Shrektober 2 - Revengeance

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Runtime: 10:20


Josue Valencia-Soriano
Josue Valencia-Soriano - 10 timer siden
You f**k you make me want to join your patreon when I have no job-_- Must assest and come to conclusion.
bacon flavoured skittles
bacon flavoured skittles - 2 dager siden
Article 69
Article 69 - 5 dager siden
The girls voice becomes progressivly more hoarse
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker - 6 dager siden
But will there be a Shrektober 2020, Covid Edition?
Henrique Duttweiler
Henrique Duttweiler - 22 dager siden
Why is meghan so hot in this video?
Rodney Cobble
Rodney Cobble - Måned siden
Megan is going to run for president one day, and this video will expose her for being racist against dragons. Thus, ruining her political career forever.
Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger - Måned siden
When I went to the Farquaad ride in Orlando, I had to wait 2 hours to get on that shit

Best experience of the trip, better than getting a wand in Diagon Alley and seeing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park
NataTheTata - Måned siden
I was hoping for Shrek 2 but I was not disappointed with what I got
Tomáš Malo
Tomáš Malo - 2 måneder siden
A: When you put TOO MUCH sugar in a cookie in will not cook correctly
B: So are you saying that you cannot put sugar in a cookie?
ClassicPlastic - 2 måneder siden
Dan looks like my high school history teacher who had a breakdown and moved to Australia
Xehanort10 - 2 måneder siden
Prince Charming as Norman Bates makes sense because they're both obsessed with their mothers.
Pedro G. B. Silva
Pedro G. B. Silva - 2 måneder siden
please tell me this year you're gonna try again
3lla st3v3ns
3lla st3v3ns - 2 måneder siden
NurokuTrash? - 2 måneder siden
You guys forgot about the pigs getting invited to a diner party by a women which turns out to be the wolf
Hope Bryant
Hope Bryant - 2 måneder siden
I didn't have any videogames as a kid, and we didn't have cable, so I would play far far away idol for hours and hours
The Fire King
The Fire King - 2 måneder siden
1:05 Caught me so off guard
Raul Galvez
Raul Galvez - 2 måneder siden
Dulac is just Tilted Towers
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong - 2 måneder siden
can't wait for shrektober 3 - the empire shreks back
Commander Ponds
Commander Ponds - 2 måneder siden
Watch Shrek 2 last
Evan Anagnostopoulos
Evan Anagnostopoulos - 2 måneder siden
Far far away idol is my fucking childhood along with shrek 1am and 2
Jack Bayless
Jack Bayless - 2 måneder siden
I need the three of you to do this more often
Rodney Cobble
Rodney Cobble - 2 måneder siden
Megan has a strong Winona Ryder vibe
Singing Mochi
Singing Mochi - 2 måneder siden
So Gingey canonical had a yandere girlfriend?

I fucking love that
That One Guy
That One Guy - 3 måneder siden
Megan was really questioning life with the sugar thing
João Aguiar
João Aguiar - 3 måneder siden
i'm gonna make my own big titty goth gf
Ceci2445 - 3 måneder siden
My god Meghan shut up, let the boys talk
trey lovato
trey lovato - 3 måneder siden
Haha you know i just watched your video on Dating around. The chick in this video looks almost exactly like the last chick in that show who is overly crazy and talkative.
Dolly - 3 måneder siden
Did she just talk about bpd? Instant love
TheUnknown 7789
TheUnknown 7789 - 3 måneder siden
Megan is cute
butter pigyy
butter pigyy - 3 måneder siden
8:36 when I search up lemon party
jg pliskin
jg pliskin - 3 måneder siden
Great video! Fortunately dry cleaning is cheap because this totally shreked my panties
NitPickery - 3 måneder siden
Ngl, Megan and the female Gingie sound very similar
Dylan Yowa
Dylan Yowa - 3 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure Shrek 4D is still open lmfao. But I haven't been to universal in 2 years
Battlefront Warrior
Battlefront Warrior - 3 måneder siden
5:38 when Marcus covers the camera so quickly that shit was hilarious
Jacqueline A
Jacqueline A - 3 måneder siden
Honestly Meghan is a delight, y’all have a really fun dynamic
Tristan Tran
Tristan Tran - 3 måneder siden
0:55 That intro card uses the song from Metal Gear Rising. Specifically Monsoon's theme, "The Stains of Time".
Kari Bollard
Kari Bollard - 3 måneder siden
Kanaro Kan
Kanaro Kan - 3 måneder siden
7:36 he had enough of them
Fidget Master
Fidget Master - 4 måneder siden
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 4 måneder siden
I love how desperate Megan sounds when she says: "But what about sugar cookies?"
TheShanicpower - 3 måneder siden
She looks so betrayed and confused.
Lord Fuse
Lord Fuse - 4 måneder siden
*A r e y o u g o n n a f a r t o n m e ?*
N8te_Dawg - 4 måneder siden
I deadass died when they said that Prince Charming was packing heat
Alden Crane
Alden Crane - 5 måneder siden
Marcus knows figaro off the top of his head but can’t think of giminie cricket
The Villainous Drifter
The Villainous Drifter - 5 måneder siden
"You cannot eat a ghost."
"You can if you have magic teeth."
I see you Marcus, you fucking nerd.
Orovista The account
Orovista The account - 5 måneder siden
These are honestly comedy gold
Kickback - 5 måneder siden
Petite Alex
Petite Alex - 5 måneder siden
Dude I’m pretty sure I saw you do a video on all of the Shrek explaining when they failed ??
Brody Gatten
Brody Gatten - 5 måneder siden
All Marcus needs is a hat and glasses and he will be a Chad.
Parker Jameson
Parker Jameson - 5 måneder siden
"Mabel Pines! From Bob's Burgers!"
Hazard Rider
Hazard Rider - 5 måneder siden
Shrek 4D without the wet fart
George Thomas
George Thomas - 6 måneder siden
Oh shit I did not see Pinocchio hanging himself this shit went harmless to holy fuck! In seconds
BB Land
BB Land - 6 måneder siden
i knew a family hew calmed too be related too john booth. that was there last name too
Richard V. Small
Richard V. Small - 6 måneder siden
"tHeReS nO wAy tHe DoUgH wOuLd HaVe *RiSeD"* - Millennials
squared - 6 måneder siden
That's true, the Shrek ride is where we cool off lol
WingIT Productions
WingIT Productions - 6 måneder siden
Try this:
Moonshine - 6 måneder siden
Why Meagan looking like the dooner girl
TheCopyto - 7 måneder siden
I will have to wait another year for shrek 2 >:v
Moinmax40k - 7 måneder siden
More like packing YEET
Bemben Media Group
Bemben Media Group - 7 måneder siden
Hoenn Champion
Hoenn Champion - 7 måneder siden
So are you guys gonna watch Shrek 2 next year Cosmonaut?