Neo Yokio: Why it Sucks

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I feel like I was more mean than usual this time
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Omar Alvarez
Omar Alvarez - Dag siden
Yall hate on this show, but it's actually really funny. It's going to be a cult classic. Belive you me!
Mo 2k
Mo 2k - Dag siden
Jaden just blows. Really untalented guy
TheRealFIRMM - 3 dager siden
Tbh I thought when I saw this vid there would be so much hate comments
Johnny Jockster
Johnny Jockster - 4 dager siden
You should steer clear of Mike Tyson Mysteries. It's aimlessness plus ultra.
Sebagel - 11 dager siden
marcus pls rewatch this its been three years
Zachary O’Neal
Zachary O’Neal - 12 dager siden
I am a fan of Neo Yokio, but yeah you’re right. I mean for me it’s just really dumb fun, it feels unintentionally funny with how bad it is, and that’s why I like it.
Joy Cullen
Joy Cullen - 14 dager siden
Is it bad that I like this show?
El Jefe
El Jefe - 14 dager siden
Can you do a video on Castlevania?
Jasmin Canela-Martinez
Jasmin Canela-Martinez - 15 dager siden
I think u suck
SpikeTheWolf - 17 dager siden
Its a show about nothing....nothing
Gadiel Gonzalez
Gadiel Gonzalez - 17 dager siden
"Isn't it weird to have a main character who's such a bad person who doesn't even realize it?"
Me: *laughs in Bojack horsemen*
Simon Scott
Simon Scott - 21 dag siden
I liked the show and I recommend you watch it yourself and decide if you find it garbage ( but I will admit compared to shows who have a hardcore baseline to it. It will fall flat to those types of audiences but to a basic every once in a while anime watcher I found it funny with its bland commentary).
Francesco P
Francesco P - 22 dager siden
I like this show
Booder G
Booder G - 22 dager siden
I’m 99% sure that the show is *SUPPOSED* to be so bad it’s funny
Khaya Tshabalala
Khaya Tshabalala - 23 dager siden
Please explain more
Nick E.
Nick E. - 24 dager siden
An animated comedy where it critiques the selfishness of the one percent while showing an evolution of the main character going from that to trying to make something of himself sounds like a great idea tbh
Nick E.
Nick E. - 24 dager siden
We've also got to remember, regarding the dialogue on wealth, both Jaden and Ezra were born into wealth lmao no wonder there isnt any proper criticisms on it
UnagiTempura - 26 dager siden
I don't know if it's cause we watched it years after it came out, but my fiance and I watched this show a few weeks ago and absolutely fucking loved it lol. It was rare for more than a couple minutes to go by without one of us dying with laughter (literally any time archangelo is on the screen is absolute gold)
Caprese boys for life 🤙🤙🤙
Julian McGrath
Julian McGrath - 26 dager siden
‘Bojack is too depressing for me’
‘But watch devilman crybaby cowards’
EdenAsher - 26 dager siden
2020.....I’d rather be back in 2017
calico !
calico ! - 27 dager siden
as someone who'd be considered really poor by the majority of the USA this show is my arch nemesis
isaiah navarro
isaiah navarro - 27 dager siden
How is Fashion not a commodity does he mean it has no value?
mm mm yum
mm mm yum - 28 dager siden
I loved neo yokio
LoopDeLoop - 28 dager siden
A city so decadent it attracts *demons* is a premise that's fucking begging to be turned into some sort of commentary, how did they miss this?
hoodie boi
hoodie boi - 28 dager siden
bruh that show put me to sleep
raterbeast - Måned siden
Y'all take this show way to serious. It's just a funny satirical comedy. The show is fucking funny, don't understand how people take this show so seriously. Not everything has to be deeper or a commentary. Sad butthurt critics got to the show and we won't see any more seasons.
Mr.RelicSlug - Måned siden
Neo Yokio Christmas Special is actually pretty good and has good ideas
Victoria Almanza
Victoria Almanza - Måned siden
i actually love this show but you make great vids!
Tabitha Alphess
Tabitha Alphess - Måned siden
I couldn't even get through episode 2. The individual moments were funny, but strung together in a single episode, it was rather boring
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel - Måned siden
lil uzi vert got his own anime
matthew fenwick
matthew fenwick - Måned siden
Can y’all do The anime “Parasyte” it’s so amazing
eudaimon - Måned siden
lol talking boring and showing Star Wars, my man
eudaimon - Måned siden
@RadBear ! theyre all boring
RadBear !
