Shrektober - The Shrekening

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 10:22


Article 69
Article 69 - 2 dager siden
Sometimes i forget cosmonaut is black
So i get startled when he says nigga casually
Alexander Jenkins
Alexander Jenkins - 11 dager siden
Shrek 2 is vastly superior to it's presitsener
Handy Rul
Handy Rul - Måned siden
3:53 what does that mean?
Cliffo55 The gamer dog
Cliffo55 The gamer dog - Måned siden
Did they not even see the boner joke with farquaad
Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger - Måned siden
1:55 Marcus dropped the N-Word, it's been a while
Xehanort10 - 2 måneder siden
I can't hear John Lithgow as Farquaad now without thinking of him as the Trinity Killer in Season 4 of Dexter. Scariest villain in the show.
adawg Czekalski
adawg Czekalski - 2 måneder siden
It's free real estate.
Kobe-Wan Kenobi
Kobe-Wan Kenobi - 2 måneder siden
Dan: Lord Fortnite
Marcus: *Shits and cums while laughing*
tbailey264 - 2 måneder siden
Yo real shit, Shrek Super Slam or whatever that game was called actually was amazing and had crazy tech in it
Chiya Amin
Chiya Amin - 2 måneder siden
3:57 bruh the way Shrek looks in this part is phenomenal.
jordandroid - 3 måneder siden
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose - 3 måneder siden
shrek was supposed to be chris farley
A Potato
A Potato - 3 måneder siden
shrek and fiona are definitely CN
Joseph Rion
Joseph Rion - 3 måneder siden
What is the kill count in this movie? What about for just fiona?
Marquez - 3 måneder siden
Shrek has very sensitive nipples. The vest protects him in the event that anyone should brush against him. I have a similar vest for a similar purpose
Tomos Bonell
Tomos Bonell - 3 måneder siden
Fiona turned super sayain
Alex Dawson
Alex Dawson - 3 måneder siden
Shrek is johnathan joestar
Tanner Philipps
Tanner Philipps - 4 måneder siden
Can someone please explain the reference at 5:24 to me!
ultraman241 - 4 måneder siden
This is a super late comment but I live in Texas and one of the set disigners/animators for this movie went to my local college, Lamar University, and he based Farquad's castle off of the campus library. I love walking past the library and just thinking, "Yep that's in Shrek."
Jasouku !
Jasouku ! - 4 måneder siden
you know what year it is boys.
semmy sem
semmy sem - 4 måneder siden
4:58 makes you laugh uncontrollably 😂😂😂😂
Ted The kazoo man
Ted The kazoo man - 5 måneder siden
7:08 everything is the same but that’s the stand arrow from jjba
Josh Garza
Josh Garza - 5 måneder siden
To answer your question yes donkey fucks the dragon. He has donkey dragon kids in a future movie.
alex snow
alex snow - 5 måneder siden
whens more shrek?
gokuwu - 5 måneder siden
C𝖔𝚜ⓜ𝗈𝘯⒜u͞t̸ V⃨☏ᖇ🅘e꙰t͜͡y̌ H̺͆o͎u͓̽r̥
Logan McChesney
Logan McChesney - 5 måneder siden
The three of you are fucking hilarious 🙂
Fintank - 6 måneder siden
Fiona exhaled helium
Eddie Dingle
Eddie Dingle - 6 måneder siden
"No windows in his house"
Literally a window in the frame
Leaf Finite
Leaf Finite - 26 dager siden
They mean the windows have no glass in them
AsianDonutt - 3 måneder siden
Mang Dingle that’s not his house in the back
glen marcatoma
glen marcatoma - 6 måneder siden
First and last year of shrektober
Aldo Vallier
Aldo Vallier - 7 måneder siden
Where are the rest?
Sheev Talks
Sheev Talks - 7 måneder siden
Dan eats people
Proof Skinny
Proof Skinny - 7 måneder siden
3:15 they complain about all the copyrighted music in the movie; Mario brothers picture show gets copyright strike.
Brendog - 7 måneder siden
Marcus saying the n word is the most powerful thing in the history of anything and you can’t convince me otherwise
the snail philosopher
the snail philosopher - 7 måneder siden
I fucken watched this video last night and today my spanish teacher played shrek
gabe gomes
gabe gomes - 7 måneder siden
Ummmm hello ? Can anyone hear me ? I’m here to ask about shrektober ? Yea thanks and please lmk.
Shawn McDonough
Shawn McDonough - 7 måneder siden
Omg when Fiona fucking killed Robin Hood, how have I never noticed that
Max Elmore
Max Elmore - 8 måneder siden
Everyone is evil
Othain Moran
Othain Moran - 8 måneder siden
Actually that would not be Merlin because Merlin was in Shrek 3.
And looked different
DummyBrosProduction - 8 måneder siden
I don’t understand the how the snake and the other animal fly it doesn’t make sense
Ramen Struggle
Ramen Struggle - 8 måneder siden
Lord Fuckwad
Diego Suárez Carranco
Diego Suárez Carranco - 9 måneder siden
Where is shrektober 2?
John Dodd
John Dodd - 9 måneder siden
Damn, Marcus with the real-ass Wendigo Lore
Crystal Gadberry
Crystal Gadberry - 9 måneder siden
I died laughing at 6:39
Ryan Forbes
Ryan Forbes - 9 måneder siden
Megan need her own show
miles - 9 måneder siden
Benny Wireman
Benny Wireman - 9 måneder siden
Lies about shrek 2
CampyClaptrap - 9 måneder siden
"And then next year we're gonna watch Shrek 2"
So that was a fucking lie
Mugetsu - 9 måneder siden
CampyClaptrap How dumb do you feel right now?
Ted The kazoo man
Ted The kazoo man - 9 måneder siden
The scene when shrek fights like 40 gaurds at the end is literally the Homebase employees stopping me eating paint.
Liam - 9 måneder siden
Don't forget Shrek 2.
Cornboy Parth
Cornboy Parth - 9 måneder siden
Liam the dreams dead
Corxeth 117
Corxeth 117 - 9 måneder siden
Cosmonaut Meghan sounds like Kat Dennings
Franky Boi
Franky Boi - 9 måneder siden
Bring back shrektober
Nora Castaneda
Nora Castaneda - 9 måneder siden
Almost time for Shrektober 2😐😐
Jar jar Binks
Jar jar Binks - 9 måneder siden
Shrektober 2
TheJege12 - 9 måneder siden
The sequel to this is at haaandddd
Simão Costa
Simão Costa - 9 måneder siden
Yo it's October you know what that means
Yuri G
Yuri G - 9 måneder siden
Shrek 2 is coming
Chris Himes
Chris Himes - 9 måneder siden
Can't wait for this year's Shrektober.
Sophia Kotsariadis
Sophia Kotsariadis - 9 måneder siden
*Waiting for Shrektober 2 patiently*
Zebricord - 9 måneder siden
It’s almost time for part 2 boys!
Kyle Isbart
Kyle Isbart - 9 måneder siden
It’s shrektober again