Solo is Fun - You Guys Are Just Mean

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Spoiler-free. I promise.
MCU pt. 3 coming this week.
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temaron cansler
temaron cansler - 4 timer siden
This is the first time I've seen someone praise this movie and it is well deserved. The first time I watch a movie I go in no brain and just try and enjoy the movie. If I don't like the movie I know there's gonna be many problems when I watch it again and actually disect the movie. I watch this movie no brain and minus the solo getting his name scene I loved it, then I watched it again and I didn't see any problems with it really. Most movies have some glaring problems like how in frozen the twist villan doesn't make any scence, or how in bvs people just kinda show up cuz the script wants them to be there. There's no character motivations, in Thor Ragnorok there is just so many lame ass jokes that it is so mind boggling distracting. But in solo there really isn't anything like that, other than feminist robot and solo shall be your name
Varun Gangalam
Varun Gangalam - 5 dager siden
I really liked this movie a lot, saw it for the first time a month ago. The biggest problem tho was the fact that for the first half hour, I almost thought my TV was broken and only playing sound for some reason. And maybe my TV just wouldn't go bright enough so I turned off all the lights in the living room and shut all the curtains. But other than that I loved it
BlackEmperor - 6 dager siden
SigardProductions - 7 dager siden
Star Wars brun out is not a thing. Star Wars fans watch the movies in theatre over, and over, and over again.
Husky Lover
Husky Lover - 9 dager siden
I liked this movie already seen it like 4 or 5 times lol
Jibrodie 6000
Jibrodie 6000 - 12 dager siden
I think it would’ve done better if it came out before the last Jedi
The Wandering Director
The Wandering Director - 14 dager siden
Probably my favorite video on this film ever. I loved this movie too!
godspeed 11073
godspeed 11073 - 19 dager siden
Challenge: Watch A New Hope imagining that the emperor was Darth Vader and that Darth Vader is just talking about himself in the third person😂
MrPickle1168 - 19 dager siden
Solo flopped in the box office because of people losing faith in Star Wars.
dylan jackson
dylan jackson - 13 dager siden
Like he said, this film was released around the same time as infinity war and Deadpool 2. Not to mention it was a few months after the last jedi. If this film got pushed back to a December release in 2018, the film probably would of done better and a lot more people would of saw it
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 23 dager siden
I personally thought this movie was fine
Some crappy writing and dialogue
As a prequel it fails miserably at adding anything to the character of Han Solo. It almost ruined Lando. It also missed an oppertunity for seeing Lando and Han as actuall friends as they were described in Empire
The lighting is shit
Han gets massive plot armor
L3 might be the worst character in any star wars live action movie but other than that i found it to be alright
It was alot better than the shitty as sequels ill give it that
KruIsReallyDumb - 24 dager siden
I think the crappy shots add to the experience to watching solo.
Sabrina shineexo
Sabrina shineexo - 25 dager siden
Well... I saw a movie where chewy talk and - THIS HOLYDAY SPECIAL MAKES ME WANT TO DESTROY HIS CLAN-
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face - 25 dager siden
I absolutely agree about the release date of this movie. In fact, at this point I was so used to a new Star Wars movie coming out every December that up until 2 months before it came out I thought it was coming out in December.
DelinquentDJ - 26 dager siden
I finally watched this a couple years after release and it was really nice to just enjoy a fun action adventure without super over the top plots about saving the galaxy nad convoluted connections with every character.
Just a fun Star Wars adventure, perfect for a story following a rogue smuggler.

looking back at old reviews and comments, its pretty clear people didnt want to watch simply because they mentioned an SJW droid before the movie came out. Ive read so many comments immediately talking shit about L337 and how "she takes you out of the experience" but honestly its just neckbeards who havent touched a women complaining LOL shes barely noticeable, she doesnt stick around long, and at most shes sassy, and I find some of her straight delivery pretty funny.
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero - 27 dager siden
This is honestly the most fun Star Wars movie for me to watch. For the others, I feel like I have to take them more seriously and pay more attention to everything. Not this one. This one, I can just put on, sit down with some snacks and friends, and just enjoy the ride. It's just a fun flick to put on every now and then, and it's great.
