Video Game Movies - Why They Always Suck

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The Zip Zap 43
The Zip Zap 43 - 51 minutt siden
Try Pokémon movie they have a story characters and surprises and villains
Renatho Nathan
Renatho Nathan - Time siden
the problem with Films based on Games is because Directors and Producers Arent really Trully fans of the Video Games Franchises. In the majority of the cases They never played the game or just played a few times.
Abe - 12 timer siden
The only thing I found disappointing about the Assassin's Creed movie is that there was no sequel
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld - 17 timer siden
You're wrong in the title.
Bigfanofsb - 2 dager siden
8:00 Clue... just Clue. Need I say more
AwesomeGuy008 - 2 dager siden
I’m sorry, but did everybody forget about the original Mortal Kombat movie? The opinion may have changed, but I remember people saying the OG Mortal Kombat film was the best fighting game movie and even arguably the best video game movie until Detective Pikachu.
Btw I’m not talking about Mortal Kombat Annihilation, that movie is absolute shit.
jeck - 3 dager siden
What's that game at 1:20?
Florian Gäkle
Florian Gäkle - 4 dager siden
I don't care what anybody says, Prince of Persia is a good movie
Renatho Nathan
Renatho Nathan - Time siden
I enjoyed it too
Article 69
Article 69 - 5 dager siden
The Witcher series were actually books first so Yeah it probably wont have the video game curse
Notsocreative Productions
Notsocreative Productions - 5 dager siden
“Castlevania is the only good video game adaptation”

Expiration date: am I a joke to you soldier?
Antonio Moraga
Antonio Moraga - 5 dager siden
9:15 this really didn’t age well
devin maes
devin maes - 5 dager siden
the mortal combat animated movie was pretty good
The Frasers
The Frasers - 6 dager siden
Congrats on 1mil
Nestiboy99 - 7 dager siden
You forgot to mention that the witcher show also works, not just because it's a show, but because it is based on actual novels
Jonathan Dotan
Jonathan Dotan - 9 dager siden
I still think pokemon manages to work as a movie/tv show
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown - 9 dager siden
See i like doom the game but the movie is it hurts to say but its ok as a movie not tied to the game if you look at it alone but if you some how some way tie it to the game its hot garbage
Tim Martin
Tim Martin - 10 dager siden
I am 100% sure that video game movies can work. You need a game with deep enough world to create your own main character. Exploring some video game worlds as someone who is not "the chosen one" could be really fucking interesting. And how is living in this world with such "chosen ones". I think this has potential. But as you said: it has to be the right game, like e.g. bioshock doesnt work from anyone elses perspective really, no matter wich bioshock we are talking about.
Dont get me wrong, a film will never reach the potential a game has. I still think there are some good ideas to explore.
Elijah Gonzalez
Elijah Gonzalez - 10 dager siden
I kinda enjoyed Rampage I’m not gonna lie
william worthey
william worthey - 10 dager siden
I think the argument is a bit to the extreme, but I think a lot of the points are valid. The extremity is that I think “video game movies” are possible but good ones have not come out yet. I think studio interference and general lack of true vision and inspiration for the movies is a large part of why they fail. There used to be a similar curse with super hero video games in the 2000s and 2010s with activism pumping out crappy cash grabs until rocksteady blew everyone outta the water with the Arkham games. I think the right artist and the right franchise just have to come together. Give Ari Aster a Silent Hill film. Give Cary Fukunaga a RDR series. Just some examples of what I think would be great, but I have my fingers crossed that we will see a faithful adaptation of a video game UNIVERSE and lore rather than an actual “video game movie”. Also, I know it’s been used as an example but the LEGO Movies are pretty close to good video game movies. The Jumanji films (new and old) are fun.
william worthey
william worthey - 10 dager siden
Love your video essays tho man, keep up the great work :)
Sonic Playz
Sonic Playz - 12 dager siden
The sonic movie was good
P Hd
P Hd - 13 dager siden
This was before sonic I guesd
ollie taylor
ollie taylor - 14 dager siden
Laughs in detective pikachu
Jonathan - 14 dager siden
I didn't know there was a far cry movie lmao
Gezi5 - 15 dager siden
Sonic worked imo
star wars hour
star wars hour - 15 dager siden
Sonic the hedgehog: allow me to introduce myself
A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel - 15 dager siden
5:01 well there makin one
A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel - 15 dager siden
The only universe that I could see it taking place in a video game universe is the last of us or something like that. Where you can make characters all working towards a goal and have different perspectives instead of just one.
Nicholas Arno
Nicholas Arno - 16 dager siden
i feel like if you were gonna do a video game tv show make it based of of a linear game
echo prime YT
echo prime YT - 18 dager siden
Marcus:bioshock cant be a videogame.
