Resident Evil 3 is Really Disappointing

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Yung Content
Yung Content - 9 dager siden
I just beat it and im disappointed as a RE fan. Failure of a game.
DUcK LiPs - 16 dager siden
I mean resistance is fun...But that’s not really what resident evil fans want from This game. In my opinion the story was a little rushed and it got quite boring when you know you possibly can’t really lose.I think the puzzles were annoying and juts was out there to make the game longer. So yeah games kinda ass,But resistance is really fun and re-playable so that’s a plus.5/ 10
Reborn Kusabi
Reborn Kusabi - 20 dager siden
Listen, I love the original Resident Evil 3, a LOT, I've played it on EVERY system it was released on but this RE 3 remake WAS shit. You could legitimately tell Capcom gave their full, undivided attention to RE2make while RE3make was a lesser effort. For me, and I don't make this comparison lightly, RE3make was pretty much the Devil May Cry 2 to RE2make's Devil May Cry 1.
I didn't care about the stuff they removed in RE2make because who cares, but large parts of an already short game were removed from RE 3 in this remake. An entire two areas to be exact- and part of those two areas were specifically designed to show how BAD a situation Jill was in. The zombie invasion in RE3make felt smaller and honestly more containable than the original, and part of that is due to the drastically reduced city map in the remake.
My only good thing I liked in this remake was Jill's design. It felt like how a woman of her type would look, and made her look like how an ex-military woman would dress and style her hair.
Danny Chefalo
Danny Chefalo - 25 dager siden
While there were some good spooks and tenses moments in the game, the scariest part of the game was the item management
hifi 88
hifi 88 - 27 dager siden
I think they rushed this game where the hell is the extra mode mad jackal?
Ray Sullivan
Ray Sullivan - Måned siden
A very sad scoring, but I understand. For me it was mostly a good experience, but I cannot rightly disagree with the videos Ive seen, including yours. As for Resistance.....
At first I LOVED it, but over time... The problems are REALLY, sinking ng in. The big issue is that the connection strength is tied to the host, the MasterMind... Which leads to, disconnections, lag issues and makes it even worse when lag switchers, RAGEQUITTERS and Self Destructors(MasterMinds that RAGEQUIT) play.
I wonder how long can it last. We NEED, dedicated servers. I would be interested to know your take on Resistance, for me, the chrs are great, the MasterMind dialogue is awesome, especially Daniels!]:3
jacob traicoff
jacob traicoff - Måned siden
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ArcherDrake287 - Måned siden
Damn Nemesis is as fugly as this remake's length, content and gameplay features lol
SauceGodBandjos - Måned siden
Tbh I think it’s the perfect blend of scary/creepy and action based, Re2 was dope the little time I played but it was just way to scary for me to play, ptsd and horror doesn’t go well. The whole stalker Mr X didn’t sit well with me, I rather deal wit the set pieces of nemesis which is more than enough for me.
mc0nel - Måned siden
Cant believe I spent 60 bucks
george2p - Måned siden
After how much I adored Re 2 remake, I couldn't help but to buy this one on the first day. Wish I could refund this piece of crap...
Michael Healy
Michael Healy - Måned siden
Can't you play on nightmare mode or something?
tisdue - Måned siden
i kept waiting for this game to become enjoyable. Once I started skipping the cutscenes I realized how bored I was with it. Just deleted it.
I love You
I love You - Måned siden
Nemesis is the big part of disappointment of this game, i think this was what fans inner heart thinking.
Im was hoping RE4 won't make the same mistake.
Neam Raven
Neam Raven - Måned siden
"The action is the thing I like the least in Resident Evil."
"RE4 is in my Top 3 of all time."
RE3 rocks and so does the remake.
