Why You Should Play Fighting Games - And How

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Heat Haze Shadow - Tekken 7
We Are Finally Cowboys - No More Heroes
Adon Stage - Street Fighter Alpha 2
Charlie Stage - Street Fighter Alpha 2
Strange Sunset - Street Fighter EX3
Cody - Street Fighter V
Battletoads Suite - Killer Instinct
Goodbye Esaka - KOF13
Morrigan - Darkstalkers
Moving On - Street Fighter III Third Strike
Runtime: 31:27


Darth Plagueis The Wise
Darth Plagueis The Wise - 11 timer siden
For me it was watching MK9 fatalities with my friends that got me into fighting games. I watched how gruesome and creative they were, that sparked my passion for fighting games. When I’m fighting and see something happen with my character I try to memorize the buttons I hit in what order to do that again. It’s figuring that stuff out which I get the enjoyment out of.
Grimnir - 16 timer siden
This is why I hate injustice 2. You actually do get better stats, and a level one vs twenty, you will die in two hits. I prefer injustice 1, mortal kombat x, and mortal kombat vs dc. I want to get into marvel vs capcom infinite.
RaziDl - Dag siden
Fighting games are for nerds that can’t win a fight in real life
Ganondorf: XJ-0461
Ganondorf: XJ-0461 - 21 time siden
RaziDl u sure about that
Tony Rosales
Tony Rosales - Dag siden
Mugen Is the best if you can find good coders.
Potato King
Potato King - Dag siden
21:16 thats the reason I will always prefer smash over any other fighting game.
Dugon man
Dugon man - 3 dager siden
To everyone who bellyaches that fighting games are too hard, let me tell you this: I ended up teaching my wife, who had never played a video game in her life and just enjoyed watching me play, into virtua fighter just so I could have someone to play with who wasnt specifically online. After four months of playing she got to master rank with goddamn Akira of all people.
This states two things: 1) fighting game are only difficult because you made it difficult in your mind and 2) it really sucks being a virtua fighter fan.
Greggles Geronimo
Greggles Geronimo - 3 dager siden
Lil Majin Vs JDCR was the hypest shit I've ever seen
Kayden - 3 dager siden
I've been playing Power Rangers Battle For The Grid recently, love how fast it is and i never watched power rangers but i love how goofy they are
Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams - 3 dager siden
i just got into the smash community and im a lil mack main you cant kill me i promise you
regal - 4 dager siden
i love fighting games, and anime. are you just me but successful?
Anchol Atrix
Anchol Atrix - 5 dager siden
Well cause of this vid, I decided to try out fighting games again and since im a huge fan of dragon ball, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a good start. Thanks
plastic plate
plastic plate - 5 dager siden
Did he just say smash was a fighting game, AND DID HE COMPARE SMASH TO TEKKEN
Ganondorf: XJ-0461
Ganondorf: XJ-0461 - 21 time siden
It is
Soft Serve Shells
Soft Serve Shells - 5 dager siden
i watched this video around the time it first came out, and it's what convinced me to get ultimate. I'm still a bit of a casual but i became genuinely interested in fighting games overall largely because of this video and really enjoy them whether just watching or actually playing
Francisco Nereu
Francisco Nereu - 5 dager siden
Too bad i don't have friends who likes fighting games to fight and learn with, but I still play them, dragon Ball fighterz specially. I saw GO1 play in a Evo tournament and it was mad
Gregorio Rabelo
Gregorio Rabelo - 5 dager siden
Btw go to a tourney it dosent matter how bad you are tournaments improve 100% your understandingments of the fgc in general
Machine Meme
Machine Meme - 6 dager siden
Jokes on you I’m already slightly above average at the fighting games I play
Jeffrey Gifford
Jeffrey Gifford - 6 dager siden
just weird environment tbh with how tournaments play compared to when playing with your friends,lemme explain a bit what mean. Tier lists become big problem when all see is same 4 top tier characters over n over again so if not into top tiers makes things difficult. Also the lack of fun environment when everyone is just punishing n whiffing n playing defensive so gotta devise strategy deal with spamming fireballs/projectiles or watching somebody just waiting it out too scared even mix it up n get close...all just leads to less fun n ppl getting bored.
