The Problem With Captain Marvel

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jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
I grew up with Ms Marvel and although she is stoic she and Carol Danvers are an awesome character.
Some who watched this movie think that Carol's stoicism stems from the trauma of being essentially kidnapped and brainwashed and manipulated by the Kree.
Therefore it maybe that was inconsistent is her snarky humor. But without that humor the movie would be too dry to watch so...
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 4 dager siden
Yea I gotta say they portrayal of Carol Danvers is the biggest issue I had with the movie. Shes a badass character but for way too long in the beginning she had this 'I'm better than you' attitude which, while it might be true, was still kind of odd too see in a marvel superhero. Especially after you see them bet their butt whooped and still have that bravado. Thor had the same issue but you see him lighten up some to the rest of the humans. Carol never really does, not until the last few minutes and by that time I was really annoyed by the character. She brought that over into endgame some which made her, again, a bit annoying and for no reason. Can she kill Thanos by herself? Yes. But so could Scarlett Witch and Thor so shes not unique in that sense.
Rocket Crusher Gaming
Rocket Crusher Gaming - 9 dager siden
“I honestly can’t think of a unique trait to her”

Marvel: “Umm....She’s female?”
shadowbwoy bmo
shadowbwoy bmo - 9 dager siden
Doctor strange isn't a boring character. Spider-Man is a boring character.
Stoplight - 8 dager siden
Cole Wilds
Cole Wilds - 10 dager siden
Or it's her sjw bullshit presence that makes get so unlikable
SuperPamHamVideo - 11 dager siden
Captain marvel is a huge ass in Civil War 2
Lord Trigon
Lord Trigon - 12 dager siden
I'm not even familiar with the Mandarin in the comics, the reason I hate the Mandarin twist is because the villain I was sold in the trailer looked amazing and the one I ended up getting was forgettable af.
Pulling the rug is great provided you have something better planned.
Merk11 - 12 dager siden
Im not sexist but i think that captain marvrel shoukd be a man because the first marvel here was captain marvel or also known as shazam (which dc made a movie of ) but i think marvel should have gone back to the roots of the entire thing but the media has always been sensitive af and now they made a terrible choice. Call me sexist but i think people should know that in reality men are best at physical tasks but women cab still ve very useful but making captain marvel who she is is just sad how sensitive the human race is now
Stoplight - 8 dager siden
I'm not really sure what this comment is saying? Shazam and Captain Marvel(from this video) are completely different characters. It's also ironic you call others sensitive when you're complaining about the genders of heroes. And if you have to mention that you're not sexist multiple times in one comment then honestly you're probably sexist.
raijin199 - 14 dager siden
The movie is feminist.
H - 16 dager siden
Brie Larson and Captain marvel did not fit in infinity war destroyed the whole thing and directors weren't able to keep superpowers straight one second Brie Larson is the most powerful being in the entire universe cuz she's a woman next she can't take on Thanos because they realize they made their two strong woman too strong
H - 16 dager siden
I always thought Wonder woman should be American after all she is wearing red white and blue and from at least South America but instead she's European in the movies with a European accent
stakrs16 - 17 dager siden
of the captain marvel analyses i've seen, this one was probably the best one! i really enjoyed the movie and this had a nice balance of both good and bad things :) and i think the point about carol danvers essentially being rewritten for the mcu since there isn't a lot for her comic wise is a fair point to bring up! i hope it means that if there is another solo movie for her, it shows us more about who she is
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 19 dager siden
This is a movie where you love the actor, but not the character.
Malena Cardenas
Malena Cardenas - 4 dager siden
wise words master kenobi
Lionclaws - 20 dager siden
HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, the three ex cons are singularly the best characters in the mcu.
Television - 21 dag siden
Tbh this film was one of the worst in the MCU
Kenechukwu Aniagboso
Kenechukwu Aniagboso - 24 dager siden
The two of us watched different movies if you cannot understand how good Brie Larson is in this!
