The Last Jedi - The Most POLARIZING Star Wars Movie

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You may be noticing the color grading and grain on some of the footage. That's so Disney doesn't try to demonetize me. Apologies :^)
I would have liked to really analyze the movie but I prefer for the movie to be out so I can really dig in. If the demand is there next year, I'll go through it again.
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Kadyn S
Kadyn S - 9 timer siden
They just did Captain Phasma so dirty. From her comics to this movie. I wanted her to be this clone level soldier but she was just a wimp.
Morgoth - 12 timer siden
Empire strikes back was not one long chase scene you liar
Masher Caster
Masher Caster - 4 dager siden
I’m not mad about Luke not acting like he does in the books (I’ve never read a Star Wars book). I’m mad about Luke in this movie because he was the man who redeemed Darth Vader (the monster that murdered billions of people destroyed the Jedi and blow up a planet). The person who redeemed Darth Vader thought about killing his nephew in his sleep because he had a bad dream. Because the man who saved a person who has done horrendous things from the dark side would totally 40years latter think about killing a innocent child for thinking of something bad. Luke doing that completely destroyed his character.
Cameron Rodina
Cameron Rodina - 4 dager siden
NKJD10 - 5 dager siden
Right hear me out here, but how fucking cool would it have been if Snoke was an old apprentice of Palpatine (like before maul) and he tried to betray him but sheeve went full lighting on his ass, which is why hes all disfigured.
Simon Burkhardt
Simon Burkhardt - 6 dager siden
1. ANH
2. ESB
3. TLJ
8. TPM
9. ROS
Simon Burkhardt
Simon Burkhardt - 2 dager siden
@Wave Train Oh yeah lol 1. ANH 2. ESB 3. TLJ 4. SOLO 5. ROTJ 6. ROTS 7. RO 8. TFA 9. AOTC 10. TPM 11. ROS
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
Simon Burkhardt Where would Rouge One and Solo be on your list
Commander Codyson
Commander Codyson - 6 dager siden
Let me say that I am one of those people who hates this movie for what it did to Luke's character. Why? In Star Wars 6, Luke looked at Darth Vader, the most evil man in the galaxy, and saw the good in him. In 8, the second Luke saw a glimmer of bad in Ben despite no previous indications, he almost kills him.
Commander Codyson
Commander Codyson - Dag siden
@Josh Mitchell Well, yeah, I see where you're coming from. The only problem for me, is that Darth Vader had killed and tortured thousands of people, so while Luke could see the good in him, he also understood that he still posed a great danger but Luke still wanted to redeem him. Ben, on the other hand, had done nothing evil up to that point and on the whim of a vision, Luke went to the kill him option first instead of, I don't know, talking to him cause he might just be a confused teenager trying to figure out his place in the galaxy. That's what bothers me.
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 4 dager siden
When Vader threatened Luke by saying he will turn Leia he lashed out in anger and chopped his hand off until he saw what he was doing and stopped himself from actually killing him. In 8 Luke looked into Bens mind and saw everything he loved would be destroyed, he ignited his saber in a moment of pure instinct and immediately regretted it. It makes sense. He almost killed Vader and resisted himself, he almost struck Ben and resisted himself.
Moise Tibasima
Moise Tibasima - 7 dager siden
You made some good points. I agree with Finn was underused and should have a much better story, I think Snoke should have been used more too I didn't need to know who he was but killing him like that was middle finger to my face. Luke's arc in TLJ is good. I think the movie is good with a well told story with a couple of flaws. I don't like the movie but it's not the worst star wars. Subjectively and in terms of enjoyment I would rank the movies as ROTJ, ESB,ANH, Rogue one, TFA, ROTS, TLJ, ROS, TPM, AOTC, Solo
pakyomadapaka - 8 dager siden
Still shitty. Especially after watching the shitty 9th installment. Hahaha
salem avan
salem avan - 10 dager siden
One of the biggest problems with people criticizing this movie is that they let their anger justify the critical judgment. this is evident in simply looking at the runtime of a negative critical video of TlJ. they are usually hours long even with part twos.
Clyks Vapor
Clyks Vapor - 11 dager siden
Ok, I agree with a lot, but if they’ve been talking about how dangerous the light speed is, just put a droid on a ship, and launch em into the death star, bam, only need 4 movies ( tpm, aotc, trots, and anh)
carealoo744 - 12 dager siden
You should really see the contrast between the critics and audience score for Doctor Who series 11 or 12.
jacktube - 12 dager siden
Blinding Hornet
Blinding Hornet - 12 dager siden
Fuck this guy honestly. This movie will always be shit. The fan base will not change their minds.
