Why Stranger Things Should Have Ended After Season One

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Callum Horsley
Callum Horsley - 3 timer siden
Season 1 is pretty much a 10 and the other two are like a 7 to 8 maybe
Liam Harrison
Liam Harrison - 18 timer siden
When you talk about the Russians side plot I’m not trying to put any hate on you but the whole reason that the events of the series happened was because Hawkins lab was using 11 to spy on the Russians
Laken Unterberg
Laken Unterberg - 21 time siden
Leroy Avietti
Leroy Avietti - 21 time siden
I don’t think it should have ended after season 1 i think that each season could be in the same universe but a different place and different characters. I would have loved to see what would happen if it took place in Australia
олзитомор - Dag siden
It can definitely get better. It's just that they are stretching out the story too much. It shouldn't have ended in season 1. That idea is ridiculous. This is a culturally important show with still a lot of potential. And it's not about the story, it's about the characters. This video completely ignores that and it isn't great. Feels like it was made just for clickbait.
GaaD - Dag siden
I actually like season 3 more than any other. Probably because there wasn't as much teen drama everywhere and because (finally) writers actually had the balls to kill off some characters.
ajc brum
ajc brum - 2 dager siden
All eleven has to do is lift her hand up and they die so why is it a threat she kills everything so where is the threat just push eleven and she will solve the problem so what is the story .anerixic girl wants to to dumb her bf but doesn't who cares annoying kids who cares
Xenius - 2 dager siden
"It's okay to just let things end"
*Banan Alice has the biggest panic attack in the universe*
KickXWeeb X
KickXWeeb X - 2 dager siden
seems like season 4 is the last i really did enjoy the first two equally but season 3 was a little lacking season 3 had too many plots and characters the russian stuff with hopper was boring and the possesion stuff with nancy and mike was boring too i really only loved it when scoop troops and when all the plots come together
aaron bonnes
aaron bonnes - 2 dager siden
The lesbian twist was not a good twist it came out of like nowhere lmao twists like that don't work
Lama Su
Lama Su - 3 dager siden
I love the show, but the fans are so damn annoying sometimes. Shipping children, hating people with different opinions, and even some people think they are special for liking the show as if it's not the most popular thing on Netflix. It's honestly the only good Netflix original.
CJ McAuliffe
CJ McAuliffe - 3 dager siden
i'm a new subscriber and i think part of my brain actually thought your name was cosmonaut. i had this video playing in the background while i was gaming and five minutes into this video i suddenly snapped back like "his name is MARCUS?!" because that's so unbelievable apparently
Matheus Pastori
Matheus Pastori - 3 dager siden
The creators have already confirmed that season 4 will be the last! So not so bad!
cadikill gaming
cadikill gaming - 4 dager siden
I use to hate this show with passion but I rewatched it and I fell in love with it!
Rob Bob The Corn Cob
Rob Bob The Corn Cob - 4 dager siden
Marcus, what exactly does Hopper have to apologize for? Joyce agreed to a date and stood him up. He had a right to be a little pissed.
Matthew Hubrich
Matthew Hubrich - 4 dager siden
Will is the third wheel of season three he is almost left out entirely
Beak - 4 dager siden
nah season 3 is the best so i personally dont think it shouldve ended
LoveYou3000 - 4 dager siden
iris egb
iris egb - 5 dager siden
But lets be real dnd only got popular in our generation because of stranger things
Charles Puruncajas
Charles Puruncajas - 5 dager siden
ST had the potential to become the new Twin Peaks + X Files. But became a standard teen mystery show with political correction
Dayna Dennis
Dayna Dennis - 5 dager siden
stranger things has turned more into a “battle of the ships” show than a “help i’m going crazy” show
Dayna Dennis
Dayna Dennis - 5 dager siden
S1> S2 > S3
Dayna Dennis
Dayna Dennis - 5 dager siden
... you’re right tho-
Dayna Dennis
Dayna Dennis - 5 dager siden
i have no clue HOW they’re gonna come back from that and actually try and make ST good again in S4. like the storyline is GONE
Liamboutjerr - 5 dager siden
Season 1: perfection
Season 2: meh
Season 3: not as good as season 1 but definitely better than season 2
Melon Master
Melon Master - 7 dager siden
I think we need a new monster every season instead of just creating hundreds of smaller demogorgons and a meaty mindflayer
CoffeePoops Commentary
CoffeePoops Commentary - 7 dager siden
i genuinely can’t watch it past season one, i’ve watched one episode in series two but i just can’t watch it
Tasty Pancake
Tasty Pancake - 8 dager siden
Honestly season one was garbage
Aron Sakhar
Aron Sakhar - 8 dager siden
Why I don't watch Stranger Things:

It's on Netflix.