ツjoe - 25 dager siden
Carol is bad because she's invincible and everything is a joke to her
The Merc Who Laughs
The Merc Who Laughs - 27 dager siden
I love this guys reviews
Personal Persona
Personal Persona - Måned siden
You may not have read as many comics with Captain Marvel as I have, but she has plenty of defining personality traits, that whole higher further faster whatever the fuck slogan on the movie poster is like her whole deal. She never gives up she's a little bit of a hot head, she makes jokes in the wrong places like most Marvel heroes, she's sarcastic but she's not overly sarcastic like say Star-Lord, and she's duty-bound to a fault, and like Superman, she always comes in at just the right moment to save another Marvel hero or say, a civilian. One of my favorite comic runs was when they first or maybe second time rebooted Guardians of the Galaxy in like 2016 or so, right when the first movie came out and it was really popular... there were a bunch of issues in that run that had Captain Marvel in them, and she had more personality in that book than most of the main characters. Which is why I ended up loving her and became really excited for this movie. However, I will admit that most of my exposure to her has been through other characters books, not her own book, so maybe she's not as interesting in her own book? Which would then give more weight to what you said about her being better with other heroes around. And I hate to say that because it just adds to the whole females as side heroes thing, but that's not my opinion it's just how fucking Marvel has been writing her I guess. But honestly until I read all of Carol's recent material I can't say for sure. Oh and also, Doctor Strange is the exact same way, first of all his new run is amazing (like the NEW new one), but before that he was always best when he was in somebody else's comic. Like when he shows up in Deadpool or Howard the Duck, he's always the best part of the story. Like he's at his best when he's only in the book to like solve a mystical problem for the character whose book it is. Which is fine, and like you said the Russo's and Kevin Feige and them definitely fleshed him out in the movies and made him a way, way cooler character, but I think he was only *boring* in like the "Hoary Hosts of Haggoth" days, back in the freaking 60s or whatever. Anyway, this movie was good upon first viewing but if you go back to it now after Endgame and stuff, it kind of blows. It's not fantastic bad, but you could tell they really didn't have a clear vision for what exactly to put in the script to make it memorable, so they just kind of threw together the "General Marvel Origin Template" for her, but with more Girl Power/90s Nostalgia/Cosmic Sci-Fi shit. I'd say it's decent, and she was decent enough as Carol, but anything shitty about her performance was not her fault because they didn't really give her much to work with.
Mister Wuss
Mister Wuss - Måned siden
This movie's twist with the Scroll actually not being bad and actually just being refugees defending themselves is honestly pretty good. Got an honest eye brow raise outta me. And the fact that they didn't kill the main scroll dad dude didn't die after regaining his family is also pretty refreshing
Alfread Ropo
Alfread Ropo - Måned siden
The first Thor and Captain Marvel are the only two marvel movies I haven't seen, and I don't plan on seeing them.
User - Måned siden
Song at the end?
Jack M
Jack M - Måned siden
I just thought it was so generic and boring.
Alaskan Savage
Alaskan Savage - Måned siden
I can’t stand this movie or Brie Larson
The Yeti
The Yeti - Måned siden
I can't help but feel that she would have played better along side Coulsen instead
Hydra Productions
Hydra Productions - Måned siden
I fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie.
Owen Martin
Owen Martin - Måned siden
Captain marvel 3/10
Aerophine - Måned siden
Brie Larson is a great actress, but she has a really shitty personality... 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Stacy - Måned siden
I found it very forgettable. Same with Antman & Wasp. I don't remember much about either movie.
SgtKaneGunlock - Måned siden
I watch this as a douple feature with Shazam and i had WAAAAAY more fun with Shazam...this was ok though
Ethan Jobson
Ethan Jobson - Måned siden
This movie is retroactively worse after Endgame. I thought her overpoweredness was because she'd be key in the Thanos conflict in Endgame. But instead, she's barely in that movie, shows up at the end, and then is no more powerful than anyone else. And now she has no character to rest on.
