Joker is Really Good

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GameZedd01 - 2 dager siden
Who is the anime catgirl maid and what is she from?
Peter McDermott
Peter McDermott - 11 dager siden
I really liked the ending scene in the hospital it felt like the way a joker film would end
Curly FriezXD
Curly FriezXD - 12 dager siden
Joker=white male rage
ContinentalArt - 13 dager siden
I watched this movie with my dad the other night, and he told me he thought it was a terrible movie, and I disagree that it's terrible, but it wasn't quite incredible either...
I don't know, I guess opinions differ between people! 😅
Arthur Viegas
Arthur Viegas - 14 dager siden
Nah, it isn't
Formed PWR
Formed PWR - 15 dager siden
Dude he doesn’t even wear size 13 men’s nikes he hasn’t been through shit
Marquis Newman
Marquis Newman - 15 dager siden
How about that murder scene though super dark and yet I was literally laughing
Mason Routt
Mason Routt - 19 dager siden
That anime chick on the left is making me uncomfortable
Smoke Smith
Smoke Smith - 19 dager siden
3:34 since Arthur in that scene no longer has his green hair and has some grey stubble,it’s possible that shot of the movie took place in the future where Bruce is already Batman and that scene was Arthur retelling his origin the way he remembers and after reading it out loud he put 2 and 2 together that Bruce was Batman and finds it funny.
P.S. With all due respect,your complaining about Bruce Wayne being in a movie about The Joker.Did you think he was just gonna not be in the movie taking place in his home town when he’s the son of one of the wealthiest men in Gotham,who Arthur despises.Cmon man
Splot Mcmeen
Splot Mcmeen - 27 dager siden
I just saw this movie and I was not really prepared for the violence.
Lucas Papadimitriou
Lucas Papadimitriou - Måned siden
I for one fucking hated this movie (not that anyone asked). It is a wayyyy less nuanced ripoff of taxi driver and king of comedy.
Ouskii - Måned siden
What's up with the retarded anime charecters in the video?
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson - Måned siden
It’s to avoid copyright
Luis Catain
Luis Catain - Måned siden
Can i get a link or gif of that cute catgirl
Kamron Palmer
Kamron Palmer - Måned siden
The set up isn't the movie itself but it's dc being a little marvelly
Kamron Palmer
Kamron Palmer - Måned siden
To be fair for the spoiler part of the ending

This movie was one "set up" for the Robert Pattinson batman
Lionard Kirsch
Lionard Kirsch - Måned siden
Is no one going to talk about the dancing anime girl? 😂
mc0nel - Måned siden
They made him different but they wrote it really good
PapaLapy - Måned siden
this dosent deserve a quicke i feel it needs a much longer video.
ShyMentality - Måned siden
I tried to watch this but the anime girl was just too cringe
AR Ramos
AR Ramos - Måned siden
I laughed when Bruce's parents were killed in the movie😂😂
Daire Mckenna
Daire Mckenna - 19 dager siden
Honestly same a little bit
Superluigi164 - Måned siden
I’m actually good friends with someone who did a lot of work on the set, placing trash bags and fake “dirtying” the alleyways and overall just making Gotham feel as disgusting as possible
Skiivin - Måned siden
The movie’s set in the 80s during the Reagan reforms. It’s why the public works office shuts down.
Marcus Polanco
Marcus Polanco - Måned siden
Why is there a dancing anime girl on my screen
Some call me Chunky
Some call me Chunky - 3 dager siden
Did you even pay attention to the video
Blank - Måned siden
I was just distracted with Bruce wayne because after that I was thinking about how fucking old the joker is
Fish_waffle_ Customs
Fish_waffle_ Customs - 2 måneder siden
The dancing anime girl on the side is really distracting
Fish_waffle_ Customs
Fish_waffle_ Customs - 2 måneder siden
It is. It’s just a little distracting
TrampoTrav - 2 måneder siden
I think it’s for copyright reasons
crystalpie - 2 måneder siden
Mine didn't come with a dancing cat girl.
Poodle Dayz
Poodle Dayz - 2 måneder siden
I didn’t update YouTube so my comments stay lol
Juan Valenzuela
Juan Valenzuela - 2 måneder siden
Anyone gonna mention that that anime girl is in sync with the music
KAL KATZ - 2 måneder siden
Just a copy of taxi driver and king of comedy- got Robert Deniro to play the Jerry Lewis character to make it seem like an homage
Osinacho GAMER
Osinacho GAMER - 2 måneder siden
Dude your clickbaiting, this isn't Joker, your "Joker" is a whie-face mainiac who does stuff like... Arso-é-n things, while the real joker is a gentlemen thief who began his phact of Pha--tom thieves to change the hearts of PEDOF-- people who take his name and *distorts* it.

