The (Only) Problem With Thor Ragnarok

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BB Slayer
BB Slayer - 5 timer siden
“MCU is too predictable”
DC is unpredictable cause I wasn’t expecting sh*tty movies
Applesauce Lord
Applesauce Lord - 23 timer siden
I honestly thought Hela was a good villain but I do agree that this movie was a little predictable
temaron cansler
temaron cansler - Dag siden
i disagree the entire with this entire premise. most of the humor in the planet hulk section fell flat and professor hulk was a horrible idea
Ven’s Thoughts
Ven’s Thoughts - 5 dager siden
Love the use of carpenter brut in the back ground
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 5 dager siden
I honestly think he should add a second thing that is wrong with this movie, it's trying to be too funny and goofy. It has it's serious moments more toward the beginning and most of the time it's with Hela but everytime Thor or Hulk is on the screen any serious moments are cut extremely short and are typically followed immediately by a joke or three to cover for it. I know they were probably hesitant to make it too serious as they failure with the first two was they were taken too seriously with little to no humor in them, at least no good humor. But they repeat some of the same jokes over and over again, like thor failing to break the glass for instance, it's made up to be this epic thing with the perfect music and he fails. Funny, but then they repeat it over again till finally you see banner jumping out of the plane and you know he's gonna fail to transform and guess what he does. The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2 do it pretty perfectly, they let their serious moments linger some and then casually and slowly slip back into the funny moments. This movie just jumps from serious moment that lasts 10 seconds into funny moments that last like 20 minutes or so.
OOmpaLOOmpa - 6 dager siden
I think the reason they thought they had to set Infinity war. Thanos has to attack the ship they escape with. :\
RJ Dulaney
RJ Dulaney - 7 dager siden
They should've just had Thanos show up at the end and kill Hela
Hugo The Dog
Hugo The Dog - 9 dager siden
Fabrobin - 10 dager siden
lol you used the real life 4D Thornarok scenes as the thumbnail lol
JoeX4 - 11 dager siden
You really annoyed some marvel fanboys lol
blottz - 11 dager siden
That beginning was so bad though. The movie is decent but the beginning is so awfully unfunny.
One question though, how did Loki survive?
ShrEK - 13 dager siden
This is just, Boo Hoo every one likes this so I want to complain.
PARER - 15 dager siden
I feel like I pretty much knew everything that was gonna happen but this movie was hilarious I absolutely loved it watched multiple times
Ssrj Nathan 69
Ssrj Nathan 69 - 15 dager siden
Ever since I watched coco and predicted things it ruined the movie for me so I just decided not to think what is going to happen while during the movie
D 123
D 123 - 18 dager siden
As fun as it was, this means we won't get a real Planet Hulk movie
The Flash
The Flash - 12 dager siden
endgame is a masterpiece but it had 2 flaws they ruined hulk and thor thor should get back but hulk cant so they basically removed alot of hulk comic book movies
Sir Knight Errant
Sir Knight Errant - 19 dager siden
Yea but you have to include the Asgard stuff otherwise it wouldn’t make sense considering the past two movies were about Asgard.
Harley Ihrig
Harley Ihrig - 25 dager siden
One of the reasons stories in general are so predictable is because there are only so many plot archetypes to follow. They should refrain from doing badass dude with powers defeats crazy person trying to conquer the world plot lines for once. What they should do is focus on characters and let the external plot be secondary. There needs to be more inner conflict, if they accomplish that, then they would be able to expand the plot they can follow. The characters have minimal inner conflict, so the story falls into a sort of "overcome the beast" plot archetype. Personally, I don't mind if a show is predictable as long as it is fresh and interesting in some way.
FULANODETAL - 25 dager siden
a maver lmcu movie is bad when they got 80% bad jokes and 20 % serius sutff..
by the way winter solder is 10% jokes and 90% serious stuff
David Waring
David Waring - 26 dager siden
There would have to be a worm hole very very close to Earth.
