The Last Airbender is the Worst Thing We've Seen So Far

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We're sorry the quality of this one is a little lower than usual. Marcus wiped his diggedy dang hard drive and lost the original video. This is the lost footage.
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 23:38


Royal Cage
Royal Cage - 5 timer siden
I had a huge Genuine laugh from this
Teppei Fukuto
Teppei Fukuto - 9 timer siden
This is movie is physically painful to watch
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd - 9 timer siden
I watched this movie with my dad when I was 9 and I literally slept the whole way through when that opening crawl started. It was so boring that it gave me the worst first impression of a movie I've ever seen. I'm glad I didn't have to sit through the pain to watch this awful movie as a kid.
ZLATENDAB - 10 timer siden
Ayvautar Aung, Sooka, Karate , Zookoo, Top.
the 4 virchens in the shamalyan movie
Sean Peters
Sean Peters - Dag siden
No ever questions Katara putting up a wanted poster of Aang 💀💀💀
VašVoljeniStanoje - Dag siden
I think this movie is for kids and older viewers should not watch it. In comments I see that people ,when were younger, liked the movie.
VašVoljeniStanoje - 12 timer siden
@Patricio Escamilla Mues fair enough. XD I think producers were like "they will never give a shit, they are kids! " So like 20 years later they get roasted!
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 12 timer siden
VašVoljeniStanoje that doesnt mean adults shouldn’t watch them
VašVoljeniStanoje - 13 timer siden
@Patricio Escamilla Mues yes, but kids are not that critical. At least they were not.
Patricio Escamilla Mues
Patricio Escamilla Mues - 13 timer siden
VašVoljeniStanoje kids movies can and should be good.
Mr_Fiji - Dag siden
They didn’t even do the intro right 🤦🏾‍♂️
kennschwayner eixhel
kennschwayner eixhel - Dag siden
If the movie originally came out with your commentary it would actually have been a great comedy
When life gives you lemons make orange juice
6:30 where the tattoos at
Logan Vorrias
Logan Vorrias - 2 dager siden
I mean if they took inspiration from asian cultures including names, then what’s the problem with pronouncing it as we asians do? We say aang as “ahng” not “eng” like Americans do.
Eric Mollefors
Eric Mollefors - 2 dager siden
Theres a solent A in Aang but wich one is it
Numbum - 3 dager siden
prolly one of the funniest video on youtube
M Salt
M Salt - 3 dager siden
20:28 did anyone else get the blood moon thing? Legend of Zelda botw!
ajaxjax - 3 dager siden
Bro it's a good movie
Ivan Corredera
Ivan Corredera - 3 dager siden
19:28 what happened to the video there?
Veronica Suarez
Veronica Suarez - 3 dager siden
There is no avatar the last air bender animated movie here in Ba Sing Se.
RedCloud - 3 dager siden
Markie is my Forever Girl 😍
Gadis Dellilah
Gadis Dellilah - 4 dager siden
"Oh, God! What's airbending?! I know how to... boxed-- bitch!" 🤣🤣 that delivery had me dead.
TheRealWhiteFalcon - 4 dager siden
A part of me still kinda wish they made a trilogy of these movies because I would want to see how they would ruin Toph, Suki, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Leaves from the Vine, Iroh and Zuko in Ba Sing Sai, Invasion of the Black Sun, Zuko joining team Avatar, Sokka getting the space sword, etc
Rita Asante
Rita Asante - 4 dager siden
If they cannot get the pronunciations correct K can't take this movie seriously
Rita Asante
Rita Asante - 4 dager siden
This has been the worst movie since 2013
ospiee - 4 dager siden
The ONLY thing I like in this movie is Aang's tattoos. I actually really like the design of them. But that's the only thing lol. MAYBE if they gave Katara her hair loopies or Zuko his weird ponytail the movie would better just because it'd be funny
Jm Wenceslao
Jm Wenceslao - 5 dager siden
This movie vs dragonball live action, which is worse?
TheDCmatrix - 5 dager siden
Okay, but that is how Yin and Yang is pronounced. It's not pronounced "YAYNG", that's the Americanized version of it. It is actually pronounced "YAHNG"
s1lncdb01 - 5 dager siden
How do they legit get everything wrong?
