Tall Girl is a BAD PERSON

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:20


Kevin Pride
Kevin Pride - 4 timer siden
Dude 20:20 the Dunk threw a mean fucking opening jab
Apple - 7 timer siden
Marcus my nards plus your feet, ASAP
GoldDlocs - 15 timer siden
Oh don't mine me, just saving this for later. 13:09
Kerensa McElrath
Kerensa McElrath - Dag siden
it seems like tall girl mentions her own shoe size more than she gets bullied by other people in this movie lol
Julian Lam
Julian Lam - Dag siden
Wait so if she took that stand when she entered did she just stand like that the whole time waiting for her
youngndblessed - Dag siden
Wheres the movie for short people tho😂😂
papa johns
papa johns - Dag siden
as a giant my self I am big offend by space crimes there are too many criminals
Diego Meringer
Diego Meringer - 2 dager siden
Was that Dad heffley and Angela
Hiram Valenzuela
Hiram Valenzuela - 2 dager siden
really mony heist
Exterminator05 - 3 dager siden
This movie depicts what modern society is
Girls can pick and choose what they want but when a guy wants to pick what he wants they get shit on, so they just have to deal with it
That Guy
That Guy - 3 dager siden
Cosmo you gay
josuke Tortilla
josuke Tortilla - 3 dager siden
noooo tall girl please dont put your huge stinky feet on my nards
River Foxer
River Foxer - 4 dager siden
Wow! You two play off each other so well! Are you guys brothers or something?
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith - 4 dager siden
Holy shit why is Greg heffleys dad Frank Heffley in this
Danny Rudd
Danny Rudd - 4 dager siden
Dude tall girl is the definition of a Karen
Kurosaki Bell
Kurosaki Bell - 4 dager siden
I actually loved the movie
thisismalus - 4 dager siden
I just subbed to try and nudge it to 1 mil
Bonyfax 234
Bonyfax 234 - 4 dager siden
Jesus, i love how in america, girl being above six feet is considered a “tall girl nobody likes”
But in european countries, it’s actually rarer for adults to be UNDER 6 feet
I’m 15 and i’m 2 meters (i think 6’5”) and i’m not even “that tall” that someone would actually call it out
And this girl being 6’1” is considered “hideously tall”
Lucas Thomas
Lucas Thomas - 4 dager siden
Almost at 1mil
merrick dicarolis
merrick dicarolis - 4 dager siden
bro im 13 6'3 and wear size 14 nikes so she can shut up
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas - 6 dager siden
Brehhhh! Hahaha so glad I clicked this video
cohemo077 - 6 dager siden
Is that the kid from just go with it
Dean McMillan
Dean McMillan - 7 dager siden
My brother is 6ft1 and he is 15
_Honeypie - 7 dager siden
I have a friend who a tall girl and no one in the entire school cares about her hight hell I’m shorter then her and I still bully her
fishy stick
fishy stick - 8 dager siden
Mattr - 8 dager siden
punyfiend - 8 dager siden
she said MANET not monet they're completely different btw
Some Guy
Some Guy - 9 dager siden
Tall Girl: damn my shoes are big, this is suffering
Saul Rosales
Saul Rosales - 9 dager siden
mother's basement
Mohammad Al Rashidi
Mohammad Al Rashidi - 10 dager siden
*Tall girl is a TOXIC BITCH*
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face - 10 dager siden
Not gonna lie, Cosmonaut vs kitty seems more entertaining than this movie.
The cracked Gamer
The cracked Gamer - 10 dager siden
8:57 is racist bro
13strong - 11 dager siden
I love that your Swedish accent is an impression of Tommy Wiseau...
SwissSauce - 12 dager siden
I really liked this, you should just watch movies on your channel more often
-sunmask- - 12 dager siden
17:19 lmao was that Freek'n You?
