Kingdom Hearts 3 - Why it Sucks

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Vitam in Melius
Vitam in Melius - 14 timer siden
I feel like the villains in Kingdom Hearts are just like the Turks from Final Fantasy 7
Giuseppe Vaccaro
Giuseppe Vaccaro - Dag siden
I'm replaying it right now, and your criticism feel more like bullshit, sorry m8
Kyle 0
Kyle 0 - 2 dager siden
Kingdom hearts needs a solid writing team. The idea in general of the story can be stupid but as long as the writing/voice acting is good then we'll fall in love.
Tearer - 4 dager siden
Kingdom Hearts 3 fans ATTACK!
NexGenration - 4 dager siden
funny, your least favorite world is my favorite by far. the music is fantastic, the graphics in that world are almost photo-realistic, i actually realy enjoyed the underwater combat, especially the magic, and as a game developer in training myself, i 100% appreciate every ounce of effort they put into adding clutter to the world to make it feel realistic. you bring up a lot of realy good points in this and a lot of them i brought up myself while playing, but i personally enjoyed this game far more than most people did and much more than i thought i would have
that being said, i do want to criticize one thing you didnt mention. i was realy not a fan of the near DBZ levels of bringing people back from the dead in the later parts of the game. kinda removed the feel of what was at stake in the story
Depressed Cornstarch
Depressed Cornstarch - 5 dager siden
Wrong opinion dislike
Mike bbop
Mike bbop - 5 dager siden
"Kingdom Hearts 3 has some of the better writing in the series". Stopped watching. Bye
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
In the last part free for all u can really tell sora's alot more powerful because hes goin 2v1 mostly where in kh2 n that last hidden area on 2.5 remix u get to 1v1 all organization 13's members, jesus christ that was hell for me, fun, but hell
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
Lv up to 99 was too fast
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
Kh3 was ok
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
Final form was the sht
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
Fk olaf, that damn snowman is the only reason I dont play the lv because I forget about it so easily
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
Too easy n not enough enemies n there r too many weak enemy mobs, the toy story galaxy toys was the most tightly packed lv n was perfectly filled, gummie ship enemies were too easy as well
Infj-t guy
Infj-t guy - 6 dager siden
Larxeen n kairi r the hottest characters in kh3
Mark Patton
Mark Patton - 8 dager siden
I tried to understand the story before I played it. Played most of the games growing up and replayed them before kh3 released. The story just felt so cluttered and unsatisfying that i felt bored by the end.
Azuko Alvarez
Azuko Alvarez - 9 dager siden
What is the song playing in 15:24 in the background?
Serah Faerie
Serah Faerie - 10 dager siden
honestly this game just felt like a ad for disney world with the constant disney attraction finishers
Rita Villegas
Rita Villegas - 10 dager siden
"And if soras here we're gonna call him a nerd and summon a monster and then run away"
I have never heard a sentence i agree with more
Nico Dionigi
Nico Dionigi - 12 dager siden
Every conversations in this game are cringe, not that I know, I almost skip all the cutscenes, too many, too boring
Star Spectrum
Star Spectrum - 13 dager siden
I just wanted those flashy and satisfying Reaction Commands. I'll never forget Xemnas fight, with Sora slicing fucking buildings...
XpertRebel95 - 14 dager siden
8:42 💀
Zen The15
Zen The15 - 15 dager siden
I love Kingdom Hearts not because of the gameplay or the lore
It because of the characters design :)
And after that, I began to understand the whole story and kept my thoughts for myself.
OdinDarkll - 15 dager siden
Ah, Disney ruining everything it touches. A typically outcome, I must say. I even played all of the main games and side games and KH3 was a huge let down compared to the two main games.
Morgan Stuart-Bailey
Morgan Stuart-Bailey - 16 dager siden
what is the title song called ?
Stefan Radebach
Stefan Radebach - 17 dager siden
It honestly infuriates me how after all the hard work and undoing all the damage caused by Xehanort Nomura has the nerve to kill of Sora like that and ruin what should have been a happy ending and overall a solid conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga just so we can have more spinoffs and then a sequel which resolves that plot point after 10 years. Could we just have gotten a good ending rather than that bullshit ending just to force needles anticipation down our throats for something that will take many years to finish.