Ultimate Ghostfreak
Ultimate Ghostfreak - 5 dager siden
this movie could've been been great if they got a director with a good track record across the board.
edit: I actually prefer the giant wave to the avatar-zilla and the pan up to aang's face as he taps into the avatar state is beautiful.
Rhuona Atumu
Rhuona Atumu - 5 dager siden
The last Airbender movie is kinds ironic.
In the Avatar anime (season 3), when they go to watch a play about themselves, Aang, Katara, Zuko and the rest are all pissed about their characters. Nothing played out like it ought to. Especially Aang, he was pissed a little girl actress played him.
Now what did the film producers take from that episode's hint? Nothing...they made the same f-ing mistakes in the real movie.
Görkem Çelik
Görkem Çelik - 5 dager siden
Guys it was a great video for 3 mins but I didn't watch the movie and I wanna keep it that way.
Arrhythmitic D
Arrhythmitic D - 5 dager siden
I watched the series and the movie before I watched this video and I cringed harder after this. Lol.
VR96FE - 5 dager siden
How can you say "The movie got one thing right" at the final scene? This scene was so bad compared to the original in the show, I always get goosebumps from this scene. It's just perfect and the movie isn't even close to that.
Also the pronunciation-thing is maybe because they wanted it to sound less American. In the German dub, there was no difference, but they always said the names like in the movie.
Lucia - 5 dager siden
Shyamalan said he wanted the Asian pronunciations. There's just two problems - 1. Asian is not a language; 2. For Oong and Soaka HE DIDN'T CAST ASIANS! And for Eroh, he cast a Persian actor to play a Japanese character. I honestly think he changed the pronunciations to get back at all the people who mispronounce his name.
Paulus Der Gelehrte
Paulus Der Gelehrte - 5 dager siden
sad i really liked you and your videos until now. to advertise this shitty fuckery of a game is just such an disgusting cashgrab especially if u consider that this isnt even a gaming channel... shame on you
hispanicwuero - 6 dager siden
I just noticed that most non-white characters are white in this, but Zuko, an actual white character, is not white.
ThatOneGuyMatt - 5 dager siden
@Lucia don't forget, HONOR!!!
Lucia - 5 dager siden
The Fire Nation was based on Japan - chain of volcanic islands, industrialization, imperialism, etc.
Podomus - 6 dager siden
Why the fuck did they trade out? They made the fire nation dark skin, and the water tribes light skin, how do you even manage to do that?
Jobo the psycho
Jobo the psycho - 6 dager siden
I've been watching the show recently and I've made it to sozin's comet I'm so excited to watch it
BlackEmperor - 6 dager siden
romo14932 •
romo14932 • - 6 dager siden
They managed to butcher Iroh and Zuko my two favorite characters. Why.
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown - 6 dager siden
Don't ever watch this movie you'll regret it
captloki13 - 6 dager siden
White Sokka: don't hit sphere!
White Katara: heh heh sphere go bonk!
Lissie Jade
Lissie Jade - 7 dager siden
I imagine basic cosplayers would make a better movie than this
Ayanda Mafuyeka
Ayanda Mafuyeka - 7 dager siden
I watched the movie before the anime and thought the movie was awesome, everyone was just overeating.
Then I watched the anime. The movie is horrible 🚮.
ThatOneGuyMatt - 5 dager siden
The fact that you EVER even thought that movie was good (even as a child) makes me homicidal
Christopher Byrd
Christopher Byrd - 7 dager siden
Alright...let me name everything the movie left out. i won't go into the tiny details, because that would be unfair. You can't squeeze everys single episode of Season 1 into a movie, but I will be listing the big ones. I'm also probably gonna forget some, so feel free to add your own!
-Aang and Katara penguin sledding
-Aang being cast out of the Southern Water Tribe by Sokka
-Zuko's face scar
-Omashu and Earth King Bumi
-The Kyoshi Warriors
-Jet and his crew
- The sexism in the Water Tribes
-Jeong Jeong
-The giant spirit fish monster that Aang turns into at the end
-Koh the Face Stealer
-The Fire Temple and Roku telling Aang about Souzen's Comet, which is a very important scene, by the way.
