Pacific Rim Uprising - An Unworthy Sequel

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Lucas Thomas
Lucas Thomas - 9 timer siden
Uhhh....... I watched the movie
Friendly Hive Tyrant
Friendly Hive Tyrant - 4 dager siden
I love the fact that Charlie Day (The Radical Scientist) plays Benny in the Lego Movie, SPACESHIP, SPACESHIP!!!
RIP his character arc.
TheHauntedPotato - 5 dager siden
Tbh im a huge Godzilla fan and my favorite part of the original Pacific Rim are the cool and unique kaiju. And to see that they decide to turn the second movie into another robot fighting transformers wannabe was really disappointing. I understand that it kinda had to be this way because of how the first movie left off and I get that this would undermine all of the achievements of the first movie, but I would rather they just have some random thing happen that would open the portal again or maybe open another portal. Literally anything to get back to what made the first movie great and original, which was the jaeger vs kaiju fights. Mechine vs monster
Valters Plūme
Valters Plūme - 9 dager siden
Yesterday I watched it on Netflix. Really liked it, but I did notice that the Jaegers are too fast for their size. And the awesome music that was played several times in the 1st movie (Gypsy Danger introduction and Hong Kong battle), wasn't heard at all in the second one.
And the Jaeger take-off scene was completely ruined by that Russian song.
Targi Svear
Targi Svear - 13 dager siden
The "nobody has character traits so the robots are not personalized" thing kind of is genius in a dumb way on the makers' part.
Red Science
Red Science - 14 dager siden
Watching this movie was like watching the 2nd season of Terraformars. (Huge dissapointment with a slice of anger and a sprinkle of depresion)
JoelJoestar - 20 dager siden
Me and my friend really loved Pacific Rim (him more than me) and when I asked him how Uprising was he was almost crying
Reborn Kusabi
Reborn Kusabi - 20 dager siden
Always a fan of when a movie series is killed with its second installment for no other reason than incompetence. There are movies that end at the second one, and that's fine, but this is a film that kills the series because of very poor writing and extreme Chinese pandering, which clearly didn't work cause the film bombed there. Oops!
Assassin199410 - 9 dager siden
The movie is amazing! It didn't "kill" anything. The writing is amazing, it's just that people can't except nee ideas. There's a Netflix Anime coming out this year. So yeah
Muhammad Shaikh
Muhammad Shaikh - 21 dag siden
Horrible sequel to an amazing Movie
Nick E.
Nick E. - 25 dager siden
Forgot this movie existed
Sobelly Chang
Sobelly Chang - 26 dager siden
I like your reasons
Sobelly Chang
Sobelly Chang - 26 dager siden
Before watching this video I was exited and then I hated with all the things you say ( I do not know remember anything )
KidGhidorah *
KidGhidorah * - 27 dager siden
This movie was freaking amazing. It was better than the first movie. I dare you to change my mind
Jamar Walters
Jamar Walters - 28 dager siden
🤦🏾‍♂️I watched it😭😅
Rostovolt bargh
Rostovolt bargh - 28 dager siden
idk maybe because i just watch transformers saga but i feel this movie wasnt so bad
hhayden45 - 28 dager siden
the other thing is that they sent teenagers to fight dangerous giant monsters wich is extremely stupid and the breach gets open again by blue and white lasers how can something bad from earth open a portal to another dimension? thats just... pacific rim should of been a movie that should not have a second movie. because the first one is a masterpiece. but the could of made a pacific rim re mastered.
hhayden45 - 28 dager siden
@Assassin199410 yep but newt was mind controlled by the aliens and they made him re open the breach
hhayden45 - 28 dager siden
@Assassin199410 but yes after the first movie of Pacific rim after gispy danger and his 2 pilots sacrificed themselves to kill the aliens not all of the aliens died and some might of began to make more kaiju because they knew the knew threw newt that he was going to reopen the breach and so he did threw jeager kaiju hybrids but only 3 kaiju emerged.
hhayden45 - 28 dager siden
@Assassin199410 I was joking
Assassin199410 - 28 dager siden
@hhayden45 The breach was remade Kaiju Stuff. Left over from the war.
hhayden45 - 28 dager siden
@Assassin199410 and I was joking a absolutely love this movie so much
hhayden45 - 28 dager siden
i agree this movie was bad
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - Måned siden
I thought I was crazy for thinking this movie is horrible, thank God I'm not alone😂
Danny Declue
Danny Declue - Måned siden
Somehow I really enjoyed the first Pacific rim. I felt like it was the definition of a popcorn movie. And it had the most badass speech since Independence Day
Lauren Woods
Lauren Woods - Måned siden
I loved the first Pacific Rim. I refuse to acknowledge the second one.