If I had even an ounce of subtlety before I've completely lost it.
S4PŘĘME me - 2 måneder siden
This is an origin film, besides supposedly inspires the joker
Máximo Benavente
Máximo Benavente - 2 måneder siden
I love Joker. In fact, is one of my favorites movies I've ever seen
Owen Sutton
Owen Sutton - 2 måneder siden
They made a movie based on Minneapolis?
Cal Gonzalez
Cal Gonzalez - Måned siden
U didn't need to do it to em
EbonKing - 2 måneder siden
I didn't really like the movie wouldn't watch it again
Jude Moore
Jude Moore - 2 måneder siden
Why does everyone love Joker
It's fucking Shit
Heath Ledger will always be the best
And Endgame is better than Fucking Joker
Endgame should have one an Oscar, but no, fucking JF (I can't spell the actors name, plus he's a shite actor anyway) wins an Oscar for a shite performance
Cosmanut, I fucking hate you man, you rip the shit out of Star wars Rebels which is a great show (not as good as the clone wars but a million times better than resistance). All you do is rate and love shit I hate, then rate it as good content, IE Joker and Spiderverse (I fucking hate that movie) and most of the time you trash talk the shit I like.
Collin Earley
Collin Earley - Måned siden
All that over his opinion about a movie 😂
General Kenobi
General Kenobi - 2 måneder siden
Just like Knack 2, this movie is a MASTAPIECE
Ryan Joshua Cole
Ryan Joshua Cole - 2 måneder siden
Pixie and Ainsley Studio
Pixie and Ainsley Studio - 2 måneder siden
Do the bee movie
R.M.S Brand
R.M.S Brand - 2 måneder siden
Regarding Bruce, I would have been okay with his inclusion as long as the movie didn’t end the way it do. In my opinion, we should have seen the joker goon follow the Waynes into the alley way and then after that we should gave just gotten a scene with someone holding a newspaper that reads “Wayne Couple murdered” or something
NoDrugisBad - 3 måneder siden
1:22 someone please tell me where this originates from
Dragone Flix
Dragone Flix - 3 måneder siden
i didn't like this movie... now I'm not saying it was bad i can admit it was a really really good movie, movies can still be good but people not personally like them and that's this film for me, its really good i just didn't like it
FoxRNG - 3 måneder siden
Just saying arthur would be late 40s by time bruce is batman, arthur is in his 30s
Boker - 3 måneder siden
I didn't get what I wanted but rather what o needed to see in this film.
Plague Produkshuns
Plague Produkshuns - 3 måneder siden
Is it a coincidence that I got a condom ad before this?
KnezBP - 3 måneder siden
This is actually the first movie where I’ve clock watched in the hopes that it wasn’t ending too soon. Although that was before the talk show scene. I’m not saying the entire second half was equally as good. It’s just a great pay off overall as things ramp up nicely.
Sick Boy
Sick Boy - 3 måneder siden
Biggest part of this movie I didn’t like was that other than biting taxi driver super hard joker comes across as wildly dumb like joker is supposed to be a highly capable smart psychopath not a sad mentally ill guy I’ve never liked joker having an origin story
Alexander Böhn
Alexander Böhn - 3 måneder siden
I’ve always enjoyed your videos sir and but now that you’ve swapped out your principal lining typeface I would be remiss if I did not point out how your old one – seen here in the thumbnail, &c. – had such an uppercase “K” that it always appeared to be saying, “COSMONAUT QUICHE” which I have to say has never failed to make me brunch hungry, fuck yes
TheEldux - 3 måneder siden
How can I find this Neko video groovin all the time through this video
Neanderthal Supreme
Neanderthal Supreme - 4 måneder siden
Would’ve loved it if it ended on the shot of him dancing, having Sinatra’s “That’s Life” as he dances
Diego Medina
Diego Medina - 4 måneder siden
I must have watched a bootleg in theaters, cause clearly the cat girls really brought out the film.
John - 4 måneder siden
That “spoilers he becomes the joker” thing marcus said was pretty stupid
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez - 4 måneder siden
I didn’t like it that much honestly
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez - 4 måneder siden
I watched again yesterday cuz I remember not liking it that much and I was really wrong it’s actually pretty good
John - 4 måneder siden
Gunsagar Patel
Gunsagar Patel - 4 måneder siden
There are direct shot copies and plot twists stolen from taxi driver
23BitChris - 4 måneder siden
2:53 I disagree. I barely even thought about Bruce even when the movie ended hell I sometimes forgot this was a DC movie. Seems like you just reach for any cons.
Stupid Idiot
Stupid Idiot - Måned siden
It’s very distracting to a lot of people and if u switched the name from Bruce Wayne to something else I would’ve wondered why the fuck he was in the movie. It doesn’t feel symbolic or like it connects to any overarching theme (not the film really has any strong ones). It also doesn’t really develop the character. It’s pointless
DH - 4 måneder siden
Fidget Master
Fidget Master - 4 måneder siden
Joker gud
Suicide squad bad
Willy Duran
Willy Duran - 4 måneder siden
Sees the anime cat maid dancing
*sigh* * unzips pants*
RomanticPhantom0 - 4 måneder siden
daaayum! Marcus gave this a 9/10? i wasn't going to, but i might have to see this movie.
School, guys
School, guys - 4 måneder siden
Alex Minto
Alex Minto - 4 måneder siden
I get the copyright thing but why a cat girl? Do you need to tell us something
b b
b b - 4 måneder siden

I'm forever changed