-All of the character's personalities
-All the humor
-The Agni Kai between Zuko and Zhao
And here's what they did include:
-The character's names
-The basic concept
-A butchered recreation of the first and last episodes of Book 1, alongside pointlessly throwing in "Imprisoned," despite there being no tension like the actual episode
Michi Games
Michi Games - 7 dager siden
This movie was worse than death note
Fred Latin Medic
Fred Latin Medic - 7 dager siden
How to defeat the movie fire nation's invation: kill your torches and bonfires.
Yet no one seems to think about it. Blow out all candles and they're powerless
Mike Terzakis
Mike Terzakis - 7 dager siden
The white haired girl redeemed herself in Avatar canon - she wanted to make things right for this movie, so she proceeded to voice Asami in Legend of Korra!
Fred Latin Medic
Fred Latin Medic - 7 dager siden
What movie? There is no live action movie in Ba Sing Se.
The Cosmonaut, the Earth King has invated you to lake Laogai
Joshua Okusanya
Joshua Okusanya - 8 dager siden
I had to continuously pause this because my heart and lungs can't take me laughing so hard I should go see doctor
Prashant Tiwari
Prashant Tiwari - 8 dager siden
"Is this a white girl?..... That's not good"
Wolf Wolf
Wolf Wolf - 8 dager siden
Wait, did they kill Zuko?! I literally cannot tell. XD
Isaiah Orr
Isaiah Orr - 8 dager siden
Ya know for some reason I kinda wish they made the sequels just to see if they would've been worse or could've gotten better
LoFio MuffHugger
LoFio MuffHugger - 9 dager siden
Aang looks like he smells like a shitty diaper.
Milo S
Milo S - 9 dager siden
Remember towards the end of the show when they watched that crappy play in the fire kingdom? I think the snippets of that play shown on screen were a better adaptation of avatar the last airbender than this movie.
Jacrispy Vermillion
Jacrispy Vermillion - 9 dager siden
After watching avatar, this video is much better
Nishaaa - 9 dager siden
Hey, sorry for saying this but idk why you're reacting to something that doesn't exist?? There is no live action movie, no white soukka, no ugly appa in Ba Sing Se.
Spartan 98989
Spartan 98989 - 10 dager siden
I can never understand why white people being in a movie is a bad thing. He keeps bringing it up as if it matters. I honestly think cosmonaut is racist, because there’s no other reason to keep bringing it up.
ThatOneGuyMatt - 5 dager siden
The Water Tribes are based off of Inuits, The Fire Nation on Imperial Japan, The Earth Kingdom on Ancient China, and The Air Nomads are obvious Tibetan Monks with the Avatar representative of the Dalai Lama. Race changes of any kind in media is annoying as fuck, especially since they didn't even get good white actors to play these characters (that would've at least been understandable).
King Nugget III
King Nugget III - 10 dager siden
“You have no where to run”
*proceeds to fly*
King Nugget III
King Nugget III - 10 dager siden
1:43 to skip sponsorship
It ain’t much but it’s honest work
joaquin g
joaquin g - 10 dager siden
I hate how zuko’s scar is BARELY noticeable, that scar is his burden, his lesson, his arc and his permanent mark that he needs honor then he comes to realize to capture Aang doesn’t regain his honor. Yet he has like a Lil scratch on his face haha
Kekscoreunlimited - 11 dager siden
It's really wierd to me that u talk about skin color half the time
ThatOneGuyMatt - 5 dager siden
They completely changed the races of characters. Although they aren't specifically defined as Inuit, Japanese, Chinese, and Tibetan; it's easily recognizable what cultures they are based off of, and the fact that they DIDNT EVEN TRY to cast accordingly is frustrating to say the least
Daniel Pineda
Daniel Pineda - 11 dager siden
i just finished the last airbender, and this just makes me mad, it makes me so pissed that it wouldn't be funny if this boys weren't here
xcfencer99 - 11 dager siden
I think it can be summed up in the first scene with Zuko. Is it a tense moment with an invading force, or is it a fun, calm scene with kids playing on a Flying Bison.