Superbad - The Greatest Teen Comedy of All Time

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Sh*t Starter
Sh*t Starter - Dag siden
Brace yourself fool !

Ronald Martell
Ronald Martell - Dag siden
Born in 1999, September this movie is the best
jason mcallister
jason mcallister - 2 dager siden
hills character was obviously gay for his buddy
jason mcallister
jason mcallister - 2 dager siden
the movie was ok, not great, everybody in the movie was funny but the fat kid, was so boring and his shitty acting just annoyed me, he relies on everybody else for the movie to be good, he could easily be replaced by a chimp
A kids Stop-motion channel
A kids Stop-motion channel - 2 dager siden
Do the good dinosaur
Aurora - 3 dager siden
just watched and i hated this movie😁❤️
Reiley Martell
Reiley Martell - 2 dager siden
Sucks to suck 🤷‍♂️
Thomas Scripts
Thomas Scripts - 3 dager siden
I fucking love Superbad!
SigardProductions - 5 dager siden
Good Boys was better :)
SigardProductions - 3 dager siden
Jay Calm down, it was a joke
Jay - 3 dager siden
You did not just say that
Ed Shaw
Ed Shaw - 7 dager siden
nothing beats the inbetweeners
Carlo Salinas
Carlo Salinas - 10 dager siden
That one scene where they make Michael Cerda sing in the room where everyone is doing coke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dylan Parr
Dylan Parr - 11 dager siden
I look exactly like Mc’lovin. And I’m not bullshitting
fef7 - 13 dager siden
nice pfp
Bob Backwards is Bob
Bob Backwards is Bob - 13 dager siden
Forget Teen comedy, best comedy hands-down.
Jason Quintal
Jason Quintal - 13 dager siden
I feel like the Netflix movie Booksmart is a really good homage to Superbad, it made me feel the same way and is well written. Have you seen it?
Waifu Trash
Waifu Trash - 14 dager siden
People at my school still reference the mclovin joke.
Shyftus - 15 dager siden
,,hes the fastest kid alive" is the line me and my friends are quoting since the movie came out :)
jbone2345 - 16 dager siden
This movie is a piece of shit bad writing. The cops act retarded and that's cool but they act so stupid it fucks up the movie. And literally nobody fucks and no nudity. 🤦
Jake Setnik Vox
Jake Setnik Vox - 16 dager siden
I was in high-school when this came out too and all I can say is, accurate af
TK-481 - 16 dager siden
Dude, holy shit idc if I'm late I love this movie
James Bryan
James Bryan - 17 dager siden
I'm 26 and I was a freshman in high school when this movie came out. It totally get you when you say this was a millenial movie! I also love pineapple Express, but I think that's just cause I smoke a whole lotta weed 🤷‍♂️
Stevie Reza
Stevie Reza - 19 dager siden
My favorite comedy movie is Spider-Man 3
Mittron - 20 dager siden
Actually, it's shit.
Ocean - 20 dager siden
"Why did you pick MClovin, are you trying to be an irish R n B singer?"
hk - 21 dag siden
When he talks about that one comedy, that everyone has that they think is hilarious. 21&22 Jump St are the 2 greatest movies ever
Charlie Pagan
Charlie Pagan - 22 dager siden
It still resonates with my age group. This is one of my all time favorite movies, and watching it is kind of a tradition for me and my friends.
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia - 22 dager siden
what movie was that at 2:09
Yusuke Yurameshi
Yusuke Yurameshi - 23 dager siden
It’s between superbad and american pie
Arsenije Dokić
Arsenije Dokić - 23 dager siden
Overrated, 21 jump street is muuch better, bot to mension american pie
Youngg Godd
Youngg Godd - 23 dager siden
Random doesn’t = funny
tv tissue
tv tissue - 23 dager siden
Superbad is so good to me because I can resonate with Jonah hill
Ayden Starke
Ayden Starke - 24 dager siden
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if cosmonaut edited that little intro together along with the music, I think he did a pretty great job
Colin Campos
Colin Campos - 25 dager siden
Superbad came out in 2007 when gen z started in 95 so why do people think that superbad is strictly for millenials
That’s So Fetch!
That’s So Fetch! - 4 dager siden
Because it’s about millennials.
Allan Molina
Allan Molina - 27 dager siden
this movie came out at a perfect time 2007 i was a junior in high school and it being the best year bar none
Dilo22 - 27 dager siden
I don't really remember much about this movie. Never really resonated with me beyond just being a funny movie.
I was in the 11th grade when it came out so I was in the meat of the demographic. I was probably just too much of a nerd to relate; never went to parties or any of that shit, or was really concerned over getting laid.
majaspace - 27 dager siden
dannooooooo - 27 dager siden
"i could PROBABLY spoil the whole movie and youd still love it... even though this other great movie was spoiled for me and so I HATE IT" air tight logic there. super bad is not that much better then step brothers, both films are pretty fucking funny id say since they are both over 10 years old and easier to remember then most comedies ive seen in the last 3 years
Who Bootlegs
Who Bootlegs - 27 dager siden
Best line for me, and it's not even a joke or obviously funny, is Fogell stressed out that security may make him put the booze back on the shelf.
Brian Koskinen
Brian Koskinen - 27 dager siden
Yunno what still holds up ?? Kinda

