Why Spider-Man: Homecoming is the Best MCU Movie

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Marvel Super Heroes - Themes of Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, and Captain America
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drakke125 - 55 minutter siden
this guy literally had everything handed to him, why the fuck is everyone praising the shit out of these trash
CJ Sully
CJ Sully - Time siden
Homecoming SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lean - 2 dager siden
wtf that first line? really? yeah he made the web shooters but not the hi-tech-stark-spiderman-suit, its absolutely logic that he isnt going to entirely know how those work, why would you summarize that as some kind of "plot hole"??
Sonic time contact channel Sts
I lost brain cells
JWolf _
JWolf _ - 2 dager siden
I've only now realised that the majority of actors that have played spiderman in the movies are British lol
Laugh Slap Productions
Laugh Slap Productions - 3 dager siden
*Bold title. I think it’s one of the weakest. It was more a comedy than a superhero movie.*
kinda tired i guess
kinda tired i guess - 5 dager siden
i thought when peter made the empire joke he tried to not seem as nerdy as he actually was and thats why he tried to seem unfamiliar with it
Nate Myrick
Nate Myrick - 6 dager siden
I know I'm late but does anyone like that ain't mage is going like yes she's still nice but she isn't the old defenseless grandma we just wanna hug and take care of it does kinda lift a burden off Peter's shoulders he doesn't have to worry about her 24/7idk plz let me know?
Hirunika Gunathunga
Hirunika Gunathunga - 6 dager siden
It is the best mcu movie because you haven't watch Captain America Winter Soldier 😌
March Geoffrey Olog
March Geoffrey Olog - 6 dager siden
As long as its spiderman I like it
Brad Safe
Brad Safe - 6 dager siden
Says all the MCU movies are the same then shows us captain America then doctor strange 😂
GD Tacos
GD Tacos - 7 dager siden
Actually I’m pretty sure there are two deaths.
The guy who got disintegrated and the guy who got crushed by the bus in the finale.
RedYoshi 1992
RedYoshi 1992 - 7 dager siden
Tom Holland has to be The most adorable version of Spider Man to Date.
Eber Massey
Eber Massey - 8 dager siden
At the end of the day spiderman is a drama and homecoming is not a drama
Neobandet - 8 dager siden
I never noticed how garbage the riverdale dialogue was until I saw this video 😂
hardcore gamer YT
hardcore gamer YT - 8 dager siden
why are you the bigest movie hater?
Tobey Parker
Tobey Parker - 10 dager siden
Well back then it was but now the best mcu movie is endgame
And the best spidermsn movie has been spiderman 2
•kOme Gaming•
•kOme Gaming• - 10 dager siden
You have some issues 🤣
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - 10 dager siden
It’s a good superhero movie... not a great representation of Spiderman at all though.
torf - 13 dager siden
I got like 60% of the way through before i realized this is Homecoming and not Far from Home
Luis Rojas-Rosas
Luis Rojas-Rosas - 13 dager siden
not a good spider man movie tho
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 15 dager siden
i watched civil war three times and i still can't remember a single part of it
Pagodeiro Master
Pagodeiro Master - 15 dager siden
About the star wars thing, he could dislike one of the movies, i mean, that series got more than 5 hole movies
The Meme Channel
The Meme Channel - 16 dager siden
Guys, let’s get cosmo to 1 million subscribers. #roadto1million
Sunaru - 16 dager siden
When the fat frind says to spiderman during a night mom comes in an says: What are you doing? And he says: I am masturbating... It was like that in Polish version i dont know how was it in English version. That was unfunny...
Charles - 19 dager siden
It really makes you FEEL like you just watched a good spiderman movie.
