Watch Devilman Crybaby, You Coward

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Jacrispy Vermillion
Jacrispy Vermillion - 2 dager siden
Thanks I have depression now
John - 2 dager siden
I should have stayed a coward and not watched the anime. I've now got the feels.
Whatisthisshit - 2 dager siden
The dudes who rap are my fav characters
belalpasha lookin
belalpasha lookin - 3 dager siden
“Ill soak your tits for ya” 😂😂😂
Peter Glide
Peter Glide - 3 dager siden
Watch or Read? What do you recommend?
fafafagat - 6 dager siden
That title though
I saw the memes surrounding the show so I jumped into it thinking it would be some shounen type anime with a badass synthy soundtrack.
I thought I would have a good time.
I did. Until the demons were revealed to the world. Because after that episode its just a lot of suffering. For them, for you
For everyone
Those post revelation episodes broke my soul.
"Watch devil man you coward"
I did. But I still feel like a coward.
Because I will never have the strength to dive into that show again.
yourbulbaMAN - 7 dager siden
Why is the ova dub sounds like a abridged series
James Mekdeci
James Mekdeci - 7 dager siden
Ngl I love devilman crybaby more than evangelion
Shuddhasattwa Chakrabarty
Shuddhasattwa Chakrabarty - 8 dager siden
You can't say breserk is inspired by this even though in reality it is . Its just too badass for that
J C - 10 dager siden
I hate to be this guy but the manga had a way better Ryo.
EDEN BEN HUR - 11 dager siden
Heh, tiddies
Maximus133719 - 13 dager siden
Personally didn’t like this anime at all, felt super pointless and I couldn’t connect to any characters like at all. Sure there were some sad stuff but I just didn’t feel it because there wasn’t enough time to connect. Hated the spear thing (was just super gross to me). I wouldn’t recommended it to anyone but I guess I can understand why people like it? Not for me is all
Rik - 15 dager siden
if i could unwatch something i would because this shit had me IN TEARS FOR DAYS
FBI -federal department of lolis
Devilman crybaby plot is what’s happening right now in the world but change the demons with cops
Jack McCurdy
Jack McCurdy - 16 dager siden
I saw this I watched and now I’m sad
Robert Webber
Robert Webber - 17 dager siden
This is a good one
O h
O h - 17 dager siden
Moral of the story: Ryo’s a dick
איתי לביא itay lavi
איתי לביא itay lavi - 17 dager siden
Just finished the series. Not worth it.
Lem Ano
Lem Ano - 19 dager siden
Keentse Maja
Keentse Maja - 20 dager siden
I just finished watching the show and to say that the ending hits hard is an understatement.
Nabila Miah
Nabila Miah - 20 dager siden
I watched the Devilman OVAs before watching Crybaby. While the OVAs were freaking hilarious, Crybaby was much better story-wise. And it actually made me... feel things.
Just Another Army
Just Another Army - 23 dager siden
I can’t my heart can’t take any more blows
L4Z3RB0Y - 24 dager siden
Fuck this "edgy" shit...nothing beats the originals OVAs
Super Gaming
Super Gaming - 24 dager siden
I tried watching this show two years after I saw this video and yeah I couldn’t get past the first episode I felt like I was gonna throw up after they got in the club
The Spilf
The Spilf - 26 dager siden
My friend told me about how she watched this entire anime and hated it. I tried looking up more info about it youtube and I just. I found the track scene where they run like idiots and I legit laughed my ass off for 25 minutes over it. I don't know if i could take this anime seriously at this point 🤣
Drake uploader2
Drake uploader2 - Måned siden
Fucking love this series. Soooo good
Mr.Critic Mr.Gamer
Mr.Critic Mr.Gamer - Måned siden
when i first heard that dub. I was too shocked to laugh. it took 10 seconds for the dialogue to sink, and when it, holy shit I laughed hard. iLl WaTcH YoUr TiTs FoR YOu HEh HeH. LMAO
Revenge - Måned siden
I'm still scarred lmfao
Toad Sicle
Toad Sicle - Måned siden
What an amazing show.
