The Last of Us 2 Isn't That Bad - You Guys Are Just Dumb



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Callum Torrance
Callum Torrance - Måned siden
You should change the tittle
Emily McCann
Emily McCann - Måned siden
He has a series of videos with titles like this, I don’t think he’s going to change it just for this occasion
Izzy - Måned siden
@iam FLAME! Doesn't matter, engagement is good either way, he wins.
David Baines
David Baines - Måned siden
jelinlikeafelin people will find anything offensive no matter how you say it. Also, he is still insulting their intelligence, whatever word he uses doesn’t matter because they are both synonyms
David Baines
David Baines - Måned siden
LennyBoiLovesNOburn well yeah but clearly people don’t get that. Also, I’m pretty sure the title is referring to the people who hate the game solely because Joel died
Jurassic Films
Jurassic Films - Måned siden
He clearly likes it!
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett - 8 minutter siden
Bruh, I haven't seen a single positive comment
Hunter W
Hunter W - 34 minutter siden
Did anyone else love playing as Abby when fighting Ellie and enjoying every unique scene where Ellie kills Abby? I was just so sad it didnt actually happen :(
connor 800
connor 800 - 4 timer siden
Nice ratio u got there
ThisisKyle - 4 timer siden
I'm pretty sure Cosmonaut doesn't know what beloved means. Also I'm pretty sure there's people in the comments trying to defend that and are missing the context in which Cosmonaut said it
Edward Rhodes
Edward Rhodes - 4 timer siden
Saying this game is bad because Joel dies at the start is like saying infinity war is bad because Loki dies at the start
Andybutternubs - 41 minutt siden
First of all those are two completely different franchises and it's not the fact joel died, its how it was executed. When you look at infinity war, Loki's death made sense because he was actually trying to protect his brother. And that made people more sad than anything.While as for joel when he died he was murdered in cold blood in a ridiculous way that you didn't even feel sad you just felt angry at the fact that it was done in such a poor way.
Edward Rhodes
Edward Rhodes - 5 timer siden
the good shit in this game is really good, but the bad shit is really bad. There's no way else to put it
Frick daniles2
Frick daniles2 - 5 timer siden
you guys don't need to dislike it because you don't agree
unknown guy
unknown guy - 6 timer siden
Me: Opens video to see some constructive criticism.
*Sees dislike ratio*
Also me: Oh no...
Icy_ EruptionX
Icy_ EruptionX - 9 timer siden
I never played the 1 or 2 😂 so I don’t care what you think
Baby - 10 timer siden
The problem isn´t that the game force us to do maan thing, is that then judge us and tell us "Nonsense violence is bad. Shame on you dude" despite we literally had no other choice :/
JamesHLanier - 5 timer siden
Uh the game isn't about you, dude.
Combine Ordinal
Combine Ordinal - 11 timer siden
This guy is living proof that you don't need to be smart to be a successful youtube critic. You can have some truly contradictory and idiotic takes and people will still gobble it up and upvote.
Low HP
Low HP - 11 timer siden
A YouTube tutorial on how to be a dick about an opinion and give a bad take
TeriosShadow15 - 11 timer siden
"Joel isn't beloved character, he is an antihero"
So by your logic antiheroes can never be beloved which is bullshit btw. So Deadpool, Ash Williams, Wolverine, Kratos, Velvet are not beloved characters?
GMS Entertainment
GMS Entertainment - 14 timer siden
Imagine saying fans of the first game are dumb cause we fell in love wit the game story n characters and is he forgetting that we were lyed to in the leaks n trailers no wanted to fucking watch Joel die n then play as his killer which is Abbyzilla the manbeast n then beat the shit out of Ellie wit the man beast to than play wit Ellie only to kill a bunch of people that had nothing to do with Joel’s death then find the person that’s Responsible for Joel’s death n don’t kill her no wonder This game sank harder than the Titanic cuckman killed his own series for some fucktard revenge trope
Joseph Yambasu
Joseph Yambasu - 17 timer siden
It's quite apparent you have a clear favouritism for this series.