Constanza Navarro
Constanza Navarro - 27 dager siden
I love your videos, but this one felt so lazy. Like you couldn’t even agree with yourself during your own script 🤔
Mimic 15
Mimic 15 - 28 dager siden
I find this one of the best ones and I think has the most rewatch value out of most of them
Shaolin Lucario
Shaolin Lucario - Måned siden
im literally such a fucking nerd i hovered over the video and saw shazam in the preview so i instantly clicked
3lla st3v3ns
3lla st3v3ns - Måned siden
i watched the movie 3 days ago during a marvel marathon and totally agree- the sakaar plot is so fun and attention-grabbing, while the hela plot felt basic, overplayed, and frankly boring- when the movie cut back to hela i picked up my switch again and played animal crossing
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Måned siden
I love rewatching this movie because the majority of it is just so fun.
Wietze Meijer
Wietze Meijer - Måned siden
Of course they are predictable they are still SUPERHERO stories after all. Hero fights badguy, hero wins. And you can not pull an infinitywar in every movie.😅
Reagan Nunis
Reagan Nunis - Måned siden
I would really love a planet hulk movie but sadly age of ultron set ragnorok up so
SgtKaneGunlock - Måned siden
i dunno Predictability isn't really an issue with me but i tots get that issue
Crazy Penguin
Crazy Penguin - Måned siden
Thor used to be that uptight LG, but he's mellowed out and is a chilled NG.
Chris - Måned siden
people who like these predictable movies aren’t just watching it without thinking at all they just don’t care about it being predictable
Levin Bautista
Levin Bautista - Måned siden
Your suggested movie title sucks i usually liked your commentary but not this one
Brayden Thomas
Brayden Thomas - Måned siden
I kind of agree with you. MCU movies have no rewatchability to me because knowing what happens kinda ruins the movie. The only MCU movies I can watch more than once are solo films like Doctor Strange and Homecoming.
Tushnim Gangopadhyay
Tushnim Gangopadhyay - Måned siden
Not to mention this movie ruined all chances of there ever being a World War Hulk in this cinematic universe. A live action one, that is.
Hakaishi00 - Måned siden
What is 2:00 ost?
savage sombra
savage sombra - Måned siden
Cosmonaught: 4:11
Infinity war: am I a joke to you
Kondwani Mahaka-Phiri
Kondwani Mahaka-Phiri - Måned siden
I think the Asgard plot could've been much better if they played more on the nuance of Hella's character. Instead of making her an uninteresting villain, they could have touched on the imprisonment and isolation she suffered after conquering the 9 realms fro her father. And then they could have made her a realist, and argued her point more convincingly; she wouldn't have wanted to expand Asgard for the sake of it but so that she could spread their version of civilization. Odin's isolationism left defenseless nations oppressed and she would want to end that. Thor would then represent freedom and Hella would represent American global interference.
King Bylaw
King Bylaw - 2 måneder siden
Dumbest movie in this universe not good enough I'll stick to animated movies...
HumanAimbot - 2 måneder siden
"The only problem"
Also known as

"Half this movie is shit"
SJ - 2 måneder siden
i think u described what taika wanted to do
Sheriff McYeetman
Sheriff McYeetman - 2 måneder siden
Ah, the Hotline Miami music always on point, love it.
Caleb S.
Caleb S. - 2 måneder siden
This feels more like a Guardians film than a Thor film, I love this movie but I feel like it mainly caters to Guardians of the Galaxy. Idk I just get a lack of a Thor vibe, and more or a Guardians vibe from this movie, but I love this film, it’s one of my favorites. You can criticize stuff you like.
