Shazam! - Finally a Good DCEU Movie

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Aaron Geoghegan
Aaron Geoghegan - 16 timer siden
Man of steel B-
Batman vs superman C
Suicide squad C-
Wonder Woman B+
Justice league D
Aqua man C
Shazam B
Birds of prey B-
Dhruv Boricha
Dhruv Boricha - Dag siden
To be honest the most dissapointing thing in this movie was the cinematography.
Kryptoskillet - 2 dager siden
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
I own two Shazam volumes and that’s how I got into the movie
Browser Jay
Browser Jay - 5 dager siden
Shazam got good critical reviews but bombed at the box office because 1 zack snyder wasn't part of the film and 2 the movie was not realistic and grounded like the majority of modern dc films.
Dean McMillan
Dean McMillan - 7 dager siden
Shazam is the best DC movie Dark knight enters the chat
Ian Lagala
Ian Lagala - 11 dager siden
good? lul
Andrew Migacz
Andrew Migacz - 11 dager siden
honestly I thought billy was more mature as billy than shazam
Abrish Malik
Abrish Malik - 16 dager siden
I recently re-watched the movie, and another problem is that it will be dated. Shazam was doing the floss, which was already dated by the time the movie came out.
The Flash
The Flash - 14 dager siden
@Abrish Malik ik but movie makers cant stop putting references and i also hope dc makes more good movies
Abrish Malik
Abrish Malik - 14 dager siden
The Flash true, I just mean the references. I remember one show said something about twilight being a bad movie/book (don’t remember what show) and I know most kids in about 20-30 years won’t understand it. That’s a thing I like about the original Spider-Man, there’s little to no references that a kid like me wouldn’t understand. Shazam is still a really good movie, and I hope that dc takes an approach like this in the future.
The Flash
The Flash - 14 dager siden
you should have a different perspective
The Flash
The Flash - 14 dager siden
obviously every old thing would be out dated like cgi vfx sound colours story
Joshua Blair
Joshua Blair - 17 dager siden
@The Cosmonaut Variety Hour, you have to watch 'chuck' with Zachery levi
Super hero King
Super hero King - 18 dager siden
Fans:this is the best dc movie ever. the dark knight: am I really a joke to you guys
Luis Yizuz
Luis Yizuz - 20 dager siden
2020: Some dude in Tweeter who asked for the Snyder cut because it was Snyder's vision made his own cut of Shazam removing the humor
Scree - 23 dager siden
i thought you said dianas arc was learning not to view the world in strict good and evil?
lord of the hacks 60 117
lord of the hacks 60 117 - Måned siden
they just copied man of steel for the last fight scene.
lord of the hacks 60 117
lord of the hacks 60 117 - Måned siden
this movie is crap
Armitlye chaos phantom
Armitlye chaos phantom - Måned siden
what is the outro song?
stuff stuff
stuff stuff - Måned siden
erikscream - Måned siden
Dark knight is better
crunchy - Måned siden
Tracy Grey 333 '
Tracy Grey 333 ' - Måned siden
“All their movies have big dumb battles at the end” literally every Mcu movie too tho
Lincomics - Måned siden
Wait that was a dceu movie
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - Måned siden
Lincomics yup
Matthew Davis Spencer
Matthew Davis Spencer - Måned siden
I love the part when Shazam is like your aim sucks dick
A HYDRA - Måned siden
I thought it was lame
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - Måned siden
Skull Boi and thats why it was great. It did not take itself seriously at all. If it was lame and took itself seriously at the same time it would be dogshit
Picture Of
Picture Of - 2 måneder siden
Dr. Sivana, to me, was pretty good as a villain. Not cause they were special, but because they were basically the same kid who needed to prove something. The whole kid changing into an adult thing was reflected in Sivana. He never really grew up.
Hoops - 2 måneder siden
That Fanboy
That Fanboy - 2 måneder siden
Within the entire movie, from one of the many scenes, my fav was,
Big Billy: Yeah go get'em Batman!!"
elon musket
elon musket - 2 måneder siden
Dcs final battles are like Dragon ball
Elise - 2 måneder siden
My only problem was that it was way too fucking long, for no reason... The end fight went on forever and I just wanted it to end but it never did...
Harsh Pp
Harsh Pp - 2 måneder siden
i thought this movie is terrible
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - Måned siden
Harsh Pp because it’s just so over the top goofy that its just so much fun. You bring up valid points i must say. But i think the reason i enjoy this one as much as i do is because it is so much BETTER than the heartless, dead, horrible crap we got with literally EVERY other DCEU movie except for like Aquaman.
Harsh Pp
Harsh Pp - Måned siden
@Iko Ozzie OH. and the story was boring
Harsh Pp
Harsh Pp - Måned siden
@Iko Ozzie Bad acting by Billy. Shazam and Billy had very different personalities (probably cause Asher Angel can't act). Terrible fight scenes. Bad CGI. That's all just imo. Why did you like the movie?