Stefan Radebach
Stefan Radebach - 16 dager siden
@Tasku I was being sarcastic.
Tasku - 16 dager siden
Stefan Radebach no
Stefan Radebach
Stefan Radebach - 16 dager siden
@Tasku Well i have seen the the secret ending and i have absolutely no idea what that was about nor does that explain anything? Nomura will probably explain to us what happened there in the next game... in about 7 years.
Tasku - 16 dager siden
Stefan Radebach like i said sora is not from the KH world he is from the real world thats why u see luxord in the ending of the remind secret ending luxord is from the real world and so is sora it’s confusing but its a Theory
Tasku - 16 dager siden
Stefan Radebach hey ❄️ not pointless spin offs let the mastermind Nomura do his thing smh
Unholyarrowxx - 17 dager siden
Just came here to dislike this lol
Susu Susu
Susu Susu - 20 dager siden
Well, there's one good thing that came out of KH3's disappointment, why I loved KH all these years.
Scree - 20 dager siden
kingdom hearts is the friend you had that you loved then they turned into an asshole but u cant let go
Yoko - 21 dag siden
I knew it would never live up to the hype. Man why can't studios ever do things right consistently?! I knew this would happen when they decided to continue the story on a friggin mobile game and GBA. Nobody wanted to hear me, just wait for 3 they said... well I waited. And I'm SO glad I stopped caring about this series. It peaked at 2/BBS, everything else was shit. Fuck you Nomura.
NipNip - 28 dager siden
i didn't try kh3 for a while because people were shitting on it and i didn't want to waste the money, after finally playing the whole game on standard, it was not bad, but not good, it's basically just fan service: the game, i liked the story for most of the game, then they brought back literally everyone, roxas was a good character, but there was no reason to bring him or xion back, the characters from bbs had a reason to return so i had no issues with that, they give axel a keyblade in ddd, only to get rid of it the very next game, and kairi is a damsel in distress, again, the story is good until about 75% in where they rely on fan service to carry the story to the end, the gameplay was just mash x, in the other games mashing x didn't work all the time, in this game it's the best strategy beside thunder spamming with a 99.9% success rate, the graphics were amazing and suprislingly worked with the art style, i didn't like the game in standard, so i tried critical, after playing all games in critical, getting the ultima weapon in all games, getting the golden in kh2 (except for kh1 and bbs which didn't have critical mode so i chose proud mode) i got destroyed, i got 2 hit killed by most of the heartless in olympus coliseum at level 5, before rock titan, i got one shot multiple times in some world when i was always way past the battle level, they were told the game was too easy, so they made it too hard, i beat the game again, and after all that hard work, what do i get? the oathkeeper just with a different model and slightly different stats, kh3 not only waste time, they also take out everything good, they removed: drive forms, raised fov, difficulty on every mode except for critical, final fantasy characters, super bosses, keyblade abilities, good keyblade design, olympus coliseum tournaments, and what do we get in return? great value drive forms, they also decide to give back some features for the low low price of: 30 fuckin dollars, 4/10 kh2 remains top game. ( sorry for shitting out this wall of text )
NipNip - 17 dager siden
Tasku idek I was bored
Tasku - 17 dager siden
Honestly don’t know why u wrote this nobody reading dat no offense
needles - 28 dager siden
KH3 really did suck. KH2 was way better
selinasesshy - 29 dager siden
Idc what u say you can't stop me from loving it. I just love the story of this game. It's part of my childhood.🤣
vernon roche
vernon roche - Måned siden
We all agree kh2 was the best MY STRUGGLE TO BE SEPHIROTH TOOK OVER 4 DAYS THE GRINDING THE CASTLE ADS WAS MY ONLY loyalty is kh2 always
bruciebruce32 - Måned siden
You were able to finish it? Props bro
Rodric carter
Rodric carter - Måned siden
What bugs me in kingdom hearts is when Xemnas or any other villain just shows up, talks shit and just disappears with out sora doing anything like attacking them
Andi Muhammad Zul abrar
Andi Muhammad Zul abrar - Måned siden
The voice acting whas shit ass hell
Tasku - 17 dager siden
Ok just off urself buddy fr like just delete the comment and disappear from this world 😂
MrLightlike78 - Måned siden
