Star Wars Rebels - Was it Worth it?

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IDK TBH - 12 timer siden
I actually didn’t mind the show I’ve just finished it. I did have some problems like you said no one dies on screen, we are led to believe Ashoka did nothing to help the rebels, also that one of the most prestige and high ranked officers (thrawn) was never recovered by the empire how can the empire not find him doesn’t the star destroyer he’s on have a tracker and how Vader decides he cba to hunt the Jedi. But besides that I didn’t mind it that much it was childish at times but expect nothing more
MCU HQ - 13 timer siden
The thin lightsabers aren’t the problem. It’s that they’re disproportionately sized. If you want thin blades you need thinner, more narrow hilts. Which means you have to change the sizes of the characters. Vader’s blade didn’t bother me because Vader was thinner in the show than the movies. The blade felt like it matched the thickness of the character. They can’t make Ezra and Kansan an average, normal human size and give them normal sized savers, but make the blades look like toothpicks
Azure Blaze
Azure Blaze - 2 dager siden
in my opinion, it was okay but I could have done fine without it.
Matthew Stephen
Matthew Stephen - 2 dager siden
6:34 but I thought characters can't be beloved if they do bad things.
Moise Tibasima
Moise Tibasima - 5 dager siden
Never realised how this show messes with the continuity, it's a good finale in terms of rebels standards. It as some great ideas it could've have been so much better. Really companies like this Disney would stop thinking kids don't deserve the best animation money can buy.
Modernwarfare Dickson
Modernwarfare Dickson - 6 dager siden
The scroll text in the beginning of star wars movies is better than rebels
doom guy
doom guy - 9 dager siden
Its pronounced like ASOKA not ASHOKA
stewie jonza
stewie jonza - 12 dager siden
Yeah I was wondering what ahsoka was doing after fighting Vader..... to be honest I was kind of hoping it would be the end for her..... but she didn't do much in this show..... almost like she was there to get people to watch....
bendy plushie studios
bendy plushie studios - 12 dager siden
CVH: the stakes just aren't high with Rebels
Me: well the stakes aren't high with Clone wars either
Zachary McIntosh
Zachary McIntosh - 12 dager siden
They should just make the whole show non-canon
JoelJoestar - 13 dager siden
I could tolerate this series because I never considered that it was canon
Diego Marquez
Diego Marquez - 13 dager siden
The second half of season 2 and season 3 was were the show really piqued. Or at the very least had the most interesting and cool episodes
Ty 7689
Ty 7689 - 13 dager siden
I liked the show. Thanks for the opinion, and it's better than resistance in my opinion.
BOOMsterkin ian
BOOMsterkin ian - 14 dager siden
Alex Davis-mann
Alex Davis-mann - 14 dager siden
I dont get it, but your choice.
Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight - 15 dager siden
We all know that Thrawn should've won
Ping - 16 dager siden
Agent Kallus and Zen become a couple so uhhhh.... cool gay representation I guess?
art - 18 dager siden
Why does every character in this show talks with this head movement of down, side, up? Seriously, I can't be the only one that noticed this right?
Richard Kim
Richard Kim - 19 dager siden
I mean no offense to Rebels, but it looks like people who worked on Disney Princess movies touched that. Don't get me wrong, there are decent episodes, but decent is still just decent. Clone Wars was decent at its worst. Rebels just seems like a kiddy garbage animation, focusing on the thin plot it was skating on. So thin, i bet blind people would complain how visible it was. It basically holds your hand, saying: thats the bad man. Big bad guy. Ooo. He break toy. He bad man. The deaths are stupid, avoidable, and I don't give a damn about any of these copy pasted Disney characters.
So That's Devintart
So That's Devintart - 19 dager siden
I think that if Ezra and Ashoka got out of the World Between Worlds sometime after Return of the Jedi, Luke’s impact and purpose could still remain throughout The Original Trilogy with little tarnish because Ezra and Ashoka are not “In the Star Wars universe”.
Plus this alternate ending means we probably wouldn’t get that stupid fucking space whale ending.
