The Cosmonaut Variety Podcast - The Timeless Episode

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RB Vim
RB Vim - År siden
RuneScape is timeless
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams - År siden
Do you guys sell hats?
BigFoss - År siden
666th like hell yeah
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin - År siden
Bring it back!!! Bring it back!!! For the love of god bring it back
Lego Crafter Studios
Lego Crafter Studios - År siden
Lightsabers have to emit heat. They cauterize wounds, that's burning ergo heat. They clearly burn through items.
Philip Brooks
Philip Brooks - År siden
NRanvier13 - År siden
I always say that timeless is something in media that stands the test of time and although it might have come out a long time ago it doesn't feel "dated"...
Nav Sohanpaul
Nav Sohanpaul - År siden
I have a feeling that Pokemon will age horribly, since it's essentially going out, capturing animals in the wild and then forcing them to fight each other.
Thumb drum
Thumb drum - 2 år siden
Two of my favorite things,
Cosmonaut in one hand and podcasts in the other. Combine the two and you get this, the best thing to listen to
Brix Alive Studios
Brix Alive Studios - 2 år siden
Please get subtitles because you guys talk over eachother A LOOOOOOOTTT
Yes '
Yes ' - 2 år siden
I personaly think timelessness is any media that dosent use stuff like products of the time or cellphones/emojis
Lil' Bong-chan
Lil' Bong-chan - 2 år siden
Great I really enjoyed this podcast, Megan is hilarious
TGC - 2 år siden
Stranger Things is timeless... But the Matrix isn't?
Exploding Cactus
Exploding Cactus - 2 år siden
TGC Black leather
bonfiat - 2 år siden
This might sound weird to say but the 'commercial break' for your sponsers in the middle was brilliant, i actually enjoyed it lol great job!! And nice work with this first episode, I hope this continues to be a regular thing for this account!
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin - 4 måneder siden
bonfiat this aged horribly
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 2 år siden
Potential to be an interesting podcast, but drop 1-2 people as it seems like everyone is always talking over each other. I know that it's your first one and it was pretty good. It's just hard to enjoy the flow of the conversation like that.
Victor Huff
Victor Huff - 2 år siden
There are no suns in space........only daughters.
James Hamill
James Hamill - 2 år siden
In "Sleeping Beauty" Eyvind Earle did the concept art. Czech it out, it's AMAZING.
Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson
I love this channel, and I really like the idea of a podcast, but you guys need to drop 1 or 2 people. Everyone is constantly talking over each other and it makes it very difficult to process the conversation. Just a podcast with Marcus and one or two others would work much better.
Air-tin - 2 år siden
Animaniacs suck
Patrick B
Patrick B - 2 år siden
You should record it if you can ever afford a good camera.
BlahStudios2 - 2 år siden
Marcus keeps complaining about Megan taking to long with her words but everyone keeps interrupting her.
Smallfry - 2 år siden
Talk about one piece you heck I see those 3-1s
GIN。 - 2 år siden
Loving the Synthwave sounds
WAMatt - 2 år siden
You guys started off using Romeo and Juliet as a prime example of what is timeless, which I find exactly correct, but the rest of the podcast you use a completely different definition of timeless. You spent most of the time judging visual media by it's visuals and not it's storytelling.
The Disney thing was spot on, because the stories are essentially fair tales, which are inherently timeless. You talk about things like Terminator, which is absolutely NOT timeless. The themes in that movie, and the narrative, are completely linked with the fears of society of the day. The only reason it still works is because we still have those same fears. In a future where nuclear war isn't always right around the corner, and A.I. isn't growing frighteningly quick, that movie would come off as kind of stupid.
But fairy tales touch on the core of the human experience, which is constant.
I feel like a lot of people are just naming things they think are GOOD, which is not the same as something that is timeless. I think something like Netflix's "American Vandal" is an absolute work of genius, but it's not at all timeless. no one will get it in 10 or twenty years.
Something like The Sand Lot, is absolutely timeless, because the core story in completely reliant on an experience that happens to everyone. Being a child and making new friends.
BTW liked the podcast. Just found your channel today. Subscribed.
lewrick L
lewrick L - 2 år siden
Timeless product: Treasure Planet and Avatar The Last Airbender.
Both has time settings, one of the future and the other of the past, yet regardless of being intentionally set in the future or past, they are timeless.
Like legends or myths or (science) fantasy.
mr. man
mr. man - 2 år siden
You should actually make a space jam episode.
Gpicat - 2 år siden
waaaaaait why wouldn't you post them on YouTube? Why not show the video to all 100k of your subscribers? Compared to the 5.5k who saw this video who will know to go to itunes/soundcloud
MoonSun Is Life
MoonSun Is Life - 2 år siden
Avatar the last airbender is timeless
Mr Panda
Mr Panda - 2 år siden
Shit that Gitaroman stage two song.
