Spider-Man PS4 - The Good, The Bad, and the Amazing

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Lol Lol
Lol Lol - Dag siden
Can you download this game in pc? 😅
Stephen Bayer
Stephen Bayer - 2 dager siden
I love this spiderman ps4 game one thing I like not only is this game fun but they picked good voice actors for all the characters hearing the people voicing Peter and MJ didn't annoy the fuck out of me. I use to love the sam raimi spiderman games but hearing Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten dunst play Peter and MJ is so annoying and when you compare it to the ps4 spiderman game you can tell Tobey and Kirsten didn't even try to not sound stupid with the dialog they used for the games
Hervante live
Hervante live - 2 dager siden
This game is good
Single Housing Unit
Single Housing Unit - 5 dager siden
The only thing I found jarring with the game is that Peter looks like his lips are swollen ngl.
KARMA - 5 dager siden
The game was amazing but the boss fights didn't feel complete
Luke Berkowitz
Luke Berkowitz - 6 dager siden
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia - 7 dager siden
Wait you can skip the puzzles!????
Lesedi Lebeko
Lesedi Lebeko - 4 dager siden
Yeah, well sometimes
Ralph Reefers
Ralph Reefers - 8 dager siden
I’m a year late but I was shocked to hear you say there was bad stuff in this game. Aside from some of the side challenges that I’m just sick of dealing with in Spider-Man games, I haven’t found any bad stuff.
Kevin Planer
Kevin Planer - 10 dager siden
I think the reason they added the option to skip the puzzles might have been for speed runs
Aaron Stark
Aaron Stark - 11 dager siden
I love that they killed aunt may because she is just an old lady in trouble 86% of the time so she should be young or old and going to die when petter has been spider man for more than 5 years
Bruno_toxic - 14 dager siden
I wish Peter from the game was Peter in the movies. Kind of liked him more as Spider-Man than Tom Holland. But Tom is still pretty good
Week Ly
Week Ly - 16 dager siden
the crimes you had to do was kinda repetitive but i still did them cuz i wanted to 100%
Cal Knox
Cal Knox - 16 dager siden
I think if rockstar got on board with the next spiderman game they could create the perfect game. Could you imagine if the world building of red dead redemption was put into this game
Lesedi Lebeko
Lesedi Lebeko - 4 dager siden
I don't think rockstar can make a Spider-Man game
_ Wolf
_ Wolf - 17 dager siden
Prolly wanna the most honest reviews ever
Ayman Sheth
Ayman Sheth - 17 dager siden
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 18 dager siden
This game manages to incorporate, Spider Man 2, Amazing Spider Man, Spider Man Homecoming, the Ultimate Spider Man line of comics and even the Disney XD Ultimate Spider Man show.
superjo190 - 20 dager siden
*cries in xbox*
JWolf _
JWolf _ - 22 dager siden
Van I just say that in new story plus in the suit up scene in the lab you can select a different suit inside and come out and the suit up sequence has you wearing that suit. Nice one insomniac.
BB Productions
BB Productions - 23 dager siden
art - 23 dager siden
I disagree on your opinion about the combat in this game, for me it's easily the weakest part of the game, it feels like an outdated beat em up game for the PS2 era, the enemy variety doesn't help either, there's very little variety of enemies and you beat them up the same way every time, making the combat feel repetitive, after like 5 hours of game, you pretty kuch saw how the whole combat is, the different webs and the unlockable combat moves do somewhat help, but very little of them are actually useful, most of them are situational at best and completely useless at worst, and for a game that has such a great movement on the world like you said, the combat is the opposite of that, I loved this game but thr combat is not one of the reasons why
Lightningmonky 7
Lightningmonky 7 - 24 dager siden
This was nice to play after tlou2
Isaaic Reyes
Isaaic Reyes - 24 dager siden
I wish yuri had her own stealth mission's instead of mj
Hector Paredes
Hector Paredes - 24 dager siden
Rhinos stealth was terryfing
S K - 25 dager siden
The mary jane sneaking got a lot better when she found that taser peter could have easily given her.
Dean McMillan
Dean McMillan - 25 dager siden
Do Arkham city
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi - 25 dager siden
I know I said I was done with Spider-Man videos
Miles morales comes out

Ah shit, here we go again
Shpladau - 25 dager siden
"You can use the environment to get some kills---" Whoa whoa whoa, hey man, I thought Spider-Man was friendly.
Giovanni Luke
Giovanni Luke - 26 dager siden
fuck you
DemeaningUnreal - 28 dager siden
Really soon not fltjrse zplsg
Uggowennert vs snaqj
Nathalie N
Nathalie N - 29 dager siden
Another thing that was really cool was the detail they put into the character when i started kicking people off of rooftops i thought it was kinda funny cause spider man doesn't kill but later on i started to notice that the people you throw off of rooftops get stitched to buildings with webbings.
Nathalie N
Nathalie N - 29 dager siden
IKR! i never used fast travel once until I saw there was an achievement for doing it 5 times and at that point i already finished the game so i just traveled randomly to any point of the map.