Oliver Robertson
Oliver Robertson - 8 dager siden
Yeah but if it ended on season one, there wouldn't be more of it. I really like how it progressed because it got better. But I respect your opinion and I also agree on the fact that every season ends happily and then BOOM another horrifying creature to battle
yehoEM - 9 dager siden
you do know 1985 (the year that the show take place in) was during the cold war right?? so of course Russians are going to get involved
Alyssa Moran
Alyssa Moran - 9 dager siden
i do like the show a lot, but the end of season 1 could have easily been the end if will never threw up the slug
Victor Bourov
Victor Bourov - 10 dager siden
Try watching: "DARK" if you like the mystery of stranger things s1
VerzideGF - 11 dager siden
Galactica Phantom
Galactica Phantom - 11 dager siden
Lol he’s using the sheep n dog background theme. Loved that game and brought me memories
Windows XP Bliss Default Wallpaper
Season 1: awesome
Season 2: still pretty awesome
Season 3: almost as awesome
(disclaimer: s4 isn't out yet but this is my prediction)
I swear
I swear - 11 dager siden
lets be real, i dont think anyone would let go of the opportunity to milk this show. Too much money to be made
grant domogala
grant domogala - 11 dager siden
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar - 11 dager siden
I totally agree with you, but you could've ended video sooner. After few minutes, video seem like repeating same points over and over
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar - 11 dager siden
same thing i think for "Thirteen Reasons Why"
Mike McCokiner
Mike McCokiner - 11 dager siden
FINALLY!! I've been saying this since they announced S2!
turtleCrafted - 12 dager siden
I thought I had only watched season 1, but I got horror flashbacks when you mentioned Eleven's episode in season 2.
Joe Cash
Joe Cash - 12 dager siden
"Do you need a sequel to Inception?! No!" friend would like to tell you about a little movie called Tenet
blottz - 12 dager siden
I agree. Just finished season 1 and that's all I'm watching.
Thekla Vasiliou
Thekla Vasiliou - 13 dager siden
I agree with everything you said completely but i would cry if it ended on the first season... but i think it would be worth it. if they have ended it, it would have been the perfect story
Clever Skeleton
Clever Skeleton - 13 dager siden
I think it was best with the 3 season run. But now with season 4 coming I think it better be good or they ruin the show.
E E - 13 dager siden
Definatly they need to bring back the mystery as well as cut back on the reletionship drama and leave the comedy to steve and dustin
E E - 13 dager siden
I like stranger things but season 3 is the worst and i think the biggest problem with season 3 is all the unessesary drama the biggest and worst one is mike and elevens break up cus all it does is make max a jerk, cause quick drama and the worst thing is we know they are gonna get back together and they could have caused the same amount of drama if they ditched most but not all of the drama and instead have they kids have to function without their leader mike not kill him but take him out of comission for most of the season there are many ways you can do this but the one that i fits the main story is you have mike trying to help eleven with her powers so she stops her nose bleeds it starts well but eleven slowly starts to lose it then she in anger pushes mike into a wall putting him in a coma then everything happens but with afew changes
Cris a
Cris a - 13 dager siden
S1 joice:where is my son
S2 joice:whats wrong with my son
S3 joice:what's wrong with my magnets
Lazy Sorcerer
Lazy Sorcerer - 14 dager siden
"It's okay to just let things end."
Not if you want to make all the money you can.
Brandt Baron
Brandt Baron - 14 dager siden
I came into this video wanting to hate on it, but I actually agree. I love this show SO MUCH. But I actually see through his point of view now. But the Duffer Brothers also planned to end these characters after season one. They wanted each season to take place in different decades. Season One- 80s Season 2- 90s Season 3- 2000s Season 4- 2010s Season 5- 2020s. I don't know if they had plans for a season 6 but after season one, they realized that they had such a special team and decided to keep the show focused on these characters.
