Sonic the Hedgehog - Cosmonaut Quickie

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Runtime: 03:45


RoboticMiner884 - 5 dager siden
Remember when you said it’s impossible to make a good video game movie? I sure do
Bryce Early
Bryce Early - 6 dager siden
Cosmonaut making videos while he had COVID
rhys mcrae
rhys mcrae - 7 dager siden
Your voice makes me wanna kill my self
Joestar Clan
Joestar Clan - 26 dager siden
Marcus got corona virus while watching sonic the hedgehog
PepeCaseres - Måned siden
Marcus was sick in February 2020. Did he get early coronavirus?
FO18L - Måned siden
2:35 "I just like when these kids moves don't waste my time"
bruh the whole film was a waste of time
train123z - 18 dager siden
@FO18L Not's just being logical? If you enjoyed your time then it wasn't a waste. Waste means that you regret your time there, and you wish you got that time back, or you wish that you used that time to do something else. If you enjoyed the movie, it's unlikely that you would've rather just sat at home and watched youtube videos than watch the movie. Also, it's not "naive" (pronounced "na-ve") it's "naïve" (pronounced "ny-eve")
FO18L - 18 dager siden
@train123z how naive
train123z - 18 dager siden
How so? If you got enjoyment out of it then it wasnt a waste.
my friend calls me green
my friend calls me green - Måned siden
"Detective pikachu was basically deadpool"'s almost like they're played by the same person..
Zenk Animations
Zenk Animations - Måned siden
That sounds nasty "quickie"
Zephon McAndrew
Zephon McAndrew - 2 måneder siden
Ya know I think Jim Carrey would be a great joker
Leandro Lourenço
Leandro Lourenço - 2 måneder siden
the movie would be better if the premise wasnt, road trip on a truck
Jacob - 2 måneder siden
Its corona
Libra Boy gaming
Libra Boy gaming - 2 måneder siden
lets get him to one milone subs this year
Rapolas RA
Rapolas RA - 2 måneder siden
Sonic jokes are incredibly cringy for me
Fear dogg
Fear dogg - 2 måneder siden
Wow u sound so different when ur sick lol
THE JH EXPERIÊNCIA - 2 måneder siden
Funny you mentioned that a Lot of characters sound like Deadpool because i had this same feeling with birds of prey but more precisely with the sequeal um which I couldn't stand anymore jokes from Deadpool and I wished the movie could end sooner.
Jurassichero - 2 måneder siden
I just realized we have two games that were turned into movies maybe the video game movie success thing is starting now
John Gabriel Aliling
John Gabriel Aliling - 2 måneder siden
do scott pilgrim vs the world next please. i'd love to hear your take on it
Wolf warrior
Wolf warrior - 2 måneder siden
Me seeing the first sonic trailer:hope this movie wont suck
After seeing 5 seconds of it: nope nope no
And now I got nightmares
Mr Meme
Mr Meme - 3 måneder siden
oh no he got the rona
Alfie - 3 måneder siden
I wonder what sticker he would've given the emoji movie
papa drag
papa drag - 3 måneder siden
George Spell
George Spell - 3 måneder siden
Probably got corona virus
Shawn Daniel
Shawn Daniel - 3 måneder siden
I feel congested.
Jonah Harris
Jonah Harris - 3 måneder siden
I bet that in the sonic sequel it will have that Mr. Stone guy be all big and important and talk down to eggman because he thinks hes all big and important now. Also I feel like it will have some sort of terrible sequel name and be a bad movie as well
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films - 3 måneder siden
The alternate universe where they didn’t fix the animation in Sonic the Hedgehog
MGrabowski70 - 3 måneder siden
You gonna make a video on the last season of clone wars?! I know you love the show and besides the sisters arc this season has been amazing!!
xXArmitronXx - 3 måneder siden
I think the idea in making Sonic and Pikachu like deadpool, is becuse they have so much energy that the only ones that can keep up are themselves so the fourth wall break is for them type thing?