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - Måned siden
She's not a bad character, just a disjointed and confused one.
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - Måned siden
@Ba Nana sounds good.
Ba Nana
Ba Nana - Måned siden
@malakai hewitt I think they already burned that bridge, sadly, but I'm hoping they can find a way. Maybe something like Tony's PTSD in Iron Man 3?
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - Måned siden
@Ba Nana You're right, they really need to make her a better character.
Ba Nana
Ba Nana - Måned siden
I do not mean that she was a bad person as a character, but that the writing of the character was bad.
Ba Nana
Ba Nana - Måned siden
@malakai hewitt Maybe not bad, but poorly written. They could have done so much better.
Blu3_ fish
Blu3_ fish - Måned siden
They wanted a personality with no caracter flaws to show that women can be superheros. The problem is that you actually need character flaws to make a compelling story...
Bananakin Skywalker
Bananakin Skywalker - Måned siden
I’d probably give this film a 6 because Carol Danvers is just boring and Brie Larson isn’t doing her best. Also, the way fury loses his eye is just dumb
Ba Nana
Ba Nana - Måned siden
I know, that was so disappointing.
Nigga Boy
Nigga Boy - Måned siden
Holy fuck I forgot about captain marvel
DangerOfStranger 08
DangerOfStranger 08 - Måned siden
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour, hating on the best parts of Ant Man since 2019
-THICCY Slim- - Måned siden
One of the main problems that i see is the power levelling she doesnt earn any of her victories or any of her power ups she just has it and wins. there was nothing she really had to struggle for and she has no flaws which gives her the character depth of paper
Errordemn6 - Måned siden
I didn't think this movie was wack at all. It wasn't even all that bad
yankee 88
yankee 88 - Måned siden
Who else is pissed off we got this instead of black widow when that could have made her death even more powerful in endgame
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - Måned siden
@yankee 88 After how they ruined Black Panther inside his own film, I couldn't care less what happened to him.
yankee 88
yankee 88 - Måned siden
malakai hewitt I don’t really think so. People I think would be surprised that they killed her off after her solo film. Like no one expected Black Panther to be snapped in Infinity War.
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - Måned siden
but that would've made her death in endgame so predictable.
SkyLines - Måned siden
Outro Song?
movienaut - Måned siden
While I do respekt your oppinion, I did enjoy a lot Ant-man & the Wasp more than Captain Marvel, since I liked all the characters in that movie (except the side-characters).
This movie just made Nick Fury bad and worked to hard to make Carol Danvers into a likeable character and more important than the other MCU characters.
But Brie Larson just made this movie completly bad!
Ba Nana
Ba Nana - Måned siden
I don't think I would completely blame Brie Larson? It seems to me to be mostly bad writing. For instance, her character in the first place. Boring. Too perfect, and therefore unbelievable. The female version of Superman. The plot line? Poorly executed. The theme? What theme? I honestly do not know what the theme was. If it was that you shouldn't have to control your emotions, well, the end fight scene kinda kills that.
spaghetti26 - Måned siden
That is not a marvel movie with a women as a protagonist. That is a marvel movie made for feminists
Mario Ehe
Mario Ehe - Måned siden
I disagree
Abood - Måned siden
Doctor Strange was SICK! Also you didn’t like Luis from ant man seriously he was the only character except Scott who was actually Worth caring for..
Tyrone Palma
Tyrone Palma - Måned siden
Kinda dont like how much hate the film got. I feel most of it is from dislike towards brie Larson. I kinda liked the film, but I have zero interest in sequels because the main character fell flat imo. But yes, people keep calling it the worst film as if thor 2 or the hulk film doesn't exist
Ba Nana
Ba Nana - Måned siden
I don't get a lot of the hate because it's mostly Brie Larson based. But the criticism I do understand is agianst the plot, theme and character. I think Thor 2 was better than this, and the Hulk movie was worse.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - Måned siden
What a joke
AYUSH - Måned siden
Truly what I thought about the movie. Well put.
