The Problem With DC's Heroes

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R H - Minutt siden
Even though the Christopher Reeves movies gave Superman bizarre powers (like the amnesia kiss and Great-Wall-of-China-rebuild-o-vision) they got his personality in perfect alignment with the comics of the day. (The idea that Superman was "really" Clark Kent personality-wise was John Byrne's invention.)
Rewind Gamer
Rewind Gamer - 2 timer siden
Now I know nobody is probably going to see this comment, and its just me getting all sentimental and it probably going to come off as pretentious and make it seem like I have no life or whatever but fuck it, imma do me.
Around Christmas time of 2017 this video made onto my recommended feed, I ignored it because it was from some guy I had never heard of called the Cosmonaut Variety Hour, I took a look at his sub count, saw it was from 100-200k at the time (i think, my memory is a bit hazy) and ignored it, at the time I didn't really watch people on youtube I hadn't heard of before that didn't have a large sub count because I thought every smaller channel just didn't have the resources or the experience to have a good mic or good editing, or even to be able to make arguments that held up (yes I know younger me was a dumbass cut me some slack here I was like 14). After some time however I caved because I was especially bored and was kinda n a comic kick.
This video blew me away.
Now keep in mind I had never watched an actual critical video essay like this before, but damn I, enjoyed the hell out of this video I rewatched it a few times because it was just really enjoyable. I then proceeded to go through Cosmonauts entire backlog over the course of Christmas break, enjoying every second of it. And I haven't missed a new release since then. I truly love your content Marcus, its inspired me to start working on a couple of video essays myself. This might just be my favorite channel on youtube, and now that you're at a million subs I'd like to congratulate you on how far you've come since then.
Whatever, I've probably overstayed my welcome down here in the comments, but it's my way of congratulating you so who cares. Congrats on the 1 mil, here's to many more.
Ranges Avila
Ranges Avila - 2 timer siden
They need to be able to let aquamarine create tsunamis
The only reason marvel is doing better than DC is because the people making DC movies suck
Ryan - 4 timer siden
You should be more respectful i think
XymXir - 6 timer siden
Zack Snyder is a fukin idiot
Gretsky - 7 timer siden
The dc animated movie universe is the shit. I just want more depth
Ryan Da Gamer
Ryan Da Gamer - 8 timer siden
Disney should buy DC and make actually good movies
MtnDewStacks - 8 timer siden
Isnt batman v superman the darkest knight?
Ryu kiA_
Ryu kiA_ - 8 timer siden
Wait so the webs don't come out of his body?
I have been lied to my entire life...
Martin Hibbert
Martin Hibbert - 8 timer siden
I'm a huge DC fanboy...
But Superman has always been boring to me, he's way overpowered to God level and you know if someone wants to kill him what they will do
HeyItsMiney Games
HeyItsMiney Games - 10 timer siden
1:57 “Please do not take the name of the Lord in vain. “He will not hold him guiltless who take his name in vain.”
But ascribe to him be cause of his glory and strength due to his holy name. Psalm 29:1
Cody Moss
Cody Moss - 10 timer siden
Arrows villains are extremely good
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez - 12 timer siden
The joker is one of the best villains he’s the reason why I’ve stuck to dc but then I saw suicide squad and.... yeah I’m going to marvel
13strong - 14 timer siden
My take is this: The MCU understands that superheroes are inherently goofy and absurd. The concepts and characters aren't easy for a newcomer to take seriously. And often superhero comics are fun and imaginative and funny. That's kind of that they do well. Comics and their characters can have seriousness and emotional depth, but you have to adjust to and normalise the wackiness first. The best Marvel movies are the ones that embrace the wackiness and silliness, before getting serious and emotional. They wait til we've adjusted to the weirdness and have come to like the characters, and then they know we're ready to feel emotions about them. The worst Marvel movies fail to do this (Thor, Thor 2, Incredible Hulk) and rush to serious stuff too quickly. The best Marvel movies embrace the silliness before getting serious, and it pays off. This is how Ragnarok fixed Thor, by going back and starting again, diving deep on the silliness before getting serious with us. DC movies just jumps straight to the serious and doesn't embrace the silliness at all. Wonder Woman is the exception; a good movie that is pretty serious, but not in a dark, moody, macho way. Shazam embraced the silliness but it just wasn't that good a movie, unfortunately.
iiipeaxchy :3
iiipeaxchy :3 - 16 timer siden
I like Marvel because they also focus on small details. And the lightings let us see what they are doing. While DC, the lightings are too dark. How do we see what they are doing? Marvel also doesn't let the strongest one defeating the villian, if they did, it would be boring like DC :|
*Edit: Even the Marvel cast is better*
Mitch - 18 timer siden
i really like man of steel, bc it showed from how he doesn't know how to be a good hero bc its his FIRST FUCKING TIME doing so.
IzSlava - 19 timer siden
in my opinion no marvel show can beat legends of tomorrow for me... shts just too good
tay0365 - 20 timer siden
Actually DC is (As far as Heroes) far better then Marvel...The two most popular Heroes (A back and forth battle between Batman and Superman...Both DC), the most Popular woman hero (Wonder Woman...DC), the most popular speedster (Flash...DC), the most popular King of Atlantis (Aqua Man...DC), the most popular Hero protecting the Universe (Green Lantern).