Grey Fox
Grey Fox - 18 timer siden
That MGS5 take is insultingly disgusting.
iPokeThings - 20 timer siden
Guys, stop leaving Marcus such negative comments. It's very hard to find the time to like them all.
Kool Kid Kameron sir
Kool Kid Kameron sir - 22 timer siden
When did it suddenly become illegal to have a different opinion? You people are the reason why the internet is a terrible place
Kool Kid Kameron sir
Kool Kid Kameron sir - 5 timer siden
@DragonFlyerz I'm not saying you're not allowed to criticsize but the fact that people harrass and insult him for having a different opinion is despicable. Besides most of their so called "criticism" boils down to "he said something I don't like therefore he's bad". You can dislike the game all you want but you have no right to treat him like this just because he doesn't fall in line with you're viewpoint. You don't have to agree with him but you should at least respect his opinion and move on
DragonFlyerz - 14 timer siden
When someone expresses their opinion in a public forum, they are open and subject to criticism. Also as an aside there is no such thing as subjective critique, he can like the game but it is an objectively bad game.
KillBash - 23 timer siden
Anyone that can defend this game is beyond me. Naughty Dog blatantly lied to us with those trailers, showing Joel as a prominent character and editing cutscenes to include him. Only to find out that none of those things were in the game and it was all a lie. The dog shit story is one thing. But blatantly lying with false footage is a whole other thing.
KillBash - Time siden
@JamesHLanier The story is not good. And you are delusional dude. This is false advertisement at its finest. They literally edited cutscenes to include Joel. It was a bait and switch. If you think what they did is okay then you are just a lost cause. Because being lied too is unacceptable.
JamesHLanier - 5 timer siden
Yeah, man. I definitely wish they spoiled the game in the trailers. That would've been so much better. Also the story is good.
G-Frags - 23 timer siden
I think you might be - and I say this with complete honesty and no hyperbole- you are the worst movie/video game Youtube reviewer on this entire platform and it's not even close. Your reviews have come down to:
1. Make a click bait title
2. Provide little to no evidence to support your video and talk in circles and say nothing for 25 minutes
3. Rinse and repeat
I'm not even sure you're actually reviewing anything anymore or have actual opinions. It seems to all be trolling at this point so I guess kudos to you for making money off of that?
Its your boy!!
Its your boy!! - Dag siden
I’m actually happy Ellie didn’t kill Abby and the game is great. People are just dumb
Owen Manton
Owen Manton - Dag siden
Quick critique: I like everything in the contents of the video, but I wish I could watch it in 1080p.
Heavy Western
Heavy Western - Dag siden
To anyone who says they like Cosmonaut Variety Hour, be sure to specify which one, because he contradicts himself so many times:
"Joel isn't a beloved character"
"People are mad cause Joel died"
"Its not a bad game"
"I hated half of the game"
"Star Wars is just a space wizard movie for kids"
Seriously, if this dude can get 1mil subs, anyone can.
Heavy Western
Heavy Western - Dag siden
Guts from Berserk slaughters hundreds of people including children, and he is a beloved character.
YouCanCallMeMich - Dag siden
judging by the comments this guy has no clue what he's talking about xp
Kael Jesmir
Kael Jesmir - Dag siden
I realized that gamers are just dumb, there is no way to put it, people are just dumb and senile
this is why EA and Activition still exist, because they can drop worthless trash and people will eat it up while complain about but when a studio decides to make something that challenges the norm and respect the player people will hate it
i just gave up, this game is great everybody is just evolutions mistake
Louis Knudsen
Louis Knudsen - Dag siden
Bro, I love you, but you kinda shit the bed on this one. From the clickbaity, ignorant title to the poorly constructed critique of other people's critiques, this one is a swing and a miss, buddy
Potato7642 - Dag siden
An antihero can still be beloved, mate. I liked LoU2, even though it made me feel like garbage at the end, but that's the POINT. It's not MEANT to have a happy ending. But you're missing the mark on your points here.