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 4 timer siden
@Blinding Hornet imagine hating on someone for having a different opinion LOL
Static Star
Static Star - 12 dager siden
Blinding Hornet yeah there are a lot of people who think that but in a lot of polls and reviews I’ve seen it’s more of a 50/50 split, people either like it, or they don’t
Blinding Hornet
Blinding Hornet - 12 dager siden
Static Star I mean I don’t entirely doubt people like this movie but I just have the impression that this was the breaking point and fans were just fed up with it even to this day.
Static Star
Static Star - 12 dager siden
You mean the half of the fanbase the that agrees with you will, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but a lot of people like this movie, A LOT of people
Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas - 13 dager siden
I hate the Last Jedi it's the worst movie ever.
Static Star
Static Star - 12 dager siden
Hm... you should probably watch more movies
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face - 16 dager siden
For those who aren’t huge fans of this movie, check out the book “The Legends of Luke Skywalker.” It’s a middle grade book, but doesn’t dumb things down at all. There’s 6 stories showing how the galaxy sees Luke. These stories are supposed to be viewed as possibly true or false. Overall it really shows the position Luke is in in TLJ.
Ludwig Amadeus Bach
Ludwig Amadeus Bach - 17 dager siden
But I'm biased because I'm gen z. In terms of quality I agree with your list.
Lucas Poli
Lucas Poli - 17 dager siden
Oh boy, this analisys didnt age well at all...
superkeaton - 22 dager siden
I just can't get over that Luke's big plan for learning how bad Ben was was to sneak into his bed in the dead of night with his weapon and read his mind. That's insane. That's wild. Why couldn't we have seen flashbacks to the temple and Ben doing dark stuff that worried Luke and necessitated some kind of confrontation? We had time for fucking Canto Bight but not, y'know, some backstory on our main villain's reasons for hating Luke?
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 19 dager siden
Luke told rey he had “sensed his darkness” and “seen it in moments in his training” i think that’s enough motivation for him to look into his mind. Also he didn’t walk into Bens hut with the intent of killing him.
Zedetnik - 22 dager siden
This video hasn't aged well and you are still a fucking asshole =)
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
Zedetnik No
Withered Foxy
Withered Foxy - 23 dager siden
Classic characters acting out of character
John Nightingale
John Nightingale - 24 dager siden
disney shill right hey for you guys
Flight Train11
Flight Train11 - 2 dager siden
Oh so he’s a shill because he said stuff you didn’t want to hear get over it
Static Star
Static Star - 12 dager siden
So just because he likes something that you don’t he’s a “Disney shill”? I think you need to take a break from the Internet, learn the concept of an opinion, and then come back
zVizzions - 24 dager siden
I honestly like the last Jedi. But really only for the main story with ray, luke,Kylo......... I don't like what they did with Finn or Poe but if I'm being honest ....I'd rather watch last Jedi than Rise of Skywalker ( the more I think of rise of Skywalker I almost feel like it works better as it's own thing, as if it doesn't belong in the sequal trilogy)
Luck Of The Dice
Luck Of The Dice - 27 dager siden
TLJ was a strange experience for me. My first viewing, I loved it, and considered it to be my favorite movie in the star wars franchise, however, when I rewatched it a little while later, I found it to be incredibly boring and hard to watch. I'd place it at the bottom tier of star wars movies now. Mabye if I watch it a third time, my opinion will change yet again.
CHOWDER The Nerd - 28 dager siden
Green Penguin
Green Penguin - 28 dager siden
This movie is as balanced as the force
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 28 dager siden
Luke is at his best in this movie no cap
Noe Gaudette
Noe Gaudette - 29 dager siden
I mean.....even Mark Hamill says he hated his part in the new movies and fundamentally disagreed with everything that was written
Flight Train11
Flight Train11 - 2 dager siden
Algunos Cuenticos it’s funny how you all take mark Hamill out of context when he literally says he was wrong about this movie
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 9 dager siden
Algunos Cuenticos Watch this video he literally says he said it before he watched it He also said if he was “just some old benevolent jedi training young padawans it would be boring and predictable”
Algunos Cuenticos
Algunos Cuenticos - 9 dager siden
@Josh Mitchellreally? Mark Hamill saw the film at the premiere in December 9 2017. He posted the "all-time GREAT one!" tweet December 26. In 2018 a fan called Cameron White asked him: “Why did Luke give up in The Last Jedi? What other events made Luke give up?” “When I understand, I’ll let you know,” Hamill replied. On April 2019 he twitted the 'missed opportunities" image of the classic heroes in the cockpit of the falcon.... Yeah right, he loved the film. Keep in denial.