Oh and NO, Lego Batman is far from the most faithful Batman, and actually pretty cringe worthy.
People keep forgetting that Bruce Wayne turned his body to be at peak Strength, Speed, and agility for a human being (For the Marvel fans, Steve Rodgers, with the Serum).
DC has had better movies where there were just one Super hero (Most of the Superman, and Batman Movies...Wonder Woman...Aqua Man...Shazam!....Mostly better then the Iron Man, Capt America, Thor, Capt Marvel, Ant Man). The Only Hero that was bad was Green Lantern. I will admit where Marvel hits a Grand Slam is in movie with Multiple Heroes, But DC can't even create average quality, let alone good or great,
Warner Brothers executives are horrible, and should give the rights to a different Movie studio...That includes the Politically Correct TV Shows they continue to create, while ruining the DC Hero.
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz - 21 time siden
Man Of Steel was an awesome movie.
raoul robinson
raoul robinson - 22 timer siden
And I just think the fantastic four are cool I just never understood how mr fantastic can be useful in a fight like the time the hulk used him as a rubber band 😂
Tri-otus - 22 timer siden
Not sure if I already watched this video but I agree with it
raoul robinson
raoul robinson - 22 timer siden
Simple - all the characters act like gods and are treated as so - like I can tell you Batman super power is popularity 😂
Adeert Hoopy
Adeert Hoopy - Dag siden
Why doesn't he credit the music he uses?
The Black Friar
The Black Friar - Dag siden
Did this mutha fucka just say the asshats at Disney Marvel know their shit? Jesus fucking Christ.
Rainmaker23 - Dag siden
Why do you think they don't? What do you dislike in their interpretations?
p p
p p - Dag siden
i love watching this dude shit on every movie, very entertaining
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer - Dag siden
Aero Knight
Aero Knight - Dag siden
17:46 die m*tha fkr 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pixel Fan22
Pixel Fan22 - Dag siden
John Owens
John Owens - Dag siden
The same thing happened to Luke Skywalker in the new sequel trilogy. They totally ruined the character. He went from the most hopeful in the galaxy to a dumb loser 😤smh there’s too many people out there makin movies that shouldn’t be makin those movies
Rainmaker23 - Dag siden
No lmao Luke wasn't ruined at all
Fetch Willstone
Fetch Willstone - Dag siden
Some of them are too simple
nschmidt27 - Dag siden
What nobody has really mentioned in the comments here is that it’s not about Marvel or DC having “the best characters”. Everyone is still picking a side, picking one over the other. Which is probably the worst possible way to read comics.
The key to comics is to follow certain creators. A bad writer will ruin the best character, and a great writer can make your least favorite characters interesting. A great example is Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four. I never considered myself a FF fan, but after reading Hickman’s run, it’s pretty obvious the FF have a huge untapped potential. Another great example is Geoff Johns work on Aquaman (mentioned in the video), and his work on Green Lantern; those runs were pretty key in making me a fan of those characters. Meanwhile, the average person’s perception of Green Lantern is either “yeah that movie sucked” or “CGI costumes”
Jester059 - Dag siden
I’ve always liked dc more than marvel I just think marvel isn’t as cool as dc
joe ten
joe ten - Dag siden
I loved the batman trilogy, even if it wasn't cannon. I still believe that the trilogy is the best superhero movie ever made, better that any marvel movies out there. I dont' think the movies would necessarily be better just because it follows the comic books.
KlatschEI - Dag siden
DC has joker
Epic victory
Golb - Dag siden
i clicked the dislike button so hard
FuryIsHere - Dag siden
Nathan Hendrik Rivera
Nathan Hendrik Rivera - Dag siden
Why can't DC just make a cinematic studio of their own?
BookGoblin - Dag siden
Funny how they never go into Superman’s biology. He’s an alien that looks identical to humans? And they use solar energy from yellow suns to go all super powered? Did anyone ever go into this weirdness?
Jonathan Sauceda
Jonathan Sauceda - Dag siden
Flash is always my favorite DC character and then there's the rest of of the DC
Edit fuck the flash I just remembered Lego Batman
Tshepang Mokoena
Tshepang Mokoena - 2 dager siden
4:00 I got distracted by those smooth moves from supergirl
M R - 2 dager siden
Animated DC is awesome.
Dovahkiin - 2 dager siden
your wrong because spiderman does have organic webbing
Advait Bam
Advait Bam - 2 dager siden
He is looking at the fuckinggg SUN YOU FUCKING MORON he is not thinking about hisss girlfriend
Dagamingfadora23 - 2 dager siden
I’ve been saying that the games and the lego movie plus the animated movies
DocIncredible - 2 dager siden
I actually kind of agree that Mild Mannered Reporter Clark Kent is the costume Superman wears, but for totally different reasons Kill Bill suggests. Clark Kent is the costume, because Clark Kent can't do the things Superman would naturally do. It would blow his dual persona deal sky high if he started flying around and stuff, obviously.