Assassin199410 - 28 dager siden
It's not even "bad" though. It continues thr story of the first film in a clever way. Is it exactly like the first movie? No. But it was never going to be. They closed the breach in the first movie. So this movie shows how the aliens came out. I don't understand how so many people are "mad" about that. People get "mad" because the Jeagers can move faster in this movie when they're in the future, a future that can build giant robots with advanced weaponry. And one of the Jeagers in the first movie did a hand stand on a Kaiju and Gypsy Jumps in the air and slams a punch on Leatherback so. Also!, one of the Jeagers in the first movie moved faster than the others because it was a newer model while the others were older models and that's why they moved slower. They built the Uprising Jaegers to be faster in combat.
Lucif - Måned siden
I think what made the first good is that everything is a little weird or Qewrky? And its got that Del Toro feeling. The robots are giant PIECES OF MACHINERY, they moved slowly and felt more real and it felt more idk, believable.
- NoPlanGaming -
- NoPlanGaming - - Måned siden
while I'm not defending pru I do have to say that the reason all jaegers have the cool badass stuff is that they are new. in pr1 the jaegers were scavenged together which was said in the shatter dome scene but in pru they had 10 years to rebuild and bring every jaeger up to date
Timothy McQueen
Timothy McQueen - Måned siden
Just like Chris Stuckmann's least favorite movie is Dragon Ball: Evolution, this is my least favorite film of all time because it is so insultingly bad and pisses me off at literally anything it does or tries to do. It takes a fat shit on Guillermo Del Toro's interesting universe and characters, along with literally what the first movie was even fucking, like......about. Along with that, the excellent Pacifc Rim theme is used ONCE in the entire movie and it's literally the worst scene. I hate this film so fucking much.
indpndnt sffring
indpndnt sffring - Måned siden
tbh, i didn't really expected anything good from pr 2. It was almost predictable and at some point you just wished that the kaiju would just kill everybody. And the fact that they "opened" this i dont know portal has no sense. in the first one they didn't close the portal, they just exploded everything. Killed every living being inside of it. Also they pissed me of with this "charlie is the bad guy now" thing. It was clearly made for money and nothing else. Just like the disney reboots, they didn't care if they should do it, they just wanted money. //sorry for my english it's not my main language//
Prathap Kutty
Prathap Kutty - Måned siden
It's a shame because John boyega deserves a better movie as a lead. At least this movie introduced me to cailee spaeny and ivanna Sakho
Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada
Atlantic Rim is way better that this Movie.
Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger - Måned siden
It's like they did this:
"Oh? That robot mech movie did really good? Let's milk it for a sequel and replace the good character development for stuff we can sell"
Wash Your Damn Hands
Wash Your Damn Hands - Måned siden
It's a good thing I already watched it, and also a bad thing cause this movie sucked so many balls
NiD0 Ravensbeard
NiD0 Ravensbeard - Måned siden
*“Charlie causes the apocalypse”* god dammit! This is fucking gold. You’re fucking gold.
Dr Blue Jay
Dr Blue Jay - Måned siden
8:02 Me: have heard of Micheal bay?
Ryan Copada
Ryan Copada - Måned siden
Good thing I didn’t waste my money
tysoon363636 - Måned siden
Shit movie made in China, everyone hates!
Sam Urfer
Sam Urfer - Måned siden
Sue me but I didn’t hate this movie. But the characters could be better
{{D34D}} - 2 måneder siden
Am i the only one who thinks the movie felt short? Even now when I'm trying to remember, I cant remember much. Which makes it feel shorter. The only thing i enjoyed was the robot, kaiju smashed together.
Geeky Bros Collector Kings
Geeky Bros Collector Kings - 2 måneder siden
Bruh, I loved the first movie, and when I saw this garbage, I was so mad!
iamericmin - 2 måneder siden
The first movie's jaegers felt imposing, towering, and powerful. You could hear the metal groan on their sheer weight, and punches/slashes felt heavy and deadly. The jaegers from this movie? They just feel like cheap plastic toys lmfao
BioLink - 2 måneder siden
The first films characters and writing were nothing to write home about they were functional and served their purpose. However the first films claim to fame imo is its action and sadly action even in good films nowadays seems to be an after thought after everything else. But Pacific Rim takes the action and brings back that feeling I used to have while watching Jackie Chan films (his Chinese films not his US films) the action is entertaining in more ways than just moving pictures and lights, its well choreographed, it makes sense visually, there is a sense of weight and cause and effect, it has continuity from scene to scene, its viscerally fun to watch but more to the point its engaging. The action is the art its not just tacked on to give a bunch of stupid kids something to look at its a part of the film, it is the film.