Just pretend kh2 was the "true" ending and the message they got from Mickey was just him saying "good job man"
Gianni Petta
Gianni Petta - Måned siden
“tHiS mIgHt bE a GoOd tImE tO fInD sOmE InGred-“
SAM U-R-A-I - Måned siden
The fact you don’t get to play as roxas at the end pissed me off lol
Tasku - 17 dager siden
Someone didn’t play Remind 🥱 fuckin idiot
Xandre Pearcy
Xandre Pearcy - Måned siden
Before he even said it, when i saw the end game combat footage it was the first time i thought this game even LOOKED fun. It's a shame they decided tomake the finale the expectations anybody would have about any game all the way
I can't stand quicktime events, watching the game play itself, empty dialogue that points out either what I can already see or makes excuses for what you really and never can. Pointless boring mini games or fetch quests shoved in to break up the boredom of the boring combat approach. I agree with this youtuber, mashing a button to win is NOT fun. It just creates the illusion of winning. Games like this I try and help along and unequip stronger items or abilities to make the combat more challenging...but that doesn't even work in this game. It doesn't make the bland combat more challenging...It makes the bland combat LONGER! Enemies don't push you to think...until the END! Glad I didn't pay for this game tbh.
mydogeatspuke - Måned siden
Why is there a high pitched screeching noise under the whole video's audio? It's awful!
dat guy da blazr
dat guy da blazr - Måned siden
Play on critical first time through piss baby easy my ass
dat guy da blazr
dat guy da blazr - Måned siden
I agree with most the rest tho
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter - Måned siden
This is not Kingdom Hearts. This is Condom Hearts 3
Ovoyungalb - Måned siden
the DLC saved the end of the game tbh
Ovoyungalb - Måned siden
Krijn van Alten honestly the wolrds themselves felt so out of touch already i kinda just discredited them at this point, the worlds i thought were actually good were monstropolis(favorite) , arrora , and toy box oh and ig big hero 6 but the remind added sp much to the graveyard and cleared up why all the other characters seemed to just roll over at the sight of anything like aqua, but then her perspective changed my thoughts
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
Does it? It is more of a reliving the end of III, but does nothing to make those Disney worlds better
Harrison Riggs
Harrison Riggs - Måned siden
I don’t really disagree with any of the criticisms in the video, but it’s not fair to consider this the finale of the series, because it’s not. It never was. The end of the Dark Seeker Saga sure, and it’s not good as a season finale, but it is still not a series finale.
Harrison Riggs
Harrison Riggs - Måned siden
Krijn van Alten Yeah. As I said above, I don’t really disagree with the points made. It’s not how I feel, but I can see how someone would feel let down. Especially with vanilla KH3’s ending. REmind helps a little bit imo, but it’s still pretty messy.
Original Guy
Original Guy - Måned siden
@Krijn van Alten site wont load for me so idk
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
@Original Guy Which is from 2013
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
@Original Guy And in here he makes it clear that the story should move on
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
@Original Guy Maybe not named so back than? It is the closed i could find that quick.
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh - Måned siden
I was a fan of the series and couldn't get enough of Kingdome Hearts 1, KH 2, and Birth By Sleep.
But three was a disappointment. I don't know why but it doesn't feel like it's worth the wait
MookieDTRT90 - Måned siden
I get some of your points about the flaws, but the majority I don't see why they would be flaws. To be honest the stuff you didn't like and criticize didn't bother me at all. Sure the story could have been better, but it's not bad. Arendelle and Sanfransokyo needed work. Party members have less moves than KH1 & KH2. Would have been nice if they got more moves and unique skills. It also would have been nice if Sora had a little more combo modifiers. I guess I can't care too much about the minor stuff because I know the details behind the development of this game. I know they definitely needed more time and that things didn't go the way they wanted. People might not accept that, but know that Nomura is not the management of Square Enix otherwise I'm sure KH3 would have came out either in 2020 or 2021.