Smidz Og
Smidz Og - 20 dager siden
I just want to watch the episodes with characters from clone wars if anyone knows the exact episode list with clone wars characters pls list them
Seaparr -
Seaparr - - 20 dager siden
i kinda like the thin lightsabers
Vincent Pey
Vincent Pey - 21 dag siden
I dont like rebels it screams missed potential
Mario Oliveira
Mario Oliveira - 22 dager siden
Alex Rainey
Alex Rainey - 22 dager siden
Sabiean is so fucking dumb. I hate her character so much. She has the legendary dark saber wielded by mail and the deathwatch leader. It’s a weapon that should be wielded by a hardened warrior that has been through hell and proved that they are as legendary as a blade. But instead we got an “insert here” character so they could have a character with mando armour.
Alex Rainey
Alex Rainey - 22 dager siden
*”darth maul” I didn’t mean mail
Static Star
Static Star - 23 dager siden
“Ezra summoning Space Whales to kidnap Thrawn and warp him to... somewhere else” the best description of what happens there I’ve heard
mr boyk
mr boyk - 23 dager siden
"Man i miss him so much" Me too Kid me too
Ruben B. Fernandes
Ruben B. Fernandes - 24 dager siden
The only way to watch all Star Wars Rebels series without an obliterating brain aneurysm is literally ignoring every non-essential episode and focusing on the ones that fineshes the unended arcs from Star Wars: Clone Wars
This series only reinforce the Idea that Star Wars's TV shows and movies are cursed and doomed to always have frustrating continuation content
Cameron Holmes
Cameron Holmes - 25 dager siden
I totally agree with thin lightsbers!
Max Corbett
Max Corbett - 25 dager siden
What I feel you fail to understand is that it is not about the entire rebellion, it’s about a small group. They try to engage with the alliance on a ledger scale, but feel it deviates too much from their original intentions when becoming rebels in the first place. So they set out to do what they meant to from the start, free lothal. It is something that has meaning to each of the characters (especially Ezra) and is on a manageable scale that feels not to big and meaningless, but not too small with little to no impact.
Maclunky - 27 dager siden
I was about to watch rebels then I saw the reviews... I didn’t end up watching it
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - 25 dager siden
If u ever think to watch it just watch the 2 part finally of season 2 that's it
Bruh Society
Bruh Society - 27 dager siden
Star Wars has turned into a Shit show it used to be for imagination but now it’s for effing money what happened
Y u no Lego my eggo Bro
Y u no Lego my eggo Bro - 27 dager siden
12:25 proceeds to play one of the most poorly choreographed scenes in Star Wars as an example of being good
Although I don’t like rebels either
Commander Thorn
Commander Thorn - 27 dager siden
Mmm Hmmm... Hmmm
Jolly Jasher
Jolly Jasher - 28 dager siden
I don’t even like Ahsoka so what’s the point of watching this show
Jolly Jasher
Jolly Jasher - 25 dager siden
Cal Gonzalez lol
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - 25 dager siden
I really like Ashoka she's probably my favorite character but she can be annoying but yea at least she's not Rey
Jolly Jasher
Jolly Jasher - 25 dager siden
Cal Gonzalez idk man, not trying to be mean but there is something I don’t like about, she’s not bad (at least not as bad as Rey) tho I some how just don’t seem to like her as much.
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - 25 dager siden
What's so bad about Ashoka?
Emma Jenkins
Emma Jenkins - Måned siden
I feel like coming from an outsider/reentry into the fandom saga, it has it's merits despite being a kids show. You always need to see it as a kids show, and because of that, much of the adult fan content relies on expanding on character cues and story beats. The modern fandom is entirely Kallus and Zeb romance and Hera and Kaman sideplots. Also chopper, you gotta at least say chopper is good.
Christopher Lillington
Christopher Lillington - Måned siden
You care about this way too much. Even though I agree with you on prettymuch everything 😂
144p Lobster
144p Lobster - Måned siden
I don't understand why rebels get so much hate?
Its just clone wars for children?
Like guys don't judge it so much.
You are adding bad views because it's new
Said nobody ever.
Henry McCann ll
Henry McCann ll - 21 dag siden
People seem to forget that when the first 2 seasons of clone wars came out they hated it
Shmavster 420
Shmavster 420 - Måned siden
I would say that story wise and star wars wise it’s a horrible show, but it is a good show to just shut ur brain off and just watch, especially when ur stoned
Bryce Dunn
Bryce Dunn - Måned siden
I actually don't think rebels is as bad as people make it out to be but I definitely still love CW more.
