The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2 - Worse Than You Can Even Imagine

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THUMBNAIL BY @raereine
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Lukrin - 41 minutt siden
Dude your narration has me dead 🤣
EPG NATION - Time siden
Andrew garfield 5’10 spiderman in comics 5’10
Omar's Channel
Omar's Channel - 2 timer siden
The first movie I'm glad I missed clicked on.
Hoop Schoop
Hoop Schoop - 3 timer siden
We thought this was as bad as it could get, then Homecoming came out
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith - 5 timer siden
This dude is funny
Roberto Bastida Ramirez
Roberto Bastida Ramirez - 5 timer siden
The 1st one in my opinion is pretty underrated but it was not as good as the first 3 before it, the second one was the worst in my opinion
Max Hostility
Max Hostility - 6 timer siden
We only care about Aunt May
godspeed 11073
godspeed 11073 - 6 timer siden
I watched the amazing Spider-Man 2 the other day and I legit forgot I was watching a Spider-Man movie just because of the like 15 minutes of exposition with his parents and like not even Peter just parents
KyleeNguyen - 6 timer siden
Spider-Man 2 was my favorite movie 😂
jakob - 6 timer siden
I actually love these movies
Jack Downie
Jack Downie - 7 timer siden
These are my favorite spider man movies
Duane Jonker
Duane Jonker - 7 timer siden
Do not care what yall say but this "Andrew Garfield" spiderman is my best spidey but they just got a sh*tty script.
Niloy Jana
Niloy Jana - 10 timer siden
someone give me that eagle screaming video
MUSTAFA ABDULLAH - 10 timer siden
15:24 she actually said bugboy
T O A S T E R - 12 timer siden
16:23 she said "easy bug boy" so get it right
Mr.Potato - 12 timer siden
How dare you talk about andrew GODfield like that
Christian Camilo Murcia
Christian Camilo Murcia - 12 timer siden
"Brought you by Sony , by the way".
Gino Lorenzo
Gino Lorenzo - Dag siden
I found that these small details don't matter. Why did you spend too much time on that?
Jack Miles
Jack Miles - Dag siden
This made me remember to never watch either of these unless I want to goof on a movie while drunk with friends
M1ght - Dag siden
so were not gonna talk about how he travels in the dunk scene
Zero Black
Zero Black - Dag siden
I want to see ASM3, zombie island.
Alitheboss 2008
Alitheboss 2008 - Dag siden
Wasn’t the lizard plan to turn New York to lizards also in the 1990s spider man cartoon ?
Iris_squad roblox
Iris_squad roblox - Dag siden
i fell asleep watching this moviebecause it was so boring i was 6 and i loved spiderman and this was a disapointment
Steev Rawjers
Steev Rawjers - Dag siden
The Prequels are awesome
T. D
T. D - Dag siden
Eh I like all the Spider-Man films I mean I prefer the Tobey Maguire ones but I still love all of them
FuryIsHere - Dag siden
Wait but I thought the whole point of Spider-Man’s parents being presented in the movie was to explain how his dads DNA is the one that the spiders we’re created with so when they tried to weaponize it they destroyed them and fled and Yk ended up dying, seemed to make sense to the story being presented in this version of the film
Steev Rawjers
Steev Rawjers - Dag siden
The Prequels are awesome
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer - Dag siden
They don't though
John Patterson
John Patterson - Dag siden
I want a spiderman origin movie, but from Uncle Ben's perspective, and he ends up on a groundhog day loop
it will be about accepting the inevitability of death, and the responsibility of nurturing the next generation to take your place
LPjunemark - Dag siden
This movie is still better than mcu spiderman shit movies
Zero Black
Zero Black - Dag siden
Spider kid is cringe, but this is just trash
WhiteTiger Productions
now this is my personal option
from best to worst spiderman films/actors
At no.1 its Tom Holland...Because not only was his acting on par, but Marvel had a big hand into making it & NOT SONY. The films have a great cross over platform from civil war & the avengers Endgame & infinity war, but what makes it memorable is the actors/Actress in the film. (I know I may fanboying here but that's what a good film should do, like it makes me want to rewatch them which I don't have with the other two) But the greatness doesn't with spiderman & his allies but also the villains and the actors who play them
I know I said best to worst but Sam & Andrew spiderman while both bad in comparison to Tom Holland Spider-Man
The Second would be Andrew Garfield Spiderman...The reason I like his films is not him but the villains in the film, Both have a guine reason not to like him & in this one he doesn't save his girl, which makes him question his want to be spider man
Now the major reason why I don't like Sam Raini's spider man films is the sheer amount of cringy parts of the film, making it unbearable to watch
JBP12795 - Dag siden
I feel Andrew Garfield would’ve been better as an already established post high school Spider-Man. They should’ve just explored his life as an adult trying to balance his life, that’s one thing the Maguire trilogy does great, he literally graduates in the first movie, why do the high-school again. Idk man just a lot of wasted potential.
