Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Worse Than You Remember

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Jab_ox - Time siden
i wish more people knew that eddie was mentioned in the first movie
No I’m Dirty dan
No I’m Dirty dan - Time siden
Not gonna lie but I fucking lost it when the laughing sound byte was added after Harry hits a fucking pipe.
LeoMessiHD3 - 17 timer siden
10:48 , i guess the sky is solid now?
Damiano Di Domenico
Damiano Di Domenico - 17 timer siden
Jfc, Harry Osborne should've been Venom
It's right there, dammit
Kane Draw’s!
Kane Draw’s! - Dag siden
I actually liked spider man 3, if anything, the only villain that really felt out of place was sand man, which is a shame because he has a great story
Dutch Torreyson
Dutch Torreyson - Dag siden
I’ve always thought that Octavius’s Tentacles wanted to rebuild the Fusion sun because that is their entire purpose as Doc Ock states that they were created for the sole purpose of creating successful fusion.
Can this LEGO brick get 100 subscribers
ABiNJOY - Dag siden
Wew.. This is fecked up..
Daniel Mallory
Daniel Mallory - Dag siden
I never found it weird I introduce my father by his full name same with my mom
Dumeme Okoye
Dumeme Okoye - Dag siden
Mary Jane in this movie is a simp
Dumeme Okoye
Dumeme Okoye - Dag siden
Dumeme Okoye
Dumeme Okoye - Dag siden
I don't like Sam Raimi's Spiderman at all
William Nguyen
William Nguyen - Dag siden
William Dafoe as green goblin is hilarious casting becuase he’s actually more insane and weird just being William Dafoe. He’s weirder before the transformation, he’s actually more sane as goblin
Isaac Reed
Isaac Reed - Dag siden
Tf outta here idc about your opinion on the stan lee spiderman I fuck love any movie regardless
Jose Uriel Santiago Canales
You are a stupid
Juan Campos
Juan Campos - 4 timer siden
@cebolimha gameplays he's stupid for having an opinion different than his
cebolimha gameplays
cebolimha gameplays - 8 timer siden
For what, exactly?
Itsskipppermyguy - Dag siden
Mr Sammy Bunestruck
Mr Sammy Bunestruck - Dag siden
Is that none shall pass from Aesop rock in the background?
Ismael Santiago
Ismael Santiago - 2 dager siden
If you make the movies perfect people say its to perfect if you make them a little out of the story they get mad and if you make them dorky they still don't like it fuck this shit i like every Spiderman movie so fuck this people
Bryan Loney
Bryan Loney - 2 dager siden
My fave is sm3 and I own sm2-3
Sarah :D
Sarah :D - 2 dager siden
MY GOD thank you for this video! Don’t get me wrong these movies aren’t that bad, they’re actually pretty good but I feel like people give a immense amount of credit to these two spiderman movies
upinyocribdawg68 - 2 dager siden
Have you considered that your opinions are just trash?
Juan Campos
Juan Campos - 4 timer siden
Have you considered that you're biased with nostaligia
Griffin Chalem
Griffin Chalem - 2 dager siden
Oh boy yeah
MK100 RQMK - 2 dager siden
I hate mary jane in the sam ramie movies
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - 2 dager siden
They r amazing, spectacular, and other analogies! Toby is pretty good. Now these movies are better than anything u could make!!
But ur doin a great job so keep doing what ur doing. 😁
cebolimha gameplays
cebolimha gameplays - 2 dager siden
@Christopher Brown i like the symbiote scene mostly because of the music, but i still think the movie should have been just about sandman and harry as villains, then maybe venom could have appeared in spider-man 4.
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - 2 dager siden
Also my favorite part IS when Peter gets the symbiote! So flip off!!
NightFuryFan150 - 2 dager siden
“And yea, everyone says Spider-Man 3 is the bad one.”
Schaffrillas Productions: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.
Minefix Animator
Minefix Animator - 2 dager siden
Harry's not an asshole. Hes just mad at peter cause he has connections with the person who harry thinks murdered his father, Spidey.
