The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 16:11


KR/Legos - 10 timer siden
12:28 The name is Em. Ax’em.
Thewaffleclan - Dag siden
Did they record it with an android
Dr Deutschland
Dr Deutschland - 2 dager siden
The reception section of the Wikipedia page is hilarious
Red Wing
Red Wing - 2 dager siden
Lol I love it
adjam1991 - 3 dager siden
This films looks like the type you would give to someone you're annoyed with as a gift.
Andy21 - 4 dager siden
The wolves in jungle book should've named mowgli breakfast
Andy21 - 4 dager siden
$650 budget. No joke
Mr. Jank
Mr. Jank - 4 dager siden
Ax em about deez nuts
Medukoi - 4 dager siden
There should be subtitles for this movie, sadly the reason is not because it in another language
RaziDl - 4 dager siden
There's no way the creaters were serious while making this movie
Benedictus_ Mitchell
Benedictus_ Mitchell - 5 dager siden
Im almost cringed to death ngl
Grimnir - 6 dager siden
This is the lowest rated horror movie, but I bet it is a 5 star comedy.
Nerval1855 - 9 dager siden
We really need a remastered Director's Cut of this movie.
xXDarkAssasin Xx
xXDarkAssasin Xx - 10 dager siden
Michelle Pama
Michelle Pama - 10 dager siden
Ive never heard of this movie probs bcs its the least popular horror movie ever
ShadowPlayz - 10 dager siden
I died at the beging when his glasses went up and down.
Remco van den Wittenboer
Remco van den Wittenboer - 10 dager siden
The first thought I had when I saw that first scene was this was set in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air universe and Will Smith was about to enter the room.
manas - 10 dager siden
I watched this movie and i have diarrhea now
no exclamation
JG Gaming Channel
JG Gaming Channel - 11 dager siden
Movie Buff
Movie Buff - 12 dager siden
I can make a better movie on my phone
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia - 12 dager siden
Dude is screaming directly In the camera...
Now if you don't find that funny, I just...
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
Jadan Velasquez Mejia - 12 dager siden
He also says the name of the Girl, is Sarah.
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face - 13 dager siden
So this is pretty much “A Big Lipped Alligator Moment” the movie.
Goofballpanda 99
Goofballpanda 99 - 14 dager siden
yo this is my middle school movie that i made y yall hating 🤣🤣🤣
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon - 14 dager siden
4:10 this is like the beginning of Killer bean
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon - 12 dager siden
Muhamad Ohun do I have to put it at 4:12 for it to make sense orrrr
Muhamad Ohun
Muhamad Ohun - 13 dager siden
All I see is a black screen a man talking
endarasman - 14 dager siden
this movie against Manos, which one is the best?
Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson - 14 dager siden
There’s actually a version on YouTube where the audio is slightly better, but not much.
Spider-Man Unknown
Spider-Man Unknown - 15 dager siden
I thought the Hellboy remake movie was bad.
W@tch - 15 dager siden
Special thanks to:
Thomas Raines
Thomas Raines - 16 dager siden
That “ahhh shit.” from the first guy that’s killed is the type of reaction you would have if you accidentally forgot milk from the store, not when you’re face with an axe wielding mad man.
Kenny Gorehound
Kenny Gorehound - 16 dager siden
DJ Breakfast! ☀️
Meysa Nehme
Meysa Nehme - 17 dager siden
0:50 definitely has to be my favourite part in the movie
I am Cuthulu
I am Cuthulu - 17 dager siden
Worse than shark exorcist?
Schmitty - 19 dager siden
coulda sworn the thumbnail said hot garage
primepm - 19 dager siden
If ever a movie cried out for Rifftrax...
Paul Andrie Tejano
Paul Andrie Tejano - 19 dager siden
8:59 his family got a good track of names LOL
Russell LeBlanc
Russell LeBlanc - 21 dag siden
Pretty sure Mr. Muffumé didn't bother to write script. Was just like: Yeee so I want y'all at the tablet talking. Idk about what, but just talk. (3 minutes in) ight you in the yellow shirt n' yrr boy get up and walk to the end of the table with the lady and do a silly dance. Niiiice..
Literally instead of pausing the recording on the camera and resuming at the same scene but just a different angle piece by piece just to clean up the scene to better understand dialog and plot instead he's just gonna roll one incredibly long unorganized confusing take with nobody understanding what they're supposed to do next. I mean, it just goes to show you where the director is mentally with intelligence. I'm telling you this had to be a guy who was given a cheap $200 1980's camcorder in the 90's as a gift JUST to film family birthday parties and thought "I could make a movie guys" but still didn't understand how to setup his house phone outgoing voicemail message or the flashing 12:00 timer on the VCR.
Peacetolotu Tolotu
Peacetolotu Tolotu - 22 dager siden
🤣🤣this guy is hilarious
Kerbal Plays
Kerbal Plays - 23 dager siden
KoLo González
KoLo González - 24 dager siden
So he kept killing himself over other 13 years?
U13- Studios
U13- Studios - 24 dager siden
WTF? 9.5/10
Captain Vaughn
Captain Vaughn - 24 dager siden
Jdjd Hshxhx
Jdjd Hshxhx - 25 dager siden
No one's talking about how the second worst movie is titled potato salad
Steampunk Mike
Steampunk Mike - 26 dager siden
I could barely hear cosmonaut over the sound of my laughter. His jokes were so good!
Jihadi Sultans 2
Jihadi Sultans 2 - 26 dager siden
8:00 it’s the Ax-Em guy killing his family, I can’t believe you don’t understand the secret genius this movie is.
KaosFan11 - 27 dager siden
I've seen a horror movie worse than this.
Hirst Movies
Hirst Movies - 28 dager siden
This looks like a fan film a very bad one
Boadie Morrissey
Boadie Morrissey - 29 dager siden
BEST Horror Movie Ever Made
Omgacow1000 - 29 dager siden
This movie has to be some art film, it just has to be
Deshaun Lewis
Deshaun Lewis - Måned siden
Ahhhhhh shit! Lol
Hi I'm 12
Hi I'm 12 - Måned siden
Man:*Kills his own family
Man 13 years later:*Who dafuq killed my family? I will have my revenge!
Pierrot - Måned siden
Excuse me, but you can't just throw Marvel vs Capcom 2 soundtrack in your video and expect me not to aplaude you
Ineedhugplz - Måned siden
This feels like a shitpost
Jaje Jake
Jaje Jake - Måned siden
He didn’t get her date of death wrong he just knows
Cagon415 - Måned siden
12:11 did she enjoy that?
"I don't know what you expected, to be honest." 😂
This movie is a masterpiece of shit. I'm jealous I didn't find it on my own. My obscure shitty movie game is lacking bro.
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
Never heard of this movie.
omae wa mou shindeiru NANI!?
11:28 only scary thing in movie
Karneol Gaming
Karneol Gaming - Måned siden
10:00 what did he say?
Chinni Diwakar
Chinni Diwakar - Måned siden
When 4 year old writes a story and 5 year old shoots it
Sean Avery
Sean Avery - Måned siden
7:59 They completely ripped off The Amityville Horror murder scene with this and made it worse so I can't give the film credit for it TBH.