Amit Shukoor
Amit Shukoor - Måned siden
Seriously why did they make this movie really why they could have made eternals b4 avengers endgame and in eternals they could have expanded thanos story tht would have been so gud . The only thing i was lukin forward 2 was nick fury loosing his eye and seriously a cat took it wtf
Rice Juice
Rice Juice - Måned siden
Carole is an asshole in the comics and I think Brie could definitely pull that off
Tashreef Araf
Tashreef Araf - Måned siden
Well I have been watching your videos contantly the last few days. And I must stay I really don't agree with you on this one.
Evan Miller
Evan Miller - Måned siden
She’s literally what the public thinks Superman is
Bryson Conrad
Bryson Conrad - Måned siden
Captain Marvel has the same problem Ray does: No character Development, and character flaws.
Both have superpowers they just happened to get
Both go through no character development, and seem to be people whose only way to show emotion is to scream
Both are driven by their pasts with frequent flashbacks.
Disney just can't seem to get the strong female character right, and it's frustrating
ht H c db Gdyeusjevxtrsusisbx dtusjegsfet
I would say captain Marvel has potential, she's introduced at the wrong time and she has started out last year. I think marvel can do something in the future but now she's not really interesting
Paul Beenis
Paul Beenis - 22 dager siden
Eh rey isnt comparable to cpt marvel, A lot of reys "flaws" are sort of overblown so I don't know exactly what you're talking about in terms of criticism so I can't accurately respond. But I feel like Rey's character was built wayyyy better than cpt marvel
Johnathan Roan
Johnathan Roan - 28 dager siden
Disney has had strong female characters. The problem is that it’s easier to write and invincible character and develop them than it is for it to play out. Seriously if one moment you are normal and the next you were invincible you basically have no reason to change at that point because you’re already as great as you’re going to be while the other marvel characters have to be developed because their abilities required some level of skill. She’s just playing a tough person but not a person that actually has to be tough.
Nemo Odinson
Nemo Odinson - Måned siden
Captain Marvel comes off as a giant douche canoe.
Status- Prune
Status- Prune - Måned siden
ThatChemicalSprite - Måned siden
Look, I'm not one of those brainless comic book fans that hate change. I love change in Marvel movies....when done right.
The twist towards the middle/end was just...disappointing. I don't necessarily HATE it, it just makes me feel...empty.
Azo - Måned siden
They dropped the ball on the skrulls. Could have been a very fun horror movie.
Cannon Birdie
Cannon Birdie - 2 måneder siden
This is so accurate🙈
(Except for the “better than doctor strange” part)
klouchy - 2 måneder siden
I think the problem with characters that are made to overcome all physical challenges like captain marvel,hulk and superman is that they need to have deep character flaws,which both captain marvel and superman fail to have,that's why I've never been interested in any of them.
Fish_waffle_ Customs
Fish_waffle_ Customs - 2 måneder siden
When nick fury hip bopped on that thing in infinity war war and the captain marvel thing showed up I was really happy. But then there were these kids behind me that said it was calling all avengers. And I cringed so hard. And also like half of them were dead. Sooo. I don’t know how they came to that conclusion
brebytheway - 2 måneder siden
honestly what I was thinking through so much of the film. and it felt like they gave captain marvel so many one liners but I don't think any of them landed for me lol
brebytheway - 2 måneder siden
it bothers me too bc like I thought her backstory was interesting like dang being a woman pilot in the airforce in the 80's or whatever? that all ready gives you so much to build off of. like idk have humor be her defense mechanism, have her be ridiculously stubborn, have her struggle to be vulnerable bc that was unacceptable for a female pilot but at the same time have her desperately want to be vulnerable. not just blankly stoic