The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

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GamerGuyJack - 2 timer siden
What Marcus didn’t know then, is just how bad Rowling got.
Bernardo Mazonave
Bernardo Mazonave - 3 timer siden
Bloodborne ost
dokdokutube - 4 timer siden
Thank you Cosmonaut, that was really well done.
Pontus 234
Pontus 234 - 5 timer siden
I still have not understood the plot of this movie.
Bruh _
Bruh _ - 5 timer siden
I actually don't have a problem with Hermione being black in the play, its just when she claims it was that way the whole time when she specifically stated in the books that she was white.
Wastelander1972 - 5 timer siden
Your calling out JK Rowling’s pointless post-Harry Potter white shame is like... one of the now many things I admire about you. From a white Harry Potter fan to a black one: I didn’t think y’all cared before or believed this was genuine either.
Ima subscribe. You win one today, friend.
Tomi Hultman
Tomi Hultman - 9 timer siden
Were there any North Korean wizards in Hogwarts?
JK: Nucl earb omb, slythering
ChalkieTheHuman - 16 timer siden
Jesus that Johnny Depp joke hasnt aged well
jerry staloniii
jerry staloniii - 19 timer siden
7:50 please help, what movie is this?
Animaker - Dag siden
Seriously dude, just shut up. It's part of an enormous genre that can't spoonfeed you with things you specifically want to see. And it really wasn't that bad
E Red
E Red - Dag siden
Were there ever any Norwegian students at Hogwarts?
JK: yes, Ælsa Årendelle, Ravenklø
Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck - Dag siden
I mean there were some minor Black and Indian characters and as it takes place in England that makes sense (taking about the part about JK Rowling
E - Dag siden
Question: If Leeta moved to America, why didn't she attend the American school of Witchcraft and Wizardry? I thought there was supposed to be one? Or why not the French one, that Fleur attended ?
BigBurg 97
BigBurg 97 - Dag siden
Honestly COG was better then FB by a mile
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
Fantastic Beasts should not exist
Codypatrol9 - 2 dager siden
The only thing wrong about this video is the apparate to transport him is grinderwald could use it to escape but everything else was great so sorry if I’m being annoying
Mellow Marsh
Mellow Marsh - 2 dager siden
Were there any disabled students at Hogwarts?
JK: Yes, Wheel Chairman, Gryffindor
ftlpope - 2 dager siden
Oooher! Geezer with fry.
DocIncredible - 2 dager siden
To be fair, we already had magical sex crimes in Harry Potter. Remember the love potions in the sixth book?
DocIncredible - 2 dager siden
She didn't write Dumbledore as gay in the books because she hadn't thought of it yet. She didn't write Dumbledore as gay in Crimes of Grindlewald because China.
Ian Barrett
Ian Barrett - 2 dager siden
1:33 😂😂😂😂
Monny Arcade
Monny Arcade - 3 dager siden
Only comment - you said anthony goldstein wasn't in the books, when he was. Part of dumbledore's army I think, and an ex of either Cho or Ginny or something like that?
Jaka Baba
Jaka Baba - 3 dager siden
Where there any American at Hogwarts?
Jk: Yes slave driver Jason
WizardBricks Studios
WizardBricks Studios - 3 dager siden
The crime of grindelwald is fucking amazing. WHAT DO YOU MEAN
Pēteris Apfelbergs
Pēteris Apfelbergs - 3 dager siden
I like that movie😕
Ian Barrett
Ian Barrett - 3 dager siden
The narrator of this video said he was black.....this must be josh Johnson...sounds just like him
Ian Barrett
Ian Barrett - 3 dager siden
5:08 wrong, Moiren goldsheckle is the most stereotypical Jewish name
Owen Tourtelotte
Owen Tourtelotte - 3 dager siden
Oh hey I was wondering who the third fantastic beasts fan is. Me and my dad were getting pretty lonely
aaalan desu
aaalan desu - 3 dager siden
thanks for explaining this dumb movie for me...... seriously .... thanks
(I actually like this movie because I'm dumb)
LGK Music
LGK Music - 3 dager siden
Failure?! Her bank balance says otherwise...
Hattmakaren - 3 dager siden
just re-read the fifth book and actually Anthony Goldstein is there, he was part of DA so she didn't completely make him up later, just felt like I should mention it good video tho
BB Slayer
BB Slayer - 3 dager siden
Ravenclaw sounds like an animal control company I would send my corviknight too
Al Pacino
Al Pacino - 3 dager siden
were there any Canadian students at Howarts?
JKR: Yes, Bret Mapple Hart, Griffindor eh.
María María
María María - 4 dager siden
The Dumbledore pijama thing killed me LOL
mgi 12321
mgi 12321 - 4 dager siden
The ending song was just priceless. This video is just utter perfection lol
Shadow of Dread
Shadow of Dread - 4 dager siden
“Are there any Korean wizards?”
