Venom - About as Bad as You Expect

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Sebastian RamirezMelgoza
Sebastian RamirezMelgoza - 14 timer siden
Cosmonaut, I love ur channel but Bruv u shit on the amazing spider man and give it a 5/10 and then u say u kinda hate/ a little like venom and kinda say good stuff about it, then give it a 3/10. Idk just doesn’t make sense to me
BiskutSedap31 - Dag siden
Actually its Malaysia not China
13strong - Dag siden
You don't need to say "Evil Elon Musk". That's the same thing as "Elon Musk".
Lito beatz
Lito beatz - 2 dager siden
Does anyone else notice the cuphead music in the background!
Rani Rakshit
Rani Rakshit - 4 dager siden
It was kinda fun but bad
KIRA NO HEBI - 4 dager siden
I made the movie a bit cooler in this clip 😁 :
Polybius - 5 dager siden
I actually did kind of like it
Zichi the Fox
Zichi the Fox - 5 dager siden
The movie was intended to be closer to the comics, but just didn't pull it off well. I also don't think Tom Hardy should have been cast to play Eddie. Same with Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady. They could have picked better people. Frankly? Joaquin Phoenix would have been a cool choice for Cletus Kasady. I think Liam Hemsworth or Matt Damon would have been better picks for Eddie.
Sergio Hernandez Castillo
Sergio Hernandez Castillo - 7 dager siden
I knew something was wrong with the movie when I heard the symbiote say "My name is Venom."
Mark Johns
Mark Johns - 8 dager siden
Kevin Khachatryan
Kevin Khachatryan - 10 dager siden
It was a really good movie
JoelJoestar - 10 dager siden
I liked Venom but I will agree that the villain was extremely boring
Gamer Lover
Gamer Lover - 12 dager siden
God, you're literally annoying, dude. 😂😂😂. This movie is literally not fucking awful, good God.
jeck - Dag siden
How many times do you have to say literally? Also, that's not his you use the word literally.
Lolona Magoso
Lolona Magoso - 13 dager siden
"evil Elon Musk"
Bwa Bwa Yoshi
Bwa Bwa Yoshi - 14 dager siden
This movie is one of my favorite superhero films
Mr Zon
Mr Zon - 15 dager siden
Things they did right in venom
1.The physical appearance of venom
2.The chemistry between Eddie and Venom
3.The show is entertaining and funny
Captain Danger
Captain Danger - 20 dager siden
Sometimes you just need a gay romcom between a disgraced reporter and his alien goo boyfriend. And that's exactly what venom is. 10/10
Channel. Luca
Channel. Luca - 20 dager siden
It's kinda similar to The Punisher 2004 as critics hate it but moviegoers enjoyed it
KruIsReallyDumb - 20 dager siden
Not as bad as The prequels.
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 17 dager siden
KruIsReallyDumb i LIKE* the prequels. Whatever my opinion on the sequels are is irrelevant as you will most likely just lable me as some dismissing bullshit like you’ve already done. I think my favourite part of the internet is discussing star wars, do you have any problems with the prequels that i can respond to or what? And not just as simple as like: Characters are bad. Give me more detailed so that i can actually respond
KruIsReallyDumb - 17 dager siden
Are you one of those pet who hate the sequels and live the prequels, because if so, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 17 dager siden
KruIsReallyDumb yes it is, in fact the prequels are really good. Or the last 2 anyways
Vincent Pey
Vincent Pey - 21 dag siden
Im so dissapointed that sony just couldnt sell the rights for venom to marvel studios i believe the mcu would be perfect if they could have more of the awsome spiderman villains especially the simbiots venom and carnege are linked to spiderman and hes integrel to who venom is and why he is this way eddie brook and his version of venom just dont work without spiderman and without him carnege dosnt work ether ( though the mcu would never show the complete insanity of carnege the way hes portrayed in the comics because of raiting and stuff i mean he writes things with the blood of other people and his own ) the fact that sony just cant stop making spiderman and carakters from spiderman stupid just upsets me
Luke Harnish
Luke Harnish - 25 dager siden
K really really love venom the movie and the character but if I don't love the character of sucks
TBCKurama - 25 dager siden
There’s no venom without spider man so what’s the point of this movie
TBCKurama - 24 dager siden
Mild Monster I’m talking about normal spider man
Mild Monster
Mild Monster - 25 dager siden
I mean you wouldnt have to change much just look at ultimate spiderman
Los _
Los _ - 26 dager siden
Lmao I fucked with it
Ertuğrul Ghazi
Ertuğrul Ghazi - 28 dager siden
1:40 "Indian Elon Musk" Riz Ahmed is Pakistani get it right
M - 22 dager siden
Its all India for us
Ronnie Watts
Ronnie Watts - Måned siden
i thought it was a 5.7, why 5.7 because homecoming was an 9
Mati Vardé
Mati Vardé - Måned siden
3:16 that’s exactly what happened
jaguarsharkman - Måned siden
this movie is garbage
SoLongSidekick - Måned siden
Dude where the fuck did you get that Riot "jumped out of the spaceship"? The ship crashed because Riot got out of his container and attacked the crew. The rest of the symbiotes were gathered up by the evil company while Riot was forced to find his own way back to America. How you missed such a giant and obvious detail seriously makes me question your credibility as a movie critic.
