The Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies Reviewed and Ranked (Pt. 2)

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Sorry it took a while. I got sick.
Civil War is in this one.
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RT E - 3 timer siden
Mahos Chatzi
Mahos Chatzi - 15 timer siden
He has natasha besmcause hes still a litle human and he wants company thats why i the comics has a wife
endarasman - Dag siden
finally, someone who enjoyed Iron Man 3 as I do
bruh Moment
bruh Moment - Dag siden
23:03 we gonna tell him 😳😳
Sathvik Mulukutla
Sathvik Mulukutla - 2 dager siden
What was the Thumbnail for tho. Kinda misleading dude.
LongShot 101112
LongShot 101112 - 2 dager siden
He turns people into boogers that's the most horrifying s*it I've ever seen 😂
Diego Meringer
Diego Meringer - 3 dager siden
15:42 “I take it back there were a few awkward lines” and then an ad pops up
john has left the chat
john has left the chat - 3 dager siden
Winter Soldier is basically what i want the MGS movie to be
GD Tacos
GD Tacos - 3 dager siden
Iron man 3 is the worse original ver of the LEGO version ( that was a joke don’t shoot me )
Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams - 3 dager siden
your birthday is july 17 mine is too and far from home came out and i still missed it
Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams - 3 dager siden
2020 still have not seen thor 2
Why so Serious?
Why so Serious? - 3 dager siden
Well tony stark bagged both captain america and cucky. He fricking destroyed them
Jabba - 3 dager siden
My fricking birthday is also July 17th! Damn You're the second person i know that has birthday July 17th Other than me:)
Kimetsu No academia
Kimetsu No academia - 4 dager siden
Ant man is much better in the Hindi dub 👌😂 it's genuinely hilarious as hell because the lines are miraculously much better than the actual English dub I recommend watching it if you know to speak hindi
Arl Grmes
Arl Grmes - 4 dager siden
Finally, I'm not the only person who actually enjoyed Iron Man 3
MXMR music
MXMR music - 4 dager siden
Ross: "New York"
Avengers: you literaly sent a nuke to blow up new york
Geralt Of Bolivia
Geralt Of Bolivia - 4 dager siden
I was really surprised when everyone said that iron man 3 wasn’t good, I really loved it.
Frosted Wheat Thins
Frosted Wheat Thins - 4 dager siden
Civil War should’ve just been about Cap wanting to defend Bucky while Zemo frames him and the government tries to hunt him down. The accords were really only there to tie it to the comic and have teams form
Cetx Etc
Cetx Etc - 5 dager siden
The music in Guardians is my least favorite thing about it. It's obviously tugging at nostalgia, falls flat for me. Also, Rocket Racoon is way over the top to the point of not being funny.
Ntokozo Mazibuko
Ntokozo Mazibuko - 5 dager siden
I agree with you on Captain America Civil War
Vincent Calafiore
Vincent Calafiore - 6 dager siden
Why gay thumbnail
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor - 6 dager siden
He actually had problems following orders in winter soldier too
Laila _
Laila _ - 7 dager siden
“ Would watch a whole movie of the avengers just hanging out-“ come to the FanFiction world! We have billions of that-
William Desrosiers
William Desrosiers - 8 dager siden
Btw, I liked Thor 2 for the most part. The jokes were of sarcastic nature for all the characters so it was meant to be that way I thought.
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 6 dager siden
William Desrosiers
William Desrosiers - 8 dager siden
I recently found your channel while on a hero kick, I think I saw your DC/Marvel comparison video first and I enjoy your criticisms and mostly but not always agree with your points. Keep up the great content, or even just content 😂, you've got a new fan.
Wolfpack Productions
Wolfpack Productions - 9 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about that thumbnail.
Mr McNugget
Mr McNugget - 9 dager siden
I did think the gsp fight scene was good
Dilophosaur us
Dilophosaur us - 10 dager siden
Captain Marvel makes whole “the last time I trusted someone I lost an eye” in Winter Soldier sound fucking dumb lol
Zack - 10 dager siden
Even in 2020 I feel like there wouldn’t be enough characters to make cival war good
CKL 1122
CKL 1122 - 10 dager siden
“You can show this to anybody and they will like it” - Marcus
Martin Scorsese: Are you sure about that
Nelson Williams
Nelson Williams - 11 dager siden
Who the hell said iron man 3 wasn’t good
Super Mario Semones
Super Mario Semones - 11 dager siden
My favorite is falcon
Tre Stremlau
Tre Stremlau - 11 dager siden
“Nick fury uses a lightsaber to cut a hole to ecsape”
Nick: I’m still worthy!