JK: “Yes, Kim Jong Un. Slytherin
María María
María María - 5 dager siden
Reason 1. Nobody asked for it.
Nathaniel Harvey
Nathaniel Harvey - 5 dager siden
Anthony Goldstein is in the books tho
Nathaniel Harvey
Nathaniel Harvey - 5 dager siden
Master Chief he’s in the fourth and fifth book. He was apart of the DA! He’s a ravenclaw and also has a line during the first DA meeting at the hogs head
Master Chief
Master Chief - 5 dager siden
Aiden Barack Obama
Aiden Barack Obama - 5 dager siden
Hear me out credence is not a fumble sore because a Phoenix comes to a dumbledore in need but credence at that time wasn’t in need of anything soooo he is not a dumbledore
Paul Belhomme
Paul Belhomme - 5 dager siden
I agree that the first one was actually pretty good. If they were going to make a series, they should have had different stories that were tied together by Grindewald, and ending with the duel between him and Dumbledore. Newt shouldn’t have been so focused on in this film. It really feels like he doesn’t want to be a part of the story and is just being dragged along by the plot.
Kyra Brown
Kyra Brown - 5 dager siden
I just dont like that there all adults lmao. I wish there were some teens. And as great as Johnny depp is, he just did not do the character justice. There just isn't enough wizard world vibes in the whole franchise. It's missing something... Probably just jk Rowling's manners and self repsect
Banana Spice
Banana Spice - 6 dager siden
What have i missed
Camilo Torres
Camilo Torres - 6 dager siden
the flute at the end... I'm dead
Abood - 6 dager siden
Do you just love every big Franchise ever made or somethin’
Niranjan KV
Niranjan KV - 6 dager siden
Where there any SriLankan students at Hogwarts?
Yes, Kumara Dharmasena Ranatunga Sangakkara Jayawardena jayasuriya, ravenclaw.
Niranjan KV
Niranjan KV - 6 dager siden
Where there any South Indian students at Hogwarts?
Yes, Ramaswamy Linguswamy Iyer, Ravenclaw.
taconatorification - 6 dager siden
Were there ever any Canadian students at Hogwarts?
JK: Yes, Sorry eh Poutine, Hufflepuff
Jane - 6 dager siden
This is unrelated, but Dobby at 17:21 is my sleep paralysis demon
Shadow Colective Mandalorian Super Commando
I don't know, I liked the movie...
Dragneelfire - 6 dager siden
“He’s a fucking zookeeper!” I just imagine someone in the Civil War going up to a random zookeeper and being all: “YOU MUST PICK A SIDE! NOW!” And the poor zookeeper just wants to play with his penguins and he’s all: “BUT WHY?!” And the Civil War dudes are all: “Because we need a comic relief character and if this was just about Grant vs Lee, it’d be a porno! C’MON!”
jointscript - 6 dager siden
Johnny Depp was the best thing about the whole movie
d - 6 dager siden
I don’t know why she even bothered. If I was her I’d just go and buy a private island, live like a recluse and never write anything again. She’s got enough money for 10,000 people to live off for the rest of their lives.
jude anne hall, *the candor channel*
18:38 You could have given Twilight credit where credit's due as it obviously was titillating for both you and your snarky negative co-host in that video...
Lala Li
Lala Li - 7 dager siden
Lala Li
Lala Li - 7 dager siden
were there any portuguese students at Hogwarts?
JK: Yes, Bacalhau (codfish), Ravenclaw
Vanea - 7 dager siden
I didn’t think it was that bad 😭
I feel like FBAWTFT wouldn’t be as bad if JK wasn’t a fucking clown
Edit: don’t they want Newt because he knows Credence?
K Y - 7 dager siden
I totally agree. I actually liked the first movie and was excited to see where it would go but the second movie.....ruined it.
The thing about the first movie was that newt was just in the wrong place but his demeanor and knowledge of magical creatures made it so that he was able to save the day in an unconventional manner. I would have loved to see him in London or Asia this time doing his thing with magical creatures and then hearing bit and pieces of news of the person he liked (blanking on her name) and suddenly she goes missing. He has to find her and in doing so, gets tangled up in something bigger than he ever imagined. Idk....just something about using his character instead of...just sticking him in places like harry potter (but at least harry had a prophecy to uphold.)
Leslie Orozco
Leslie Orozco - 7 dager siden
12/10 😂💛💛💛
flannagan 37
flannagan 37 - 7 dager siden
this movie feels like bad fan fiction by the creator.
Julia Rose
Julia Rose - 7 dager siden
Why are they in f*cking Nicholas Flamell's House and why is he Even in the Plot...