The Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies Reviewed and Ranked (Pt. 1)

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Toxic Coffee - Aesop Rock Britney Spears Mashup
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Just A Dude With Some Games
Just A Dude With Some Games - 5 timer siden
Friendship ended with the circle. Now Triangle is my best friend.
Maddy Paddy
Maddy Paddy - 13 timer siden
Wholesome ending
cymbol73 - Dag siden
I like thor.
Valdixian - Dag siden
Sorry man, I love your reviews, but one thing you may have missed or glazed over.
The German guy standing up to Loki, that was some deep seeded character build up for Cap,
German guy says he has seen what happens when good people bow to men like you.
When he is almost shot by Loki, who else swoops in, none other than mutha fuckin Captain America!
Thus sealing him in his place of understanding how the world works in present day even though the last thing he said after waking up was.. "yeah, I had a date."
He fully remembers that time like it was just yesterday, but now in Avengers, a very short time frame, he fully understands how the world/time/society works.
Mega Schlong
Mega Schlong - Dag siden
Am i the only one that thinks the incredible hulk feels like a micheal bay movie?
Mega Schlong
Mega Schlong - Dag siden
Minus megan fox
Darth Green
Darth Green - 2 dager siden
I don't even get mad when he talks shit about new mexico and I'm from nm
RJ174 - 2 dager siden
Love your channel but I have to point out, some of the most badass dudes I've ever worked and trained with had "dad boss" haha
David Bekin
David Bekin - 2 dager siden
I think it would have been really cool if stan lee was the guy in the croud that stands up to Loki in avengers
TheKhronos - 3 dager siden
Haha guys do you remember going to the movies?? 😂. 😞
Hugo The Dog
Hugo The Dog - 4 dager siden
_M Y B O R D_
Garrick Bittner
Garrick Bittner - 4 dager siden
dawg it was so hard getting through the half of the movies with that fire driftveil theme bumping in the background
M. Serrano
M. Serrano - 5 dager siden
Iron Man 2: Modern day Monaco GP, F1 cars from the 70's
Mike McCokiner
Mike McCokiner - 7 dager siden
That PBR reminded me of college freshman year
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 7 dager siden
6. Incredible Hulk
5. Thor
4. Iron Man 2
3. Captain America: The First Avenger
2. Iron Man
1. The Avengers
KY3T-EZZT -YT - 7 dager siden
What going on his other laptop is it captain America and iron man kissing?🤨😂
CJ McAuliffe
CJ McAuliffe - 7 dager siden
personally, i am a big fan of the Mandatory Marvel Shirtless Scene trope
RottenCandy Studios
RottenCandy Studios - 9 dager siden
The only marvel movies I’ve ever watched is iron man 3,Thor, and Hulk. And I loved them .then I come into the internet and everyone hates them🤣😅
Why so Serious?
Why so Serious? - 9 dager siden
WtFrock? I didn't know you were black. You sounded like a white to me
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 6 dager siden
You don’t know enough black people
creemcheems - 9 dager siden
i want MY BORD
Dennis - 10 dager siden
To be honest the best single scene in the MCU is when Hulk rushes towards Loki, Loki yells "Enough!" to deliver the usual bad guy monologue, and then gets rudely interruped by being grabbed and smashed around by Hulk. Pure genious because it was very much subverting expectations. That being said when you look closely the CGI Loki is like a wet noodle and it looks really strange, but it was SO. FUNNY. back then.
Martinator Woo
Martinator Woo - 10 dager siden
I thought there was a shirtless scene in civil war
NebGat - 11 dager siden
the iron man one movie villain does have a plan, he wants to take over the company and sell the weapons to terrorists, and make money from it.
Aryana Koehler
Aryana Koehler - 12 dager siden
why the hell is nobody talking about what's on the laptop in the background????
CKL 1122
CKL 1122 - 13 dager siden
I love Iron Man to be honest
Jay Rambo
Jay Rambo - 14 dager siden
Yeah, that's basically Liv Tyler in almost every role. Absolutely no emotion or facial expressions in any conversation. I'm pretty sure she's an android created by Hollywood execs with Steven Tyler's input, because I've seen more lifelike actors in Disney's It's A Small World ride.
Angus Carle
Angus Carle - 14 dager siden
You’re so unfunny
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 6 dager siden
Angus Carle your criticism is so in depth and constructive. Thank you
PAG Warrior
PAG Warrior - 14 dager siden
Do it with dcu to
Irvin Sibri
Irvin Sibri - 14 dager siden
Funny that in the beginning of the movie one of his Monitor it show captain America and iron man kissing😂😂😂
Corey Mallard
Corey Mallard - 14 dager siden
I have a confession. I really like Iron Man 2. I don’t understand it’s criticism, although I am biased because I’m a bitch for Mickey Rourke.
Gavin Vaughn
Gavin Vaughn - 16 dager siden
Ah thor the only movie I’ve ever fell asleep to
ShadowKrueger - 18 dager siden
Only movie I seen that Natalie Portman was real good in was V for Vendetta
LifewithMik - 18 dager siden
that montage was the best thing ive seen all day
Ron's Newest Wand
Ron's Newest Wand - 18 dager siden
video: 0/10, I wasted my time watching this.
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 6 dager siden
Ron's Newest Wand why is the video so bad in your opinion?