Phil Bickle
Phil Bickle - 6 dager siden
6:26 I watched that match live. If you want a lesson on how top card game players manage luck through skill, you wont find a much better example. Good choice in clip!
BlueTarantulaProductions - 8 dager siden
My buddies and I were really into fighting games such as Tekken 5, Marvel v.s. Capcom 2, Guilty Gear XX Core, Super Smash bros. & Mortal Kombat back in high school & I remember we would practice at our houses and go to our favorite arcade at West Edmonton Mall (R.I.P. Circuit Circus) & we would challenge other people, good times
David Baines
David Baines - 8 dager siden
I play fighting games but I’m strictly a casual player and I’m definitely not good at performing combos either. I’m just trying to find a way to play my favorite fighting games on my preferred console because right now Tekken 3 is one of my favorite fighting games but I can’t play it on the switch or PS4 if I wanna play it I have to use my PS3 but I unfortunately don’t like the controller anymore because it’s too small. Then i consider the fact that I could play Naruto: ultimate ninja storm since I have that on my switch and PS4 but I kind of want to play the traditional style fighting games like street fighter or Tekken. I ended up buying a bunch of games recently some of them being fighting games so I guess I’ll use quarantine as a chance to learn one of them
Darkanturian - 9 dager siden
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour: Fighting games have shitty plots
TFH: Am i a joke to you
Joaquin Coronel
Joaquin Coronel - 9 dager siden
Every once in a while I come back to this video, and realize it’s quite possibly my favorite video on this platform
OtakuSamurai 1223
OtakuSamurai 1223 - 9 dager siden
Him: you can beat Goku blue spam by mashing light attack
Delay: 19 FR: *i think not*
Salty Stranger
Salty Stranger - 10 dager siden
somebody tell me all the fighting games that was featured in this video i need to know
Terepeta Sprite
Terepeta Sprite - 11 dager siden
After I watched this video I did my first team aerial combo in UMVSC3 and that shit made me feel so cool. Great video!
KeyzTheKing 1
KeyzTheKing 1 - 11 dager siden
30:12 who is that girl anyone ?
Kasper van Schaik
Kasper van Schaik - 11 dager siden
You're saying i have to learn all of yoshumitsu's moves, man not even eyemusician knows all of them
DESSOUKI - 11 dager siden
Holy fuck you play yoshimitsu ?!? Damn he is one of the hardest characters
Kasper van Schaik
Kasper van Schaik - 11 dager siden
Pick someone easy! Me who picked yoshumitsu in tekken 7 when i just started
Raphael Calado
Raphael Calado - 12 dager siden
The moment you put Strange Sunset, I knew you know your shit!
Keagan Songhurst
Keagan Songhurst - 13 dager siden
Cosmonaut, you forgot a crucial competitive game

*Mario Kart*
Delta ShadowFire
Delta ShadowFire - 15 dager siden
22:30 really good point, the character I think looks the coolest in guilty gear is johhny, but he is one of the hardest character in the game so I just stick to ky.
Jaqueline Blanchard
Jaqueline Blanchard - 16 dager siden
Thanks for getting me into DBFZ.
sandrasps3 - 16 dager siden
I love fighting games my favorite games are dragon ball fighterz, tekken 7, street fighter v and mk11
Goku GT MAIN - 16 dager siden
My god I love dbfz so much thank you for teaching me the ways 🙏
KonicavaBR - 16 dager siden
You hate sports because you are delusional to believe superbowl is something relevant.
A world cup is relevant, olympics are relevant, not a yearly private national final of a game only people of one country plays.
And you're not REALLY into fightgames until you learn to play KOF 2002 and win some matches in fightcade.
Javian Brown
Javian Brown - 17 dager siden
Even at the time of this video Brawlhalla was out which is admittedly similar to smash in some ways so same category. (platform fighter)
Emery Bishop
Emery Bishop - 18 dager siden
You did it. You f**kin did it. I just opened Dragonball FighterZ.