RadBear ! - Måned siden
eudaimon Star Wars is anything but boring, unless you’re talking about the prequels
Specimen X
Specimen X - Måned siden
I actually zoned out at 8:56 ngl by accident, the show is that boring
Thabang Panyane
Thabang Panyane - Måned siden
New York and Tokyo, that sounds like a rip off of Big Hero 6
G.I.Z. 420
G.I.Z. 420 - Måned siden
The point of the show is the relationships from Kaz with the rest of characters, I think it's kind of like how Jaden sees the world, more of a personal story than a random anime
RaisingBran - Måned siden
Americans should just stay away from anime
Anton Duroj Bidstrup
Anton Duroj Bidstrup - Måned siden
Yeah because 99/100 times it sucks.
Silennt King
Silennt King - Måned siden
The point of the show is simple; is a slice of life style story with the moral that being yourself is okay. Sure 'you' in this case is specifically referring to 'vain, consumptive, sexist, and rude,' but an author can only write what they understand.
Watching this show, it's pretty obvious off the bat that the writers really think the show is relatable. That's just what they think life is just like and they think people who oppose those meaningless shallow ideals are just haters.
"Fashion is not a commodity."
-Some narcissistic anime prep
Daniel Cermeno
Daniel Cermeno - Måned siden
My point is it doesn't feel like company becauseit has no character development no feelings for the characters know ghost buy Kaz is his job but no it's just talkin hang out with his friends doing his job but his girlfriends and ex just nothing like it's not even nothing funny
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - Måned siden
Fuck bitch how fucking dare you Nigga
Sherman Tank gaming
Sherman Tank gaming - Måned siden
The only reason why I heard about this show is that it included a ranma 1/2 reference
Landry Bennett
Landry Bennett - Måned siden
You should watch Dark.
daryel hernandez
daryel hernandez - Måned siden
You his show to me is like the room it’s so shit that you have to watch it I want a season 3
Gacha Devil
Gacha Devil - Måned siden
I once heard someone say this show is “ an incredible show that is so underated”
Hafiz Akbar
Hafiz Akbar - Måned siden
neo yokio? you mean san fransokyo? los angelokyo?
Thunder2Lightnin - Måned siden
I like it
Alfredo Riv
Alfredo Riv - Måned siden
goodthunderbluffkid - 2 måneder siden
There's a lot of people who are into Slice of Life anime, and you can apply a lot of the same criticisms to the hundreds of shows that exist in this genre. I don't get it either.
Just substitute the obscure anime genre references you don't get, with the rich young people memes you don't get, and you get both the premise and the end result. Including poor animation, wild ass pacing with like whole seasons being super boring, and the general absence of any point in most of the scenes.
At the very least, I think the critique would have to be approached from the angle of comparing it to the other Slice of Life shows. This is a rather unique niche, and even if the show fails I think it's fair to judge it by what it tried to be.
Some Guy
Some Guy - 2 måneder siden
Idk if I just got used to top tier animation or the animation on this anime is kinda shitty
Or it’s probably because most of the scene are talking
jo jo
jo jo - 2 måneder siden
It’s a show for chill vibes and a jumbo toblerone
Happie - 2 måneder siden
I never understood why people were so mad over this show. People take stuff way to seriously.
jp12x - 2 måneder siden
The whole show is on a cob! I think it's even funnier if what I laugh at is accidental. This is Ghostbusters 2.
JACK BOY - 2 måneder siden
You just gotta be into brands and shit to like it
Julian McGrath
Julian McGrath - 2 måneder siden
main character looks like my mf gta online character
BaRon - 2 måneder siden
Its bad buttttttttt its not that bad
York the Ork
York the Ork - 2 måneder siden
Can someone explain to me why his BUTLER is basically a armored truck on legs? What aspect of housekeeping and tending to someone would make that kind of bulk necessary, apart from looking like Optimus Prime's cousin without a paintjob? It would constantly get in the way.... is he supposed to function as a bodyguard? The guy shoots lighting for gods sake, he can defend himself. And something like "The robot defended him when he was younger and less experienced, he just kept him around" doesn't make sense, from what I've seen he doesn't care for him at all, otherwise he wouldn't have ignored him wanting to charge his battery...
ishitonbabies69 - 2 måneder siden
basically just like enjoy it
Black guy The legendary cheek clapping rap shinobi
It’s your boy black guy the legendary cheek clapping rap shinobi
Bangerang Eliko
Bangerang Eliko - 2 måneder siden
Bright, After Earth, Maleficent, were some of the most obvious vanity projects I've seen on film. i could not stop rolling my eyes at all of it
Amber Gamez
Amber Gamez - 2 måneder siden
I watch a couple of episodes of this show and I gave up it was not funny and killed my buzz can Netflix remove this show and never resurfaced ever
Saprogeist - 2 måneder siden
The purpose of Neo Yokio is to incite a class war. They made it because they subconsciously want the poor to devour them.
There's no explanation more complete than that.