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 9 dager siden
Algunos Cuenticos I mean everything negative he said about the film was before he watched it? Funny how TLJ haters will use any crumb of evidence, valid or not just too try and justify there own idiotic point
Algunos Cuenticos
Algunos Cuenticos - 9 dager siden
@Josh Mitchell Yep I remember perfectly that tweet. Saying "Rian made an all time great one" is the most polite way to say something positive of the film, avoiding totally his real opinion, as I said he never said something like "I like film". It's funny how TLJ defenders think that this tweet has more importance than all the other dozens of interviews and tweets saying the total opposite. And by the way, he posted that tweet when he realized that some fans were being too rude....
Barrett Jones
Barrett Jones - Måned siden
"every movie has a stupid subplot"
yet, the whole rise of Skywalker IS a stupid subplot
Cooper Mathews
Cooper Mathews - Måned siden
Cosmonaght: episode 8 is a good different for star wars
*episode 9 comes out
Cosmonaght: well you fucked it didn't you.
Tomas Donkers
Tomas Donkers - Måned siden
In 20 years this movie is not gonna be better 😂😂😂
ze char char
ze char char - 7 dager siden
In 20 years the fanbase would have grown up enough to realise it isn't even that bad, and isn't the worse starwars film because the prequels exist.
Algunos Cuenticos
Algunos Cuenticos - 9 dager siden
Probably this horrible film and the whole Disney Trilogy will have a good remake by then.
J.J. Plagiarisms
J.J. Plagiarisms - Måned siden
3 years in and I still hate it as much as I did back then. Star Wars is in a miserable state because of TLJ
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader - Måned siden
My ranks of the Star Wars movies:
1. Empire Strikes Back (definitely the best one, there’s no doubt)
2. Return of the Jedi (I know, the Ewoks exist. But I don’t mind them, I still love the final battle and everything with Jabba)
3. Star Wars [A New Hope] (I always go back and forth between this and 6. But they are equal to me)
4. Revenge of the Sith (I know I’m an idiot, but I don’t care. Ian McDiarmid and Ewan McGregor are amazing, the dialogue sucks though)
5. Solo (It’s a Decent Movie, it has a horrible brightness, but it’s good for what it is)
6. Force Awakens (it’s also decent, though it is sorta ruined because of Rise of Skywalker)
7. The Last Jedi (It has its good stuff, but the stuff with Poe and Canto Bight were trash as hell)
8. Rogue One (It’s extremely boring to me, I nearly fell asleep. But the last 1/3 was good)
9. Attack of the Clones (I can at least laugh at most of the dumb stuff, and I thought the last 1/3 was decent.)
10. Rise of Skywalker (I’m sorry, the more and more I think about this movie, the more I hate it. This is easily the worst Star Wars movie Disney ever made)
11. Phantom Menace (Completely Horrible, bottom of the barrel garbage)
Cooper Mathews
Cooper Mathews - Måned siden
Almost perfect list, for me I'd swap attack of the clones and phantom. But that's just me.
Red Jet 7059
Red Jet 7059 - Måned siden
The last jedi was an absolute disaster of a film made my a pathetic “director” ruin johnson