Neam Raven
Neam Raven - 16 dager siden
@kareem pride I like both games. They are both reimaginings but what annoys me about RE2R is that it pretends it's also a remake and half asses it. RE3R embraces being a reimagining, so all the missing stuff doesn't piss me off. Gameplay wise RE3R is superior. Graphics wise it's superior. Story and characters are better. Music is better. Its shortcomings are the lack of bonus content and perhaps the linearity and lack of puzzles if one deems those important. I don't think they are that important in RE3's case, and the other thing is the game is not as short as people think but the lack of puzzles and backtracking make it shorter. That should be obvious--take the puzzles and backtracking out of RE2R and it's a shorter game than 3. But whatever, some people will never get it because they don't want to. They won't even admit the gameplay of 2 is tedious and forces you to play a specific way rather than how you want to, as opposed to RE3R which gives you the tools to play however you want.
kareem pride
kareem pride - 16 dager siden
@Neam Raven Yeah, I'm still waiting on someone to explain to me what's so amazing about Resident evil 2 reimagining? (It's a reimagining, not a remake) The more I play that game, the more I get irritated by it. It's so tedious. The combat is bland, The boss fights are terrible, The puzzles are casual garbage, No enemy variety, and etc. RE2R is one of the most overrated games I've ever played. RE3R came along and improved upon most of the flaws that RE2 had. And the braindead RE fanbase didn't appreciate it.
Neam Raven
Neam Raven - 16 dager siden
@kareem pride Haha, glad to have a fan! Yeah, I love RE3R and I will keep defending it, especially from morons who don't realize RE2R is not actually better, let alone a masterpiece. Hahahahaha.
kareem pride
kareem pride - Måned siden
I love how you are going to video after video defending this great game :D RE fans are so fucking stupid. It's crazy that they really prefer RE2 reimagining, which was vastly overrated and mediocre, over RE3R which improved upon RE2 in so many ways. Fuck the RE fanbase. They are hypocrites.
Sceptile UX
Sceptile UX - Måned siden
In my opinion re3 remake had alot of replayability, mostly because of everything leading up to the carlos level, after that's it's a little boring for me.
TheOfficialZeldaMaster - Måned siden
This channel is disappointing.
Lemon Acid Rounds
Lemon Acid Rounds - Måned siden
RE3 Remake is not as good as the original but its still fine for a modern game where the script leads you! Those brain bubbles you gotta shoot fighting the last boss, they exist in Dead Space as well. A lot of the modern games are having it. Resident Evil 4 is not even a Resident Evil game! I don't know why this crap is having so many fans. Resident Evil trademark is zombies, puzzles and camera angle! Its not about angry villagers attacking with pickaxes, shovels and chainsaws and acrobatic jumps and somersaults with the speed of light! Its a stupid action game that don't deserve the name Resident Evil! Resident Evil games are Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code Veronica! The real fans of the real Resident Evil games will understand what I'm saying!
Nahuel Ahpa
Nahuel Ahpa - Måned siden
You are actually right on this one, this is a mediocre ,rushed and unfinished DCL, a shitty remake.
Wesley Allen Williams
Wesley Allen Williams - Måned siden
RE 3 original is like that too
james johnson
james johnson - Måned siden
i spent 40 dollars and i feel like i overpayed for this lol the original re3 way better sadly such a dissapointment when re2 was so good
LiberatedMind - Måned siden
The old games gave you way more ammunition.
Malibu JoneZ
Malibu JoneZ - Måned siden
This is re3 (re5 version)
Da Do
Da Do - Måned siden
Good thing I got it when the Capcom sale happened
Nick McDaniel
Nick McDaniel - Måned siden
Oh ppl are so wrong about RE games,let me explain. The whole survival horror, turned action oriented games are mistaken. You're all wrong . The games have always been both ,survival horror and action. As the games went on the newer games of RE showed more of the action. The action has always been there it's just become more visible as the games went on. And if anything Re games are all puzzle based games.
Nick McDaniel
Nick McDaniel - Måned siden
I like how ppl hated the original RE3 and was considered 1 of the worst RE games,but now that the RE3 Remake is out,u all shit on it ,ur all the same ppl that hated the original but now all of a sudden the original re3 is a good game. Really wow ppl are flip floppers,ppl are mindless zombies themselves that cant think for themselves so they go where the votes if opinions go ,you're all brainwashed cultists that cant make up your mind
How Do I Make A Username?
How Do I Make A Username? - Måned siden
Look how petty this comment section is
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers - 2 måneder siden
I wonder what are your other favorite top 3 games
Jojo Poppy
Jojo Poppy - 2 måneder siden
This game feels like the people who made the movies decided to make a game. It's *vaguely* resident evil. Zero soul or heart went into it.