The Flash
The Flash - 15 dager siden
@Ron's Newest Wand and here comes when your called out and cant think of a reply
The Flash
The Flash - 15 dager siden
@Ron's Newest Wand you should've said i was forced to watch it but you DONT KNOW ENGLISH
The Flash
The Flash - 15 dager siden
@Ron's Newest Wand 1styou learn proper english 2nd you say i wasted my time and then you say i was made to watch this video like i said nobody told you to watch it but you said i was made to watch so you dont have proper english
Ron's Newest Wand
Ron's Newest Wand - 15 dager siden
@The Flash 1st: Learn proper English. 2nd: What I'm saying is that no-one else is making me watch the video, I even said twice "I wasted my time".
Chewjacka - 19 dager siden
I acc really like First Avenger
KingFoofy - 19 dager siden
Flaws and all your honestly so damn entertaining to the point i rewatch your videos.
Payton Proos
Payton Proos - 20 dager siden
i love that you put "toxic" over the shirtless montage, thank you marcus
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith - 21 dag siden
Is it bad I’m really glad Janes Thor is coming so she dies of cancer
The Flash
The Flash - 16 dager siden
Dairyable - 21 dag siden
I miss 2018:(
Doge Step
Doge Step - 22 dager siden
This man really used dritveil city
Milkra - 23 dager siden
“Modern Iron Man is invincible”
You jinxed it
Euan Fuller
Euan Fuller - 24 dager siden
17:23 Same with me but I’ve only seen her in the Star Wars prequels and in Thor 1 and 2 so I can’t really judge her
The Flash
The Flash - 16 dager siden
@Iko Ozzie yep she was decent in star wars i personally think they should've hired someone else
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 16 dager siden
The Flash i havent seen her in much else tbh. She was decent in the last two star wars prequels i guess
The Flash
The Flash - 16 dager siden
@Iko Ozzie only good role
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 19 dager siden
Euan Fuller See V For Vendetta. She is really good in it
shubhanidhi mesta
shubhanidhi mesta - 24 dager siden
3:37 Tony didnt go back to Gulmira take revenge cuz those guys kidnapped him. We literally have a scene where a news reporter is talking about the suffering of the people living there and how they are being brutally murdered by the Ten Rings. Tony sees his own weapons being used to destroy that town. Thats why he goes. To put a stop to Ten Rings and destroy his weapons used by the terrorists. He goes to help the people. Not cuz 'Oh wait, those were the b*tches who kidnapped me' Please get the facts right.
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 6 dager siden
shubhanidhi mesta i mean it’s true hit he knows that. He’s just explaining the general plot to talk about the movie overall
The Flash
The Flash - 16 dager siden
@Poofooshi ayy man he is right tho
Poofooshi - 19 dager siden
Shut up your name is shubhanidhi you smart ass
TimeLord4000 Drewleet
TimeLord4000 Drewleet - 25 dager siden
Never mind. You said it was good in the end.
TimeLord4000 Drewleet
TimeLord4000 Drewleet - 25 dager siden
Iron man is the best movies of marvel and all time
Brandon Chapman
Brandon Chapman - 25 dager siden
I love how he said tony is basically invincible but then endgame happened
MC Slam
MC Slam - 26 dager siden
I want to see incredible hulk remade with Mark rufflo
The Flash
The Flash - 16 dager siden
@Paynter 08 with the same scirpt it would be awful just make a new hulk movie
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 19 dager siden
M.P Productive the thing is that if they remake The Incredible Hulk then Hulk wouldn’t be Proffesor Hulk
Paynter 08
Paynter 08 - 24 dager siden
But I don’t want professor hulk
javier benavides
javier benavides - 26 dager siden
does any one have a link to just the shirtless montage, for discussion purposes of course
Nick E.
Nick E. - 26 dager siden
Hey cosmonaut, it's been more than an hour, wake up. Cosmonaut? COSMONAUT. OH GOD GUYS HE CAN'T HEAR ME BECAUSE IM TALKING THROUGH A SCREEN
Yusuf mohmmed
Yusuf mohmmed - 28 dager siden
this vid has a lot of outdated points about our boy tony
D 123
D 123 - Måned siden
Funny that he says everyone and their mom saw Avengers because my mom took a half day off and took the whole family to theater right after school.
Paynter 08
Paynter 08 - Måned siden
16:44 😂😂
Barrett Bradley
Barrett Bradley - Måned siden
If New Mexico is not a good setting for an action adventure movie, then what is?
Burt Maclin
Burt Maclin - Måned siden
Can you link the original Aesop/Britney mashup from this video?
MaxB - Måned siden
I’m excited for the shirtless scene in Black Widow
albino girl
albino girl - Måned siden
Meh I actually prefer the first hulk other than the new one
Colin Kehoe
Colin Kehoe - Måned siden
Anyone else notice cap and stark making out in the background
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Måned siden
I'm sorry no mcu movie is below a 6/10
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 6 dager siden
Bailey Charlow a bunch of the are. Most are mediocre
The Flash
The Flash - 16 dager siden
almost 80% of them are
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Måned siden
Bruh they screwed jon Favreu to make this movie the most entertaining. And it worked this movie is fun action packed and light
MovieJunkie ForLife
MovieJunkie ForLife - Måned siden
Thumbs up on the video, but don't you DARE try to take away my MMMSS! Dudes out there have been getting their version of this for years, let us girls (and guys) enjoy ourselves :)
jemma_ac - Måned siden
Alternate Thor title:
Chris Hemsworth Minus the Eyebrows