Shonksu - 17 dager siden
Red Jet 7059 but it has depth much like a pile of shit has
TZD - Måned siden
1. The Empire Strikes Back (possibly the greatest movie of all time)
2. A New Hope (changed cinema forever, another one of the best films ever)
3. Rogue One (dark, gritty, incredibly well written story)
4. The Force Awakens (exciting, visually great, really fun adventure start to end)
5. Return Of The Jedi (flawed, but still epic end to the best trilogy of all time)
6. Revenge of the Sith (no where near perfect, but emotional and exciting)
7. Solo (surpassed expectations, really fun and exciting spin-off story)
8. The Last Jedi (complex and unexpected, yet interesting and flawed)
9. Rise Of Skywalker (decent end to a complex story, with great visuals)
10. Attack Of The Clones (fairly exciting solo film, but flawed in the story)
11. The Phantom Menance (What tf is going on, like WHAT TF??)
indoraptor 399
indoraptor 399 - Måned siden
Flight Train11
Flight Train11 - Måned siden
11:13 do flips and fight a bunch of AT-ATS most accurate thing I’ve heard lmao
Alfread Ropo
Alfread Ropo - Måned siden
I didn't like TLJ but I didn't think it ruined star wars
Itz Ty
Itz Ty - Måned siden
Ok so... don’t take this as a toxic stupid comment but I think Luke acted out of character because he learned the story of redemption in the og trilogy with his father but in the last Jedi they just threw that away
Isaac Wright
Isaac Wright - Måned siden
jai quinn agreed, maybe there'll be a tv show to do for the sequels what clone wars did for the prequels?
jai quinn
jai quinn - Måned siden
@Isaac Wright your absolutely right, just wish rey had a better ark she was too rushed imo
Isaac Wright
Isaac Wright - Måned siden
@jai quinn yeah that'd have been cool but I would rather that our main sequel protagonists were compelling enough that they could fight palpatine and still seem badass
jai quinn
jai quinn - Måned siden
@Isaac Wright I wish in the last jedi he didn't die and we could finally see him in the rise if Skywalker use his powers fully. Even Luke vs palpatine fight would have been really cool to see.
Isaac Wright
Isaac Wright - Måned siden
I kinda feel like it was the only way to make TFA make sense. Hear me out: in the force awakens we're told that luke is hidden away somewhere in the galaxy and has hidden the pieces of the map to find him so why would he do this? if rey got there and told luke about what was happening and he decided to go help them then why was he in hiding in the last movie anyway? I feel like he would've had to have done something unforgivable for him to close himself off from everyone which is what he did
Bluefire 14
Bluefire 14 - Måned siden
If you don’t like a character then don’t hate the actors/actress. They don’t wright their own character.
Bluefire 14
Bluefire 14 - Måned siden
J.J. Plagiarisms but every one should know that it’s not the case here.
J.J. Plagiarisms
J.J. Plagiarisms - Måned siden
Unless the actor also wrote the movie, because there are filmmakers who star in their own movies
Edgar Perez
Edgar Perez - Måned siden
Turns out the Last Jedi is the best of the sequals
yfututfy tdttfy
yfututfy tdttfy - Måned siden
14:36 ......that says dumb fuck! He meant exiting hyperspace! Not! Fucking! Entering! Pay attention you egotistical jackass!
Thijminator Music
Thijminator Music - Måned siden
yfututfy tdttfy okay, sounds fair
yfututfy tdttfy
yfututfy tdttfy - Måned siden
@Thijminator Music because Cosmonaut is one of the most egotistical and hypocritical people I have ever seen and his arguments have gigantic flaws in them. Not to mention he hates ANYONE who disagrees with him
Thijminator Music
Thijminator Music - Måned siden
Why are you so angry?
General Grievous
General Grievous - Måned siden
Cosmonaut: "I like The Last Jedi"
*Pack your things, we're leaving*
General Grievous
General Grievous - Måned siden
I've never met anyone in real life who actually likes this movie.
@Pro 92 yeah I know like 6 Star Wars FANS irl and 3 are my mom, dad and brother. And I know a shit tone of folk.
Pro 92
Pro 92 - Måned siden
I have never met anyone IRL who likes Star Wars besides me 😂
General Grievous
General Grievous - Måned siden
Robin Gifford
Robin Gifford - Måned siden
It wasn’t a fleeting thought, it was attempted murder
Robin Gifford
Robin Gifford - Måned siden
I see you changed the name
The Man In Black
The Man In Black - Måned siden
The battle after Snoke got killed with Rey and Kylo fighting the Imperial Guard is awesome.
The Man In Black
The Man In Black - Måned siden
I loved that Rey was no one special.
bully maguire
bully maguire - Måned siden
jj abram is suck's.
Red Jet 7059
Red Jet 7059 - Måned siden
Poor grammar and poor taste. TROS and TFA were no where near the wreck ruin johnson’s tlj was
Jays KinoQuest
Jays KinoQuest - Måned siden
It’s been more than 2 years and The Last Jedi aged like milk. Especially when shows like The Mandalorian proved that quality Star Wars material can still be made. Proving that it is still possible to create stories to unite the fans once again.