Merrick Baskie
Merrick Baskie - Måned siden
Henry McCann ll
Henry McCann ll - 21 dag siden
That’s what I’m saying
Lifeline - Måned siden
get fucked zoomers🤱🏽
Alfread Ropo
Alfread Ropo - Måned siden
I haven't seen this show since I was a kid, and I liked it when I was a kid. But now, I see how bad it is.
ARC Blaze
ARC Blaze - Måned siden
The part about ahsoka death could have been a reality George was all for killing her off to show why anakin turned so fast to darkest but thanks to Dave we just got her leaving the order which was the better option as it shows why anakin was so pissed when he was denied rank of master.
Brendan Kyle
Brendan Kyle - Måned siden
I feel like I ah e the unpopular opinion of really liking this show, but we can all agree on one thing: Star Wars Resistance is absolute dog shit
Blazing Ashez
Blazing Ashez - Måned siden
I don’t love or hate rebels I think it’s ok. I love clone wars and the prequels but I hate the sequels and think the originals or good but boring.
Nolan McCue
Nolan McCue - Måned siden
@Blazing Ashez Then how do you have the same star wars views as me hmmmm?! 🤔
Blazing Ashez
Blazing Ashez - Måned siden
Nolan McCue no lol
Nolan McCue
Nolan McCue - Måned siden
Holy shit are you me?!
The Dangerous Ivy Vitale
The Dangerous Ivy Vitale - Måned siden
I just rewatched the whole series and I loved it. It was amazing and even though it is a complete joke compared to other things, it was nice. I enjoyed it very much even though there are thousands of problems with it. I only truly hate Zeb & Chopper, and I don't understand Agent Kallus or that Governor woman but, apart from that, it was fun.
David Mittelsteadt
David Mittelsteadt - Måned siden
LegoAWC Stopmotioner
LegoAWC Stopmotioner - Måned siden
Look everyone. They did everything to make this show awesome. Cool characters, an awesome antagonist in Thrawn. And you can't ignore all the positive ratings. If you don't like it, it's clearly just a personal issue.
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - 25 dager siden
Well yea thrawn is obviously a really good anatagonist
LegoAWC Stopmotioner
LegoAWC Stopmotioner - 25 dager siden
I didn't say that right. I don't think the Inquisitors were bad, it's just that Thrawn was better than all 4 of them combined. And he's not even a sith. I know it's been theorized but I don't think he should be.
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - 25 dager siden
I can see that maybe I think that the grand inquisitor is good be cause I don't like others
LegoAWC Stopmotioner
LegoAWC Stopmotioner - 25 dager siden
@Cal Gonzalez Thrawn and Maul were good, but the Inquisitor honestly didn't impress me that much. Personally.
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - 25 dager siden
The only good characters were Hera and Kanan not counting the returning characters and the villans aren't that good besides the grand inqusitor,thrawn and darth maul
M & G
M & G - Måned siden
You have a similar voice to Steve Blum. Congrats.
Drip&Rip Reviews
Drip&Rip Reviews - Måned siden
The ending had me dying
Rhys Mostyn
Rhys Mostyn - Måned siden
I think both rebels and past Jedi are dog crap
Acina - Måned siden
Would rather watch the The Last Jedi than this, and I hate TLJ. The Rebels show is like a whole nother level of hate for me, I want kill other ever character besides Hera, Kanan, Ahsoka, Vader, Thrawn (maybe?), Rex, and Maul. Also I like Obi-Wan in this show too.
Jason Q
Jason Q - Måned siden
4:30 clone wars at this point has the capability to be photorealistic. They had to tone it back to look cartoony.
Jason Q
Jason Q - Måned siden
This show is not bad. Strip away all the main characters and leave all the story elements of the clone wars, and those episodes are worth watching. Vader, ashoka, maul, get my drift.
Jordie Ohlweiler
Jordie Ohlweiler - Måned siden
I liked the show but I just not seen all the episodes
Kryptoskillet - Måned siden
One answer: yes. It was worth it.
Barrett Bradley
Barrett Bradley - Måned siden
What do you mean every element is bad?
Miles Moussa
Miles Moussa - Måned siden
I couldn't even make it through season 1
Nandormandor - 10 dager siden
well, that's the worst season of it so pls watch the remaining seasons because they are better
Moo Moo King
Moo Moo King - Måned siden
I could not stop laughing at this cause this man makes such a good point and it’s funny how he words things. That ending was well done as well.