Michael Larry
Michael Larry - 18 dager siden
Movies cant have in-movie purchases right?
James The Person
James The Person - 20 dager siden
I think it’s possible to make a good video game movie, but under one rather big restriction. If you want to make a video game movie, make it a unique narrative set within the world of the game. Some games such as Skyrim, Fallout, etc have really interesting world building and settings that would lend well to making narratives set in them.
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell - 23 dager siden
Oh Cos. I have something for you.
Chocktae Bolanca
Chocktae Bolanca - 24 dager siden
The assassins creed movie was the only time I’ve ever walked out of the theater because it was so bad. Literally only made it like a half hour through it was so goddamn boring
Aviv de Picciotto
Aviv de Picciotto - 25 dager siden
wait a minute.. tf is there the last of us II footage? did he update the video?
moondown the face
moondown the face - 25 dager siden
well, no, it doesn't apply to every game, some games have perfectly set out stories
amirk7 - 25 dager siden
After seeing dective pikachu and the sonic movie i think video game movies are turning over a new leaf, granted the original design of sonic in the movie looked rubbish but the final design looked pretty good
Sean - 27 dager siden
lol they are making an Uncharted movie now with Tom Holland
huskytzu - 29 dager siden
I always liked prince of persia movie
Totem PsyClinic
Totem PsyClinic - 29 dager siden
I still think the Critical Role animation show will be all kinds of awesome.
Jan-Milton Reid
Jan-Milton Reid - 29 dager siden
Honestly the solution is just to make a spin off for the game franchise so you dont have to rely on the story in the game but you get to keep the title and you get to relate the stuff in the movie like e.g. Easter eggs, natural laws, characters and so on to the game*s
OakRange - 29 dager siden
Video Game movies will solve the problem with interaction by giving the theater audience quick time poll game play. There can be multiple endings and new content with new sequel come out. This boosts rewatch ability. Giving us a new experience with everyone in the theater! What do you guys think?
Ooooo what if audiences are randomly given roles for video game movies. Thus you have characters in the movie can be accidentally hilarious! All these experiences can’t be replicated when coming to home video. But yeah! This is the future!!!
Logan Kern
Logan Kern - Måned siden
Sonic enters* it’s my time to shine
KrimsonProdigy - Måned siden
Imagine Saints Row as a movie
Kale has no last name
Kale has no last name - Måned siden
ya like sonic? :D
TheJerryYouTube - Måned siden
Video game movies suck
Sonic and Pikachu: Hold my Beer
The Flash
The Flash - Måned siden
@ok Hotel: Trivago
ok - Måned siden
You: uses dead meme Me: hold my beer
BLOCKheadlego - Måned siden
Red dead redemption 1 and 2 would make great movies/shows. Change my mind
Jeop - Måned siden
Ah yes bioshock, the only game that wouldnt work as a movie, if you pick any other game that is heavily story based it would work way better, bioshock would work as a movie if it was just another story in the bioshock universe, i liked ur content until you picked the one game that wouldnt work to try to prove your point.
Matthew V
Matthew V - Måned siden
What about call of duty black ops zombies
Demetri davis
Demetri davis - Måned siden
I actually thought the Ratchet and Clank movie was pretty good
Nightmare Realms
Nightmare Realms - Måned siden
what about TRON?
matthew fenwick
matthew fenwick - Måned siden
I enjoyed Silent Hill....
Victoria Burroughs
Victoria Burroughs - Måned siden
Warcraft wasn't that bad...
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark - Måned siden
I actually liked Warcraft 😂
Ouskii - Måned siden
"Uncharted cannot be turned into a movie" on stfu already. Prince of Persia has alot of climbing and acrobatic moves, yet still the movie did ok. Your channel is depressing as fuck, your shitty lazy ass voice is also depressing, you don't like shit. "Best spider man game is spider man ps1" what a fucking dbass
Frost 384
Frost 384 - Måned siden
Opinions are a thing?
ComputerGenerated - Måned siden
It is possible to make a good video game movie... god just isn’t that kind.
Remember there was supposed to be a Halo Combat Evolved movie directed by fucking STEVEN SPIELBERG and fucking PETER JACKSON??? That shit would have been dope as fuck. The production company went bankrupt tho and the movie never got made
Gary The Stormtrooper
Gary The Stormtrooper - Måned siden
Hey at least Detective Pikachu was decent
Andre Rad
Andre Rad - Måned siden
Sonic lol
amirul syafiq
amirul syafiq - Måned siden
the witcher show was adapted from the book not the game itself
Upasna Bharija
Upasna Bharija - Måned siden
Also make a video why you suck
Robert Mastenbrook
Robert Mastenbrook - Måned siden
Hardcore Henry