Star Wars: Rebels - Why it Sucks

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Bango Bongo
Bango Bongo - 17 minutter siden
This is my favorite vid from him so happy 1 million subs
Rachellis - Time siden
Although I find majority of the video true, I still like the show. I do wish it was revolved around Kanan rather than Ezra, but it was good anyway.
Yeah Nah
Yeah Nah - 8 timer siden
Why does the hair look so strange it looks like Lego
Tygezentric - 10 timer siden
Marcus: My intention is not to tell someone that they’re wrong for liking something.
Also Marcus: You have to be brainwashed into liking the prequels!
andmik 097
andmik 097 - 18 timer siden
This is a show about a mom, dad, uncle, their two kids and their dog...
THe PA FLInCH - Dag siden
23:31 he went from the DEFENSIVE form 3 soresu the more OFFENSIVE form 4 Ataru. Learn research a bit more if you are gonna say things like that. Also Soresu is his main form throughout all Star Wars, Ataru is his master’a Qui Gon Jin maim form.
Karthrukon - Dag siden
I love this one movie that everyone I speak to about says its one of the worst they have seen. a movie that isn't afraid to be dumb and badass at the same time, with influence from Ray Harryhausen in its antagonist and dialogue so boring, and entertaining it is some of the most quotable I've ever heard.
Army of Darkness is one of my favorite movies because its so dumb, but badass at the same time. the few main points i have are...
Skeleton Warriors: a force similar to battle droids in which they are easy to defeat at a time, but they have power in numbers. I also have the attraction of death and power in fantastical Necromancy.
Casting and the Characters in general: for me nearly every character is memorable and enjoyable. Ash is childish, ignorant of the times, and prideful AF, but since he is the hero, he has his moment of redemption at the end with him beating the bad guy(himself literally and figuratively) and getting the girl from medieval times. Lord Arthur a douchey nobleman head of the castle who is a great warrior to have on your side. the skeletons are brutal and funny combatants ripe for a shotgun in the face. Henry the Red a cool and somewhat competent leader later helps the people who captured him fight the forces of darkness. the Wiseman is the wizard who gives us the plot through a chainsaw, a hard to remember phrase(for dumbasses), the one and only book of the dead, and an angry evil seeking its property. I fucking remember the blacksmith(Timothy Patrick Quill) with his line "i'll stand by ya" when ash was rallying a force to defend the book. You can't forget evil ash, the more evil and psychotic side of ash literally torn apart from "good" ash, killed, resurrected, burned, and exploded in the dumbest way possible.
Last are the quotes, the movie is filled to the brim with one-liners and nearly everything is a quote. Some of my favorites. "oh, thats gotta hurt" "klaatu b(v)arata necto/ne-achem" "yo she-bitch... let's go" "this is my boomstick" "hail to the king baby", and many many more. that's why I love this movie.
Harold Last
Harold Last - Dag siden
12:51 🤣
Dark Guardian
Dark Guardian - Dag siden
Well I’m glad I didn’t watch Rebels yet lol season 7 of clone wars was fire 🔥 I don’t want to lose that momentum
Corwynn Vaughn
Corwynn Vaughn - 2 dager siden
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is the only time that the Storm toppers did not look stupid.
Revive Phoenix Minecraft
Revive Phoenix Minecraft - 2 dager siden
Delta YT
Delta YT - 3 dager siden
stormtroopers must have their health set to 0001
Sarosp - 3 dager siden
I liked the first two seasons because it reminded me of firefly. I felt it was all downhill from there
Pennelope Layne
Pennelope Layne - 4 dager siden
For me this show is special because it came out when I was 6 and it gave me time to spend with my dad. And he also really likes it. But the show reminds us of each other. But there is amazing key stuff. Like thrawn,maul and Ahsoka. The end of season 2 is great. And I like that Ezra has an evil side to him. But stuff like the animation is sub par. In comparison to clone wars is a horrible show. But I very much respect your opinion on this and like hearing it.
skyrimbyabi - 5 dager siden
rebels is better than clone wars
laundry basket gamers
laundry basket gamers - 5 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: I liked this more than the clone wars
The ceo of Blueberry lemonade
I watched this to see other opinions so obviously I’m not gonna scream at you for having another opinion
Karwan Hesso
Karwan Hesso - 5 dager siden
It sucks. It’s just fan favorites dying. It brings nothing else. The CW S7 finale wasn’t as surprising because we knew what was going to happen.