Maulen. IDC Florez
Maulen. IDC Florez - Måned siden
Stop trying to waste people's time. It's a good show for people who have not watched that many anime.
Venn F
Venn F - Måned siden
I didn’t expect the best girl to die- I honestly thought that she would outrun everyone somehow..
annoyingcoma yeer
annoyingcoma yeer - Måned siden
This show broke me
YURIO - Måned siden
*as the world caves in plays*
Louis Moulton
Louis Moulton - Måned siden
Talk about one piece
Mahmud Muhimin
Mahmud Muhimin - Måned siden
This video is the reason I subscribed this channel.
Mahmud Muhimin
Mahmud Muhimin - Måned siden
This video is the reason I subscribed this channel.
Zabi_aka - Måned siden
Naver hahha
Simply Spxlsh
Simply Spxlsh - Måned siden
For some reason I didn’t cry while watching it but it did leave my depressed for a while
nobody cares
nobody cares - Måned siden
i dont know why but 3:11
scared the absolute shit out of me.
Eon - Måned siden
I started this video, stopped it, went and binged the entire series, came back an emotional wreck, and literally almost had a breakdown when the emotional music got replayed. It hit like me like a fucking train
yourselfcrab23 - Måned siden
i need to be emotionally prepared
Johnathan watson
Johnathan watson - Måned siden
this show literally made me think of death, and humanity, and truly made me depressed for a week.
heesu - Måned siden
Honestly I don't understand the hype around DMCB, the pacing was really bad in my opinion and it felt like it should have been just a bit longer as everything happened so fast that it was messy
Jose Zarate
Jose Zarate - Måned siden
I honestly did not like this anime. I just kept knowing exactly what would happen and it felt so forced. Maybe the original is way, but I just couldn't get behind it. It feels more inconsistent than most other anime, but that is just my opinion
moki - 2 måneder siden
What’s the song playing throughout the video??
٠ ٰ
٠ ٰ - 2 måneder siden
Bitch I watched it when I was 12. Now I have serious trauma. FUCK-
A7MD224 - 2 måneder siden
This anime is boring, watched 2 eps and dropped it. Characters are bland, no (real) motivation, you don’t understand anything that is happening, the story is basically non-existent so here watch sex to get entertained
darnitiforgotmyabcs - 2 måneder siden
So the only part that made me almost cry was the part where the little kid goes and hugs Akira. So. Damn. Good
Speedy Spider
Speedy Spider - 2 måneder siden
What..what the fuck is that ending?
Nkosinathi Thabethe
Nkosinathi Thabethe - 2 måneder siden
BurrYEETo live
BurrYEETo live - 2 måneder siden
I swear the original title of this video “watch devilman, you crybaby” or if t wasn’t then it should be
Dolb didericksen
Dolb didericksen - 2 måneder siden
Considering our current social climate -Cosmonaut like 2 years ago. 🥶😦 -Cosmonaut rewatching this video for fuck knows why and decides to read this very specific comment that probably isn’t funny, but still, it’s fucking funny
Blazingmadman98 - 2 måneder siden
Honestly, with the state of the world as it is now, this show couldn't be more necessary in how important it's message of empathy is. Like it's fucking frightening how relevant it's messages are.
jackal the unbeliever
jackal the unbeliever - 2 måneder siden
it s good but a masterpiece i dunno about that chief it s really far from being masterpiece
Inter Stellar
Inter Stellar - 2 måneder siden
I’m so glad I watched the show before scrolling through comments
Will Lit
Will Lit - 2 måneder siden
Did you see and if so do you like Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend or Ninja Scroll: The Eight Devils of Kimon? Would you consider doing reviews of some of the much older anime movies and series once in a while?
SativaSunday - 2 måneder siden
I'm a devil man fan and can tell you crybaby was kinda weird I prefer Devilman OVA's by Yasutaka Nagai's
Shawn Ross
Shawn Ross - 2 måneder siden
4:44 i literally cried
Siren ♡
Siren ♡ - 2 måneder siden
YESS THE MUSIC. i waited it to be mentioned, the bgm were sooo good
Noel Karlberg
Noel Karlberg - 2 måneder siden
I feel this intro was unapreciated as fuck