AJxBISHOP - 3 måneder siden
Just clean your room, might get sick less
Collin Green
Collin Green - 3 måneder siden
I kind of wish they made two viewing options, one with the original design and another with the new design, I don’t think it would cost them too much and the meme porential might make people watch the old version and make them more money, that and it would be A great way to show people that your company can take a joke and play along
julian12465 - 3 måneder siden
Had a fun time with the movie but Rachel absolutely pissed me off. Her entire character boils down to “Look! An angry loud black woman who serves no other purpose but to annoy the characters you’re supposed to actually care about by being angry and loud! How hilarious!” She had no reason to exist and it’s not like it’s even possible to need any more comedy because Jim FUCKING Carrey plays the character with the second-most screen time.
Every thing she did that wasn’t just being a bitch(an inconsequential and one-dimensional one at that) could’ve been changed to be done by Maddie. At least then, she might’ve actually had enough screen time to have her own character arc. Or connect with the protagonist. Or flesh out her relationship with Tom. Or anything actually interesting/useful.
FrshJurassicPrnceYA - 4 måneder siden
Man that Sonic theme song at the end is bringing back memories!
Informal Nayr
Informal Nayr - 3 måneder siden
pretty sure thats studiopolis zone. which is from sonic mania. which came out in 2017.
Zeeshmania - 4 måneder siden
That Studiopolis act 2 tho
TheKYRw - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else think it’s really dumb that the cop chooses to stay in his home town instead of go get a bigger and better job in San Fran? Like I get for kids it was lame for him to leave his home town but for adults it was like wtf are u doing why would u give up a better job in a way better city with way more money just because a hedgehog is like hey don’t live home that’s mean
TheKYRw - 3 måneder siden
Informal Nayr how could it be the same money to be a cop in San Francisco than a random small town. Yeah his house was nice and his job was easy but still anyone in that situation where they can move to a bigger better place would usually take it yeah they’d miss their hometown and their house but that’s life and jobs you move up in life and move on from your old life
Informal Nayr
Informal Nayr - 3 måneder siden
the money was the same though, did you not see the house he was living in? his life was amazing.
Alejandro333777 - 4 måneder siden
Omg your sick voice is awful jesus I never sound this different when I get sick. You sound like u have mucus up your nasels
Ghost David
Ghost David - 4 måneder siden
Sonic has been breaking the fourth wall since his first game (the idle animation)
Eligha Green
Eligha Green - 4 måneder siden
My nose felt weird watching this
Robert Roberson
Robert Roberson - 4 måneder siden
Marcus confirmed with corona
Rahul Rathod
Rahul Rathod - 4 måneder siden
Why have you not done Deadpool yet?
clarencep90 - 4 måneder siden
The rating was cute.
Sloane Sallie
Sloane Sallie - 4 måneder siden
They really should stop making so many characters “Deadpool” 😭
AJA Ryan1994
AJA Ryan1994 - 4 måneder siden
2:58 you are very much the opposite of Doug Walker and I respect that here.
Gezzarbend - 4 måneder siden
Marcus got the cornavirus
Euan Mort
Euan Mort - 4 måneder siden
Honestly, the Sonic film is just what a video game film should be. It referenced so much of the video games and referenced other media. And given that it built up to a sequel anticipation by the end too, I'm hoping there is a Sonic 2 and it doesn't disappoint.
Denis Shaughnessy
Denis Shaughnessy - 4 måneder siden
Sick going to theaters + coming to contact with people within a social area = Coronavirus?
Cinnamon Noir
Cinnamon Noir - 4 måneder siden
Um...Sonic didn't break the fourth wall, though. And thank God for that, because fourth-wall breaking is a lazy form of comedy that makes it impossible to emotionally connect with the characters in the story _as_ characters.
Also, Dr. Robotnik is 100% the best thing about this movie and the only reason I'm interested in potential sequels.
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Jack Sethill
Jack Sethill - 4 måneder siden
Do video on Vinland saga
Nami Farsa
Nami Farsa - 4 måneder siden
He got the coronavirus
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - 4 måneder siden
Decent movie.
AnthonyAnimations - 4 måneder siden
Corona virus
Tom _
Tom _ - 5 måneder siden
I'm kinda upset it wasn't terrible tbh
Iftii Alam
Iftii Alam - 5 måneder siden
Why do you sound like you are suffering from cold?
Darryl Minaker
Darryl Minaker - 5 måneder siden
"Its not a perfect movie but its fun"
Lugi - 5 måneder siden
Elitesniper 4204
Elitesniper 4204 - 5 måneder siden