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - Måned siden
Harsh Pp why
Epic gamer I guess
Epic gamer I guess - 2 måneder siden
I just wish the deadly sins had cooler designs
Out LawXI
Out LawXI - 2 måneder siden
guys i need the title to the song he used at the end
much appreciated
Mel Draghart
Mel Draghart - 2 måneder siden
This movie is a nice family commedy, light, fun to watch, and actually pretty smart... Also tons of metajokes about comic based movies.
Bangerang Eliko
Bangerang Eliko - 2 måneder siden
First scene gave me major Batman Returns opening vibes
stirthegreat cuming
stirthegreat cuming - 2 måneder siden
When I watched this movie half way through the power shut off in the district and we could hear the sound but not the video during the end fight scene
Dylan English
Dylan English - 2 måneder siden
You are such a mcu fanboy, holy crap, you probably think captain marvel is better then this because you are such a mcu fanboy
Logan Welch
Logan Welch - 3 måneder siden
The dceu has just fallen apart. They only have 2 good movies. They like jump straight forward into things. They start with a superman movie. Then take 3 years for the next one with already bringing 2 more super heroes without a movie of their and teasing other heroes. Also I think they shouldve waited to do a suicide squad movie.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones - 3 måneder siden
Saying this is the best DC movie is really saying something about DC
pat Ya boiz
pat Ya boiz - 3 måneder siden
I could tell he was flossing in the thumbnail the instant I saw it
Charles Wiebenga
Charles Wiebenga - 3 måneder siden
The best DC movie?! ... have you seen the Christian Bale Batman trilogy?
Laughing Pumpkin
Laughing Pumpkin - 3 måneder siden
Dr. Sivana really fuckin confused me because that beginning made him look Indian (not native American) then it goes like this white guy is that kid hell even og Shazam didn't recognize him
WrinkleinTime42 - 3 måneder siden
I watched this movie going in as someone who does not like superhero movies (please don't hurt me). I mildly enjoy superhero movies and don't care too much for them (except for the Spiderman Multiverse movie I love that one!)
I enjoyed Shazam a lot! I thought it was charming, sweet, I loved the characters and the fact that the young boys felt like real kids being thrown into a weird situation. I also liked how to superhero element had a magical background! I enjoyed it so much more than I thought! Definitely a rewatch movie for me :)
WC818 - 3 måneder siden
It was shit
HotDiggityDog - 4 måneder siden
I hate this movie.
DeVo - 4 måneder siden
Does Batman the dark knight not count as a DC movie?
TheFlanker47 - 4 måneder siden
You are getting paid by DC, right?
Katherine Sanderson
Katherine Sanderson - 4 måneder siden
I think what Diana needed to learn in WW wasn't that war is bad but that the world isn't as simple as she thought it was (but then the movie itself kind of messed that up)
Gabriel Lisi
Gabriel Lisi - 4 måneder siden
Watching this movie when you're from Toronto is so weird because it's so obviously shot in Toronto. Like, you see the kid leave bay station and then he exits at Greenwood station. It's really weird
Griffin Chalem
Griffin Chalem - 4 måneder siden
Finally a good DCEU movie? What about Wonder Woman??
Brock Johnston
Brock Johnston - 4 måneder siden
I think dark knight is the best DC movie
bryan Zol
bryan Zol - 4 måneder siden
This shit is cringe. How do people like this movie?
milk gallon
milk gallon - 5 måneder siden
Best DC movie? Dark knight trilogy
Jasper Lewis
Jasper Lewis - 5 måneder siden
Besides the Christian bale Batman trilogy
Ultra Noobs
Ultra Noobs - 5 måneder siden
My only REAL problem is I think the Shazam fam was brought in WAY too quick
Federico Constaín
Federico Constaín - 5 måneder siden
Shazam sucks
AverageFps - 5 måneder siden
Aquaman was better. Facts.
NOVA - 5 måneder siden
You should watch thus movie again, it's terrible. Nothing makes sense. Paper thin plot
Allan Forsman
Allan Forsman - 5 måneder siden
I thought this movie was gonna be so bad that it would be good but I was wrong
This movie is very good
new slender man9
new slender man9 - 6 måneder siden
What about the dark knight movies I thought they were good plus I'm a major batman fan
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie - 6 måneder siden
Loved it but i think that it was kinda 11/10 on the comicbook goofieness in the ending and not in a good way. Everyone turning into superheroes was just a bit too dumb. I would be fine if it was only that kid with the broken leg (sorry im not good with names) cause he’s like this little geek kid who really likes superheroes and stuff.
Rose McGee
Rose McGee - 6 måneder siden
I only watch those movies for the fight scenes! And usually I hate the story in between, here it didn't bother me! I enjoyed this one a lot. I did like Men of Steel as well and Wonder Woman was awesome, but this is by far the DC movie so far!
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 6 måneder siden
The pacing of the movie wasn't a huge problem since in the beginning, young Billy and his friend are acted well. It still shows, but you can have fun in those moments.