Lukar - Måned siden
You can tell they actually made this with care by staying really true to the franchise and actually adding new stuff *cough cough* sequels.
dragon claw33
dragon claw33 - Måned siden
Why didn't he talk about the darth maul scene
Aiden Goodrich
Aiden Goodrich - Måned siden
i hated how blue the sewer scene was so annoying
de Mars
de Mars - Måned siden
Man I just love this movie
AraramePlayZ - Måned siden
Solo has 2 heists in it, beat that
Eowyn- Faramir
Eowyn- Faramir - Måned siden
Byterute - Måned siden
When I first saw this movie, I absolutely hated it. Since then it's slowly grown on me. It's a good movie
Keegan Curtis
Keegan Curtis - 2 måneder siden
2018: Solo is a western Star Wars movie 2020 Mandolorian is the best western of all time
Craig Bot
Craig Bot - 2 måneder siden
Is it weird that I laughed and clapped when L-3 got capped out of nowhere?
Everan McCartan
Everan McCartan - 2 måneder siden
The Star Wars Prequels are good. You're just mean.

Also, Did you think the final battle in RotS Obi v Ani, was bad? Because sorry it wasn't at all.
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 23 dager siden
Everan McCartan dude the prequels suck. 1 and 2 are shit and 3 might be one of the most overrated films of all time. It’s a decent movie at best
Everan McCartan
Everan McCartan - Måned siden
@Ryan Hussain Nah you are just mean.
Ryan Hussain
Ryan Hussain - Måned siden
The Star Wars Prequels are literally anything besides good. And yes, that battle was bad. It's way too long, there a few really dumb parts (the spinny part, the part with the ropes, the part where they "kick" eachother, the high ground, etc) and the whole emotional core of the scene falls flat due to how shit the characters are in those movies
shyoriyi uxio
shyoriyi uxio - 2 måneder siden
Solo is probably my favorite movie apart of the original star wars saga
James Rapuzzi
James Rapuzzi - 2 måneder siden
3:40 so what if I don’t like han and chewie. 😂 (this is a joke)
SN0WZZ - 2 måneder siden
Solo is my 2nd least favorite Star Wars, but I respect your details and logical points from that opinion. That's why I'm subscribed to Cosmonaut.
MAJACKS91 YT - 2 måneder siden
Yes. Someone I can agree with
Person Last name
Person Last name - 2 måneder siden
Lord Heroic Guy
Lord Heroic Guy - 2 måneder siden
5:09 it sounds like frozen 2
Lord Heroic Guy
Lord Heroic Guy - 2 måneder siden
Also this guy is a weird @ss critic. Like i have no words for him in the end of his videos because he has a lot of evidence to back up his reasons of why that movie is good or bad, like he makes a lot of good points even i didnt thought about it. But that still doesnt mean he is always right, i look back on last jedi and the rest of the movies i dont like, and still dont like them. You want to know why. Different tastes with different opinions makes us who we are today, when we grew older and see the pros and cons at entertainment as humans, it shows how special we are as different individuels as many others on earth combine.
Edgelord - 2 måneder siden
Han Solo and Jack Sparrow function for the same narrative purpose, you can't remove them from the straight and narrow Luke Skywalker or Will Turner and expect them to work on their own or resonate for audiences in the same way. They are the wildcard unpredictable characters that only shine when you have a predictable protagonist. Sherlock without Watson is just boring.
tbailey264 - 2 måneder siden
Only glaring problem I had with this one, and it's repeated in Rise of Skywalker, is we get a whole SQUAD of badass badguys who get next to no explanation and even less screen time. Like, you designed all of the costumes, weapons, and everything for all these guys and the best you can do is just TELL me that "they're super strong and badass" ?? It's just a bit of a letdown
Stuart Turner
Stuart Turner - 2 måneder siden
Thank you
Anonymous - 2 måneder siden
First of all let me say sum. I fell asleep watching solo like I’ve never fell asleep In a Star Wars movie but this was so boring like no. I liked ham solo in this movie landó not so much. I just didn’t like that sum thinks we’re explained like I just thought Han Solo was always solo ya know. I didn’t like this movie it was boring and pointless
Kareem Johnson
Kareem Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Bro I loved Solo so much
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles - 2 måneder siden
I genuinely really liked this movie as I just watched it even after I heard tons of negativity about it. Seeing Maul after clone wars and rebels gave me chills because hes become one of my favourite characters. Wish we could see more of him but they ended his story really well
Ken Jean
Ken Jean - 2 måneder siden
Was caught surprised with the Megaman BGM. That was my childhood game. A man of culture eyy
I am no one neither R you
I am no one neither R you - 2 måneder siden
I disagree with you about Chewbacca I thought he gave a riveting Oscar worthy performance in the Holiday special I love the part where he growled"rosebud" fucking awesome!!!
