Twilight Breaking Dawn - Cosmonaut Picture Show

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 39:02


Mr Mr Mr Mr
Mr Mr Mr Mr - 2 dager siden
Him: I see you, KEVIN!!!!!
Me: *not even called Kevin* shoot he's onto me!!!!!!
Eric Mollefors
Eric Mollefors - 2 dager siden
Wait why does he love mo dog her name is Nessi
Edward Ballinger
Edward Ballinger - 3 dager siden
I love how in theatres everyone who was a Twilight fan lost their shit at the final battle scene, and then everyone else was like ‘Aw fuck yeah a cool battle scene, you didn’t tell me this was in the movie, babe’
Arrhythmitic D
Arrhythmitic D - 3 dager siden
She looks hotter after every video
Amber Palmer
Amber Palmer - 3 dager siden
You yelling, “WAAH HOO” while they ran through the forest killed me 😩🤣
Ivo Armstrong
Ivo Armstrong - 4 dager siden
Why was this soundtrack wasted on this movie?
bryson barrow
bryson barrow - 4 dager siden
fifty shades of grey?
Fluffius The Great
Fluffius The Great - 4 dager siden
HE KNOWS MY NAME!!! HE KNOWS MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheZizamie - 5 dager siden
Did twilight reference jojolion with the petrify thing? S t e p h a n I e?
Ian Byrne
Ian Byrne - 5 dager siden
I would love to see the Marcus rewrite video of the Twilight series
Colin Bernal
Colin Bernal - 5 dager siden
Vampires don’t have blood, so they can’t get boners, that’s why they couldn’t fuck for the whole movie
RottenCandy Studios
RottenCandy Studios - 6 dager siden
This is what romance is like to aro/ace people
RottenCandy Studios
RottenCandy Studios - 6 dager siden
Who thought the books were better!!
Astro Punch
Astro Punch - 6 dager siden
24:58 Alabama Vampire Kids
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar - 6 dager siden
Pete davidson lmaooo
Lishadra - 6 dager siden
5:49 Is Jacob howling “Bella.” Is that actually a thing that is happening right now
Dragon49600 - 7 dager siden
Marcus' count vampire voice is spectacular and I need more of it.
Maitreyi Mittal
Maitreyi Mittal - 7 dager siden
What's the track playing over the Patreon credits?
Top TVGames Stuff
Top TVGames Stuff - 8 dager siden
Let's be honest: Nessie is a better name than Renesme (no offense to any Renesme)
Law Rui
Law Rui - 9 dager siden
36:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wyatt Dumas
Wyatt Dumas - 10 dager siden
Continuing with the X-Men theme when bella attacked the mountain lion it reminded me of when sabertooth attacked wolverine in the first X-Men movie.
Guilherme Medeiros
Guilherme Medeiros - 10 dager siden
You guys should really bring Veronica back for some more. She's so funny and adorable!
Kerry Christensen
Kerry Christensen - 10 dager siden
24:57 It's like fuckin' Honey Boo Boo
tan thanh
tan thanh - 11 dager siden
Keaton Meyer
Keaton Meyer - 11 dager siden
Jacob is legit the definition of a groomer
Victor Leon de Carvalho
Victor Leon de Carvalho - 11 dager siden
This was the greatest video ever
1-800 no one cares
1-800 no one cares - 12 dager siden
The CGI baby was fucking creepy.
TheUnknown 7789
TheUnknown 7789 - 12 dager siden
We need a Charlie solo movie
Colm Moran.
Colm Moran. - 12 dager siden
The first hour of the movie is Robert Pattinson telling us he wants a fucking steak. A rare bloody steak.
CKL 1122
CKL 1122 - 12 dager siden
I’m beginning to think the X-Men may actually have trouble with these idiots
Brooke Wells
Brooke Wells - 12 dager siden
I never realized it until now but they got good people to play Bella's parents
ZLATENDAB - 12 dager siden
Moral of the story: Jacob finds out he's a pedo
Lycan Demon
Lycan Demon - 13 dager siden
Jesus Christ sexy. That green hair 😍😍😍
RandomNetizen - 13 dager siden
They ruined Thousand Years for me...
Chuff of Man
Chuff of Man - 13 dager siden
id like to say this series made me go watch all 5 of these god forsaken films with my step mom. They were terrible but i had a good time i guess?
ShadowKrueger - 13 dager siden
The fuckin Palpatine and Pete Davidson killed me😂😂😂😂
The Humble Phoenix
The Humble Phoenix - 13 dager siden
They havent gotten to the imprinting yet, oh geez.
Phirexon - 13 dager siden
These two make Anakin and Padme look cute together
PeanutMuttPlays - 14 dager siden
Half the views on this video are me.
xXRedDeathXx - 14 dager siden
This is just a reaction channel now...
Malevolentcafe - 14 dager siden
I swear to god Marcus laughs like Cruella De Vil
Dragoon601 - 14 dager siden
What I never understood is that Alice just showed him how the battle will pan out. Why didn’t Aro just have a strategy meeting and tell his army who to target and kill?
Like Hello
Like Hello - 15 dager siden
17:04 my name is kevin this caught me off guard lol
Riven Lore
Riven Lore - 15 dager siden
2 things I enjoyed from the movies:
1) the title fonts
2) the songs (instrumentals more)
FDtheDon - 16 dager siden
You should do em by yourself
Touristygull - 16 dager siden
The sheer reaction on his face when he saw her pull out the shirt and the hat was wholesome and priceless
Eli - 17 dager siden
Someone please make that exact team Charlie shirt bc I need that in my life
Playboi zanny
Playboi zanny - 17 dager siden
Bruh how did I miss this
ABBAskey - 17 dager siden
you guys got that triple s style going just to watch an awful movie
Zxinny - 17 dager siden
10:40 i guess technically it's the only time a vampire got his nuts warmed up enough by the fuckin ocean and then had sex with a human. The mind of Stephanie Meyer, my god👏🏿🙄
Cody Hawkins
Cody Hawkins - 18 dager siden
His girlfriend is so precious
VietnamVegan - 18 dager siden
Good to see you have a girlfriend that appreciates the finer things in mosh pits :)
VietnamVegan - 18 dager siden
What I don’t get is why couldn’t Edward turn Bella into a vampire before they f*cked? Oh yeah, it’s because there wouldn’t be a movie
Ziety Firery
Ziety Firery - 18 dager siden
This is like a Rip off of X-Men
UnstableNeon - 18 dager siden
Kevin: *shivers*
King Hubris
King Hubris - 19 dager siden
12:11 is the best part
craigime - 19 dager siden
could they not just get a little girl instead of using cgi? that never made sense to me
ZRovas117 - 19 dager siden
Would you guys ever consider doing the other teen based movies? Like Maze Runner? The Hunger Games? The Divergent series?
ZRovas117 - 19 dager siden
What's the name of the podcast you guys have?
Westley Morgan
Westley Morgan - 19 dager siden
We need to get #f**kTheBearHumanTrendingOnTwitter