Red Jet 7059
Red Jet 7059 - Måned siden
Q reaper 11804 nah it aged like how a film with a forced political message set in a casino would be. It aged poorly cuz it was a pathetic movie 🤷🤷
Q reaper 11804
Q reaper 11804 - Måned siden
It aged fine, it's just that Rise ot Skywalker retconed a lot of shit due to fan outrage, and then that was met eith further outrage.
gavyn - Måned siden
Here from the future, spoiler, no, we have not socially agreed on whether this movie is good or bad yet
Max Vos
Max Vos - Måned siden
Rogue One
I enjoy them all to an extent. This is not a list in what I think the objectively best is or the worst. But which ones I found most enjoyable. Also I excluded Solo because this is before I rewatched it.
Charlie Coke
Charlie Coke - Måned siden
My issue just comes from how obviously disjointed this movie feels due to the different directors.
JJ Abrahms clearly wanted to make a very straightforward starwars trilogy that harkened back to the originals whereas Ryan Johnson wanted to make a deconstruction of the original movies that subverted your expectations at any given oppertunity.
Both had the wrong idea but they could have at least tried agreeing on some things so that watching the trilogy together doesn't fee like watching a bad improv scene with two partners who don't want to work together.
Ryan Hussain
Ryan Hussain - Måned siden
@Charlie Coke 1) Rose saves Finn because 1. themes and 2. him dying wouldn't have done anything and he would have just wasted his life for nothing 2) Snoke is still a big and powerful villain, he was just killed by Kylo earlier than expected, which could have been interesting if not for TROS (and even then, him killing Snoke did affect what happened in that film, since if Snoke didn't die, Palpatine probably wouldn't have revealed himself and the plot wouldn't happen). Besides, Rian said that he did that because it was the only way that Kylo could have meaningful growth while still letting something for the next movie to work with. It wasn't just for the sake of subverting expectations. 3) That wasn't a fake out, it was just a way to take her out of action and allow the plot to progress. Also, her having force powers is a major element of the next film. 4) First, the subplot wasn't pointless. It was the only reason the First Order ended up discovering Holdo's plan, which was the only reason the climax happened. Second, DJ going from "good, bad, good" is part of his character. We inetially think that he is just a generic douche bag, but he ends up showing that he isn't pure evil, even if he still looks out for himself first. That isn't there to subvert expectations, it's there to make him interesting as a character. 5) First, we already knew Phasma was alive. Second, that wasn't a fake-out. She just died. What would have been a fake-out would be if she was revealed to not actually have survived TFA, which isn't the case. Lastly, she was literally just created because JJ wanted somebody to wear chrome armour. There is nothing wrong with her having no depth, not every single character needs to. 6) I do agree that TROS is shit. 7) Rian mocking the fanbase was appropriate given the situation. They were harassing KMT because they didn't like her character and were (and still are) sending him aggressive messages on twitter as a reply to literally anything he says.
Charlie Coke
Charlie Coke - Måned siden
@Ryan Hussain Finn's going to die (FAKE OUT) Rose can't control her emotions and pulls a full 180 from her primary character trait at the beginning without any motivation to do so besides Ryan Johnson not having the guts to deliver on a death that had no purpose to begin with. Snoke is the big evil powerful villain (FAKE OUT) he's nobody Leah is dead (FAKE OUT) she's actually an incredibly powerful force user who will not use these abilities for the rest of the movie There's the hacker (FAKE OUT) it's not going to be him, it's going to be Benicio Del Toro but he's bad (FAKE OUT) he's good (FAKE OUT) he's bad again rendering that whole subplot you were forced to watch, guess what, (FAKE OUT) pointless! Phasma is actually alive (FAKE OUT) Finn kills her in about a minute with no exploration of who she is or really anything about her. This movie wouldn't have been so bad looking back if JJ and Disney actually had the guts to stick with it. If you don't know the story of this movies production (As most people in the future probably won't) then even Ryans good subversion turns into a shock value moment. Rey's parents are nobody (FAKE OUT) She's palpatine's granddaughter and because none of these were paid off in Rise of Skywalker (The worst of the Trilogy) none of these subversions feel satisfying. They just feel like a director trying to look like your cool uncle when really he's just being your annoying cousin. Also, unrelated to the movie but lashing out at the fanbase of the franchise you're a part of is just a dick move.