Mr T’s GAMEPLAYS - 2 måneder siden
I have to admit that I didn’t like the bosses in Resident Evil 3 remake. The bosses in resident evil 2 remake were better
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen - 2 måneder siden
Carlos said to Jill « you saved me first » pretty sure they cuted some things and didn’t develop the clock tower because they wanted everyone in RE4 remake, Re3 was planned for 2021, but resistance was shit so they put Re3 with it
michael machado
michael machado - 2 måneder siden
Even the old re3 had lowkey action bruv
Aaron Sh_i_bu
Aaron Sh_i_bu - 2 måneder siden
aah the music in the it just me or did it sound like the music in re4 while you're trying to save?
the uh...typewriter music.
Ann Ann
Ann Ann - 2 måneder siden
This game is by war one of the best resident evil series but I suppose that you enjoy most of the crap like outbreak and resident evil 7!!!
Ankita Nair
Ankita Nair - Dag siden
Too bad, Re 7 was a success and now iys getying a sequel
Why I woke Up
Why I woke Up - 2 måneder siden
But what difficulty were you on?
Why I woke Up
Why I woke Up - 2 måneder siden
Yeah but the original wasn’t that good either :(
Marc Meier
Marc Meier - 2 måneder siden
Isn’t RE4 super linear and gave you a ton of ammo/enemies? And that’s your favorite?
I mean, I trust you. But just a bit confused.
Mike Hurt
Mike Hurt - 2 måneder siden
It feels like they took their time with the remake of RE 2 but when that was really successful they rushed RE 3 to get it out right away a year later
Queen Jewel
Queen Jewel - 2 måneder siden
It's probably a good thing you hadn't played the original re3 before this. You would've most likely been more unhappy with the game. The original had 2 other areas: the clock tower and the park. The remake has u do a boss fight right in front of the clock tower but in the original, you get to go in there. I think it was most peoples favorite part of the original re3 since it had a big puzzle and it closely resembled re2 in that aspect. The park had the only non nemesis boss in the game. I understand the park was mostly filler but the remake really needed filler to stretch out that runtime anyways. The only thing the remake did better was they expanded on the hospital, which was nice but doesn't make up for the lack of 2 whole areas. The remake also took out mercenaries mode, which is similar to the ghost survivors of re2 remake but has more focus on kill counts as opposed to escape. Mercenaries mode has been in other games but made its debut in re3 so it is really weird to see it gone and replaced by the dumpster fire that is re resistance.
Alejandro Aragon
Alejandro Aragon - 2 måneder siden
I was so dissatisfied with all the new gameplay I never bothered to buy it
Horfenico - 2 måneder siden
I get your point but in re2 it's extremely easy to horde resources in the same way if you know what you're doing lol
Jullian Coverton
Jullian Coverton - 2 måneder siden
isn't every RE game short? Also isn't survival horror a sub-genre of action
Michael Werner
Michael Werner - 2 måneder siden
Game started strong, ended weak.
Polter Pup
Polter Pup - 2 måneder siden
My Dad bought the game tonight, and it hasn't done a good job in the aspect of zombies and in the aspect of a video game in general. I don't understand how when you shoot a zombie in the face, it isn't dead. Ok, I shoot in the face 2 more times and it's on the ground. It then proceeded to get up and continue to attack me. Who came up with that idea.... Then there's a puzzle where I have to get past a fire hydrant. A fire hydrant. The fire in itself doesn't even make sense, and it's an actual puzzle to get past a fire hydrant. Nice, you have lost my attention.
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!!
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!! - 2 måneder siden
This remake has more stolen fallout content than actual resident evil 3 content heated plasma knife energy pistol bobbleheads and a super mutant nemesis does Bethesda know crapcom straight stole content???
boltsy13 - 2 måneder siden
they shoulda had more game time in this cause this is way too short for just one story being told.
disgea69 - 2 måneder siden
I hate both remakes suck they took out guns and upgrades and big parts from both games story capcom dropped the ball ps I own both games on ps1 and still play them way better
Ankita Nair
Ankita Nair - Dag siden
Atleast RE 2 remake looks more Rsdident Evil than 4,5,6, and maybe 7
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao - 2 måneder siden
When i search disappointed hour and i saw this video.
candugiful - 2 måneder siden
Nigga original re2 was more survival... original re3 was action game...and you can finish both game in like 3 freaking hours! You suck!
mik curius
mik curius - 2 måneder siden
survival horror, means luck of ammo ..if u have grenade launcher, magnums, machine guns , a tone of herbs and shotguns, the horror goes for a walk
Matthew Hester
Matthew Hester - 2 måneder siden
Just a disappointment, lots of stuff missing from the original. Would love capcom to do a remaster of re2 and re3, in the style of re1 remake. Then can die happy.