8/10 -IGN
Yuu is a bottom
Yuu is a bottom - 22 dager siden
You just *cant not* like Tom Holland its impossible
Yuu is a bottom
Yuu is a bottom - 52 minutter siden
drakke125 welp okay mate
drakke125 - 54 minutter siden
he's a bit of a brat, not a fan
Paynter 08
Paynter 08 - 24 dager siden
I notice that comment section is split into two half’s. One half is about civil war sucks and the other half is of course the rami fan boys
Kryptoskillet - 24 dager siden
“Best MCU movie”? Keep dreaming, Marcus.
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins - 14 dager siden
You do realize it was made three years ago
72kiss - 25 dager siden
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig - 25 dager siden
Tom Holland: *Best Spider-Man*.
Tobey Maguire: “I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye”.
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins - 14 dager siden
Fuck Tobey Maguire spider man
Dude Geeks
Dude Geeks - 26 dager siden
Plus when I see Andrew Garfield. I just can't stop seeing Eduardo Saverin. Because he was so fucking good as him
Deric DuBose
Deric DuBose - 27 dager siden
My dad doesn’t like spider man, (especially Tom Holland Spider-Man) because, and I quote, “He acts too much like a kid, trying to be a superhero”. Well no shit dad😂 He’s a broke 15 year old from NYC with super powers. How do you want him to act?
Johnathan Jaco
Johnathan Jaco - 28 dager siden
I only watched civil war because of spidermans first appearance. Love for spiderman is traced back to childhood with the raimi movies and cartoon. As im sure others can probably relate. Also i hope we get more spidey action in the up comming spiderman movies. Maybe isolate him a bit more from the MCU as a whole so he can do his own thing. Regardless, love tom hollands spidey. Big hype
Y2K - 29 dager siden
I watched this for the first time in Denver, when my dad and I were on our way to EVO. It blew my mind, and I cannot express how happy I was to have a good Spiderman movie, finally. (yes I know the Sam Raimi movies are highly revered but they don't feel like Spiderman)
Logan - Måned siden
Hold up this guy said this was the best Superhero movie he has seen in a long time...Even tho Logan came out just a few months before this 🤔
doom guy
doom guy - Måned siden
I like the vultures theme to
Laura Santos
Laura Santos - Måned siden
marcus how come your voice has changed so much
John Patrick Melgar
John Patrick Melgar - Måned siden
Wow, civil war sucks? The hell?
Will Wheaton
Will Wheaton - Måned siden
I mean yeah I guess why you like this, but it ain’t the best. Especially since Civil War is far better. It’s stakes are much higher, and the characters are much more interesting. Vulture was an amazing villain, but that was probably the best, and one of the only, good things about this movie.
Jake Frith
Jake Frith - Måned siden
Just before I saw endgame I thought tony was a selfish idiot
Vlad Vlasov
Vlad Vlasov - Måned siden
Sam Raimi's trilogy is still the best.
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins - 14 dager siden
Its really not
Kriptik _Reaper
Kriptik _Reaper - Måned siden
Peters web shooters was made by tony stark when he got his new suit so when you said “How come in homecoming the spider suit gives peter these functions that Peter didn’t even know about because he built the web shooters it doesnt make sense that wouldn’t know the features that they have” he did build the web shooters but tony stark also built another pair of web shooters that came with the suit that’s why peter doesn’t know it’s because tony built the web shooters and then peter puts the web fluid that he made into the web shooters that tony made so basically tony built the gadget and peter supplied the ammunition for said gadget

So nobody gets made this is just a little rant not hating just trying to fill in some information that I think is correct because I’m a HUGE spider man fan and this made me kinda rant mode for a sec so just a disclaimer this just a little ranting nothing more
Nhlanhla71 - Måned siden
watching this again rn
leo nel
leo nel - Måned siden
its a comedy movie yes rip spider action movies maybe on spider man 5 he starts acting as the main character
Luthium - Måned siden
Next Spider-Man movie “Spider-Man: Coming Home”
IATDOA - Måned siden
down the cosmonaut's rabbit hole at 3 a.m. once more, how is everyone?
