
Diego Saldana
Diego Saldana - Måned siden
I hate you , yet I love Hellblade so much , I loved your damn video. Thumbs up , and thank you.
Chris Menza
Chris Menza - Måned siden
I just got it for $9 on steam today. I think today is the last day for the sale as of Jul 7th 2020
Zandergar - Måned siden
really pisses me off how the sequel is a microsoft exclusive.
Josh Mciver
Josh Mciver - Måned siden
I found this game to be so unique, I found it took me a week to finish it when a game this length I could usually do in a day or two but it was just so intense and emotional I needed regular breaks
Jeanette Mullins
Jeanette Mullins - 24 dager siden
Yeah, I get really exhausted playing. It's so intense.
SlvdgeDvb 616UK
SlvdgeDvb 616UK - Måned siden
What's the film clip at the start with daniel day lewis called?
Cryogenius333 - Måned siden
As far as the permadeath, and the dark rot spreading, I got ganked a couple times before crossing into Niflheim...It wasnt until Surtur got me a couple times after Id crossed the gate that I saw it spreading. Im guessing it doesnt become a major problem until after you cross the gate.
Bible Quotes Daily
Bible Quotes Daily - Måned siden
hellblade 2's trailer makes me want to saw someones head off
i want to pick this up
Rebel Crusader
Rebel Crusader - Måned siden
The reason I don't play it: the game runs on 3rd person camera that is not centered and that places the character in my face blocking my view. The combat is also is very arcadish with unnecessary micro-pauses that break immersion. I guess I'm just getting too old with a short threshold for non-sense. Dear dev teams, if you really need to go 3rd person, check Mount & blade and learn to do it in a intuitive and non-intrusive way.
Mk. Rowe
Mk. Rowe - Måned siden
Fuck it. I'm buying it.

I had contemplated it before. ... But this is the final straw. Hope you're proud of yourself.😌
Fun Times
Fun Times - Måned siden
Okay so small spoilers but funny story

That sequence where you have to find the three runes while being chased by fire demon man. It was very stressful and I have gotten the three runes and couldn't find my way back to the door. With demon man closing in and me reaching peak stress as the screen got all shifty, someone came home and saw me playing and put a hand on my shoulder. Lemme tell you, you haven't experienced real fear like I have. I damn near fainted lol
Edit: spelling
Mario Claudino
Mario Claudino - Måned siden
I played it entirely while on shrooms
Bobert Daniels
Bobert Daniels - Måned siden
Man, this game didn't do anything for me. The gameplay loop of looking for symbols and running from fire just bored and frustrated be to tears. I'm glad so many people like it, though.
Chariot posts
Chariot posts - Måned siden
David Roudebush
David Roudebush - Måned siden
This game makes me feel uncomfortable...in a good way if that’s even possible
Dylan McKenna
Dylan McKenna - Måned siden
I finally picked this game up and played straight through it. Just... wow. What a singular experience. It was one of the few games that changed my perception of what a game could be.
Tactless Tortoise
Tactless Tortoise - Måned siden
"But I do think hellblade is best enjoyed in one sitting."
Hell yeah. Started at 11pm, finished at 4am without rushing, but damn, it's insane, it's one of my favorite games. You feel the stress, you feel yourself almost panicking.
Jeremy Gone Wild
Jeremy Gone Wild - Måned siden
I just recently played this game on Game Pass. I couldn't believe how much I loved it. Then I found out Hellbade 2 was announced for the new Xbox.
Swaraj Avianne
Swaraj Avianne - Måned siden
Thank god Hellblade 2 will be xbox exclusive and not for Ps5
The Gaming Cathedral
The Gaming Cathedral - Måned siden
The facial expressions are crazy good. It's eerie.
HomeGamesKiro - Måned siden
Bought it only by watching the trailer. Don't regret it at all it was sublime!
Jetstream Jack
Jetstream Jack - Måned siden
I've only got one working ear and it sucks that I'll never be able to fully experience this game as intended 😔
Andrey Bogdanov
Andrey Bogdanov - Måned siden
I can't even name this - a game, it's an Existential Experience!
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - Måned siden
I couldn’t finish this “game”, the voices were so annoying and the gameplay was basically non-existent, but that was just my experience, I understand the people that enjoyed it
Good & Plenty
Good & Plenty - Måned siden
Definitely wear some headphones while playing this game!
Good & Plenty
Good & Plenty - Måned siden
I have played through this game at least a handful of times already. Hellblade 2 is the main game I am looking forward to playing on the nextgen xbox.
Etherealシステム - Måned siden
I love this game.
This is my favourite game.
Dier Krieger
Dier Krieger - Måned siden
I've been playing this in VR and have to stop about 1/2 hour into the game. I get motion sick fro taking in everything.
OberonLee - Måned siden
Just finished the game. It took me off guard with how powerful it was.
Atoms Molecules
Atoms Molecules - Måned siden
Probably the most unique game I have played this generation.
Arquilho - Måned siden
Magnificente game! Loved It!
Paige C
Paige C - Måned siden
This game is unbelievable. By far my most unique gaming experience.
goodthunderbluffkid - Måned siden
I've scrolled a couple hundred comments without finding a negative one, so I guess that's going to be me. I felt strongly repulsed. The character is very unsympathetic and does alien things for alien reasons. I'm a hell of an alien myself, and I enjoy all kinds of weird shit, but this is specifically _normie_ shit with volume bumped to 11. The sensory overload from the voices doesn't help. The character model is quite alienating and not human looking at all. Helping her overcome challenges feels counterproductive to my very nature.
goodthunderbluffkid - Måned siden
It feels like hanging out with someone who's simultaneously boring and extremely obsessed, possessing literal zero of self awareness.
Deon Joyner
Deon Joyner - Måned siden
Ooooh, so the voices were in her head?... I TOLD YOU GHOST NAPPA, IT WAS THE GAME!(twitching eye).
(Giggling entensifies)
Chin-san - 2 måneder siden
"Behind you..."
Mauricio Ahumada
Mauricio Ahumada - 2 måneder siden
Man, if your goal is to convince people to enjoy the game then try to use less footage of the later parts of the experience
Daniel Burley
Daniel Burley - 2 måneder siden
After finishing GoW and getting platinum trophy, I am now finding all other games tasteless, flawed and lacking. I really hope this game lives up to the hype. Currently downloading
N3hlio - 2 måneder siden
There is a reason why this is my favourite game.
Alfonso Rodriguez
Alfonso Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
This game was effin great, and it needs to be experienced with high end headphones or a really good surround sound system. Best audio effects ever
greendayfecer - 2 måneder siden
So I broke the whole play in one sitting rule. Anyway, senua is my baby and the best fucking warrior. I’m loving the story, and I’m almost done?! But man I’ve got books on Norse mythology and..I’m gonna read them after this first gameplay.
Zakatak - 2 måneder siden
This game is nearly unplayable.
Jack Beswick
Jack Beswick - 2 måneder siden
Probably the best sound design ever.