Connor Patterson
Connor Patterson - Dag siden
Lee Everett wasnt necessarily a good person either tho. Murdered a man and his wife too I'm pretty sure. But despite all those things, you have the opportunity to make him do good things to make him into a better man despite his demons. By the end, a not-so-good-man does something heroic and saves the little girl you've been protecting the whole game. So why couldn't Joel get that same arc of a heroic death? The whole thing about Joel getting a redemption arc in the flashbacks is a horseshit excuse. He shouldve died doing something heroic, not dying like a bitch to she-hulk wielding a golf club. Joel's death isn't my issue, it's how he dies that pisses me off.
JamesHLanier - 5 timer siden
Lee didn't kill his wife. What the fuck are you talking about? Also why would you want a heroic death in TLOU? That'd totally clash with the tone and themes of the series. Even so, he did still die for Ellie. He just did it about 4 years after he probably should've.
Meat Wittu
Meat Wittu - Dag siden
The 2 halves thing is worse than my precognition shit. Also it is a ripoff that Ellie doesn't kill Abby and that they ARE MAKING HER THE ONLY HERO OF TLOU3 FFS.
Just let tlou die already. 1 was medicore and 2 is just a bad unity game. What will 3 be? A baby's first scratch project?
Edit : order matters. If Joel was AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING STRANGER then ye it would suck if we followed him as a stranger in a sequel.
O wait. We already have a murderhobo psycho character that ruins the story. Abby
Meat Wittu
Meat Wittu - Dag siden
My characters die better than joel and one of them just suddenly gets turned into a fucking capri sun.
Joel. Is. The. Hero.
Just like Deadpool is the hero in his story. Just like Darth Vader is a hero in his stories.
Abby just kills a random bystander she didn't know.
Also MGS5 Big Boss is still a hero IN HIS STORY.
Also Metro and Jojo is more depressing than Tlou 2.
Meat Wittu
Meat Wittu - Dag siden
I wrote a better story as a joke that even my mother called boring than this shit of a thing. Tlou2 has worse story than a flat parody comic
William Foster
William Foster - Dag siden
The hate this game causes between people is absurd. It‘s ok to hate the game, it‘s ok to love it, but I think where the trouble starts is people trying to explain why the story sucks vs. is genius. People who love the game insult those who don‘t as being dumb / didn‘t understand the story, etc. In the meanwhile Druckmann explained what the idea behind the story was, so that every retard can understand it and still there are people who think the story is bad... I don‘t know if Druckmann and the team at ND knew what kind of war they are going to kick off with that game, but it kinda sucks!
I see video games as possibility to escape our troubled and hateful world. Leave frustration behind and let out all negativity many of us get filled with each day! But it seems like it becomes a fashion to create game worlds that are as ugly as the real world (in terms of morals). I think that‘s where the hate comes from and why there‘s so much hate on TLOU2: they destroyed a vision TLOU1 created in many people’s minds. And that causes frustration and anger!
Abel Montero
Abel Montero - Dag siden
"You guys are just dumb" = unsubscribed
The.Martian Rei
The.Martian Rei - Dag siden
Biggest part of the story that pissed me off was when Mel casually joins Abby’s squad to head into the frontline and she’s way pregnant. Then I knew after the one armed girl’s death that I would have to keep playing to the end in that session, otherwise I’d never touch it again because of how miserable it was getting.
Joey TK
Joey TK - Dag siden
Gotta love it when someone decides on a title that straight up attacks people over a video game. Really shitty thing to do in 2020.
fiel81 - Dag siden
Help cosmonaut is smoking crack again
Blake McCartney
Blake McCartney - Dag siden
"Literally ever death after the first game is Joel's fault" I do not think 1)you know what literally means. 2) because a "possible" vaccine would stop all the in fighting, stop the cannibals, stop the factions, or stop all the currently infected including Clickers that just rip your throat out, normal infected that beat you to death, or Bloaters that rip your skull in half.
ohhaihaihaihai - 15 timer siden
I think having a vaccine against the zombie virus is a step in a right direction for human race at this point in game's timeline. Not an expert tho
Thictionary - Dag siden
I love how pissed off this comment section is
Jesper Eurén
Jesper Eurén - Dag siden
I think by ’beloved’ they mean that they were fond of Joel and were sad to see him go.
