Super Mario Brothers: The Movie - Cosmonaut Picture Show

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Jazz G
Jazz G - 11 måneder siden
I’m 9 minutes into this video I this movie has yet to show anything remotely similar to just one of the games
mrgruszqa - 11 måneder siden
Funny thing. In polish language koopa (spelled kupa) means poo
Champion Christmas
Champion Christmas - År siden
I think I may have the perfect movie for your talents. Please destroy 3 ninjas high noon at mega mountain!
Eli BoBo
Eli BoBo - År siden
It’s been over a year and he still hasn’t called anyone “biscuit head”
TheUnknown 7789
TheUnknown 7789 - År siden
Eva 64
Eva 64 - År siden
13:18 Oof.
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - År siden
Most girls love going Ass First.
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - År siden
'DE EART'..... LOL
Sly Fox
Sly Fox - År siden
They need to make more
AGamingChannel - År siden
13:18 thanos did 9/11
Mason - År siden
Plz make more of these
TheUnknown 7789
TheUnknown 7789 - År siden
Meghan sounds cute
JMO - År siden
Wait. Mario is supposed to be 20
easyfatchick666 - År siden
You guys. Are SOO bad at this.
I dig your other shit, but. Christ this is obnoxious. And their names are SPIKE AND IGGY Jesus.
Joe Stalinlol13
Joe Stalinlol13 - År siden
I loved this though.
sauce, no kectup, just sauce, raw sauce
This movie predicted what happened to the twin towers, and did the thanos snap before it was cool
A Person
A Person - År siden
I mean, the same person who scored this also scored Infinity War.
The Bandog
The Bandog - År siden
This movie is the second worst thing to ever happen in new york.
The Archworks
The Archworks - År siden
Ah man, you guys left out the after credits scene where presumably Miyamoto was getting the rights to make a game about Iggy and Spike.
Just Another Buckethead Fan
This movie inspired Infinity War, Blade Runner and Fight Club? Absolute masterpiece
Hakurai - År siden
Megan really does not know how to be funny or creative with jokes sry just my opinion
MrSucc - År siden
I fucking died when the directors pulled a Thanos on the Twin Towers
MrSucc - År siden
Does Dan just watch all the movies before?
MrSucc - År siden
I thought Mario was Luigi's father because he was so old.
Hylian Dragoon Zero
Hylian Dragoon Zero - År siden
This movie feels like a Mario porn parody someone would make under the influence of LSD.
Nicolas McGee
Nicolas McGee - År siden
best mario ever smh 😔
OrigamiNinja - År siden
So, here's another story about the making of this movie. Apparently it was filmed where there were holiday huts, and all the actors got them for the stay. So leguizamo had all his friends around for a party, they got drunk and smoked weed. And bob hoskins came in and John thought he'd be ratted out. Instead Bob was like "and you didn't invite me?" so John talks about how he had a moment in his life where he was partying and smoking blunts with Bob hoskins during this movie. A fun story
Charlie Sketchman
Charlie Sketchman - År siden
Biscuit head. 😂😂😂😂😂
Hoosier James
Hoosier James - År siden
All of the female dancers in the night club scene are hookers
Equalized - År siden
WOW wtf you guys didnt notice the narrator was Dan Castellenetta AND Frank Welker did all the creature voices.
Joe Cota
Joe Cota - År siden
This came out the same year as Jurassic Park
JustArcturus - År siden
I can't believe that the movie's music is composed by Alan Silvestri who is now known for his composition in the mcu.
Alexis - År siden
It,s me want to see the sequel
Parodist - År siden
I LiKe PiGeoNs
I LiKe PiGeoNs - År siden
The movie came out WAAAYY before 9/11 so I'll let it slide
Fried Foods Late At Night
“Hidie ho mammals” 🤣💀
DuckKnight - År siden
Please give me more
Banwait A
Banwait A - År siden
This was fun on lsd
Irfan Shahrul
Irfan Shahrul - År siden
Do more Cosmonaut Picture Show!!!
Noot - År siden
“No New York jokes or I’ll break both your ankles” as a New Yorker I can say that is the most New York thing I’ve ever heard 😂😂
NEKRO nxt - År siden
5:30-5:39 Did anyone else knowthese that when he jumps he has his jacket on but one frame later he dosn't have it and then when he enters he suddenly has his jacket on ??????????
D.S. Bernard
D.S. Bernard - År siden
Imagine if this movie had been absolutely amazing and popular, but looked the same way. Imagine the twisted era of film it would have ushered
Garrett - År siden
When you referenced Aunt Petunia, were you referring to Harry Potter's aunt or Ben Grimm's aunt? I need to know. It's urgent.
Reservoir Dog
Reservoir Dog - År siden
"Why do they have fire extinguishers in this universe but not brakes????" LMAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
IM_SO_G_ON__E - År siden
You need to make more of these I am so light headed from laughing so hard
Reef - År siden
That's not just any narrator, that's Homer Simpson.
medussa - År siden
This movie is one fine piece of movie
sodiepopps - År siden
Luigi has gay belt happy pride
Yoshi Dinono
Yoshi Dinono - År siden
Luigi has been stealing my dance moves. 0:27
John Saturn
John Saturn - År siden
What the fuck
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba - År siden
Every scene in this movie could be used to make it appear as if it’s from an adult film based in Mario’s universe lmao
TVBForever - År siden
Still way better than either Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li, Doom: Annihilation, the 2018 Tomb Raider film reboot, or any of the Resident Evil films.
Ernesto Celis-Encinas
Ernesto Celis-Encinas - År siden
God fucking dammit this video is fucking hilarious. Thanks to cosmonaut gang for this gem!
Ya Boi Guzma
Ya Boi Guzma - År siden
Mario : i don't feel so good luigi
What A Horrible Night To Have A Podcast
You missed the after credit scene
Ollie Oxenfree
Ollie Oxenfree - År siden
5:34 Luigi... I don’t... feel so good...
13strong - År siden
I love you correcting your co-host's misuse of "thick" 😂
Devon Presents
Devon Presents - År siden
Who else had seen the show on Netflix?
Second Question, who here hated it whenever the Legend of Zelda show commercial came up because you had no idea what the Legend of Zelda was.
The Fat Piranha Plant
The Fat Piranha Plant - År siden
If they ever made a sequel it should be about Bowser trying to find the super crown to become elected president
Stinky-San - År siden
0:52 *eart*