MARLO - 14 dager siden
You should start a Discord please start a discord
BurgerLord99 - 14 dager siden
Never have I been so angry at something I completely agree with
Randomwhite dude
Randomwhite dude - 15 dager siden
I know I’m gonna get hate but. I.Fucking.Hate.Millie. Bobby.Brown.Now. Honestly she seems to have a massive ego and just milks her fans like skai Jackson
Etomic Venture
Etomic Venture - 15 dager siden
"The Characters are invincible"
Netflix pls nerf Will Byers he's too op in online play.
Walter Clements
Walter Clements - 12 dager siden
Dr. Oofers. Man I’m getting really fed up with this game. It’s not Dustin is way too OP
Dr. Oofers
Dr. Oofers - 14 dager siden
Etomic Venture that sixth sense perk is way to powerful.
Cosmic Lps
Cosmic Lps - 17 dager siden
Whoever is reading this listen to me I love Stranger things and I don’t want it to end but I don’t want it to to drag on like Game Of Thrones because it kept on going for to long and the ending was just sad. For me I think season 4 should be about a new creature and not just focusing on the characters. Some things that I don’t really want to see are the same things for every season and I just want everyone to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE STRANGER THINGS but it’s a little predictable but it is AMAZING and after watching Stranger things season 3 I feel as the characters in season 1 are 7 XD
Zanador - 18 dager siden
Everything you said here is my biggest problem with TV shows in general, especially American TV shows. They just keep making more seasons for as long as they remain profitable but it usually feels like the writers had absolutely no plans to make any more after the first season. They end up just making shit up and pull stuff out of nowhere just to justify making more seasons. And the fans encourage this because no one will ever shut the fuck up about demanding more seasons even when the ending was conclusive. The end result is that even really good stories just get soured and ruined by later bullshit.
Westworld? Season 1's finale was perfect. Season 2 lost me in like two episodes because it felt like it had no idea where it was going.
Mr. Robot? Season 1's finale was great, Season 2 lost me in like two episodes because it felt like it was making up new conflicts just for the sake of conflicts.
Bojack Horseman? Season 1's finale was great, Season 2 was still funny but it felt like it was overstaying it's welcome.
Legend of Korra? Season 1 was fantastic, the rest felt like they were making it up as they went.
Game of Thrones? They really should've gone on hiatus when they ran out of material from the books.
The Walking Dead? Season 1 was alright, Season 2 went downhill from "alright" really fucking fast.
(not a TV show but) Last of Us? I haven't played TLoU2, but there was absolutely no reason it needed a sequel narratively. The ending to the first game was iconic.
And most of those shows continued to pump out new seasons even after the second one. This isn't to say that everything should end after one season. There's plenty of great multi-season shows but they have the whole storyline planned out from the get-go, or at least a rough idea of it, so when they get to future seasons it doesn't feel like they're just bullshitting you around, and when they get to the ending they planned out, they fucking end the show and don't keep making shit up just to capitalize on the popularity. The best two examples of this I can think of are Avatar The Last Airbender, and Breaking Bad. Both knew what they were doing the whole time and came to satisfying endings without ever feeling like they lost sight of what made the show good. I'm also a huge fan of One Piece, and god knows that's not a short one-season show, but the writer has had the key story beats planned out since well before he even got published, and almost every arc is a master-class in how to make a satisfying epic adventure story. It has one of the most consistent and deeply-thought-out worlds in all of fiction that informs and changes with every major story moment.
You absolutely can write long stories, and in fact some of the best stories ever are very long. But you need to have an ending planned out, and at least a vague sense of how to get there, before you start writing. If you expect to end in 10 episodes and have no plans for what to do afterwards, don't fucking keep making more seasons.
The Jazz King
The Jazz King - 18 dager siden
I'm really happy that we are on the final season of Supernatural.
The Jazz King
The Jazz King - 18 dager siden
I agree a little mystery is a good thing.
That's why Prometheus and Covenant ruined the Alien franchise.
Sunaru - 19 dager siden
Winona Ryder kinda reminds me of a stereotypical Karen when she's getting angry in season 1.
Weslii - 20 dager siden
10:16 Yeah. That's why I think will should've died. They moved us around thinking that he was still alive in szn1. Then he does like nothing as himself for the rest of the show. It's like if some fodder character stayed alive at the end of a horror movie. They're just bumbling around.