The Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies Reviewed and Ranked (Pt. 3)

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Infinity War review:
Runtime: 29:51


Sebastian Wagner
Sebastian Wagner - 5 timer siden
Really nice video. Only thing I don’t understand: Why did you never give 10/10? Even you seem to be very pleased by f.e. Spider-Man Homecoming. So why have the 10?!? :D
BCW_stop_Motions 2
BCW_stop_Motions 2 - 15 timer siden
I have infinity war on DVD and me and my stepdad watch it on repeat
Geoffrey Locke
Geoffrey Locke - 2 dager siden
If you look at the scores like grades, you basically gave the whole MCU a border failing grade in the 3 parts. Seems pretty unlikely that that’s what you think about all these movies, but maybe it is, all I know is that I don’t agree at all. Also, Iron Man 3is the best movie in phase 2? I don’t know how to grasp that concept at all.
The PriorStone
The PriorStone - 2 dager siden
I honestly do not like Ragnarok. I love Thor being more goofy, but Hulk is boring, (not Bruce he’s alright) Valkerye is kinda annoying, except for that one scene where we explore her backstory, but she just goes right back to her cliche character again. Hela isn’t amazing as you all know. Heimdall is actually pretty good here, despite the last two Thor movies. Loki is Loki, Strange is Strange, and the guardians style chaotic comedy just doesn’t work for me outside of those movies
RaziDl - 4 dager siden
Hey look it's Stan L-
MrSucc - 5 dager siden
Mans just said Frodo Baggins.
IM PITCH - 6 dager siden
If killmongers ancestors jumped from ships and died how they related to him, that last line makes no sense.
Anowar Hossain
Anowar Hossain - 7 dager siden
I apologize. I should have considered that everyone has their point of view and everyone's taste is different. Plz don't take it in your heart. Everyone has a perspective and we all should respect that. I apologize again. Plz don't mind and keep working.
WhiteCapJoey - 7 dager siden
This nigga said Frodo Baggins...I'm fuming.
DumbBoyChronicles - 12 dager siden
The only thing that saved black panther is Killmonger that’s it . Rank 17
ShoeShineBoy YT
ShoeShineBoy YT - 12 dager siden
The list is good but I would switch thor and thor 2
Aaron Morales
Aaron Morales - 13 dager siden
Markes predicted Stan Lee’s death in 2018
UnifiedEntity - 13 dager siden
Nah Ragnarok was just bad.
Darknightz - 9 dager siden
Nah you're just brain dead.
Jared Barnes
Jared Barnes - 14 dager siden
i’m sorry but some of your points don’t make sense on why u don’t like black panther , he stopped running after the car because he saw the ring around eric’s neck, also we knew who zuri was so it wasn’t a twist the only person we didn’t know was eric also i feel like his character arc was pretty good in the movie because he was trying to figure out the best way to rule wakanda, he thought keeping it traditional and hiding the true wakanda was the best way at first but he seen the error in their ways and decided to go public at the end of the movie. so he had two different arcs
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
Jared Barnes man, he always makes mistakes in his videos but tchallas arc is still underwhelming and every character except killmonger and Gollum are shit.
JoelJoestar - 14 dager siden
Yondu’s death was the closest thing in a movie to making me cry
Lyoko Comic Dubs
Lyoko Comic Dubs - 14 dager siden
MCU's Spiderman is not Comic Accurate, but he is one of the best on-screen Spiderman.
But in my opinion, I feel like this Spider-Man feels very underpowered and too cautious.
Don't get me wrong, I love Every Spider-Man Actor (Even Andrew, cuz he was my childhood favorite), but Tom acts too supportive towards the Avengers. (Which who wouldn't?)
Point is, he is NOT the Badass Lone Wolf Spiderman. I feel like Andrew and Tobey was more close to Stan & Steve's Vision, whether you like it or not.
But Tom is more unique, and I like that.
He should be more unique then the other two. He has Greatness.
Lyoko Comic Dubs
Lyoko Comic Dubs - 7 dager siden
And I like how he actually Grows throughout the films. From Civil War to Far From Home, that's the thing that the previous films always rush through the movies. I'm happy we see a Spiderman that has multiple movies to grow and power-up in each Solo or Team-up movie.
Lyoko Comic Dubs
Lyoko Comic Dubs - 7 dager siden
@Patricio Escamilla Mues Of Course, And that's what Andrew & Tobey did best! They felt more like Steve & Stan's Vision, just in different ways. Tom Holland is kinda just a Whitewash Miles Morales, But I still love his Spiderman.
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
Lyoko Comic Dubs he is a badass but like, only when the plot needs him too. Also he was way weaker when was a kid. His defining characteristics aren’t his feats of strength, it’s his humor, optimism, and irresponsibility
Lyoko Comic Dubs
Lyoko Comic Dubs - 7 dager siden
@Patricio Escamilla Mues I know, but he doesn't always stick to team ups as much in the comics. I mean come on if he was able to single-handedly take down the X-Men twice, then how is Spider-Man not a badass?
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
Lyoko Comic Dubs Spider-Man is never a badass lone wolf, he was a teenager struggling with life shit and then an adult who couldn’t pay the bills.
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks - 15 dager siden
Fuck you Tobey is the best peter
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
Mr Meeseeks his movies are better but he is not a better peter
epic man
epic man - 16 dager siden
Killmonger always sounds sleepy, I didn't like his performance
Super hero King
Super hero King - 16 dager siden
I love that thanos actually keeps his promise to strange in infinity war
Clone 2222
Clone 2222 - 19 dager siden
8:15 I think there’s actually two deaths; the guy who was getting sold the Space Guns by Vulture on the ferry went into the water, had a car fall on him, then went under the boat, which then had that shockwave thing... pretty sure he’s dead.