Jitsrts - 18 dager siden
19:37 anyone know the game name?
Just Some Emo Kid From Persona 3 Who Shoots Himself
Persona 4 arena ultimax on ps3/x360 but i heard it still has a small active community
Giuliano Gisotti
Giuliano Gisotti - 18 dager siden
No one:
Yoshimitsu: mmmmmmmmmmmm
Isaiah Binns
Isaiah Binns - 19 dager siden
I wish to become a esports star so I can get all the e punani and anime girls 😎
Steli c
Steli c - 19 dager siden
HOW about virtua fighter 5
Kazz - 19 dager siden
i'm not a good smash player but man do i love watching fighting games
Persona Phantom 55
Persona Phantom 55 - 20 dager siden
You right about the Soulcalibur thing except Soulcalibur II everyone remembers that one and it didn't die off that quick either.
O K X G E - 22 dager siden
Tbh i really love fighting games but the problem that I didn't know where to start like others I just play and become better somehow or most of the games I play are arena fighters this video really helped me a lot very constructive video thank you
Marquis Newman
Marquis Newman - 22 dager siden
Smash brothers has always been my favorite game but I have lots of fond memories of tekken and Dead or Alive growing up. I only later tried and liked street fighter.
Venom Dank
Venom Dank - 22 dager siden
I havent played any fighting games since MK2-3 and super street fighter 2, and alpha series and marvel vs capcom2, I just recently started gaming on fighting again, (mortalkombat11) and I got it 5 days ago and already have hours on it! so much fun! just sucks my controller A button got stuck but gaming on KB but hope to buy a new gaming pad soon.
Per Nieman
Per Nieman - 22 dager siden
ive been looking for a video like this for so long, thank you so much. The part about how to just be a beginner and get started has helped me a lot as someone who has always been a passionate spectator of the FGC but never felt able to participate
Poophead Twenty-seven
Poophead Twenty-seven - 22 dager siden
I find it funny that Smash---or Melee, anyway---is "really goddamn hard" (21:10) when the point of Smash was that it was supposed to be the easier alternative to other fighting games. The especially funny thing is that what makes Smash so great is its hard and unintentional mechanics (everything from wavedashing in Melee to perfect pivoting in Smash 4).
Personal Space
Personal Space - 22 dager siden
So you can buy 10 seasonpasses.
So you know you get the most stripped down kind of games.
Shafin Khan
Shafin Khan - 23 dager siden
What's the game at 19.38
Shafin Khan
Shafin Khan - 23 dager siden
What's the game at 14.38
Shafin Khan
Shafin Khan - 23 dager siden
What's the game at 14.12
Shafin Khan
Shafin Khan - 23 dager siden
What's the game at 14.00
Speedy Ramirez
Speedy Ramirez - 22 dager siden
Under Night In-Birth
Shafin Khan
Shafin Khan - 23 dager siden
What's the game at 12.43
Shafin Khan
Shafin Khan - 23 dager siden
What's the game playing in 8.57
Ray A. Pallatta
Ray A. Pallatta - 23 dager siden
I used to be really bad at fighting games, you gave me the inspiration to get into them. I'm getting better, I play Injustice 2 as Harley Quinn 😂
Ieuan Griffith
Ieuan Griffith - 23 dager siden
I've decided to sit down with tekken 7 properly for the first time since it came out thanks to this video, really encouraged me to get stuck in!
Ridho Azhar
Ridho Azhar - 24 dager siden
i just play dota before, but after playing tekken, it really impact my way of thinking when im losing in anything.
from blame my teammate to blame my self to get better and better. also it affect my real life work mentality (when deadline is not achieved, etc).
but yeah my head vein starting to popping out, lol
Ace Canchogo
Ace Canchogo - 24 dager siden
I like watching smug Wiggity washing people
mcgrillhd - 24 dager siden
Just bought street fighter v and a fightstick after years of wanting to make the leap into fighting games. I'll come back and update after a few weeks on my progress!