Sentra Zyven
Sentra Zyven - Måned siden
Only gripe with the movie is that Peter is given his suit and there isn't the level of progression of him becoming spider man
Itsskipppermyguy - 26 dager siden
sssss bro you have 5 and it’s just the letter S over and over again
ssssSTopmotion - 26 dager siden
@Itsskipppermyguy ah yes because I should listen to someone who has 3 s in their name
Itsskipppermyguy - 26 dager siden
Sentra Zyven I’m talking to the other dude who said iron boy jr
Sentra Zyven
Sentra Zyven - 26 dager siden
@Itsskipppermyguy there's one s and I was sharing a thought. I absolutely loved the movie, it's just that Peter doesn't work for his power. Everything is given to him until the end where he fights without a suit and it's awesome.
Itsskipppermyguy - 26 dager siden
sssss Ah yes because we should listen to a dude who’s name is just the letter S multiple times
Sbeve Guggenheim
Sbeve Guggenheim - Måned siden
One theory about the Star Wars thing I found somewhere (can't remember where lol) is that his uncle Ben was a huge Star Wars nerd and would always try to get Peter to watch them but Peter never wanted to. Then he started watching them after Ben's death and ended up really liking them. So that's why he's kind of unfamiliar with Star Wars in Civil War and by the time Homecoming happens he's a Star Wars nerd. In Civil War he had only seen 4 and 5, in Homecoming he's watched more and is now a huge fan
bully maguire
bully maguire - Måned siden
how you call mcu spidey is the best?! it look shit to me.and

(i miss the part but that's my problem)i'm the best spidey.
Spanish Inquisition
Spanish Inquisition - Måned siden
I'm so grateful for this video, every movie channel just shits on every movie with a few exceptions like spiderverse, which is still good, and maybe I haven't watched enough cinema, but they need to honestly try and enjoy a movie. Jay exci, thebirdman, and you are the only bearable movie channels.
Sorry To Worry
Sorry To Worry - Måned siden
It's truly a bullshit..... A crackin' jerk who's the sidekick of the Iron dick ...... 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Really missing that old Tobey Maguire ver.
If you still say boomer, you need to be executed.
The only death in this movie was one of the best scenes in marvel history.
If you still say boomer, you need to be executed.
7:45 godspeed, Spider-Man. I laugh so hard every time I see that.
Boby Brown
Boby Brown - Måned siden
His Spider-Man is one of the worst representation of Spider-Man. Hell, even Andrew Garfield is much better than him. But most phase 3 was overrated as fuck, even endgame
David Bartol
David Bartol - Måned siden
Homecoming really doesn’t capture peter parker and spider mans essence he should have been called spider Morty
I do not mind him being friends with Tony Stark but that he is his sidekick sorry but im not buying it.
Wyd-_-kam - Måned siden
Idk how some of the dc movies are better then some of the marvel movies except for homecoming and far from home and endgame.
Lesedi Lebeko
Lesedi Lebeko - Måned siden
Go to the boat scene one of the guys fell of the boat
Salamander676 - Måned siden
Bruh you say Civil War sucks but you think HomeComing is the best? Civil war was better than most or all of the actual avengers movies put together and that says a lot about the marvel cinematic universe as a whole
Guardians of the galaxy was the funniest and the best marvel movie overall
Salamander676 - Måned siden
@Boby Brown I got over it after the first avengers movie. I liked it when Marvel movies were solo projects because they seemed more original and less formulaic for better or worse
Boby Brown
Boby Brown - Måned siden
You’re actually fucking right, most of phase 3 is overrated as shit. And I’m done after black widow.
Salamander676 - Måned siden
@Collin Earley am I not?
Collin Earley
Collin Earley - Måned siden
Is he not allowed to have an opinion? 😂
Batman1234 - Måned siden
I somehow get the feeling that Denzel Washington will be Uncle Ben in a flashback in the 3rd movie