The Lighthouse is a Masterpiece

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 04:44


Jamison Teague
Jamison Teague - Dag siden
what';s the song by the end of the video
Merrick Wells
Merrick Wells - 2 dager siden
Marcus loves Aesop Rock and I couldn't be happier
Danilo Caetano Fernandes
Danilo Caetano Fernandes - 4 dager siden
Isn't this movie that Flap Jack sequel?
The Crack Cellar
The Crack Cellar - 5 dager siden
If these walls had eyes.. They would be blind from that shed scene.
The Crack Cellar Reviews: The Lighthouse -
parzival 517
parzival 517 - 8 dager siden
His voice be goin SICKo mode
Lukasifer - 10 dager siden
This movie is so good and fucking disturbing.
Vincent Boies
Vincent Boies - 17 dager siden
HAHAHA That movie was shit sauce .there was no point in anything . mermaids ? why? why is it there? its not maculated with anything . the light is nothing ,really ? its shutter island mixed with the shining with no payoff
Robert E.O Speedwagon
Robert E.O Speedwagon - 25 dager siden
Looked beautiful in a dark theater, definitely turn all the lights off if you watch at home.
Weatherman Henry
Weatherman Henry - 28 dager siden
This movie was a fever dream
Farbs - Måned siden
i just unlocked the rest of this video by watching the movie, i agree with the rating
Kobe Geyer
Kobe Geyer - Måned siden
I genuinely really didn’t like this movie. 2/10
shame misery
shame misery - 28 dager siden
@Turk Wilson oh yeah I love breaking bad man. My favorite show is Atlanta cuz I relate to that most
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson - 28 dager siden
@shame misery even if you've seen it I recommend breaking bad
shame misery
shame misery - 28 dager siden
@Turk Wilson like I said I kinda appreciate a new love for film and tv and understand great art. Shows that I didn't like like the wire and the Sopranos are now some of my favorites to watch. But yeah, I'm gonna rewatch it but yeah it's really weird
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson - 28 dager siden
@shame misery I get that, I think people think that when the plot is below the surface it isn't worth it and the whole project is dumb and/or not worth it. Honestly even without a plot I found the movie fascinating and hilarious but that's just me
shame misery
shame misery - 28 dager siden
@Turk Wilson well, when I first watched it i was kinda bored and I even fell asleep, but now I got to watch more films and tv shows and know what great art is I'm willing to watch it again. But short story, just weird and no plot but once my whole view point on great art changed so maybe it's a great movie
Nolan Zhou
Nolan Zhou - Måned siden
gacha life music video
stoner pinkman
stoner pinkman - Måned siden
YES the ending song is the same as the credits
JerkMeGently - Måned siden
I don't get the hype. After the high praise this movie got I was excited to see it so when I did see it I felt so disappointed.
Why are people so into it? Help me out here.
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson - 28 dager siden
Idk all i know is that it is an immersive piece of art that I and many others can't take our eyes away from, go watch an in depth analysis
Cristian Eni
Cristian Eni - Måned siden
Clave Ajoc
Clave Ajoc - Måned siden
Brooo u should watch Parasite, it's sooo farkennn good
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson - 28 dager siden
He probably did, everyone has
Princeps Regem
Princeps Regem - Måned siden
This movie was pretty awesome.
Kristian Barbu
Kristian Barbu - Måned siden
so you could spoil how Tom saw the huge mermaid's vagina in the light at the end of the movie
Choka - Måned siden
Man I thought this video was a short interesting history of the lighthouse building
Poirot - Måned siden
H A A A A A R K ! ! !
Horned Goddess
Horned Goddess - Måned siden
I loved this movie but my friend absolutely hated it and idk why,
Status- Prune
Status- Prune - 2 måneder siden
So he has respect for Robert now??
Papa Nugget
Papa Nugget - 2 måneder siden
Weird, I was sure the tentacle was stop motion ?
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving - 2 måneder siden
You should watch Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon if you haven't already, I think you'd really enjoy it.
MrCharisma - 2 måneder siden
This and Bait are my favourite films of recent (lighthouse is arguably my favourite ever, I absolutely adore it) and I am so glad we are starting to see these incredibly unique and brilliant films getting more notice.
Zabe Khan
Zabe Khan - 2 måneder siden
this is why patterson will make a good batman
therock2kunal - 2 måneder siden
Amazing video! I've been listening to Christopher Plummer's audiobook and he references Waterloo & Gladiator as one of the great masterpieces of his time. Perhaps you could do another one of your video essays on characters from those films before Hollywood makes another clumsy CGI remake of one of them like they did with Aladdin.
