Neo Yokio Pink Christmas - It Still Sucks

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Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown - Måned siden
I’m sorry sir did you actually consider devil man crybaby and castlevania ( I genuinely don’t give a fuck about how it’s spelled) as enjoyable shows on Netflix or whatever platform you’re watching it on? I’d rather be stuck in an endless abyss for eternity than watch any of those shows.
Henry Prime
Henry Prime - Måned siden
I'm sorry but I just can't watch devilman again I can't do that to myself
MECKA-X Productions
MECKA-X Productions - 2 måneder siden
I enjoyed the Christmas special cuz it reminds me of me and friends but an anime making it mad suss
Wilson Zhang
Wilson Zhang - 3 måneder siden
When I found out that Ezra Koenig is the guy who writes the lyrics for Vampire Weekend, everything clicked together. 10/10 would watch your reviews on Neo Yokio again.
Tarskybull Beme
Tarskybull Beme - 3 måneder siden
I'm gonna sing a goddamn song
Arkaine757 - 3 måneder siden
The concept of "It's SO bad, that it's good" comes from the Entertainment value that this show provides you, like The Room.
Worse than be "Bad" is when a show is "Boring", people will not talk about it because there is nothing to talk about it.
Mista's Girlfriend
Mista's Girlfriend - 4 måneder siden
Hahaha i love neo yokio
Purple Lord
Purple Lord - 4 måneder siden
why does saiki K work
I have some ideas but I need to understand because it's one of my favorite anime
Fidget Master
Fidget Master - 4 måneder siden
It was ok I guess
Squish God
Squish God - 4 måneder siden
I've watched Pink Christmas the past two Christmases and I'm gonna keep doing it and nobody can stop me
Dan Jones
Dan Jones - 4 måneder siden
Dan Jones
Dan Jones - 4 måneder siden
Dan Jones
Dan Jones - 4 måneder siden
Dan Jones
Dan Jones - 4 måneder siden
Chandler Burke
Chandler Burke - 4 måneder siden
i dont watch this for it to be good, i love how awful it is
Kunisake - 4 måneder siden
"The point is... there is no point"
That doesn't make any fucking sense
Blunk Joon
Blunk Joon - 5 måneder siden
I just noticed how much sonic mania music you use
Findley Sisson
Findley Sisson - 5 måneder siden
When you realize Neo Yokio got more runtime than Darkplace
Steinunn Helga Steinþórsdóttir
The thing is .....this entire show a parody ,it's litterly an abridged anime series
Wanda Nemer
Wanda Nemer - 4 måneder siden
It really isn't. Because it's not funny. Not even as a parody. It was explained aready on the first video this guy made on Neo Yokio.
Nehemiah Dacres
Nehemiah Dacres - 7 måneder siden
I kinda like this show but hating it because had such a good premise with terrible execution is what I most identifiy with!
sob bos
sob bos - 7 måneder siden
I’m sorry.... but I love this show lmao it makes me laugh and has yet to do otherwise lol
HDQO101 - 7 måneder siden
''The fact that Daredevil got cancelled and this didn't...'' Bro, I felt that
you badxd
you badxd - 7 måneder siden
If you liked Devilman crybaby, then I can see why you didn't like this. You have poor taste
Narmatonia - 7 måneder siden
Ahh Linda and her Season 1 noodle arms
Uno FN
Uno FN - 8 måneder siden
I know everyone will cry about this but me and my group of friends find this show enjoyable because of the mellow pacing. I find the show to be super calming for a anime which is a nice change of pace compared to the other netflix animes where you have to pay attention to every detail. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone for their first anime to watch but just think people are being harsh. It’s kinda funny to see people hate on it so much, if you don’t like it just watch a different anime. I guess my opinion is very different from the vast majority.
Anime Pancakes
Anime Pancakes - 8 måneder siden
Thank god i'm not the only one that hates this show
LLnasifhussain - 9 måneder siden
I love it and I do not care.
Taylor Walters
Taylor Walters - 9 måneder siden
Kenji Namikaze
Kenji Namikaze - 10 måneder siden
I sadly like this anime
BIGSEANDAWG 1 - 10 måneder siden
I like neo yokio
Sagiri giovanna
Sagiri giovanna - Måned siden
UR a Dumbass if u think its good
Joker - 10 måneder siden
That moment you figure out the singer of your favorite band created this show...
Catherine Pastel
Catherine Pastel - 11 måneder siden
xD you honestly hate everything
inferno0020 - 11 måneder siden
If it is about rich people, why does the quality of animation so cheap and ugly?
Wanda Nemer
Wanda Nemer - 4 måneder siden
Good fucking question. May be they just don't care.
floaty cloud
floaty cloud - 11 måneder siden
Only for 2017, really?
