Watching Twilight for the First Time (Not Clickbait)

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 23:04


Jimmy Spacolli
Jimmy Spacolli - 53 minutter siden
I thought you were white before I watched this video
digital canon
digital canon - 4 timer siden
“He thinks women should be able to vote” I died at that part ahahaahh
Metro Iggn
Metro Iggn - 9 timer siden
the background sounds marcus adds makes this video 10x better
Morman Freegan
Morman Freegan - 10 timer siden
He’s going to suck as the new Batman
MoonbeamTrashTrash - 17 timer siden
Listen, there is a Twilight drinking game. It gets you inebriated preeetty quickly not gonna lie (20 minutes in I had finished my first drink). GL to anyone that tries.
Jj Wang
Jj Wang - Dag siden
Guys - the twilight saga is on Amazon Prime. Ima finally watch it for the first time and have my own cosmonaut picture show
Anto theja
Anto theja - Dag siden
I am sorry but this girl is giving me too many homophobe bs
Shinji - Dag siden
Anto theja What "homophobe bs"? Not to say that she's bisexual in the first place, lmao.
jonathan wilcox
jonathan wilcox - Dag siden
"We'll they're mormon they don't give a shit" AS A UTAHN I CONCUR
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez - 2 dager siden
I-can't-stop-watching-these-videos aaarhsdhfsadhfhsdghgh
Black Mask
Black Mask - 3 dager siden
Why have I watched this 3 part series so many times?
Phoebe .Pitcock
Phoebe .Pitcock - 4 dager siden
I keep rewatching the "he died?" at 11:16 bc it's just so fucking good
Darkwing1511 - 5 dager siden
19:00 Pain.
Article 69
Article 69 - 5 dager siden
Article 69
Article 69 - 5 dager siden
Cosmonaut is confused by the lesbians willingness to fuck a dude
Borgar Jamson
Borgar Jamson - 5 dager siden
Ah yes, my favorite guilty pleasure movie.
LonzoSch - 5 dager siden
That scene where alice tells jasper that he won’t hurt her, Edwards face... I can’t tell if that was Robert Pattinson acting or Robert Pattinson reading the script
Gadis Dellilah
Gadis Dellilah - 5 dager siden
"Fuck this bitch! We're killing HER!!"
Casper Garcia
Casper Garcia - 6 dager siden
I only like this movie cause when I watch It It’s with girls, and they love when I roast It.
Xavier Williams
Xavier Williams - 6 dager siden
0:12 who realised that Marcus has a gastation shirt on
Reagan Bartels
Reagan Bartels - 6 dager siden
Bitch, I'd rather move to the middle of nowhere Washington and potentially get murdered by vampires over going to Jacksonville and I live in Orlando.
Luis Alonso Zelaya III
Luis Alonso Zelaya III - 6 dager siden
did she forget about Laurent? lol
Mr Mr Mr Mr
Mr Mr Mr Mr - 7 dager siden
The reaction to Edward and Bella kissing is me every single time somebody kisses.
JWolf _
JWolf _ - 7 dager siden
Everybody. With everything that's going on I just need to out for that bear human. And if you approach him beware, for he is bearly human
Rhuona Atumu
Rhuona Atumu - 8 dager siden
In twilight, i have always thought Bella is the most bland character ever. I'm don't know if it's the actress or the script but I always thought she lacked life, especially for a young teenager.
alex29bass - 9 dager siden
What's funny is that yeah, the "sex god" dude WAS in stuff. Charlie's Angels? Ed Wood?! Being John Malkovich, Tenacious D AND Django Unchained?! Sex God Dude gets around.
RottenCandy Studios
RottenCandy Studios - 9 dager siden
Is that undertale music in the back ground?alright I’m engaged
Mcaffery Klaus
Mcaffery Klaus - 9 dager siden
It was the tokyo ghoul opening for me 😫💕
620098756 - 9 dager siden
3:43 Nah I'm good bruh.
Notchunky !!
Notchunky !! - 9 dager siden
I just noticed. That “jasper” dude is in the last air bender movie as sohka
Fluffius The Great
Fluffius The Great - 10 dager siden
8:54 That's the rope her dad hanged himself with.
punyfiend - 11 dager siden
y'all need to watch the commentary version of the twilight movies because they hated the movie too and it's v clear like Robert makes fun of himself so many times and he ate fuckin in n out during new moon
Simon-peter Williamson
Simon-peter Williamson - 11 dager siden