ばんぐぶんぐ - 2 måneder siden
Pattinson's redemption arc
lucky ME
lucky ME - 2 måneder siden
Celil Mehmed Celil
Celil Mehmed Celil - 2 måneder siden
The Zeitgeist Perusal
The Zeitgeist Perusal - 2 måneder siden
Code YVO
Code YVO - 2 måneder siden
I am watching this after you memed the crap out of the Twilight movie. I can't stop thinking about Edward's emoface while watching this video.
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson - 28 dager siden
Get out of that, RP is the best millennial actor.
Garrett Woods
Garrett Woods - 2 måneder siden
Only issue was the giant mermaid cooter
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson - 28 dager siden
It is modeled after a shark's
Miles L.
Miles L. - 2 måneder siden
does anybody know the name of the sea chantey that's sung in the lighthouse and used in the trailer (and also at the end of this video)? i really want to look it up.
Sheentell - 2 måneder siden
Yaller girls (doodle let me go)
You Call That a Knife?
You Call That a Knife? - 2 måneder siden
Finally got around to watching this. Visually, it's one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen
КΛԼΛϺΞΞТ - 2 måneder siden
This movie is overrated. The story is basically non existent and the dialogue isn't even half as compelling as a Tarantino movie. The acting is good, the sound design is good, and it's shot well, but that's it. The story and dialogue wasn't compelling enough.
Domino Sable
Domino Sable - 2 måneder siden
Dingo13550 - 2 måneder siden
Still better than Aquaman
JaeBoy - 2 måneder siden
Robert Pattinson really is an underrated actor. mainly its because of fucking twilight and people hating him for those poor films but im so happy hes being recognized for his true acting skills. i cant wait for The Batman but i hope DC wont fuck it up again
TheBossFighters - 3 måneder siden
I just watched this on prime video and somehow it has a 3 star rating. Even if you didn't know what you were getting into when you chose to watch it how could the phenomenal performances of these two actors not rate higher than a 3/5 for anyone?
Tashfiq Choudhury
Tashfiq Choudhury - 3 måneder siden
Love the Shrunk instrumental in the background, my man.
Hot Howard
Hot Howard - 3 måneder siden
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack 2
Kyran scott
Kyran scott - 3 måneder siden
You totally deserve like 11,089,249 subs.
Joseph - 3 måneder siden
this movie will stand the test of time, gem
siricu - 3 måneder siden
I know yer fond o me lobster
AnimeAustin1 - 3 måneder siden
Not gonna lie I hated this movie.
Stefanniko - 2 måneder siden
@The Emerald Axe it wasn't anime homie
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 2 måneder siden
Jon - 3 måneder siden
No it isn't. Not even close.
n0denz - 3 måneder siden
If I didn't know better, I'd have thought Hitchcock made it.
Kirby Castro
Kirby Castro - 3 måneder siden
This may be out there, by I see this as a movie of a man about to be executed for killing his peer. And goes crazy from being alone in his cell before so and the only person he talks to is a priest (which is ol Will’s character). I don’t know, it’s a thought
Manic History
Manic History - 3 måneder siden
I think Joker and Ford v Ferrari should have been replaced by The Lighthouse and Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Not The Two Popes or Uncut Gems tho. The Two Popes is still a film everyone should watch in my opinion and it's good. But fuck Uncut Gems. I don't like that.
Jack Boisseau
Jack Boisseau - 3 måneder siden
0/10. I expected more sea shanties
Andrew Lavagnino
Andrew Lavagnino - 3 måneder siden
Finally watched the film, and can confirm.
Thomas Wilson IV
Thomas Wilson IV - 3 måneder siden
This movie blew my mind, there hasn't been a movie that made me think of perfection since there will be blood.
Torin Gaming
Torin Gaming - 3 måneder siden
“Yer fond of me lobster, say it!”.
Torin Gaming
Torin Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Torin Gaming
Torin Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Dame grammar mistake
Commander1SUV - 4 måneder siden
you know what's weird I watched this movie and I really liked it but I watched it again and it didn't hit me the same as it did? its weird. this happens with multiple movies too I don't understand why?
Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez - 4 måneder siden
who else saw it off acid??? 😱
Acerinx Slvx
Acerinx Slvx - 4 måneder siden
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 4 måneder siden
Spoilers from 3:24 - 4:03
RomanticPhantom0 - 4 måneder siden
anybody else watching The Lighthouse during social distancing/self-quarantine? o__e
paula - 4 måneder siden
I thought the tentacle was meant to look like the choppy claymation used in old movies like Jason and the Argonauts. It worked for me.
James Burk
James Burk - 4 måneder siden
Yes. yes it is.