The Cloverfield Paradox - Why it Sucks

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 16:58


IgorDisenoGrafico - 7 dager siden
I wanna see it again
Oliver Adams
Oliver Adams - 9 dager siden
Now this is actually a really interesting premise and I would love to see a good movie or a good show about this. But they really screwed it up.
Kade Robb
Kade Robb - 22 dager siden
Never seen any of these movies but I could watch this guy talk about movies all day.
neiljuice - 24 dager siden
chewbacca is actually an extremely accurate to most chinese people who didn’t grow up in the west. no matter their language level, they just refuse to speak in english.
Unslaadahsil - 26 dager siden
Quantum entanglement, if memory serves, is a phenomenon of two particles being bound together in such a way that, when the state of one changes, the state of the other will change to match it, no matter where they are or what kind of blocks you put in the way. You could have the two particles being on opposite sides of the universe, they would still always change state together.
Theoretically, this could be used to create way of communicating that will work even at thousands and thousands of kilometers of distance, without any need for any type of signal relay.
I might be misremembering something, as it has been a couple years since I last checked this. Hopefully someone with a background in quantum mechanics and/or physics will see this and correct me.
William Magee
William Magee - 28 dager siden
How could they have gone wrong? They’ve got professional IT on board
xLucky Sinz
xLucky Sinz - Måned siden
butt head
butt head - Måned siden
It is actually possible to make a gun out of a 3d printer in fact it's a real world problem
Alkis Mexis
Alkis Mexis - Måned siden
I am not gonna lie but the first Cloverfield is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.
Kamron Palmer
Kamron Palmer - Måned siden
Wait is the husband from the alternate Hamilton universe
Kamron Palmer
Kamron Palmer - Måned siden
So what does the twist mean I'm dumb so can someone tell me
Nathan Menan
Nathan Menan - Måned siden
The fuseball table was shown earlier in the movie while they were playing it to set up the part where its spinning on its own to show us that time is being affected. The part where she uses it as a weapon wasn't really related to the other scenes besides us simply knowing it was there.
Tyre Willis
Tyre Willis - Måned siden
I fell asleep trying to watch this movie I'm glad someone is here to tell me its trash so I don't have to try and finish it 😂
Ot Pays
Ot Pays - Måned siden
I thouhjtn paradox was awesome. I think the audience is jus too stupid to understand the actual possibility of quantum entanglement. The hydron collider over at CERN is doing exactly this. I loved this movie
Azul Tequila
Azul Tequila - Måned siden
I really hate Chewbacca too 😭🤣
Isaac Gomez
Isaac Gomez - Måned siden
Event horizon did it better years before
Mason - 2 måneder siden
2:33 no matter how I try to pronounce this name it always sounds stupid.
Alfredosauce Larsen
Alfredosauce Larsen - 2 måneder siden
15:32 is literally a rancor like how did they mess it up that bad
maXim beEfus
maXim beEfus - 2 måneder siden
no! ROY!
Jorge Ramírez
Jorge Ramírez - 2 måneder siden
I almost died laughing at the Chewbacca joke lol
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - 2 måneder siden
Too late I watched it much to my dismay but thanks anyway
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - 2 måneder siden
Lol just accept it lol
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - 2 måneder siden
Wait baron zemo is in this well get Ironman to use the repulser tech to make unlimited energy done and done
Celaear - 2 måneder siden
its weird watching this after watching the movie cause i got rly engrossed in its sci-fi bullshit and enjoyed it but i totally agree with this video that a lot of things dont make sense.
Jahi Palmer
Jahi Palmer - 2 måneder siden
I love the Cloverfield Paradox. No defense whatso ever... I have no idea why, but it makes me smile everytime I watch it.
Rainbow sword
Rainbow sword - 3 måneder siden
lost in space also has a person who 3d prints a gun.
Murilo Antonio
Murilo Antonio - 3 måneder siden
So in that universe going to space is cheaper than solar and eolic Energy?
Te do
Te do - 3 måneder siden
I always though that no matter how they expanded on it, the Cloverfield monster and its origins would be cool.