the weird dude
the weird dude - 11 dager siden
I like thor the dark world I thought it was good
Silly Swirl's Productions
Silly Swirl's Productions - 12 dager siden
I thought the second Captain America movie sooo boring
I couldn't finish it hell I couldn't get past the first few scenes
I was falling asleep hard
It was literally killing me to try to push through it
I just decided to skip it like I did with Ant-Man since I honestly didn't care
Silly Swirl's Productions
Silly Swirl's Productions - 12 dager siden
Maybe if they would have given Scarlet a Fucking movie before End Game then she could have actual been a character
I hate sooo much that she's the main female fo the group n she literally dies before getting her own movie its so sexist
Fabrobin - 12 dager siden
Shane Black is so fucking underrated, Iron Man 3 is just Marvel's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Moviebuff Shatto
Moviebuff Shatto - 12 dager siden
Who The Hell is CUCKY!?!?!
Bryan Barrera
Bryan Barrera - 12 dager siden
Even as a dumb ass kid I loved iron man 3 and I still do
Berserk Craft!!!
Berserk Craft!!! - 13 dager siden
Also I think the title drop is GENIUS
Berserk Craft!!!
Berserk Craft!!! - 13 dager siden
Hate to break it to you, I have no idea why... but I LOVE age of ultron
Maada Coomber
Maada Coomber - 13 dager siden
In civil war they shouldn’t even be listening to Ross because he literally caused everything that happened in the hulk movie. Why is he excused?
Lime Green
Lime Green - 14 dager siden
Joker was horrible garbage engulfed in flames
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 6 dager siden
Mary Huzl
Mary Huzl - 16 dager siden
Me: *fishing in animal crossing* "This shadow is pretty big, I hope I get a rare fish!"
My game: "Sea bass... sea bass... sea bass"
smagicx - 16 dager siden
the FUCK is that thumbnail
Home_boi619 - 16 dager siden
Yo the thumbnail is... weird
Payton Proos
Payton Proos - 17 dager siden
"who the hell is cucky" took me OUT, i choked on my water
i am a win
i am a win - 17 dager siden
Thought I was the only one who thoroughly enjoyed iron man 3.
Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed
Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed - 11 dager siden
I enjoyed it
Etomic Venture
Etomic Venture - 17 dager siden
Ngl Civil War to me feels more like an avengers movie than a captain America movie. Think about it, most marvel movies stick on the thoughts and personality of the main protagonist, but in civil war there is no single protagonist. Yes it's mainly abiut captain America but what effects Steve Rogers in this movie also effects Tony stark. .
Also when this movie came out I actually thought it was an Avengers movie.
Gamewalker 11
Gamewalker 11 - 17 dager siden
Please Cosmonaut, I beg you, stop listening to the clowns at RLM. They suck at reviewing movies.
Q - 18 dager siden
Jeez, I remember thinking that Iron Man 3 was fucking awesome, and that all of the fight scenes and story bits were so fucking good! And everyone else was just like “Eh, it’s a 5/10 at best.” What the fuck?! It’s so good!
S7AR LORD 2024
S7AR LORD 2024 - 19 dager siden
3:30 I think the kid was just asking “who are you?!” which is what I would say if Elon musk was in my house and then if there was a cyber truck next to him I would ask “is that a cyber truck” the kid was wondering who he was because he probably wasn’t sure if he was tony
Milkra - 20 dager siden
“Captain America should be allowed to lift Mjolnir”
R Tri
R Tri - 20 dager siden
23:09 remembering where i left of
kingdrew17 - 20 dager siden
How are mcu movies bad and your saying that dceu are good so is suidce squad is good and black widow is not bad
idiotic_master - 20 dager siden
The new tittle: I manipulated you into watching this video because of the thumbnail
Jesse Robinson
Jesse Robinson - 20 dager siden
I don’t like how he ruins these movies for me 😅
Kalil Asqary
Kalil Asqary - 20 dager siden
23:06 captain america didn’t chose to lift mjolnir because he didn’t want to embarrass Thor
samsfinest - 21 dag siden
oh hey, same birthday. 1/365. neat.
Avishek Saini
Avishek Saini - 21 dag siden
STEVE ROGERS DIDN'T WANT TO FUCK PEGGY'S NIECE. PEGGY'S NIECE WANTED TO FUCK STEVE ROGERS. She basically raped him with her tongue in Civil War. He is the victim here.