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza - 2 år siden
Nate Klassen
Nate Klassen - 2 år siden
can you also do google play music fam?
Simon Creaner
Simon Creaner - 2 år siden
As an Australian who doesn't like basketball, I only know who Michael Jordan is because of Space Jam, I didn't need to know who everyone was to enjoy the film
Micah Ahearn-Wood
Micah Ahearn-Wood - 2 år siden
I just wanted to add a few things I think are timeless
1.The Princess Bride(Book and Movie)
2.Star Wars The Clone Wars(TV series)
Link - 2 år siden
Hey I don’t know if you guys do requests but can you do a Why You Should Watch: The Twilight Zone?
bipplefilms - 2 år siden
really like it but you gotta lose the backing track, just have it as you guys talking
ECG Fury
ECG Fury - 2 år siden
love what u guys are doing but uhm.... when are we gonna get to see the rest of the campaign for the "goblin king "
TehStuffEditor - 2 år siden
Does anybody know the background music in the ad at 42:00 ?
solamadoo - 2 år siden
We need closure about the emojis.
Lowboye - 2 år siden
Pizza hut, pizza hut, pizza hut-- just let me stuff that crust
Lowboye - 2 år siden
If moss had a youtube ^
jaxelt1 - 2 år siden
I remember when this was a let's play channel :(
Nigel Roy
Nigel Roy - 2 år siden
Cosmonauts variety hour; timeless? I suppose, as long as it’s not rhymeless. I’ll see myself out.
Ammon Ohran
Ammon Ohran - 2 år siden
Does anyone else like his voice a hell of a lot better then his face 😂
Frozia - 2 år siden
Robin Hood was one of childhood faves, Oo-de-lally!!!
RIAT - 2 år siden
I tried to go back and watch your older DBZ video, but I guess it was taken down, sucks I thought it was cool.
Donkey Man
Donkey Man - 2 år siden
Turn the music off for the next one
GIN。 - 2 år siden
But... Synthwave And more importantly MAGIC SWORD
Fourkov - 2 år siden
Ok,but the real question:
IS JoJo timeless?
Fourkov - 2 år siden
ResonantPilot we'll that settles it
Albert Liang
Albert Liang - 2 år siden
I feel like I'm hearing cuphead music in the background
mobbINC. - 2 år siden
I'm so happy to see this channel get to 100k subs. Been here since 20K. This channel has a lot of potential in my opinion and I'm looking forward to seeing this channel hit 1 mil.
Keep it spicy gang
anime!! combat mode like goku!!
that's good advice good advice they are becoming something special this channel is fucking amazing💕😍
Torreben - 2 år siden this episode timeless or will it age about as well as Epic Movie?
Michael Reed
Michael Reed - 2 år siden
Yo, Meghan, when's the match between you and Seth, so I can come cheer while you deck him? Never heard of another person who has such strong, NEGATIVE feelings about the man until I heard you say that.
Michael Reed
Michael Reed - 2 år siden
I'd say both. I guess everyone exists on a spectrum of liberal to conservative or whatever, but I think Seth isn't as liberal as he says he is, as evidenced through his jokes, which no matter the format, come across more as harmful pointing and laughing and expecting people to follow along than actual comedy.
Onyx Iris
Onyx Iris - 2 år siden
So is the gripe that he's "liberal and making fun of women in his comedy?" or that you don't like his comedy??
Michael Reed
Michael Reed - 2 år siden
There's learning to take a joke, and learning how to ignore tasteless shit
Onyx Iris
Onyx Iris - 2 år siden
Learn to take a joke, much liberal progressive comedy revolves around shitting on men, but that doesn't mean they hate men- At least- I hope not
Joel Burnett
Joel Burnett - 2 år siden
Why won't you be posting the others to YouTube my dudes
Daisy Johnson
Daisy Johnson - 2 år siden
"You dont even have to know what gasoline is"
Daisy Johnson
Daisy Johnson - 2 år siden
"We'll get to Shrek" is the mantra of the Cosmonaut Variety Hour
Daisy Johnson
Daisy Johnson - 2 år siden
fuck you marcis i have a wii u
Goku - 2 år siden
What about D&D? :(
Prometheus - 2 år siden
Philip Wrighton
Philip Wrighton - 2 år siden
Do it on Google Music as well?
The Economics Detective
The Economics Detective - 2 år siden
Please consider a different hosting provider than SoundCloud. They have serious money issues, and podcasts could get the ax at any time. I host with Libsyn, they're good. Blubrry and Podbean are also good.
jonas wollny
jonas wollny - 2 år siden
Do more overwatch stuff!!!
Buildin a sentry
Buildin a sentry - 2 år siden
bruh where's the views tho