I take offence to films just being "action flicks" because action can be an artform in the same way martial arts is an artform. It saddens me that "its just an action flick" has become the norm because films just do action poorly so people have forgotten that action can be engaging and interesting. Maybe I have just watched to many kung fu flicks and expect more from an action film than just the equivalent to a toddler slamming action figure together.
Will and Will Studios
Will and Will Studios - 2 måneder siden
Things I did while watching it in the theater: 1. I recall leaning forward in my seat in disbelief when the Trololo song appeared 2. I shouted “What the hell was that!?!” 3. During the credit scene that sets up the 3rd film, I exhaustingly said “f**k you...”
Blazing Nerd
Blazing Nerd - 2 måneder siden
My friend has this thing were he likes to show me sequels without showing me the first movie. Boondocks saints. Grown ups. This. I had no idea what was going on this entire movie. Nor did I during boondocks saints 2. But that was because I couldn’t understand the main characters accents.
Motherfucker also suggested back in the day for me to watch Boruto even though I hadn’t watched Naruto at that point. Either he has shit taste or it’s a game to him.
ThatOneDudeAlex '
ThatOneDudeAlex ' - 2 måneder siden
The first move is still one of my favorite movies of all time.When I left the theater after watching the 2nd movie I wanted to die, they fleshed out all of the good things and made them bland and boring.
Ben Haney
Ben Haney - 2 måneder siden
China has ruined EVERYTHING. Fuck you China.
Ben Haney
Ben Haney - 2 måneder siden
To be fair about the swords... That fucking sword at the end of the first movie was so ridiculously powerful, just so op, they were probably like, "shit, we should ALL have swords " lol
Ben Haney
Ben Haney - 2 måneder siden
4:43 Literally what happens in the movie.
Ben Haney
Ben Haney - 2 måneder siden
This movie was so unnecessary because the first film already had a strong sort of sequel vibe. The first films screenplay was interesting in that way as it explored the post Kaiju attack world in the FIRST film. It took place like 5 or 10 years after the first attack. The powers that be actually want to dismantle the Jager program, its had its day already. The Jagers are considered antiquated my many but have to step in when the new coastal defense wall idea turns out to suck. It seems to me more than obvious that if you were going to make another movie, you'd make it a prequel. Make about when the Kaiju first attack and the Jagers are first made. Again, to me, this seems more than obvious. But what do I know.
tbailey264 - 2 måneder siden
I never heard about this movie using the Trololo song too. That just makes it 10 million% worse
Brandon Orduno
Brandon Orduno - 2 måneder siden
Have You Reviewed Enders Game?
Ivan Salguero
Ivan Salguero - 2 måneder siden
The only thing i liked about this movie was a promo they did when they said something about a jaguer been as tall as a mountain or something like that. That hyped the movie a bit for me but it was a dissapointment when i saw it
Some Guy
Some Guy - 2 måneder siden
Idk why they made Newt evil
It feels so forced like......all of the sudden he became an evil precursor
Justin Why
Justin Why - 2 måneder siden
Wait Mako dies?
Urge to kill RISIIIIIING!!!!
Saira Rodrigues
Saira Rodrigues - 2 måneder siden
By the way its Raleigh and its jake not fin
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong - 2 måneder siden
I can excuse the every robot has a sword thing, because when you realise you can one-hit kaiju with a sword, but you need 50 missiles to do the same job...yeah give the robots swords. Like i appreciate what the sword symbolised in the first movie, and that it was a character moment, but logically in that world when you realise swords have more of an impact against these things than ion cannons, yeah give the robots swords.
Saruv Bet
Saruv Bet - 2 måneder siden
Fights in the first one were objectively superior.
LAUGHING HYENA - 2 måneder siden
honestly, ive never rlly liked pacific rim
Asher Ginn
Asher Ginn - 2 måneder siden
My family said they didn't see the whole Charlie twist. I said that i didn't think the writers did either.
ALTHDS - 2 måneder siden
Why the fuck does Gipsy Avenger only have one plasma sword, and they used the god damn gravity sling too much.
ALTHDS - 2 måneder siden
Technically Nate, Bracer Phoenix (Mark 5, some article says mark 4??) Should not exist, the last pilots were Raleigh, Mako, and Herc (probably retired by then). All of the other pilots died, stated by Stacker (Idris Elba).
Also the opening is shit, and Gipsy Avenger's design removed some of the things that make Gipsy Danger great. And what the fuck, why did those drones get spikes.
nightbling890 - 2 måneder siden
Pacific rim was so good and the sequel kinda disappointed me, like I live the universe so much and it’s just murdered
Pinocchio the real boy
Pinocchio the real boy - 2 måneder siden
There was a sequel?
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff - 2 måneder siden
Pistaxin - 2 måneder siden
fun fact, action scenes are FAR WORSE than the first one because lots of reasons.