I am no one neither R you
I am no one neither R you - 2 måneder siden
Solo is the only SW film I didn't go see in the theater I even saw the clone wars cartoon movie in the theater but SOLO $12.50 WELL SAVED!!!
Chazzelton D
Chazzelton D - 2 måneder siden
It was fun but not good
Jeffrey Joestar
Jeffrey Joestar - 2 måneder siden
Im only gonna say this once, revenge of the sith is the greatest movie in star wars history. I dont give a fuck if yall disagree
Kaso Gamer
Kaso Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Solo and Rogue One are the only Disney Star Wars films that are canon.
SN0WZZ - 2 måneder siden
Only Rogue One
Ghosty - 2 måneder siden
Still hate this movie, and I’m not kidding, took me 3 months to watch
Axeloy - 2 måneder siden
No mention of Q'ira reeeee
sage austin
sage austin - 2 måneder siden
Actually lando says han wrong on purpose. So apparently in gambling one tacit is to pretend to be the new guy and mispronounce things and han didn't before when saying sabak so lando knowing what was happening did it back. Also imagine if Han told the person that his people are a group of people who follow the command of a giant snake lady and so the man called him Han snake follower
Ethan Longenbaugh
Ethan Longenbaugh - 3 måneder siden
I still don’t understand why people dislike the movie that much
Wardy - 3 måneder siden
I didn’t mind Solo like id still watch it just like with Rogue one (which i also enjoyed) ....i think the problem is that no-one really asked for it ..
Freezer Blue
Freezer Blue - 3 måneder siden
Honestly out of all of the Star Wars movies this one is the only one my mom actually likes and doesn't get confused by it with all of this lore and background information, I liked it too!
Arrow - 3 måneder siden
Okay I love this movie, its very fun and isnt super serious and the characters are very likable
AraramePlayZ - 3 måneder siden
Lando pronounced Hans name wrong as as way of saying he was onto Hans act of him being a noob at corellian spike
No One
No One - 3 måneder siden
The only thing that annoys me in this movie is that everything important and remarkable about Hans past happened in about a week
His blaster, his pet, his ship, his kessel run
Somebody6000 - 3 måneder siden
I actually really liked Solo
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts - 3 måneder siden
Solo was honestly one of my favorite Star Wars movies. It kinda made me upset when people criticized it, because it was so much fun to watch in theaters.
stout alarm837
stout alarm837 - 3 måneder siden
This movie is good, I can rewatch it all the time, it’s a nice break from tradition blue/red lightsaber slash up that’s in every main Star Wars movie, they should change the lightsaber colours at least a bit.
Eyal Shani
Eyal Shani - 3 måneder siden
The only thing that bugged me in this movie was the introduction to chewbacca. I always saw Chewbacca and han as life long friends. in my head it was as if they grew up together. It's not the movies fault but I feel like I'm not alone on that.
Tyler Wise
Tyler Wise - 3 måneder siden
at least the coloring is better than twilight
superscaryshorts - 3 måneder siden
I thought u liked Hereditary??????
Johnny - 3 måneder siden
at least it's better than sequel trilogy, especially the rise of skywalker
RGM-79SC _
RGM-79SC _ - 3 måneder siden
Don’t forget that it’s better than all of the prequels.
BlitzGnu - 3 måneder siden
I always have to increase my screen brightness by 30%. But except for that it is a pretty good movie.
Edit: You are sooo right about that chewbacca being an actual character thing