Atharva Deshpande
Atharva Deshpande - 5 dager siden
I don't like the idea of standalone Episodes, which is an advantage the clone wars gets due to story arcs, I didn't like seasons 1-2, but I enjoyed season 3 and 4
Sirtoastsalot - 5 dager siden
Kanan is one of the most underrated characters, but too bad you said this before the series
Sarvesh Sundaram
Sarvesh Sundaram - 6 dager siden
So the inquisitors are kinda bad because they are not fully trained in the force. Their knowledge is limited so they don't overthrow vader and Palpatine. It is effective, but makes them easier to kill. I would have liked to see more of the grand inquisitor, yes, but..yeah
PoeticSociety - 6 dager siden
i agree with everything expect when you said its tone is inconsistent.. star wars as a franchise has always been inconsistent? Chopper messing around before someone dies seems like a pretty starwars thing to have happen??? Starwars has always been light hearted and usually its tone shifs are jarring so thats not really a problem
Kevin Zuniga
Kevin Zuniga - 6 dager siden
Me 2 but I m still seeing idk why
thomas maxwell
thomas maxwell - 6 dager siden
I didn't really like the first and second season but I think season three and four was really good.
Kayla Martin
Kayla Martin - 7 dager siden
Does not suck
Barcelona B
Barcelona B - 7 dager siden
I watched this for the first time in Quarantine while I had Disney +. I made the mistake of watching it right after revisiting Clone Wars, and I didn’t like it at all. I agree with everything you said here.
Sirtoastsalot - 5 dager siden
Idk Kanan was probably one of the best characters
Gray Thompson
Gray Thompson - 7 dager siden
I recently started watching this show after years of hearing about its many failures, and personally, I am pleasantly surprised. I went in to this show knowing it would never compare to the masterpiece that was clone wars. This is a fun show that I’m not very invested in, but I really enjoy. Sure, the stakes are low, the episodes are predictable, and the villains are very underwhelming, but that’s exactly what I was looking for in this show. It gives me a chance to relax and watch a fun kids show that I find pretty entertaining. My favorite clone wars arcs get very dark and become more emotionally taxing, so Rebels does provide fun Star Wars stories for me to watch.Looking past the glaring flaws, I’ve been able to enjoy every episode. This show could have been something very special. It could have been a true sequel to clone wars and an engaging prequel to the original trilogy, but it wasn’t. And I can accept that while enjoying the product we got instead. Please don’t yell at me.
Old Grievous
Old Grievous - 7 dager siden
This show is a masterpece
Old Grievous
Old Grievous - 7 dager siden
00:8 no you
jon_racela_2002 - 7 dager siden
16:06 That sounded so bold lol
Mr Zon
Mr Zon - 7 dager siden
if they can win in every situation,they can take down the empire with stupidlty
Moise Tibasima
Moise Tibasima - 8 dager siden
Watching you tear Zebb and Ezra a new one was hilarious. This show isn't bad in my opinion it's just really average a mind boggling downgrade from Clone wars. I wonder if young kids even enjoy such average show, if people actually made quality content these days like last surrender, adventure time and clone wars kids would enjoy just as much instead they make rebels and teen titan go.
Erica Nishe
Erica Nishe - 8 dager siden
i’m summary marcus is saying: watch avatar the last airbender
Erica Nishe
Erica Nishe - 8 dager siden
not you teased legend of korra 💀
commander rose
commander rose - 8 dager siden
The only thing I like about rebels is the sabers
Gualberto Gascon
Gualberto Gascon - 9 dager siden
So technically star wars rebels it's a "dream" something you just can forget. I'm a right?