American pie
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro - 28 dager siden
Pineapple Express did all of this :/
Marek Siciński
Marek Siciński - 29 dager siden
11:20 definition?
and idk if it is rly that inevit as it seems
Marek Siciński
Marek Siciński - 29 dager siden
9:29 are you sure dude? It is not that funny
Marek Siciński
Marek Siciński - 29 dager siden
Comedy in itself is n
there is different types of comedy being good- comedy here meant by you as in movie
Robert O'Connor
Robert O'Connor - 29 dager siden
That moment when you realise the real comedy was the jojo references you made along the way
A Bent Fork
A Bent Fork - 29 dager siden
im only about to be a sophomore but i have a good amount of football friends who are seniors. watching this movie is like watching them go about there day. some of them are hella confident cuz they know they are hot. others are hot, but make me look like a pro when it comes to talking to girls. it amazing how accurate this is to real life. watch this movie, you'll love.
Will Niles
Will Niles - Måned siden
I really like step brothers because I would always watch it with friends I would barely see so we quote those lines with each other
Joel Bouthillette
Joel Bouthillette - Måned siden
Yo step brothers is so bad
Young Metro
Young Metro - 28 dager siden
I no right 😂
mario hernandez
mario hernandez - Måned siden
Lets get candece to see this video
Helena Cappellaro Kobren
Helena Cappellaro Kobren - Måned siden
Michael Cera was kinda hot there, maybe cause he reminds me a cute boy that I know. But the movie is awesome, I couldn’t stop laughing
Dylan Kornberg
Dylan Kornberg - Måned siden
I’m so glad this movie has aged so well. I first saw it in theaters when I was 14, about to start high school, and I had never laughed so hard for so long before. As I grew a bit older I just sort of assumed that it was yet another movie that was funny to a teenager but is just dumb and makes young people laugh because of all the sex and swearing. But rewatching it I am amazed at how funny it still is and how engaging the plot and characters still are.
Helio Nalendra
Helio Nalendra - Måned siden
Superbad is one of my favourite movies.
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers - Måned siden
unpopular opinion: I don’t think it’s that funny. I didn’t laugh out loud that much, they were more like forced chuckles because I knew it was supposed to be funny. I feel like I would find it funny and relatable if it was slightly different. I think the movies 21 jump street is rly funny.
creemcheems - Måned siden
Arislanbek Kosnazarov
Arislanbek Kosnazarov - Måned siden
For me it is “Hitch” and “Notting Hill”. There was a time when I watched “Hitch” almost everyday three months straights.
Tristan Hakert
Tristan Hakert - Måned siden
such a good movie
inodoro acid
inodoro acid - Måned siden
i remember watching this in my RE class and that moment practically changed my life
Zaxaris Petixos
Zaxaris Petixos - Måned siden
I did not laugh a single time this is the worst comedy wtf is wrong with you? And i love other teen movies eurotrip american pie and others but i do not remeber but this movie was superbad this movie is for 10 year old kids.
Zaxaris Petixos
Zaxaris Petixos - Måned siden
@Howl53 i watched it because a friend recomended it and when i wrote the title this was the first video that popped up and the whole time i was searching for the joke i will never watch in again only a 12 year old could laugh at with this.
Howl53 - Måned siden
It’s pretty good! You should give it a chance man. I think it’s hilarious how the actors act like real kids. You can’t deny this is how a lot of children/teenagers really talk. And self-awareness. A guy admitting he wants to be a women’s mistake and rely on her being drunk is incredible. He’s flat out saying no women would want to genuinely be with him. That’s just one example. I know humor is subjective though.
Frado_C - Måned siden
This is the greatest comedy movie, high school senior, still holds up and I think it always will
Driver - Måned siden
Big lebowski tho...
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - Måned siden
I was going to say the soccer field scene is the funniest scene in the movie
Chris F
Chris F - Måned siden
I completely agree. Many movies during this era could only hold my attention for the beginning of the movie where all of the funny parts are. With Superbad, I still laugh at every other joke and I don't think it will get old.