Him screaming at the thought of eating out someone on their period is such a dude reaction
TheLestrangeLair - 12 dager siden
Okay I need to understand this comment about hardly any black people in this crap movie. 1, it's so dreadful were I black, I'd be happy there was only one. HAHA. and 2, like Set it off, for example, where are the white people in it? Or Booty Call, or I could go on and on but you understand. So not sure why it doesn't cut both ways? OR needs to?
TheLestrangeLair - 12 dager siden
So why did you hate yourself, BRAH?
honest bitch
honest bitch - 14 dager siden
So umm why does his voice sound like bionic pig? Also it’s been so long since I saw this movie but after rewatching Buffy ( I’m on my third rewatch) and starting a rewatch of vampire diaries I feel like this is just trying too hard but it’s nostalgic.
CKL 1122
CKL 1122 - 14 dager siden
X-men vs the super powered people from twighlight (vampires, wherewolves, etc)
Jay Pearson
Jay Pearson - 15 dager siden
"18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch, big hard throbbing c*cks wanting to be succccccckd, 18 naked cowboys wanting to be f*cked!!" I honestly didn't expect that 😂😂
ZLATENDAB - 16 dager siden
Kristen's acting is good in this movie as Bella in the books is a dull boring ass monotone character
Alan Nieto
Alan Nieto - 16 dager siden
He’s a good 1800 year old Christian virgin
Galactica Phantom
Galactica Phantom - 18 dager siden
Albert Wesker joined the chat room 6:00
Gnarly Pancake
Gnarly Pancake - 18 dager siden
Update the playlist
Dayn Williams
Dayn Williams - 18 dager siden
GIVE MORE VERONICA plz they’re so funny
Dhiraj Sharma
Dhiraj Sharma - 19 dager siden
3:55 I laughed so hard with yall
HuJAN - 19 dager siden
18:54-18:56 What the hell was that with the screen? Or am i the only one who sees that?
Krystal Morales
Krystal Morales - 20 dager siden
The only good thing about twilight is this Victoria is the best one.
the village hidden in the memes
1:26 2:40 3:25 3:51 3:57 4:40 5:28 6:01 6:04 6:35 7:51 8:30 8:47 9:18 9:23 9:33 10:08 10:17 10:25 10:55 11:03 11:24 12:08 12:31 12:39 12:54 13:53 14:21 15:02 15:09 15:36 15:41 15:51 15:57 16:05 16:25 16:30 17:01 17:03 18:10 18:42 19:01 19:33 20:01 20:43 22:23
VietnamVegan - 21 dag siden
I never considered before whether or not Edward got laid before Bella...c’mon, he must’ve f*cked at least once in the hundred years he’d been around.
VietnamVegan - 21 dag siden
Rifftrax did their best work with the commentary tracks on the twilight movies
salem avan
salem avan - 21 dag siden
Marcus is a fasion icon.
craigime - 21 dag siden
uhm...who's veronica?
madeinusaXX - 22 dager siden
I actually don't get why KS gets criticised so much here. Her character is awkward and clumsy in the book and KS portrays it very well in my opinion. I think these two want everybody to be normal or their type of awkward?
Xehanort10 - 18 dager siden
In literally every other film Stewart is in she gives the same robotic, emotionless "I'm clearly memorising the script word for word" performance. She does it in every film she's in not just the Twilights.
Shaun Stanaland
Shaun Stanaland - 23 dager siden
21:30 i was like is he trying to give her a Hikkie wtf twilight
Darius TI
Darius TI - 24 dager siden
Fav part - the fuckin North Korea flag at 3:11
King SAF
King SAF - 25 dager siden
5:55 r/agedlikewine
Jeop - 25 dager siden
I like how the girl here has seen the movies and can admit they are poorly written
Eldritch Teapot
Eldritch Teapot - 26 dager siden
As an Arizonan absolutely nobody misses the heat
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz - 26 dager siden
I did this myself a couple days ago

That’s 2 hours I’ll never get back
cubbleshasreturned - 27 dager siden
The only person having no thots is Edward for 100 years
themanof connor
themanof connor - 27 dager siden
"You don't know the vile repulsive things they were thinking..."
"They were thinking of watching the next movie!" 😂
ShadowMaster862 - 27 dager siden
Hold the hell up, what kinda Mormons do y'all know that date siblings like that?