LambdaCore - Dag siden
Cosmonaut: Joel is a anti-hero
MYMINDism - Dag siden
The sad thing is you were always going to love it, anyone who hates strong father figures and are feminist were always going to love it
Wavy Iann
Wavy Iann - Dag siden
“Joel isn’t a beloved character” your right he isn’t, this game really separates the fans and the actual game, the game was a huge fuck you to the fans and that’s what’s so good about this game, you might love the character but trust me the characters in the game do not like Joel at all, stop acting like your opinion of a character matters into a game 🤦🏽‍♂️ so fucking stupid sometimes, he killed MILLIONS, you need to understand that people aren’t gonna forgive him because he’s all goody touché now, that’s not reality, in reality Joel would be Absolutely hated by a bunch of people, I’m surprised Joel lives for that long
Todd Hårig
Todd Hårig - Dag siden
The hatred towards this game is purely political, change my mind.
blaster702 - Dag siden
You're literally just lying in this video.
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Dag siden
Remember Marcus is very cynical so you need to add 2 points to his ratings🤣
Elizabeth Krichau
Elizabeth Krichau - Dag siden
i actually really like the pacing only because i was so emotionally drained after joel's death that i needed a huge break before any other big event happened lol
Cagon415 - Dag siden
People only liked the first one, because it was a daddy simulator. And you can't have a daddy simulator without daddy. So you're not dealing with the deep end of the pool here. I'm sure people will go on endlessly about how these games are masterpieces (probably because they've never seen the walking dead), but whatever.
TheMegaOne1000 - Dag siden
The lack of self awareness in this car crash of a video hurts my brain.
You have absolutely no idea why people hate the game, and yet you're utterly convinced that you're in the right on this.
Ten Craziest
Ten Craziest - Dag siden
Found Neil's YouTube channel
Fact Speaker
Fact Speaker - 2 dager siden
You're stupid dude. Guess you made this video on the short bus?
UltimateAgent25 - 2 dager siden
Nightbreed said hi.
Captain America
Captain America - 2 dager siden
When I hear ur voice it’s like dragging my balls across shattered glass...and it hurts..
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 2 dager siden
THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE some of these haters are just homophobic and its showing right now
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Dag siden
@Fact Speaker I am straight 🤔
Fact Speaker
Fact Speaker - 2 dager siden
Nah. Nier and Dragon Quest have gay characters. Those games have very positive feedback. You just hate straight people.
Zekeina Zaku
Zekeina Zaku - 2 dager siden
I don’t know what’s worse, your opinions or your monotone voice...
Starskream - 2 dager siden
You need a triple digits IQ to get why this game is garbage on fire.
ohhaihaihaihai - 15 timer siden
To be fair you need to have a very high IQ to be a real Gamer.
Hayden Schwab
Hayden Schwab - 2 dager siden
This comment section is just proving his point.
Moonlitty - 2 dager siden
Why are y’all so mad in these comments, are people not allowed to like things that you don’t 😂
Low HP
Low HP - 11 timer siden
nope, people are allowed to dislike anything they want, but when they make out the opposition is "dumb" and stupid it invalidates that opinion.
KillBash - 22 timer siden
@deeta000 100% this. It's hilarious that people think that having an opinion shields you from criticism. You can be criticized for anything, especially for having an opinion.
deeta000 - 2 dager siden
People can have opinions about others opinions.
Ravensgale - 2 dager siden
I'm surprised Cosmonaut can empathize with Abby without knowing how much money she has.