I guess I forgot that this was the Lost guy, lol. He's literally incapable of making anything substantial or any kind of world that has any meaning outside of random references and red herrings. J.J. Abrams is easily one of the worst modern directors/writers.
KennyPanDulce - 3 måneder siden
10:29 (slight pause) anyway, *THE ARM,* tells them to cut open then Russian guy lol great transition m8
ResistReact - 3 måneder siden
Ah.. "The Guy From Bridesmaids"??!?
That's "The Guy From The IT Crowd" to you buster
Eric Giby
Eric Giby - 3 måneder siden
Cloverfield 2 was pretty good actually
Great_Derek 23
Great_Derek 23 - 3 måneder siden
Does this movie have to anything with the first cloverfield? Or at least the second cloverfield
Agi - 3 måneder siden
You can 3D print a gun in real life, but it explodes upon firing and doesn't have anywhere near the stopping power of a real gun so it's genuinely not that dangerous
24 24
24 24 - 3 måneder siden
This movie is a lot better with context found flicks is video explaining it makes the movie a lot more viewable however that’s not really an excuse since you kind of had to do a lot of research to understand the movie
Tucker Cobble
Tucker Cobble - 3 måneder siden
this movie has a lot of elements that could've been really amazing if handled by, y'know, a good writer/director.
PokeDexter - 3 måneder siden
"The guy from bridesmaids" is the most disrespectful thing I've ever heard
He's the guy from the IT crowd
Riko Robinson
Riko Robinson - 3 måneder siden
Not to mention that this movie has nothing to do with race, but they just had to make the black characters a couple...They do it every time, like, "We're not racist...we just believe people need to stick with their own when we write a screenplay..." This was a decision during the casting call for a sci-fi movie that has nothing to do with race. As it is in every movie that has nothing to do with race...Drives me bat-shit.
dsfddsgh - 4 måneder siden
This is what happens when you dick around and don't make a real sequel to Cloverfield and just slap the name on movies that have little to nothing to do with the first movie. Why did they never make a sequel?
Griffin Chalem
Griffin Chalem - 4 måneder siden
3D printed guns actually are a thing
Travis Jarrells
Travis Jarrells - 4 måneder siden
just here to applaud the sonic 06 joke. 10/10
L0LWTF1337 - 4 måneder siden
Let's make Event Horizon ... but bad.
Ketchuppackets - 4 måneder siden
I mean I'm pretty sure you can read and understand a language without speaking it
Faith Victoria
Faith Victoria - 4 måneder siden
"You chowder heads!" Insult of the day, sorry if I didn't spell it right.
assembled 18
assembled 18 - 4 måneder siden
The plot and script in this movie is a total mess.
Kikoberserk - 4 måneder siden
this is seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen. right up there with Prometheus
NjK - 4 måneder siden
3D Printed guns are possible but usually only last a few shots, based on youtube videos not personal experience
Kush kingOnyx
Kush kingOnyx - 4 måneder siden
I never seen this movie cuz i can see it sucked balls.....Cloverfield lane was good and the first but this one was beyong garbage
Vincent Bozanic
Vincent Bozanic - 4 måneder siden
Jj seriously why do you keep doing this
Riley J Fosbre
Riley J Fosbre - 4 måneder siden
So, wait, there’s a chance you could get unlimited energy, and the only downside is monsters and demons? Sounds like a win win to me.
Phiro - 4 måneder siden
This was entertaining until he didn't know what quantum entanglement was
Mitchell Pennisi
Mitchell Pennisi - 4 måneder siden
Can we please take a moment to acknowledge that the only way to *actually* manipulate reality is to literally do anything.
This “manipulating reality” concept has zero fucking depth to it at all. There’s nothing. It’s entirely a hollow idea which roughly equates to magic.
It’s close to the Infinite Tsukuyomi from Naruto Shippuden, but at least they had a ducking explanation. This one is just;
“yeah there’s no power and we’ll make power.”
“Like magic?”
“No, we’ll *warp reality*”
“Oh so you’re really going to actually create power then.”
“Noooo, it’ll appear out of nowhere!!!”
“Okay so it’s magic.”
It seems like the fact that we live in reality just blows right over JJ’s head.
Codename Duchess
Codename Duchess - 4 måneder siden
I liked it
assembled 18
assembled 18 - 4 måneder siden
What do you liked about it?
STYLE - 4 måneder siden
What you won't do, you do for love, you tried everything, but you won't give up. Great song in the end there 😉😂😁
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall - 4 måneder siden
I think you'd literally should stop using the word literally so much. Literally.
FBI - 4 måneder siden
Basically this movie is D4C screwing around
The Toothpaste Eater
The Toothpaste Eater - 5 måneder siden
Love ur vids
DerMeisterXZ - 5 måneder siden
I loved the ending of 10 Cloverfield Lane; fite me
Kai’s Messiah Baby
Kai’s Messiah Baby - 5 måneder siden
This was definitely awesome! And funny! It's not going to change my mind about me enjoying the movie because I'm a normal human being and sometimes us normies like dumb ass movies LOL. I love the original Cloverfield and I hyped up the second one so much because I thought it was actually going to be a Cloverfield movie and didn't realize that the second Cloverfield movie was a short film with an hour-long trailer in the beginning of it😂
Kunisake - 5 måneder siden
"This could cause a catastrophe"
Okay, so then don't fucking do it!
Flynn Taggart
Flynn Taggart - 5 måneder siden
if the station was in earth orbit, it's reasonable to presume that the shuttles don't have enough fuel to return to earth if they are beyond earth's orbit.