TheSilentGamer - 2 dager siden
Me after watching this video
Don't u say anything about the Dark Knight Trilogy
Adnun Sabab Arnab
Adnun Sabab Arnab - 2 dager siden
I absolutely agree on the MJ thing. Her portrayal in this trilogy is so effing bad it just makes me wanna punch her in the fucking face. She basically fucks with each and every young dude in this movie. Peter parker and spider man, (assuming that she didn’t know in the first place that both are the same guy) flash thompson, that astronaut guy and so on. She's such a gold digger here.
Also THE worst thing for me in this movie is It's a goddamn super hero movie. But for the most part It's jusr peter and mj going back and forth in their so called romantic relationship. For god's sake can we just put that up for some other romantic movie plz?
godspeed 11073
godspeed 11073 - 2 dager siden
I think I hate these movies because of Toby Maguire but everything else I’m ok with
xXRedDeathXx - 2 dager siden
Redroom trainer Played
Redroom trainer Played - 2 dager siden
Who’s here after 1 mil
Montaholic - 3 dager siden
I loved the video and all, but man you clickbaited the fuck out of us with that thumbnail and title
chitsb - 3 dager siden
For 20 years ago, it was pretty cool. It played homage to the 1967 cartoon. Honestly, any superhero movie gets cheesy after a while. Adam West’s Batman was super corny in the 90s, when Tim Burton was reigning, and now Tim Burton’s Batman is super corny!
Crimson Spyder Web
Crimson Spyder Web - 3 dager siden
(I like not love the Sam rami trilogy movies they are good but they sadly can't compare to the new more better spiderman movies)
Gotta say in almost every spiderman movie the villain had a motivation or something like that. Example
Spiderman 1:Goblin took some drugs and wanted spiderman to join his team they'd be better than the dynamic duo. Spiderman said no. Goblin gog pissed and wanted to ruin his life.
Spiderman 3: Sandman wasnt really the villain in this story just the one spiderman focused on but sandmans motivation was to get money kinda.. something like that I was confused. Eddie brock's life got fucked over cause of spiderman(Symbiote) and the symbiote was just spidermans obsessed ex they bot wanted to ruin spidermans life.
Amazing spiderman: The lizard just wanted to make better teenage mutant ninja turtles than Michael Bay.
Now I'm not going to write every villains motivation but there was one villain that I really fucking hate
Spiderman 2... What the fuck was ocks motivation for evil he literally just wanted to do a science project he created a mini sun...why the fuck would he do that seriously it doesn't make sense why was ock evil in this movie..cause of his arms well that's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard why the fuck do the arms even want to be evil ot just doesn't make sense to me.
I love doc ock in the comics especially superior spiderman but when people say 'spiderman 2 is a masterpiece and anything after it is just fucking garbage' that right there makes my brain shut down
WizardBricks Studios
WizardBricks Studios - 3 dager siden
This movie was amazing
Mirna Pasic
Mirna Pasic - 3 dager siden
Love how cuphead music is in the background
Gergő Piroska
Gergő Piroska - 3 dager siden
2020 : You can't joke about gay people because reasons

Take a fucking joke dude
cebolimha gameplays
cebolimha gameplays - 2 dager siden
his point was that the joke didn't age well, i'm pretty sure he said "wow spider-man, you're pretty homophobic" as a joke.