Tim Adams
Tim Adams - 2 måneder siden
One more tip: if you don’t carrying the help items during regular gameplay: ie coins, book— trying to carry them into the final rail gun fight makes no difference, also in the final rail gun fight, grenades, the grenade launcher and the shotgun are useless— yeah, big FU to all the players that three of you most powerful weapons from the regular game are a complete waste of time for console players in the final battle perhaps we should ask why the developers felt that after defeating the entire game the place this big screw you when the game was already completed? Did the team that worked on the final scene not get the memo or what?
Tim Adams
Tim Adams - 2 måneder siden
RE2 was excellent. RE3 is a failure. RE3 is set up with a ton of resources and coins etc because the game’s poor controls would make it almost impossible to beat if you’re playing on a console. As a PS4 player I’ve found that the standard game can be completed with knife, standard pistol and some grenades only on my second play thru, but on nightmare or inferno modes, you can get through the entire game with only standard weapons, defeat Nemesis until you get to the final rail gun, and then due to console lag and broken mechanics, you may never actually finish the game. Some things I’ve learned beating final Nemesis: save your mag ammo for the end, console players, any shooting delays from other weapons kills you. Tight circling in front of the rail gun will usually cause Nemesis to army crawl/drum play attack, giving you a better chance of survival. If you miss shoots on Nemesis, he will try to instant kill you, so slow you attack combos unless you’re in bullet time. Console players like us are at a real disadvantage in RE3, with your commands often ignored especially the reload and fire/attack commands. Good luck
Sylas Grayson
Sylas Grayson - 2 måneder siden
No more disappointing than how you turned out to be. My condolences to your parents for having given birth to you.
shortperson20 - 3 måneder siden
RE3 did have multiple routes
Morph3%US _
Morph3%US _ - 3 måneder siden
Dont get why ppl love fukin sucked..buying guns from some random dude?? 0-3 are the "canon" for me. 7 Was cool and interested in seeing where they go with it after they remake 1 and code veronica. As for 4,5 and maybe 6 if they can redo the bs shoot em up about those trash games, and make em more like RE2 Remake like how 4 was orginally intended to released as but again they ended up making it a shoot em up game and went on that crazy tangent of a story...
ChaseFace - 3 måneder siden
why so much vocal fry
just clear your throat and speak up
Elliott - 3 måneder siden
All Resident Evil games are very short. If the 60$ pricetag is really an issue, just wait a few months or even a year, since AAA game prices drop like rocks, most from 2015-18 are like 20$ now
Hannah Sherwood
Hannah Sherwood - 3 måneder siden
This game needed another few months to add gameplay areas and to balance it. They recycled quite a bit for this game (which is fine), so im unsure where the time went. Personally, I think the game could have benefited from having carlos needing to navigate a city section like jill (or there being a second city area after the subway crash and before the clocktower), having an enclosed clocktower area that was puzzle heavy (maybe jills walkie is busted and she has to ring the bells to alert carlos?), and a lot more player control over navigating to new areas. The original game felt so much more open and i was really hoping capcom would modernize that feeling as well as they did for re2.
Im holding out for some dlc. I think theres an interesting gap in time where jills still asleep and carlos has to go to the hospital basement, where he could have to fight against nicolai and be tormented with traps and puzzles. Then the sequence ends around the time carlos shows up to help jill in the biohazard disposal arena. Also, maybe another dlc could be the massacre just before jills story starts. Theres a college that gets overrun, so thatd be a cool setting to explore.
There was a lot of missed opportunity here and i hope its not indicative of capcom becoming passive with these remakes. Id like to see a code veronica remake. I know theyre gonna redo re4 (which will be difficult enough already, to say the least, because that game is still fairly modern). If they drop the ball on the other games, its gonna sink the awesome momentum theyve been building the past few years.
Berry - 3 måneder siden
Every resident evil game is short. What makes it long is the back tracking and not knowing wtf to do. This one is just a lot more linear. What they did to Nemesis was just plain wrong though.