TG# a Gamers True Story
In a way, I liked those movies (not for the story,) but how laughable they were. Like, what did I watched at 12 y/o!? XD.
Edit: I may be a Spider-Man fan from time to time, but damn, these were awful. ( At least they gave us It's On Again by Alicia Keys (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
ducky turtle
ducky turtle - Dag siden
Not going to lie, I only like these movies because of the nostalgia (I was a huge fan of Spider-Man when these movies came out). If I watched them today without rose tinted glasses, I would hate them. I have vowed to never watch these movies again because it would ruin my view of Spider-Man
The Dark Searcher
The Dark Searcher - 2 dager siden
I love amazing spiderman. Change my mind
savagekid12 ,
savagekid12 , - 2 dager siden
Me: 😂😭
Max Kelevra
Max Kelevra - 2 dager siden
I laughed a lot, thank you for the great content, good job
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
Gone gone gone is the best song of my childhood
Mike Illmatic
Mike Illmatic - 2 dager siden
Who ever wrote the script for Amazing Spider Man 2 should never write another script in his life.....I mean jesus christ this movie sounds like a tragedy
What is this?
What is this? - 2 dager siden
Mr Don’t Know
Mr Don’t Know - 2 dager siden
Hahahahhahahahahah dude I subscribed
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
The asm1 suit is the best spidey suit
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
My favorite comics are usm
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
Wtf asm2 is the 2nd best spidey movie under sm3
Vsk - 2 dager siden
goosey boy386
goosey boy386 - 2 dager siden
I'm pretty sure when Gwen and Peter were kissing Gwen said "easy bug boy"
Evisceon - 2 dager siden
what...did you just say...about crocodile rock?
Joshua Okusanya
Joshua Okusanya - 2 dager siden
Then we see this kid who earned his right to get there dragged out screaming voice breaking: "that's fucked up"
Jalex - 2 dager siden
I never let slide that they tied up the loose end about Uncle Ben's killer only in the video game and in a disappointing way.
Jalex - 2 dager siden
It also bugs me when they can's directly say "With great power comes great responsibility".
Jalex - 2 dager siden
Peter's parents only mattered in the Ultimate canon but only in small doses.
LordLimburger - 3 dager siden
peter: oh hey gwen how's it go-
peter: hey mj hows it going?
Victor Vasiljev
Victor Vasiljev - 3 dager siden
I don't know who you are, but I enjoyed the video, thank you) Somehow it coincided with me watching this POS of a movie for the first time in years since the theatrical release, and the only good things today were hearing the Electro theme by Zimmer (something I wrote about below) - heard it live at a concert in an ancient amphitheatre in France, and it's just fucking amazing (and BOLD for a summer blockbuster) - and watching this video describing it. Again, thx.
Victor Vasiljev
Victor Vasiljev - 3 dager siden
But the music... wow
MercelessGB - 3 dager siden
This is one of the only movies that made me cry tho
JDodds1 - 3 dager siden
1. That isn’t how take a penny leave a penny works, Peter is absolutely correct to try to use it and the cashier is a needless a-hole
2. Peter always first dons the suit for revenge. Every Spider-Man origin I’ve ever seen has him go after uncle bens killer before anything else. “With great power” is what tells him he should be a hero, but realizing he is the reason Ben dies is what actually flips that switch
I mean in the sam raimi movies he first dawns the suit to get a car, then he does it to get revenge, then finally to be a hero
Rapolas RA
Rapolas RA - 3 dager siden
Wait. Didn't you rated Catwoman 3/10?
A Cringy Guy
A Cringy Guy - 3 dager siden
What's this?!
Is tHis An oPiNiOn On tHe InTeRnEt?!
MK100 RQMK - 3 dager siden
I actully like the suit
Dan Bushnell
Dan Bushnell - 3 dager siden
If you have seen Life of Pi, then you would know that Peters dad, Richard Parker, was actually a Tiger
RedMask Gaming
RedMask Gaming - 3 dager siden
I should mention this: if you’re a couple cents short and you’re trying to buy something, they have the choice to let them go and just use pennies from the store themselves. You’re just being a dick if you don’t do this .-.