Ryan Hussain
Ryan Hussain - Måned siden
@Charlie Coke That wasn't for shock value, it was because it made sense given his arc. He denied his status as a hero in the begining, but by the end, he realizes that the simple concept of a legend or hero can make a far bigger impact than what he actually is. Instead of going there, and trying (and failling) to save everyone on his own, he simply does it by bringing hope to the Resistance and inspiring the whole galaxy, which later pays off in TROS. That is good storytelling, not just a cheap subversion for shock value.
Charlie Coke
Charlie Coke - Måned siden
@Ryan Hussain Most of the things he "subverted" in The Last Jedi were there for shock factor. For example: Luke is here to save the day (FAKE OUT) he's actually a force ghost because he was smart enough to not to head to head with an army so they can't kill him (FAKE OUT) he dies anyway. The problem is he certainly "subverted our expectations" but very few of the subversions were actually delivered in a satisfying way.
Ryan Hussain
Ryan Hussain - Måned siden
How did Rian have "the wrong idea"?
Mc JesusToast
Mc JesusToast - Måned siden
My problem with the hyper drive is blowing shit up, then can't kill a worm
Ryan Hussain
Ryan Hussain - Måned siden
Worms don't have hyper space trackers
Shirley - Måned siden
THANK YOU for admitting all of Star Wars is dumb fun.
Kay Lyn
Kay Lyn - Måned siden
Agree to disagree about marvel formulaic movies
Errordemn6 - Måned siden
You think they're good writing??? Fuck you
Skiivin - Måned siden
Bor Gullet is in Rogue One because it demonstrates how the rebels can also resort to some pretty fucked up shit to get what they want and it shows how the civil war wasn’t all sunshine and roses. That’s the whole point of the movie. Rogue One doesn’t really have an ODSWAS.
Stripey Arse
Stripey Arse - Måned siden
Chuck Kirby
Chuck Kirby - Måned siden
List of likes are purely subjective (as will be seen where I place Empire). As I reflect upon my list, I’d say where they fall is largely how badly they plucked my cringe factor.
11. Phantom Menace - wooden acting, bad child actors, Jar Jar, bad writing
10. Clone Wars - I can’t even watch this without skipping every Annakin Padme relationship scene. Cringe writing.
9. Return of the Jedi - Ewoks, the original end song
8. Revenge of the Sith - I actually liked that they “went there” with Annakin. After the the first two prequels, I thought we were stuck in “baby’s first Star Wars” mode forever.
7. Empire - this is where it gets purely subjective. You said in another video “imagine seeing the original Star Wars in the theaters.” I don’t have to imagine it, I did it. Empire suffered because of two things: nothing can compare to the feelings phenomenon of the original evoked, and I was 11 or 12 for the original and 15 or 16 for Empire. It couldn’t help but be a let down.
6. Solo - good flick, but felt made for TV. It didn’t feel like a Star Wars experience , can’t put my finger on why. I’d say it was because I watched it on Netflix, but the Mandalorian feels like a Star Wars experience, so that’s not it.
5. Rogue One. I liked this as a movie, but it suffers from not really caring for, it much liking any of the characters.
4. The Last Jedi - the worst of the sequels for me. I loved what they did with Luke, I hated what they did with Finn. I hated the Casino planet. I hated the disjointed character arcs for Poe and Finn from the first sequel. I hated the pacing of Poe evolving from fucking one dimensional moron to whatever he was at the end. Rose felt completely unnecessary.
3. The Rise of Skywalker. Hated the overuse of force as magic bullet. I liked the Rey is a Palpatine twist. It didn’t seem (completely) reactionary to me, it seemed thematic (light holds the seeds of darkness, darkness the seeds of light). I also liked the theme of the value if chosen family over blood.
2. Force Awakens - almost recaptured the magic of the original, and benefited by washing the taste of the shit prequels from the palette.
1. Star Wars - I saw this seven times in the original theater run. There was nothing like it. I imagine it was for us what Wizard of Oz was for that generation. To be honest, I saw Close Encounters seven times as well, and at the time it pushed all my wish fulfillment buttons more. But it didn’t match the phenomenon of Star Wars.
Dominick Lombardi
Dominick Lombardi - Måned siden
the fuck is wrong wit you?