So he dons the persona of Clark Kent, who is exactly like Superman, save for the fact that he has no powers, and is limited in how he can help people by that. Superman is his default persona, because that's what he's like when he doesn't have to hide himself as a human. Waking up as Superman and eating breakfast as Superman is just as natural to Superman as waking up as Lois Lane is to Lois Lane.
He has to put conscious effort into being the mild-mannered reporter with no superpowers, because his true self is the mild-mannered superhero with superpowers. But how he acts in the red and blue tights isn't an alter-ego. There's nothing alter about it. That's just him, without any constraints on his behaviour.
Look at how superman acts in casual situations when he doesn't have to hide the fact that he's Clark Kent OR Superman, like the beloved episode where he takes Martian Manhunter to his place for Christmas. Even wearing civilian clothes, he acts identically to how he acts in costume, because he doesn't have to pretend to be human around his parents and fellow superhero.
DocIncredible - 2 dager siden
I haven't seen LEGO Batman, but from what I have seen, it looks like one of the better LEGO properties. It's not just "hey, making CGI lego shows is super cheap, and they're super popular, so we make tons of cash". It feels like they were using the medium of "Batman as kid's toys" to tell a tongue in cheek slightly goofy story which somewhat lampoons the sillier elements of the batman mythos. You couldn't make even what little I've seen of Lego Batman as a lve action movie, and make it work, because the medium its told is an integral part of the story its telling.
The Lego Marvel Superheros game seems to be trying a similar thing, but due to the differences between a movie and a video game, it's kinda apples to oranges.
DocIncredible - 2 dager siden
To be fair, if you told me of a new hero on the streets called spider-man, and one of his powers WASN'T web-based, I'd look at you like "... wh-what?" too. Stan Lee said around the time of the first Toby Maguire movie that he wishes he would've made spider-man's webs part of his superpowers, but he didn't think anyone would believe it, so he went with the web-shooters.
DocIncredible - 2 dager siden
Remember when they made Justice League: The New Frontier, which was an infinitely better movie on all levels; including superhero action, because they're not bound by the limits of super-obvious and obnoxious CGI villains?
Mavrik9000 - 2 dager siden
The DC characters lack depth in the comics and in other media.
JAKSTEN - 2 dager siden
This video is so true but he missed one thing I think the animated series on dc is much better then marvels and the animated movies are better then marvels, like my favorite movie is the flashpoint. And I love marvel but i think dc have the best hero’s like I grew up with Batman and I still love him.
snoop the dimetrodon
snoop the dimetrodon - 2 dager siden
The general public perception because of movies is something that is there a notable with the Transformers series aswell. Generally people only know about the original the live-action one and maby whatever is currently airing at the time. They don't know how truly massive all of the franchise is having multiple continuity families and subgroups in those familys.
Clara Dixon
Clara Dixon - 2 dager siden

දුම්රිය පැයට කිලෝමීටර් එකසිය අනූවකට වඩා වේගයෙන් ධාවනය විය වබ්ස්ලින්ගේ දුම්රිය උමඟ තුළට කරත්තයක් දිගට යද්දී ඇවිදීමේ වේගයට වඩා වේගයෙන් ගමන් කරමින් සිටියේය
Caden Swindlehurst
Caden Swindlehurst - 2 dager siden
I actually read some suicide squad comics and they're not bad
conrad du plooy
conrad du plooy - 2 dager siden
Ha ha. Marvel totaly saturated. Spiderman? All the remakes.
This vid is only an opinion. The idiot who made a vid on films. Why do the still make dc series? Titans, pennyworth, doom patrol and i can go on.
Who are you? A guy who makes videos, those directors dont give a shit.
All your comments can also said on marvel characters. You dont cover the whole spectrum.
DontHaveItAllTogether Tm
DontHaveItAllTogether Tm - 2 dager siden
I think to star the DC movie univers. They should start with a Justice League movie. Have Superman already have the team but wants Batman in it but him saying he works alone (a 26 year old Batman) we get to see the League try to stop a villian but they are a new team and dont know how to work together. On the other side Batman goes to the circus and sees the Graysons die in front of him, adops Dick and when he becomes Robin he joins the league because he thinks he should open his mind more. They all fight a dumb villian but when they win we see a group of villians talking and saying that everything is going as planed. And the movies after that could be a Superman movie. A origins movie of the past and who he is now in the present. After that aaWonder Woman movie or Flash movie, a Aquaman and mera movie, a teen titans movie and open up the DC univers
Nerd central
Nerd central - 2 dager siden
I can’t tell if he likes the dark knight trilogy or not
Lavender Lavender
Lavender Lavender - 2 dager siden
"Clark Kent is the alter ego"
Big if true...
The dude
The dude - 3 dager siden
Exactly I don't know why people are excited about the snyder cut he's just gonna fuck it up again, this is why the dc animated universe is better than the dceu , at least they know their stuff
RaDicalXG - 3 dager siden
DC is unrivaled in animation series, Marvel is unrivaled in movies