Spoopy Junior
Spoopy Junior - 2 måneder siden
Thor ragnorak is my third favorite mcu movie right before endgame and infinity war.
only1 okelio
only1 okelio - 2 måneder siden
I prefer when you roast bad movies because everyone agrees with you but when you roast good movies like Thor: Ragnarok and black panther your points make absolutely no sense
ckb highlights
ckb highlights - 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry this movie is amazing
Dan Demuth
Dan Demuth - 2 måneder siden
0:38 exactly the kind of movie goer I am.
pyroparadoxx games
pyroparadoxx games - 2 måneder siden
The problem with “planet hulk” is that universal studios won’t allow marvel to use the hulk IP like that
Julian Estermann
Julian Estermann - 2 måneder siden
I think thor had to make many sacrifices for his story in infinity war for exemple loosing his hammer or the death of odin
Sandhya S
Sandhya S - 2 måneder siden
Mcu movies are too predictable
Meanwhile in DCEU
Save martha
PowerOfThePick - 2 måneder siden
I will disagree. You cannot tell me that when you saw Certa at the beginning you thought, oh he’s definitely going to actually destroy Asgard. We all thought that was a one off journey to start the movie, and not the most pivotal plot point
Brayden Munro 2
Brayden Munro 2 - 2 måneder siden
DeadlyDino - 2 måneder siden
Even if the helea storyline is boring , and gloomy it still is necessary to the character of Thor and if you take it out many things in infinity war wouldn't make sense such as= how thanos gets one of the stones at the beginning of infinity war, how Thor gets his electrical powers and also how he loses his hammer , in infinity war there wouldn't be a whole sub plot about Thor getting a new weapon . So no you cant just get rid of the helea storyline without a bunch of problems and even if it is boring (which i agree with) it is still necessary. I dont mean for this comment to be rude or anything
chapter809 - 2 måneder siden
Dang. I’m real passive and kind of dumb. And don’t think about much. Piss.
Noah Manning
Noah Manning - 2 måneder siden
How are you able to put Led Zeppelin in the background with your copyright still in tact
Bangerang Eliko
Bangerang Eliko - 2 måneder siden
No joke, as you were describing how you were describing how the movie would work better, ive been thinking of it as Thor: Planet Hulk.
So, on the same wavelength
Jarrod Jenkins
Jarrod Jenkins - 2 måneder siden
So self righteous, so if someone likes to sit back and just enjoy a movie instead of trying to analyse and critique every part of a movie that makes them dumb? Hahahah wow you’re so smart man, can you give me tutoring lessons?
Philip Almayda
Philip Almayda - 2 måneder siden
this movie was amazing
Philip Almayda
Philip Almayda - 2 måneder siden
I like every movie lol
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 2 måneder siden
@Philip Almayda first of good for you i guess (even though you clearly have no crtical capeability) and secondly: a movie isnt better just because the threat level is lower. Die Hard is about some dubass robbing a bank and some rando has to stop him for it. the stakes arent that high, but its seen as one of the best action films ever
Philip Almayda
Philip Almayda - 2 måneder siden
I know it sounds ridiculous but I have never disliked a movie, also they were only mediocre in-comparison to the other movies because the threat levels were not as high.
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 2 måneder siden
Philip Almayda so you have liked EVERY movie you have ever watched? And btw there are a lot of mediocre marvel films.
Philip Almayda
Philip Almayda - 2 måneder siden
Those are all great, but yeah I have never regret watching a movie
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 2 måneder siden
Philip Almayda are you talking about every MARVEL movie?
Rayhaan Nasser
Rayhaan Nasser - 2 måneder siden
I loved this movie this and infinity war are my favorite marvel movies but like infinity war better
meriem larbi
meriem larbi - 3 måneder siden
I don't get when people say the mcu is predictable I really don't. If we wanted a mystery plot riddled mind fuck we'd watch a mystery plot riddled mind fuck. This is an action superhero movie. To me it's like watching a funny movie meant for laughs n saying '' but it was waaay too dorky nothing was handled seriously ''.. Meeh that's just me tho
Bernardo Carneiro
Bernardo Carneiro - 3 måneder siden
I just can't watch Marvel movies. I can't. I can't take them seriously
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 2 måneder siden
Bernardo Carneiro they are movies about superheros. You cant take them seriously thats why they arent serious
Sam Gourhan
Sam Gourhan - 3 måneder siden
Yeah i think its actually one of the best mcu films. But it wasn't what age of ultron set up. Ragnorock was supposed to be a big dark sad event but we got a comedy with no real sense because of the mcu formula