The Animator
The Animator - Måned siden
The music in the background is cuphead music😂😂😂
Robert Kenny
Robert Kenny - Måned siden
I fought Venom was about as good as Spider-Man Homecoming which was higly overrated in my opinon.
William T
William T - Måned siden
Ur wrong on this one buddy
Spoon Fork
Spoon Fork - Måned siden
So you give the amazing spiderman 5/19 and give venom 3/10
Wtf man!
Zachary Preval
Zachary Preval - Måned siden
It's not the best movie, but it is enjoyable to just turn your brain off, enjoy the CGI, enjoy the humor, and have mindless fun. It's the kind of movie you can watch on a Friday night with the homies and have fun.
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu - Måned siden
“In the real world” lol
pelicans 420
pelicans 420 - Måned siden
You know when you know a movie is bad because of what other people say about it but you like it anyway? Yeah that was me
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu - Måned siden
Yeah me too
BN BaPe - Måned siden
I dont get why he is the protagonist, because then if they add him in the new spiderman trilogy it wouldnt work ヽ(#`Д´)ノ
UnrealSushi - Måned siden
Venom is pretty enjoyable. Like, it may not be the best anti-hero movie but I think it gets more hate than it deserves.
Bryson Conrad
Bryson Conrad - Måned siden
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu - Måned siden
Lama Su
Lama Su - Måned siden
I'm now convinced that this guy hates every movie that isnt spiderman homecoming
its_solar - Måned siden
This movie isnt bad its great
Sparrow201 - Måned siden
i love this movie because venom and eminem equals very epic 9/10 could use more sexy symbiote
Zeshan M Husain
Zeshan M Husain - Måned siden
You don’t have to say evil Elon Musk you can just say Elon Musk
Wyatt Klimas
Wyatt Klimas - Måned siden
The teaser trailer made this movie seem like a Psychological horror movie
Adam Wallin
Adam Wallin - Måned siden
Venom also wanted to stay because he was a fuckin loser on his planet
Patrick-Bruce Sargent
Patrick-Bruce Sargent - Måned siden
Ok, y'know what Cosmonaut, SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Cause Venom is my favorite anti-superhero movie. And even though if it was really bad, then I would've hated it so much just like when I absolutely hated The Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy. But this one is nowhere near as bad. So Venom is just basically fine, and you're being so damn mean about it dude. So screw your channel anyways, imma go watch something else instead. 😠👎😠👎😠👎😠👎😠👎
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - Måned siden
Ur getting a little bit to heated
David Carbajal
David Carbajal - Måned siden
It’s a Sony movie what do u expect
Jaylo Jc
Jaylo Jc - Måned siden
I ain't gon lie I liked It
Baku's Redemption
Baku's Redemption - Måned siden
man i miss when this was supposed to be rated r
RICO GOLDSTAR - 2 måneder siden
The biggest issue I have with the movie, it is NON CANON AF
RICO GOLDSTAR - 2 måneder siden
Love those stock photos. 😁
Steven Kastuki The official channel
I liked the movie though-
Me too
RuptureCoDM - 2 måneder siden
It was funny but it had bad scripting at some point. BUT TOM HARDY IS LEGENDARY
SA RS - 2 måneder siden
Washed out movies with Mike±
StandAlone Gaming
StandAlone Gaming - 2 måneder siden
She made him take pics because he wants to take them tonuse it for evidence against drake, she knew if she took them, drake would go after her
StandAlone Gaming
StandAlone Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Michael S.
Michael S. - 2 måneder siden
That girl at the end was kinda ugly. Looked kinda dude faced. Im sure she's nice though 🤷‍♂️
Aaron Levinson
Aaron Levinson - 2 måneder siden
Idk I really did enjoy this movie.
Me too
imaginepeace63 - 2 måneder siden
I hated it. It was so bad. The acting was bad. The dialogue was bad. The effects looked terrible. I could not stand this movie. I hate that people defend this garbage. You get mad when a movie does follow comic. Then you get a movie that tells straight from the trailer that it will not follow the co,ice and people are ok about it. WTF?!! Hypocrites!! Upgrade has the same concepts and it is a better movie. It is even R rated!! Watch that instead.
Shut the fuck up pussy
Komi-San Must be Protected
Komi-San Must be Protected - 2 måneder siden
Now hear me out...this movie takes on a very different meaning if you think of Eddie as the Jew from peaky blinders
Ms.ChomperTheChomp - 2 måneder siden
This movie was very enjoyable in my opinion, I admit there were flaws but it was just really nice to watch because Venom is ducking Sexy.