Ryansaurus 1407
Ryansaurus 1407 - 9 dager siden
This is my rating on the main characters top worse bottom best
Chopper: he’s annoying he’s tries to be funny but he isn’t he’s just a dick to zeb and esra and they don’t blame chopper all i want to see is chopper getting destroyed
Zeb: he’s kinda like chopper but he has a reason to be a dick to esra like when esra annoys him little bit better but no
Esra: he’s the main character but for some reason he reminds me of aladdin because he acts like him and has a similar hair style idc if kanan has trouble training him that’s expected because kanan is a padawan before order 66
Sebian: she pretty much exist for a doll for little girls
Hera: one of the best characters shes kinda like a mother to all the stupid kids expect for kanan she tolerates all the bull shit from the other characters
Kanan: he’s a good character and he tries to train esra but he has trouble doing it cuz he’s a padawan he wants the best teacher for esra but for all they know their the last jedi but he tries hard to train him he wants the best for esra but he doesn’t have the best for him
CC_ 1010
CC_ 1010 - 10 dager siden
16:00 Music: Carpenter Brut Roller Mobster
Guy Hilton
Guy Hilton - 10 dager siden
I told my friend to watch clone wars but he said it was for kids but than I saw him watching Star Wars rebels
Brandon Barrow
Brandon Barrow - 11 dager siden
3:55 which episode was that?
Fran Contreras
Fran Contreras - 11 dager siden
One of the Clones die in seson4
Keaton Hanson
Keaton Hanson - 11 dager siden
My main complaint is how juvenile so many of the characters of this show act. Especially in the first couple seasons, Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper spend so much time messing with each other even when they should be doing something very important and make some pretty dumb decisions.
Diamond Samurai
Diamond Samurai - 13 dager siden
Did he just say “at-at walker”
Michi Games
Michi Games - 13 dager siden
I mean avatar the last airbender is for all ages and we all love it same for kora
Michi Games
Michi Games - 13 dager siden
And also but in voltron the big strong guy is hunk and I love hunk
Lemonroc - 13 dager siden
You know, I understand your criticism of this show, I disagree with your opinion only because of my personal attachment to this show. btw your idea with Rex replacing Zeb is great and would make the show 10% better- bye!
Some Guy
Some Guy - 13 dager siden
Why are the lightsabers so thin tho
Merrick Dicarolis
Merrick Dicarolis - 14 dager siden
This Is a great show
Arcade Invader
Arcade Invader - 14 dager siden
My main problem with the show was the filler episodes, like the "Fighter Flight" which should have actually been called "Ezra and Zeb go fucking grocery shopping" or "The Call" AKA "The crew of the ghost go to the gas station"
Also I think the distribution of character ages in this show was pretty skewed cause it felt like the rebellion was about 50% teenagers.
Jerry Wallace
Jerry Wallace - 14 dager siden
Star wars rebels f***in sucks! Right at the start of the vid you my friend have earned a like.
Intensyfikacja - 15 dager siden
10:11 - I thought it was zebra's ass he was hugging
Thomas Rayner
Thomas Rayner - 15 dager siden
It’s not the worse😡
Nene 214
Nene 214 - 7 dager siden
It is for me
Nene 214
Nene 214 - 7 dager siden
Itmis for me
Sonya - 15 dager siden
rebels sucks but o boy do i love it
Diego Marquez
Diego Marquez - 16 dager siden
“Star Wars is for kids”
Yes, the amount of decapitations that go on the Clone Wars series was lower than anticipated
Reewyn - 16 dager siden
I love it, but it has quite a niche audience - I accept everyone's opinions ^^
Julian Weiser
Julian Weiser - 16 dager siden
I feel ya there. The last 2 or 3 seasons should be more tense and dark. Stormtroopers hitting more stuff would be a good way. The characters are too happy all the time. Take ezra, parents just died and he needs 1-2 episodes to get over it. Jesus you'd be glad if you could manage it in half a deckade. Would be a good reason for ezra to try out the dark side.
Robin Schicha
Robin Schicha - 16 dager siden
Ezra is like Jar-Jar Binks: we want him to turn 👿- so we can kill him!
TheLionelScottShow jj
TheLionelScottShow jj - 17 dager siden
I never watched this show till isolation hit cause I thought it was just a disney, Rip-off of clone wars but watching it. It isnt even that bad tbh
Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight - 18 dager siden
The Gonk droid is a god fool
Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight - 18 dager siden
Let's be honest. Thrawn should've won
Broderick Templeman-McGarty
Broderick Templeman-McGarty - 18 dager siden
I hate how pathetic it portrays Stormtroopers. Especially bloody Death Troopers. Like for Christ’s sake, why do they act like they have the brain capacity of a 6 year old. And not like they’re the best trained army in the galaxy. Bloody hell