Bryan Gleason
Bryan Gleason - 3 dager siden
It's Kino
عبد الرحيم بوسلوب
Finally someone have my idea
weslar7 - 3 dager siden
Better then the sequel trilogy. By miles
Bruh Society
Bruh Society - 4 dager siden
The Tom holland spider man movies are the worst spider man movies easily
William Nguyen
William Nguyen - Time siden
Dwight Shrute that’s not exactly how that works. The computer wasn’t idiot proof, Tony didn’t design a suit generator that most likely wouldn’t be used to stop the suit from overloading due to human error. The fact this is tony who thinks he knows more than the machines usually do, makes it all the more plausible the machine would definitely not be able to proof against human error. It’s unlikely it’s going to be a dial and if he goes above the appropriate amount it’ll say “too much voltage”. Given he’s given this precisely becuase he needs to be his own Spider-Man make it more unlikely. The voltage may look the same as thro lightning(which is honestly personal opinion, I don’t think it looks that much like Thor) it clearly doesn’t since if that were true, the suit has some incredible power source to do that without short circuiting or killing him. Cgi is extremely relied when not needed sadly. There really wasn’t a reason to cgi a wall behind nick fury or not give him a prop gun, or the tulip scene but I digress. His suit really isn’t cgi completley, it’s just cgi is used to make it more seamless against the cgi backgrounds. Tobey maguire and Andrew Garfield didn’t use cgi which did help at some scenes to draw you in...but we end up getting some goofy scenes from them due to it. Andrew Garfield was fine, but tobey maguire had some scenes that you had to laugh at which is prob why they didn’t try to make it completley practical
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute - Time siden
@William Nguyen It doesn't take a lot of smarts to look at the screen and see how much he can increase it by. He just said 25% increase and the monitor probably showed him what he could and couldn't do. He doesn't need to calculate anything for the glider and parachute, and he flat out just said add manual detention. And sure he "designed it himself" but it looks the same as homecoming but with black. And for a big budget movie, they're not just gonna be lazy with cgi. Especially after scenes like that amazing mysterio cgi scene. And I'm not a lightning expert. But it's pretty obvious that bright large lightning is a lot stronger than tiny blue sparks coursing through a web. And I agree they use cgi way too much. It's why spider mans suit looks kind of weird. It looks cool but it kind of makes him cartoony I guess. It's kind of hard to explain but if you compare the cgi suit to Andrew Garfield 2nd suit it's clear which one is better
William Nguyen
William Nguyen - 3 timer siden
Dwight Shrute if the computer could just do it for him, he wouldn’t need to specify how much to increase voltage, he would just say increase voltage and it would’ve done it, that’s clearly not what happened as he needed to specify what to do for his suit. I think your overestimating how smart a computer is in comparison to a smart a.i. . Unless tony somehow reprogrammed the machine to, “don’t let Spider-Man increase voltage too much” then it’s all independent thought for spidey and not the computer. You know lazy cgi doesn’t mean bad cgi right? It just means they didn’t care to adjust it for the scene. Then again this is lightning and I doubt either of us are experts in lightning that can tell how strong lightning is via eyeballing it through a frame. Also cgi in far from home was more frequent but there are times the cgi is either unnecessary or extremely noticeable. Weaker lightning wouldn’t be easier if they just copy and pasted lightning from another scene.
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute - 3 timer siden
@William Nguyen All he had to say was to increase voltage and voltage was increased. The computer would let him know if something didn't work. I think you're underestimating how smart stark tech is. And don't blame the heavy lightning on lazy cgi. Far from home had outstanding cgi. And weaker lightning would be a lot easier anyways.
William Nguyen
William Nguyen - 4 timer siden
Dwight Shrute the computer can do the calculations Peter wants, but peter still needs to do it himself to figure out what works for the suit. If he puts too much it’ll short circuit the suit too quickly, too little and it’s a sparkle. It’s still difficult and he had to put his own designs into the suit. The lightning seems more that they have lazy cgi then anything related to Spider-Man. Spider parachutes have been done before and they were trying to incorporate as many of Spider-Man tech from the comics to show this is a final version of Spider-Man.
FA2RP - 4 dager siden
Pff, i don't care about is it bad or not... Its memes are still so OP that no one can actually compete em.
BeKo - 4 dager siden
Yeah,but they're still one of the best comic book movies.
Electrical Artist
Electrical Artist - 4 dager siden
HiTop films wants to know your location
SimWiz - 4 dager siden
I thougt this guy is jocking
Mike F
Mike F - 4 dager siden
PenguinPiz - 4 dager siden
but it doesnt suck though
Gael NPC
Gael NPC - 4 dager siden
20:07 no one is talking about the pun with the wedding ring?
TheSquidi - 4 dager siden
14:54 yeah the mcu aunt may is so much better right (sarcasam)
Brooke Neilson
Brooke Neilson - 4 dager siden
So let me get this straight- you say that the amazing spider-man 2 is the worst spider-man movie, but you didn't even fucking watch it? Yeah, okay Tom Holland fangirl.