A S T R A L幸
A S T R A L幸 - Måned siden
E EE - Måned siden
So you dont like or hate everything about the game?
Pnmypool Does Stuff
Pnmypool Does Stuff - Måned siden
Tbh the shocker chase was one of the worst part mainly because I really liked the story but idk chasing shocker was annoying
ptronic - Måned siden
does it run on the same engine as horizon zero dawn?
Marty Wittenberg
Marty Wittenberg - Måned siden
This game is the best Spider-Man game i ever played. The attention to detail,polish and even history of the Wallcrawler is insane. Combat almost goes as smooth as webslinging especially with all the skills and gadgets. Trolling enemies is why i love this game. Even the J.J.Jameson podcasts are sheer gold. That said it has it's flaws. But not many..
1. The Taskmaster Drone/Screwball challenges. Honestly as smooth as you usually swing through town relaxed in these it just does not work at all. Pressure and timed challenges suck. This however only goes for the Drone challenges and all of Screwballs challenges because simply i hated the shit out of them. And she was just not worthy of being in a spider-man game at all. Annoying from looks to voice acting and challenges. Just Yuck..
2. I did not really mind the stealth missions or puzzles but on a new game plus and multiple playthroughs after that they do become a bit "Uch ohw yeah that again" I do think the option to disable QTE & Puzzle events were given to be used for a New Game Plus. The first time though you should always play it with both active.
3. Nope that's it really. I am really looking forward to a sequel if they even gonna do better then this. I am playing it for the 4th time now and still have to remind myself i am on a mission sometimes instead of swinging. The fast travel option can be handy sometimes. I really don't mind it at all but i do agree. You don't really wanna use it because even if it's on the other end of town you have a blast just looking awesome. Webswinging is like the core function this game is known for.
Kenzieboy123 - Måned siden
I was just polishing tiny tims crutch
Robby Dufault
Robby Dufault - Måned siden
Wait peter Parker is Spider-Man
harith - Måned siden
I love it how in all of his videos he sounds so unenthusiastic
Eduardo Narciso Bicalho
Eduardo Narciso Bicalho - Måned siden
Well, now I wanna play this all over again.
eatin salad
eatin salad - Måned siden
The game is corny as hell
Jesus Blanco
Jesus Blanco - Måned siden
Tbh Spider-Man is actually very durable in the comics. He tanked a point blank explosion
Julian9990001 - Måned siden
Reasons why no one talks about the bad is because nobody got time to stress about it for a game we already have a shitty world so we gotta escape
I got a 100 in science
I got a 100 in science - Måned siden
I just got an ad for x-box and it said "we have the best stuff" yet they won’t have the spider-man games or ratchet and clank:rift apart or much of anything
Rhysrjw - Måned siden
“Cosmonaut quickie” I didn’t know they could be up to 12 minutes
Angry Virgin
Angry Virgin - Måned siden
The most unique boss is rhino most of the others are just shot them with webs punch them
WillySweet WonkaJoe
WillySweet WonkaJoe - Måned siden
LordKujo - Måned siden
Love how Marcus try’s so hard to avoid saying it makes you feel like Spider-Man
Galaxy Chacer
Galaxy Chacer - Måned siden
Who is ready for Spider-Man Miles Morales
RustytheIdiot - Måned siden
I'm pretty sure you can change the weather I forgot how it's either when you do all of the research stations or when you beat the game.
Spider Boy
Spider Boy - Måned siden
With new game plus this game is super fun and ei
Spider Boy
Spider Boy - Måned siden
Easy I don’t know why it said ei
Dot Blox
Dot Blox - Måned siden
wait..... you can skip the puzzles.....
Carson Beach
Carson Beach - Måned siden
I like the non spiderman levels.
Primus12 - Måned siden
"Marvel's spiderman: Miles Morales"
Now I know I said I was done with spiderman videos...
Guishe - Måned siden
This game is amazing. No more, no less
Ethan Pease
Ethan Pease - Måned siden
Kinda wondering if Sasuke would be a good Spider-Man. Naruto would probably be closer to Peter.
Alex Monsevais
Alex Monsevais - Måned siden
I liked the Miles and Mary Jane levels but I hated all the puzzles!!
Luan Pretorius
Luan Pretorius - Måned siden
"No more Spider man Videos"
Spiderman Miles Morales: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*
"I said im done with Spiderman Videos"
Spider man PS5 Miles Morales: *hold my beer, imma bout to ruin this man's whole career*
beepain - Måned siden
"There is never a moment where you aren't happy to be playing as Peter Parker"
"And this is a good thing."
Charles Mikulas
Charles Mikulas - Måned siden
“Okay we nearly perfectly adapted Peter Parker’s character! Hmm, MJ is an excellent character with a lot of depth and juxtaposition to him. We gotta adapt her well too!”
“Yes make her a reporter”
“Uh... not what I had in mind, but I guess you want a grown up Ultimate comics MJ?”
“Not even that lol I want her to have the personality traits of Raimi MJ and Lois Lane combined so she can gaslight Peter and be an idiot at every turn”
“What is wrong with you”