What's the Deal With Bird Box

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 17:42


jacob traicoff
jacob traicoff - 2 timer siden
like seriously do you hate this movie bacause you hate anyone in movies that remind you that you are black
jacob traicoff
jacob traicoff - 2 timer siden
when you look in the mirror do you just hate yourself cause your black
Granny - Dag siden
Rewatching this in quarantine and just realized how annoying blind people would be for the monsters
Robotics Xrex
Robotics Xrex - Dag siden
I know it has alot of flaws but I still like it but great video
William Desrosiers
William Desrosiers - Dag siden
What are the two movies at 16:46 and 16:50 ?
Joshua Okusanya
Joshua Okusanya - 2 dager siden
Wat if ur suicidal so ur immune but u don't try to kill people
Fake Cabba
Fake Cabba - 4 dager siden
imagine if daredevil was in the bird box
March Geoffrey Olog
March Geoffrey Olog - 7 dager siden
Man that ending hahaha. Why do you hate dc movies so much haha
K J - 8 dager siden
Dont even know why this film was big. Its so overrated.
Jazzy 1131
Jazzy 1131 - 9 dager siden
I mean literally once I saw it had to do with closing your eyes I straight away said “ but what about blind people, they should be safe “ and I was right it was so predictable
That rAt
That rAt - 9 dager siden
Dislikes are Facebook moms
vSwiftHQ - 10 dager siden
John called her a simp
Taysco - 11 dager siden
This movie was too cliche. For example, before John Malkovich said great again, I said it as a prediction. And when they cut to “5 years later” my dad predicted it would say that before it did.
Taysco - 11 dager siden
I think it’s only mentally ill people that become the worshippers. The guy who infiltrates the house says that the people from the mental asylum were immune somehow. And the “weird guy” in the grocery store was also immune.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi - 12 dager siden
I know it’s kind of weird but did anyone else have a weird dream after watching bird box?
Unel Gallardo
Unel Gallardo - 13 dager siden
Raphael Calado
Raphael Calado - 14 dager siden
Questions the movie for don't take place in the "mother" timeline, then proceeds to point out all the obvious problems of the movie when focusing on their journey to the sanctuary. Truth be told, it would be stupid to have a hole muvie based on their blind journey BECAUSE of the rules established by the movie and how unbeliaveable is to overcome such odds, so you asking for more of the movie to be about this journey, is to ask to the movie, to be more broken.
The first time line is used for world building and to establish the rules. And for me the climax problems is real, but I understand that it was the only way to respect the rules, they added tension with the ghost imitating the voices, and for me it was ok.
I don't think Bird box is a great movie, I just trying to dissect your critique, because it is flawed in itself, and a good opportunity for discussion of why they took certain roads and how it affected the final result.
1 Year
1 Year - 21 dag siden
Hey lol
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero - 21 dag siden
0:33 to 0:43 Basically my thoughts on The Last Jedi, even though I do quite enjoy that movie myself.
Dorian Melrath
Dorian Melrath - 22 dager siden
Why tf did she pump the gun mutiple times shes just ejecting shells / waisting ammo right ?
Edit : I know a little bit about guns but not much can someone explain
Mystery Em
Mystery Em - 23 dager siden
You don't see the bad thing that kills people, only the draws that were stolen from stranger things from that stupid guy,
It doesn't explain why some people liked it and obeying it, or why people want to kill themselves when they see it.
angry lolbit
angry lolbit - 26 dager siden
I just realised if your blind you can survive bird box without any problem. With quiet place if you dont have a voice or is very sneaky you can survive without any problem. With hush if your deaf you can survive without a problem. There's always a way to survive this without having a single problem, the trend just goes on
Knoven - 20 dager siden
I find it hard to believe that a mute person or sneaky person could still just survive a quiet place without a problem
scott - 29 dager siden
Weponized Battle toaster
Weponized Battle toaster - 22 dager siden
What about it?
Stacey M
Stacey M - 29 dager siden
Yeah the thing I don't like most about this film is Malkovich is portrayed as a dick when he's the only one who makes sense.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - Måned siden
The flashbacks are the only interesting parts though.
Spartan Martian
Spartan Martian - Måned siden
I liked it
griffinpiff - Måned siden
is it chunky?
ezechi Ikpe
ezechi Ikpe - Måned siden
"Definitely better than aquaman okay bye" LMAO, you clown.
mrcheesemunch - Måned siden
The dumbest thing about the whole "Looking at this thing will make you kill yourself" concept and the same with The Happening is that it just feels like a cheap excuse to have some shocking or cinematic deaths for...reasons.
In reality if you wanted to kill yourself and nothing could hold you back you could just snap your own neck or maybe even rip your throat out. Or just hold your breath. So many easy options for someone who's brain isn't holding them back.