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
Brooke Neilson He did watch it
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute - 3 dager siden
Brooke Neilson I know right idk what he's talking about
Some_editor 946
Some_editor 946 - 4 dager siden
Did U see the other video lol?
Tiago Feitosa
Tiago Feitosa - 4 dager siden
J Jameson is just perfect in this trilogy. This is a gold mine for memes hahaha
Robin Achaibar
Robin Achaibar - 5 dager siden
You're old sempai🤣
Spycraft 18
Spycraft 18 - 5 dager siden
God damn, I personally dont agree with your opinion but man, that's a lot of dislikes
Caz - 5 dager siden
we all know who the best spider-man is

Liam Singley
Liam Singley - 5 dager siden
7:53 when this dude is calling aunt may an a hole dude think about it this guy is stealing cash that makes him basicly a theif.
Manipulator - 5 dager siden
The people who still thinks the Sam Raimi trilogy is legendary is because
-Uncle Ben
-Spider-man 2
- FardeenXD
- FardeenXD - 6 timer siden
Milky Way Huizar I find Tom Holland Peter Parker more relatable even if he has Tony as a father figure and a super suit but that’s not what’s relatable about him, the Spider-Man aspects aren’t what I find relatable, I find Peter Parker relatable, he lives in an apartment and most important of all, he’s ACTUALLY passable as a teenager, the entire time I watch the original trilogy I see Tobey as a man in his mid twenties pretending to be in school whereas I can easily imagine a kid like Tom Holland in my school
Milky Way Huizar
Milky Way Huizar - 21 time siden
Bro the raimi movies were f&cking fun to watch. I just finally finished watching all the marvel movies and those are truly amazing. After watching far from home I decided to watch Spiderman 2 to see how it will hold up. I can just connect better with these films than I can with the mcu. You really understand Peter and his struggles and that's what I love about these movies. I'm a big fan of the mcu and phase 1 will always be my favorite movies do to knowing and understanding the heroes in a more personal level. Dam raimi just did it better. But your not wrong about your list. There s just more to it
Spirit PBR
Spirit PBR - Dag siden
mainly nostalgia. Raimi was most of an entire generation of people's exposure to Spider-Man and thus many view him as the quintessential version of the character despite how far he is from the comics. Holland encapsulates a young Peter Parker perfectly and will without a doubt be a more faithful adaptation of adult Peter once his character develops into adulthood.
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
Manipulator Like The Star Wars Prequals
Charles Isbell
Charles Isbell - 6 dager siden
I’ve never cared for the OG Spider-Man movies I’m 26 watched and loved them growing up but they are the worst set of movies
Jessie Garcia
Jessie Garcia - 4 dager siden
@Parker gunna cry?
Parker - 5 dager siden
I missed the part where that's my problem
William Aguirre
William Aguirre - 6 dager siden
I love Sam raimi Spiderman
Wave Train
Wave Train - 2 dager siden
William Aguirre Less then Homecoming and Spiderverse
Anita Marie
Anita Marie - 6 dager siden
I hate u home comeing suck ahhhh and spider man 3 is the best one
Slavy Boi
Slavy Boi - 6 dager siden
This is a movie from the 2002
In that sense Christopher Reeve’s Superman doesn’t hold up either cause it’s old
Obviously it won’t hold up cause visuals, culture ,looks and personalities evolve and chance during time
But you act like a kid too spoiled from MCU movies
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute - 3 dager siden
Very true,also a lot of the points he made didn't even make sense. Like saying aunt may is the worst when she's perfectly on character. How is that worse than MCU aunt may, who's literally just there to keep people's attention when the movie gets boring
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 6 dager siden
HiTop Films: *"SAY THAT AGAIN"*
VDenssy —
VDenssy — - 6 dager siden
This dude does not understand how good this trilogy is.
Jessie Garcia
Jessie Garcia - 4 dager siden
This guy is a film critic, his whole career depends on slamming movies, he probably doesn't really hate the trilogy, its more so just to see the movie from a different angle.
Laugh Slap Productions
Laugh Slap Productions - 6 dager siden
*Clickbait for views bro. It’s a classic. And 1 and 2 are still far better than any other Spider-Man movies that’ve come out since.*