The Strange, Scary World of Adult Parodies

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The original video had a stray, uncensored boob. Here is the ACTUAL family-friendly version.
We promise.
Film og animasjon
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João Pedro Auriemo
João Pedro Auriemo - 4 dager siden
Just to clarify, they explain why Tommy is wearing a diper in Tugrats, he has adult baby syndrome or something.
tbailey264 - 12 dager siden
So wait, porn parodies are shitposts, but this is a shitpost about porn parodies. So it's Shitpostception
Phantasy Comix Co.
Phantasy Comix Co. - 13 dager siden
I want more videos like this. Please Marcus. More.
Eli Chan
Eli Chan - 24 dager siden
how this doesnt have 5 million views i dont know.
Evan Search
Evan Search - 25 dager siden
i feel like youtube has just, like, hidden this video. i’ve never had it recommended; i originally found it while scrolling through your channel. the fact that it’s so obscure is a shame, too, because it’s a really solid vid.
G P - 26 dager siden
I feel like this was a missed opportunity to promote the Yuri on Ice parody lol.
KoolMoeG 6904
KoolMoeG 6904 - 27 dager siden
Yes officers this video right here
ezechi Ikpe
ezechi Ikpe - Måned siden
Oh my eyes! My beautiful eyes! I can't watch this, sorry.
Ithiel Pitt
Ithiel Pitt - Måned siden
thank god for RULE 34
Liam Kiernan
Liam Kiernan - Måned siden
I think that no matter how much you might hate Marcus, you have to admit he's a pretty funny guy
Brother Ramen
Brother Ramen - Måned siden
4:15 “J.K. Tolkien’s”
Finley's opinion
Finley's opinion - 2 måneder siden
when you realise marcus went through a loophole of this in order for him to get this video idea
The Blaze
The Blaze - 2 måneder siden
Will all this be on the final?
F1SH - 2 måneder siden
Oh no...
coolguyhino92 - 2 måneder siden
5:05 Look at Chucky's feet at 4:38 They were one character over. *So* close.
AnimeAmimatorMizore - 2 måneder siden
Not what I expected to be watching during quarantine, but I regret nothing.
Jonah Harris
Jonah Harris - 3 måneder siden
Who else thinks that Marcus just wanted to watch some adult parodies
YoloJoeTheBro347 - 4 måneder siden
That “The Witcher parody” is somehow better than the Netflix show ]:))))
Mr T.T Sikhosana
Mr T.T Sikhosana - 4 måneder siden
It burns...
semmy sem
semmy sem - 4 måneder siden
This video is strange and ima go watch meme lover
Liam Kiernan
Liam Kiernan - 5 måneder siden
Gotta love the Yoshi music
Nathaniel McNutt
Nathaniel McNutt - 5 måneder siden
"I'm the cuck"
Totemo Benri
Totemo Benri - 5 måneder siden
Has anyone said "links please" yet?
Informative video about a subject that people need to know. thank you.
DMG - 5 måneder siden
I wonder how uncomfortable he was making this video
Samuel Donovan
Samuel Donovan - 5 måneder siden
Oh hey, Karlee Grey!
jay cartwright
jay cartwright - 5 måneder siden
Whats the background music
Prince Luci
Prince Luci - 5 måneder siden
That Steven Segal BS martial arts was perfect.
adam idrizi
adam idrizi - 5 måneder siden
“i have the high ground!” I’m actually dead
Persona Boi
Persona Boi - 6 måneder siden
Rule 34
manu ozores
manu ozores - 6 måneder siden
wow i didnt knew it was about porn parodys
Extreme Zebra
Extreme Zebra - 6 måneder siden
12:15 Did Brazzers predict Rise of Skywalker???
Smokin Cream
Smokin Cream - 6 måneder siden
Smokin Cream
Smokin Cream - 6 måneder siden
Smokin Cream
Smokin Cream - 6 måneder siden
Smokin Cream
Smokin Cream - 6 måneder siden
Smokin Cream
Smokin Cream - 6 måneder siden
Stop please stop
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor - 6 måneder siden
This has "I watch it for the plot" all over it 😭😭
Smorethy - 7 måneder siden
Not age restricted. LETS GO GAMERS
Static Star
Static Star - 7 måneder siden
I can’t imaging being the poor soul that had to be made up to be the freaky looking Pikachu
Agent Of Freedom
Agent Of Freedom - 7 måneder siden
Imagine watching WITCHER porn and having to switch from eating popcorn to getting out to lube. The amount of times you’d have to pause, wash your hands and then do it over and and over again every time it switches tone. Now that’s what i call rinse, wash, repeat.
V1RuSxK1Ng - 7 måneder siden
Lynry Barkly
Lynry Barkly - 7 måneder siden
this is the most cursed video you have ever uploaded
DoctorLazers - 7 måneder siden
Metal Rear Solid The Phantom Peen deserves a B, at LEAST.
TheMisanthropist TM
TheMisanthropist TM - 7 måneder siden
That pikachu creature looks like it wants to make me kill it.
Andre Calzadilla
Andre Calzadilla - 8 måneder siden
I feel like I walked in to room to have a good time, saw sponge Bob porn ,threw up. Scratched up the courage to continue, fucking died when Bane was balls deep saying "I have the high ground". Overall this was an emotional rollercoaster which I'd consider fapping to 10/10 quality content.
DQuake - 8 måneder siden
Do they have the same actors for every movie???
Stretch29 - 8 måneder siden
raiden stark
raiden stark - 9 måneder siden
So many sick minds out there
That spongebob is gonna give me nightmares
Samuel Galan
Samuel Galan - 9 måneder siden
Me laughing uncontrollably over "Strokemon" for like 10 minutes
xbiggamer 99
xbiggamer 99 - 9 måneder siden
I have been sent from Twitter.
J Cabrera
J Cabrera - 9 måneder siden
MarcasstheCarcass brought me here.
lilchrisbrown13 - 9 måneder siden
"wHo CaMe FrOm MaRcUs' TwItTeR"
Guster 0
Guster 0 - 9 måneder siden
Yo this was truly an eye opening video
Thanks man
Igs s
Igs s - 9 måneder siden
Um, why have i not seen this yet?
LightninLarry - 9 måneder siden
Marcus sent me
The Jackoning
The Jackoning - 9 måneder siden
I think it's important to note that in the case of meme lover, Dick Bush, the writer for it(who also paper machéd a dick sized bane mask and did all the bane voices) posted a thread on /tv/ specifically asking what memes they wanted him to put in it. he also would post updates on the script and production progress while asking for input on what was currently there.
Absolutely bonkers this timeline is.
PelicanMan2020 - 10 måneder siden
Reborn Kusabi
Reborn Kusabi - 10 måneder siden
Yeah, I'm gonna be honest- the Bane shit gets me every time. I love Tom Hardy's Bane and his voice ironically and unironically, and that shit in that porn parody was too much!
Pablo Segura
Pablo Segura - 10 måneder siden
Don't watch porn, that's a sin, Jesus loves you.
K R - 10 måneder siden
Meta Ford
Meta Ford - 11 måneder siden
It hard to tell the parody from a 2012 smosh skit