But people for no reason at all go out of their way to have a "cool" death or one that takes a long timeand it's clearly just because it's shocking to look at.
Until they don't, sometimes they do it quickly in a smart kind of way, it's so inconsistent and stupid.
Like that scene in The Happening where they drive through a street where a bunch of people have hung themselves, are we really meant to take it seriously that they took the time to do that when they could have just stabbed themselves in the heart/neck at any time?
Mor pheus
Mor pheus - Måned siden
Lee Sin will be OP in this world
AwesomeAndrew 72
AwesomeAndrew 72 - Måned siden
What she have done if the twins where the same gender. “Thing one where are you?!” “Thing two is he with you?!
Scott Minnig
Scott Minnig - Måned siden
The stranger things vid meh
This I can agree wth
Scho0rschi - Måned siden
Did we just assume the gender of the kids btw????
Knoven - 20 dager siden
Please tell me this is a joke.?
Just Majestic
Just Majestic - Måned siden
This movie is just another case of a good book being condensed into too small of a time span and being hurt in the process. A lot of the issues in the movie, besides the bad characters, was just because they had to cut elements from the story. I think the biggest difference is the flashback scenes take place over months as Bullock's character in the book deals with the fact of being more and more pregnant during the end of world. The two really build on eachother, which is lost in the movie.
Amber Jones
Amber Jones - Måned siden
There's not one black woman in the entire movie, PASS.
Knoven - 20 dager siden
There aren't any gay Israeli males so PASS. It makes sense within the context, the U.S is mostly made up of white people. Not saying that it couldn't have had a black female, just saying that it makes no noticeable difference.
the growth
the growth - Måned siden
Dude I just realized how fucking powerful Daredevil would be in this movie
I’m now wondering why they didn’t include a “blind guy” character that teaches them how to try and navigate without seeing. Not like in a Daredevil way, just in a normal.... blind guy way....
Edviza - Måned siden
M. Night Shyamalan plot twist Machine gun kelly somehow survived this movie and the sequel will be about Machine gun kelly fighting eminem
Christopher Mattsson
Christopher Mattsson - Måned siden
My man just called B.D. Wong “the guy from me. Robot”????
Jaya Lawrence
Jaya Lawrence - Måned siden
Hey, anyone who read the book, how did the get to the blind folks home?
Garrett Griffin
Garrett Griffin - Måned siden
why u do aquaman like that lol
Leviathan Morningstar
Leviathan Morningstar - Måned siden
"The characters are really fucking annoying."

*zooms in on MGKs face*
Blue Approves
Blue Approves - Måned siden
3:08 Where is that from?
Weponized Battle toaster
Weponized Battle toaster - 22 dager siden
Devilman crybaby I think
Kristian Dahle Torstensen
Kristian Dahle Torstensen - Måned siden
Three eeeeh
Mystery Em
Mystery Em - 2 måneder siden
I will tell you why this movie sucks.
1 The thing that kills people DOES NOT HAVE A NAME, AND YOU CAN ONLY SEE IT FROM A GUY'S DRAWINGS that look like if he took them from the stranger things.
2 IT DOESN'T EXPLAIN why when most people see it want to suicide and some others like it and make other people see it.
3 At the end it doesn't explain what was that thing.
The only reason why people mistaken this movie for a good one was the scenes of death.
The fat woman jump out of the window, the woman that got hit from the truck and the woman when entered the inflamed care that blew up.
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman - 2 måneder siden
If the plot moving forward depends on every single character being a fucking moron, its because it was poorly written.
Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse - 2 måneder siden
I think what would have been cool is that because she chose to not look and just leave the rapids up to chance, if that actually cost her her son's life. Then she would have to recognize that girl is just as much her daughter as her son was her son. Plus it actually gives stakes because not that many movies with blatantly kill a kid. If they're going to deviate from the book by having her not look, they can't have the outcome be the same.
jake traicoff
jake traicoff - 2 måneder siden
i used to like this film but then it got ruined by making it only about blindfold cuckoldry i saw the film liked it till i saw the sexual subliminals
Droid96 - 2 måneder siden
My big problems were the script and some characters. So many characters are useless (especially MGK) and almost everyone is portrayed as someone they’re not. Like John Malkovich is always right about literally everything and even has a great heart to heart with Sandra Bullock, yet the movie wants you to think he’s a bad guy. He’s the guy who makes you survive in a Situation like this. Then Olympia is just Olympia.
On the topic of the script there were just some lines that were the dumbest shit and I couldn’t help but laugh at them when they were unintentionally funny. Like at the end of the movie the kids introduce themselves to the doctor as boy and girl. How the fuck is anyone supposed to take that seriously? Honestly a lot of it could have been cut out and just been made into an episode of black mirror.
SARiKAiDEN Music - 2 måneder siden
Birdbox monster: Mimics sounds of birds
Sandra Bullock: Okay now follow the—😐
Ben Haney
Ben Haney - 2 måneder siden
Consistent rules? No. First off, your safe inside. What counts as inside? Does a gazeebo count? Also, while you need the crazy people, otherwise we would just tunnel up all of society little by little so everything was "inside." But how crazy do you have to be? Does OCD count? Drug addiction is considered s mental illness. Same with anorexia. But no, there's crazy and there is sane I guess. This movie is so dumb.
A S T R A L幸
A S T R A L幸 - 2 måneder siden
Some characters in these movies are just lol
ASMR withNathan
ASMR withNathan - 2 måneder siden
I can't be the only one who thought the editing was amazing
flat_foot - 2 måneder siden
exactly they should all be dead x_x
flat_foot - 2 måneder siden
machinegun kelly? who that?
RICO GOLDSTAR - 2 måneder siden
It was pretty decent, plus, of course, they left it open for a potential sequel, almost the same as a quiet place left their movie open for a sequel and prequel ( I despise prequels).
ઽઝylα૨ jѳท૯ઽ
ઽઝylα૨ jѳท૯ઽ - 2 måneder siden
Bird box = Can't see
Quiet Place = Can't Talk
Hush = Can't hear
Corona = Can't go outside
GalaktiumESP - 2 måneder siden
What's that film/series at 3:12? Thanks
DaNes200581 - 2 måneder siden
marco antino
marco antino - 2 måneder siden
Sam - 2 måneder siden
Daredevil wins in this movie