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker - 12 dager siden
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker - 12 dager siden
Friggin goddamn it. I'm actually pretty ugly and then short theatre kid over here like oh my God I'll never get a girlfriend because I'm ugly. Ffs
Alicia Alexander
Alicia Alexander - 13 dager siden
From a Tall girl who actually had real trauma being tall. I really hate this show because it kind of makes it a joke and gets people to create these kinds of videos. It is also so unrealistic, like how her best-friend acts. I have only seen parts of it and I can't get through all of these videos. One thing is she is not a victim... I mean its sad she is big boned and not very pretty so she has a boyish look to her even without being tall. Luckily I was born very thin and I am 6ft even size 11 (41).... but thin in a mostly black school was not the desirable look. This show could have been good by going out side the norm of some geeky girl or fat chick not fitting in. Like... I dropped out of school at 16 for being bullied so bad and one of the main issues was my height as it made me hideous apparently. At this moment I am laying bed 4 days after my foot surgery. THREE foot surgeries because I bound my feet like they used to do in Asia to try and fit my size 10.5 feet in size 8s. This show is not really about being the tall girl in school it seems to be like the girl just happens to be tall surrounded by a lot of bad actors. It spits in the face of actual tall girls who did suffer in school. I seriously thank the heavens I am thin and also built like .... Kendall rather than Khole. But bullying is dying and most of the bullying now is cyber bullying where your height is not much of a factor. So yea fuck this show. Before you even see her height you can just tell she is bitter, a bad person, and has the desire to want to be victim even after High School and still wants to be a victim while she is on tv and "famous". Smh .
Derek Dietz
Derek Dietz - 13 dager siden
This might be the funniest video I’ve seen on YouTube
THE GEEk - 14 dager siden
You would even be able to see the Milky Way with all the damn light pollution
THE GEEk - 14 dager siden
Just join the basket ball team and be instantly or at least, theoretically!
Daniel Bertel
Daniel Bertel - 14 dager siden
Hey Marcus just letting you know my friends friend is short boy griffin from this movie and I showed this video to him and he really appreciates your analysis of him
Valkuwurae panda
Valkuwurae panda - 14 dager siden
This bitch can be a fuckin godly power forward in the WNBA
Kurudo Asgar
Kurudo Asgar - 15 dager siden
Kiryu Coco is 6 feet
Ff_M - 15 dager siden
The last outfit looks really ugly though... 😂
Nicholas Figliomeni
Nicholas Figliomeni - 15 dager siden
When they said we forgot her name, her name's talk girl now, I was crying and laughing.
russian d
russian d - 16 dager siden
This channel is so funny I cant stop
Cahlil Hardnett
Cahlil Hardnett - 16 dager siden
Wait that’s the dad from diary of a wimpy kid
ShadowKrueger - 16 dager siden
This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while Cosmonauts laugh was killing me😂
Nanna Abrahamsdóttir
Nanna Abrahamsdóttir - 16 dager siden
Hahahah, his accent isn't swedish at allll
Caio Almeida
Caio Almeida - 17 dager siden
Jesus fucking Christ, I'm a Latino 24 yo male standing 5'4" and even I am not so melodramatic. It's so goddamn stupid that they made an entire movie just to present BEING TALL as a problem, jeez. This honestly doesn't make any sense, she's not even that tall and she's hot af.
Btw, before anyone says I'm an incel, fuck you. I'm actually ok with my height because unlike her I have a personality and I'm a pleasant person, that's what got people to like me, not my height.
Valkuwurae panda
Valkuwurae panda - 17 dager siden
I just realized that the dad is from diary of a wimpy kid
Youssef Hassanein
Youssef Hassanein - 19 dager siden
that is the lamest shit ive ever heard.
ImDumbinix - 19 dager siden
Small boi hit the jack pot then went for boring girl ......
Echo SD
Echo SD - 21 dag siden
Alternate title: Marcus and Dan predict the movie for 26 minutes.
MoreDetonation - 22 dager siden
It sounds like they got Josuke to do the Japanese gamer lol
Wadrib Rab
Wadrib Rab - 6 dager siden
The Green Thunder
The Green Thunder - 23 dager siden
It’s hard not to think little of this movie. That would be a tall order. It’s a shame that this movie came up short. It’s a great concept that was just stretched out too long. I had high hopes for this movie, but it was ruined by too many shortcomings. That freckled dude was certainly the height of the film, though. But yeah, overall I think it was a giant disappointment 😁😂
The Avian Theropod
The Avian Theropod - 23 dager siden
That dude look like drake
cubbleshasreturned - 23 dager siden
This guy is literally doing hotline bling dance moves 17:10
cubbleshasreturned - 23 dager siden
I swear In every tall girl movie commentary I've seen everyone makes that "swedish blonde guy is PewDiePie" joke