Brett Owens
Brett Owens - Måned siden
Bro I came into this like “🙄 here we go” and left agreeing with every point 😂😂
Dash Man
Dash Man - Måned siden
That's why I love Cosmonaut so much. I disagree with him alot but he always argues his points so well that I always understand
El Gonquin
El Gonquin - Måned siden
I’m so glad I didn’t buy this LOL
Captain Tino
Captain Tino - Måned siden
WE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT HOW THEY GOT RID OF SO MANY GOOD WORLDS 1 beast castle 2 Radiant garden 3 mulan and more. And they got rid of all the final fantasy characters. One of the best parts of KH2 was fighting all the heartless in radiant garden along side leon and cloud and everyone and goofy almost dieing and all that
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
To be honest: FF characters hardly did much for me in these games. If this was going to be a true Disney meets FF series, than there should have been a visit to both Disney worlds AND FF worlds. For example: there are enough female FF characters who could have been used as princesses of hearts.
Nick Bauer
Nick Bauer - Måned siden
I was actually excited for Kairi to see if she was controllable or had sick moments in the game, but it was like Nomura didn't know what to do with her, panicked, and said.. "uhh and then Kairi gets kidnapped by Xemnas, gets killed, and Sora goes to bring her back...the end.."
Pedro vinícius
Pedro vinícius - Måned siden
Its a good game aceppt it
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
You can't win from opinions dear. Others have them and they will always clash with yours at one moment or another.
Original Guy
Original Guy - Måned siden
Suban Subz
Suban Subz - Måned siden
You basically summed up everything I hated about this game
Noah Georgianna
Noah Georgianna - Måned siden
I wonder why he felt the relationship with Sora, Goofy, Donald was the best it has been since Kingdom Hearts. What was wrong with their relationship in Kingdom Hearts II?
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
If i hear it correct he does not focus that much on how bad it is in II rather how good it is here.
Daxia Tilghman
Daxia Tilghman - Måned siden
But it's not the last game....
Like you kept saying it doesnt feel like the last game but like it's not going to be the last game.....#kh4
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
It is the end of a story arch, so for 20 years of story build up it is not more than logical than someone expects a big finally, despite the fact that there will be a new story arch following it.
GnashtyGiraffe - Måned siden
“ThiS Lo0ks 1ike a g00d sPoT too FiNd sum InGr3dients”
Just A Watch
Just A Watch - Måned siden
hohohohoh, this did not age well.
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten - Måned siden
Explain yourself.
James OG364
James OG364 - Måned siden
Only thing good about it is the updated combat and the data fights and yozora everything else is dogshit, fuck this game most dissapointing title in the series
Bau Cap.
Bau Cap. - Måned siden
Nope my bud, it still sucks
Original Guy
Original Guy - Måned siden
You say that but the game is still shit
Hyperfairy777 - Måned siden
What about how everyone kind of acted like complete idiots in the keyblade graveyard? Like in the first version of the Terra-xehanort cutscene where every just stands around while people get bodies?
And I'm not talking about aqua and Ventus, that's justified, ((except it taking everyone 10 seconds to process what happened after Ventus is smacked and the slowdown stops))
But what about when terranort catches Sora's keybalde for a good 7 seconds or so and Riku, Micky, donald and goofy do nothing to help?
Bjerg Senpai
Bjerg Senpai - Måned siden
What really bothered me is that these fantastic 7 idiot heartless with their mostly stupid minigames took place in this game instead of the mushroom 13. I loved them as much as I hated them because sometimes it was a challenge where you needed to actually think about your actions and not just take 7 pictures for no reason at all. And the price in the end is just some god damn ingridient you need to farm even more often because this stupid cooking minigames sometimes fuck up your stuff. So the progresse you get if you have these cooking minigames is limited to some skills until you get your orichalcum +
Well with the dlc you have "some" stuff to do with those organization 13 data bossfights but in my opinion they should've added them in the base game ... Man kh3 was fun don't get me wrong but they focussed so fucking hard in making stupid stuff because "ay kids these days like Instagram am I right"
Deep Voyage
Deep Voyage - Måned siden
I wrote a song about sora's struggle in KH3! you can check it out here
Deep Voyage
Deep Voyage - Måned siden
@Original Guy completely optional m8
Original Guy
Original Guy - Måned siden