Payton Proos
Payton Proos - 20 dager siden
the stucky fanart in the background, i'm wheezing
Ziety Firery
Ziety Firery - 21 dag siden
*”HEY LOOK, IT’S STAN LEE!!!!!!!”*
just some guy Donovan
just some guy Donovan - 21 dag siden
There are four humans in Thor Ragnorok. Those two girls Thor posed with when he and Loki are outside the retirement home.
MC Sonic Japan
MC Sonic Japan - 22 dager siden
I bet you his favorite stan Lee cameo is now in Spider-Man into the spiderverse
Ren - 22 dager siden
The marvel v capcom 2 music in your videos is really distracting for me, I love it so much.
R Tri
R Tri - 23 dager siden
Lionel Lerner
Lionel Lerner - 23 dager siden
He didn't like ant man because he didn't know Ant Man would save us from Thanos by shrinking into Thanos' anus, and the expanding. And that sadly never happened so he never will like Ant Man.
Euan Fuller
Euan Fuller - 24 dager siden
Wait how come you put ant man lower than black panther you hate black panther
kai khai
kai khai - 25 dager siden
Can't wait for part 4. Phase 4 is going to surprise him.
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
kai khai he’s said on his Twitter that if it were up to him, there would be no marvel movies after endgame
HuJAN - 25 dager siden
Is it me, or did the Civil War part dissapear from the video, i remember it was there, and now it's not.
Nick E.
Nick E. - 25 dager siden
Is it just me or is marcus really hot?
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
Nick E. He is
Maserati Maeson
Maserati Maeson - 27 dager siden
You can put this to rest WHEN and IF the MCU ends
Zakkisan - 28 dager siden
And yeah Killmonger really should have just become the new Black Panther, his ideology feels better and he is more likable.
Zakkisan - 28 dager siden
Wait hold up, if you like Star Wars, you would like Ragnarok?! Ragnarok is fun and fast paced and good. what kind of SW movie are you comparing that to?
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 7 dager siden
Zakkisan the og 3 and solo probably
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson - 29 dager siden
I kinda like guardians2 more than 1, I like more emotion in movies
Dustyn Bedia
Dustyn Bedia - 29 dager siden
ive watched spiderman homecoming like 20 times on dvd on my car tv
Lachie Everett
Lachie Everett - Måned siden
I think Dr Strange in his movie was really inspired by Dr House
Romulus Yen
Romulus Yen - Måned siden
Take a shot everytime marcus says "this movie" and you'd be dead in three minutes.
TheMinarus - Måned siden
Where is Ant Man 2.....It got lost lmao
Armand Dugas
Armand Dugas - Måned siden
Well now he has to do it all over again with endgame and far from home
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Måned siden
The last scene if black panther was rushed on production so it makes sense that it's lame and looks wack
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Måned siden
Thank you👏👏👏tom holland is the best spiderman
jemma_ac - Måned siden
"Black Panther is boring and lame"
96% on Rotten Tomatoes and a lot of people I've talked to have it as their favourite marvel movie.
You really ripped through it didn't you? 😂😂😂😂
Cosmic Cinema
Cosmic Cinema - Måned siden
I don’t think his a watcher cause why would he not be an a watcher form
Harsh Joshi
Harsh Joshi - Måned siden
I Don't Like Homecoming.....
doom guy
doom guy - Måned siden
Captain America is my favorite one
ComicWriter 2020
ComicWriter 2020 - Måned siden
22:00 I wonder if that little twist applies to the other non MCU Stan lee cameos
ComicWriter 2020
ComicWriter 2020 - Måned siden
22:00 I wonder if that little twist applies to the other non MCU Stan lee marvel cameos
ComicWriter 2020
ComicWriter 2020 - Måned siden
8:00 in the comics and the spectacular Spider-Man tv show, flash is actually pretty good. But yeah, he hasn’t had a good run in the movies
AugustDipper - Måned siden
Finally! Someone else who loves Spider-Man homecoming just as much as me.
Owen Martin
Owen Martin - Måned siden
19 Thor the dark world
18 Thor
17 Avengers Age of Ultron
16 the Incredible Hulk
15 guardians of the galaxy vol 2
14 iron man 2
13 Doctor strange
12 ant man
11 black panther
10 iron man 3
9 guardians of the galaxy
8 Captain America civil war
7 the avengers
6 iron man
5 avengers infinity war
4 Thor Ragnarok
3 Captain America the winter soldier
2 Thor Ragnarok
1 Spider-Man homecoming
Owen Martin
Owen Martin - Måned siden
Doctor strange 7/10
Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 4/10
Spider-Man homecoming 9/10
Thor Ragnarok 8/10
Black panther 6/10
Avengers infinity war 10/10
Vortahead The beast
Vortahead The beast - Måned siden
To be fair to t’challa he got distracted from kilmongers necklace
UnstableNeon - Måned siden
28:46 lmao the way this is cut makes it look like Tony is choking Peter at first glance haha
Errordemn6 - Måned siden
No one ever talks about how Miss Potts suddenly BECOMES A FUCKING MUTANT!
Errordemn6 - Måned siden
Man you super hating on BP lol
David Bradley
David Bradley - Måned siden
He hates every black person
David Bradley
David Bradley - Måned siden
He hates falcon
David Bradley
David Bradley - Måned siden
Did you guys noticed that he hates all the black heros is racist
Mild Monster
Mild Monster - Måned siden
He"s black tho?
David Bradley
David Bradley - Måned siden
How do you not like black panther