Girlcop17 - 11 måneder siden
You guys realize that the whole show is a big joke right. It’s not out for anything deep. Just look at the pacing of the jokes. “Honey snacks are ready” “Kaz I gotta go... snack are ready”. Just from the pacing of that one joke as well as the toblerone one you can tell it’s meant to be a joke. It’s a bunch of stuff that’s sounds like it’s trying to be deep, when it’s all a big joke. The pacing alone can tell you that. This isn’t the room, it’s more like ghost stories, intentional hilarity.
Zai Drizzle Drop
Zai Drizzle Drop - 11 måneder siden
im not watching this series purely because the main character looks so fucking weird, a black dude with pink hair...ugh, its like its forcing anime juice into itself
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy - År siden
Kitai Raige: can i be in Neo Yokio Pink Christmas?
Cypher Raige: DENIED !!!
Ellias8 Even
Ellias8 Even - År siden
Stop watching it then stupid fuck
SampleOf Servet
SampleOf Servet - År siden
I liked castlevania never seen devil man but I'll try it
Astoflo The sucker
Astoflo The sucker - År siden
Markus: this show is the worst show of 2017, don't wa-
me: fill me up with your hot garbage daddy
relix7373 - År siden
Neo Yokio is like this stupid guilty pleasure my friends and I like. It's so bad that it's kind of good and I really enjoyed watching it with them. We were actually legit excited when this special came out and weirdly enough I kind of wish they made more. It's stupid, and the acting is garbage, the writing is worse, and nothing really makes much sense. But I still weirdly enough had fun. It probably wouldn't work watching alone.

I don't know how much is intended to be bad and how much is accidentally bad. Like, there are moments where it seems like it's self aware but also times it seems to take itself seriously. I can't tell what the creators wanted to make exactly, whether it was a drama, or an anime satire, or a comedy about friends or an action series or what, I just know that it kind of weirdly works.
wreck it M.B
wreck it M.B - År siden
There is no point😟😲😟
Narmatonia - År siden
2:03 Showing Linda with her weird noodle arms would've made your point better :P
Ace Oliver
Ace Oliver - År siden
Aunt calls Kaz a pussy then dooms the world, but Kaz is shitty for that ending? Though true, more depth is necessary, but I’ll watch this before Daredevil although DVMN:Crybaby was my shit sooooo fuq anything else
Aylin Ixchel
Aylin Ixchel - År siden
And it’s still hilarious
Samuel Danby
Samuel Danby - År siden
Does this guy think Toberlone pay to get a mention in the show?
Glenn M
Glenn M - År siden
Petition for Marcus to make a video about Daredevil lol
urban l
urban l - År siden
Meh, i liked it
a man of culture
a man of culture - År siden
what a fucking normie opinion
Dol _
Dol _ - År siden
It's still amazing no matter what you say or criticize. I don't want an amazing animation but boring show (Castelvania 2) , I want something like Neo Yokio that will make me fall of the chair laughing hysterically. That's a good show in my book and I would gladly look past all the major flaws if it entertained my depressed soul.
Xeno - År siden
3:40 That's called Doctor Strange Marcus XD
Jefe Grande
Jefe Grande - År siden
Neo yokio is like the shitty filler arc in your favorite anime. You love the world so you watch it knowing full well this shit doesn't make any sense.
masterchowster - År siden
I think neo Yokio is a great satire. Similar to how Archer is a comment on masculinity and glorifying really gross lifestyles, Neo Yokio is all about consumerism and New York culture. The jokes are. Pointless and no body learns on purpose, like an Always Sunny or an Archer. They keep making the same jokes and making jokes about how they keep making the same jokes and I just think that that's fun and silly. I see how that style is not for everyone, but for from the worst show of the year.
Kaladbolg - År siden
You should watch his review of the series.
Sgc Fumf
Sgc Fumf - År siden
Oh yeah yeah
Travis Glaspy
Travis Glaspy - År siden
Dude you seriously need to review more ship I really like your opinion on things and would like to hear more from you
Santan West
Santan West - År siden
It was fire 🔥 I liked it ( pink Christmas) ( 2017 was shit)
ppsamanmit - År siden
neo yokio is funny
Vincent Bullock
Vincent Bullock - År siden
I really don't know on what level I can engage with this critique. The cherry on top was you praising Season 2 of Castlevania and Devilman Crybaby as if either of those two had good animation or writing and weren't controversial in the least.
Like, you missed the point of the show so hard I would need 20 paragraphs to explain why I think you are wrong. I honestly think you are doing your best to dismiss the show completely just to feel smugly superior with little to no effort..
spell.spicyhentaievrydy ·
omg its not a serious anime, jesus
S. Sagawa
S. Sagawa - År siden
My reply to this review: Yeah, no shit.