It's Okay to Like The Force Awakens

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At the time of making this video, we were unaware of the controversy regarding Max Landis. We definitely don't love him anymore.
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Lee Lee
Lee Lee - Dag siden
Excuse me? Luke can use the force without training? Dude he went to train with Yoda he couldnt quite lift an Xwing but a lightsaber. He had force ghost Obiwan teaching guiding him to shoot that one in a million shot him things and he trained with Obiwan on the falcon.
He beat dath vader in return of the Jedi without light saber training? A number of years passed inbetween episode 5 and 6.. he made his own lightsaber in that time you can assume he had trained with it a bit too.
No offence bro your arguments are flawed. I and anyone could nitpick you're intire video but this would go on for atleast 8 paragraphs.
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 18 timer siden
Are you an idiot. He was clearly talking about when he force grabbed the lightsaber. Before all his training. Watch the video before you leave hate
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face - 2 dager siden
One thing I have noticed with the new Star Wars movies is (and two of these are related to selling toys) they always have three things;
1. Some trick with hyperspace
2. A new stormtrooper variant
3.A new tie fighter variant
This just personally really annoys me.
Angry Clone Face
Angry Clone Face - 9 timer siden
Good Boi No, I’m just saying that it’s kind of annoying.
Good Boi
Good Boi - 12 timer siden
did you really expect them to keep everything the exact same tho?
BRIX 94 RNSN - 3 dager siden
Bro are you lost it was the worst Star Wars movie
Some call me Chunky
Some call me Chunky - 2 dager siden
You aren’t very smart
A kids Stop-motion channel
A kids Stop-motion channel - 3 dager siden
First like used the force to hit the shot and destroy the tie fighters on the falcon and he could only pull his lightsaber to himself 3 years after a new hope and Vader was obviously holding back its his son Rey used the force a few hours after finding out it existed using a difficult force technique she didn’t know existed and kylo REN wasn’t holding back when she fought him
Ghost Rider Boss
Ghost Rider Boss - 4 dager siden
Random Anonym
Random Anonym - 5 dager siden
Pharaoh Lords
Pharaoh Lords - 5 dager siden
half the people saying the prequels are better then these movies just wish Star Wars was over
aimbotrobe - 6 dager siden
I liked the movie, but the jedi mind trick thing is still bs imo.
Sure we know it's a thing and people in the prequels know it's a thing (Back when there were fuckloads of jedi), but in a new hope, it took one of the baddest jedi of all time (obi-wan) to do it and nobody did it since.
So it wouldn't be weird that in all the years after the fall of the jedi that it died out and the only person that did it was cemented as an incredibly skilled jedi.

Even if you don't want to give me that, it seems to me like an ability that needs more control over the force than to you just say: ''release me'', boom done.
Moving things with your mind is fairly easy to grasp, think about it or concentrate really hard and you might pull it off when youre force sensitive enough, but a mind trick seems like a tier above that.

But then again, i might just be making a jedi mind trick out to be something more than it actually is and it might just be one of the easiest fucking things for jedi's, so i honestly have no clue.
I just think it didn't really fit in the movie.

I agree with everything else and it didn't ruin the movie for me.
I enjoyed it just fine.
My penis Is extremely small and
I took his word
And I am trapped in the division birdcage now
Brandon Bonett
Brandon Bonett - 8 dager siden
Just saw the TFA today for the first time since it first came out back in 2015. I was expecting to finally see the flaws that many people were pointing out in it. But when I finally saw it. I was left confused.
First, why were People calling Rey a Mary Sue? Why were they saying the Kylo Ren was a winy idiot and why were they saying that it was a rehash of 'A New Hope'. These were all the things I was left thinking. This movie is very Underated. How they built Rey's character was perfect. People question why she's so good at being a pilot. Simple, she's been a scavenger for her entire life and she learned about how space ships functioned and worked from all the pieces that she searched and sold. Why was she so good with a light saber? She used it like her staff. Early in the film we see her beat up some thugs quite easily with her staff. Imagine fending and caring for you self from 20 something years, you would eventually know how to fight and how to protect youself quite easily. Why did she defeat Kylo Ren. First, he was wounded from Chebacca's Crossbow, and second he just killed his own f*cking Dad. Kylo says it himself, he had conflict within him, meaning while he was fighting Rey, half of him was regretting killing Han Solo, distracting him and making it easier for Rey to defeat him.
Why did Kylo have anger fits. He's an apprentice to the Dark Side. Like Yoda said 'Fear leads Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering, and suffering leads to the Dark Side'.
Ben Solo hated Luke and Han for holding him back. Snoke trained him to always tap into the Dark Side as much as possible. When things didn't go his way, he would become angry and throw fits because Snoke wanted him to grow stronger in the Dark Side through his unmanaged anger. Making him go deeper into the Dark Side. After being shot by the Crossbow, Kylo punched his injury when fighting Rey and Finn, because that would make him suffer more and help him tap deeper into the dark side.
I believe the reason why a loud minority of Fans openly hate TFA is because of something that I like to call the 'Unjust Burden Syndrome' and the biggest examples of this is The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. One of the reasons alot of people hated those films when they first came out was because of Jar Jar and Anakin. Jar Jar distracted everyone from everything else that was great about That Phantom Menace and in turn, the fans unjustly blamed it on Jake Llyod, who was just a freaking 9 year old who just followed what George Lucas told him to do, be young Anakin. In Attack of the Clones, Hayden Christiansen sounded the way he did was because he tried to imitate James Earl Jones voice so he could sound like Vader, but fans did realize that and un-justly blamed that movies flaws in him. The same with the TFA. Because the film barrowed many elements from 'A New Hope', like a giant Planet killing weapon that has the same structural failure as the Death Star, angered that hard core minority, who un-justly blamed Rey and Kylo Ren. Calling Rey a Mary Sue, when she clearly wasn't, and calling Kylo a cry baby, when that was the point of why he always wanted to go deeper into the Dark Side.
TLJ was the finishing nail in the coffin. It spit on everything the Force Awakens built up, and creating the false narrative that the Sequel's were never planed out, when that far from the truth. One of Rey's tactics with the lightsader was thrusting it at Kylo, like Palpatine. Her main theme has notes that, when slowed down, sound exactly like Palpatine's theme. Snoke's theme had the same chorus as Palpatine had and even some parts of it sound like Darth Plaguis's theme, who was Palpatine's master. I have no idea why Lucasfilm approved the TLJ's script, but I think the most likely theory is that they were trying to appease that loud minority that hated TFA, but in turn, they alienated everyone else who liked it and even angered those TFA haters even more because of how they treated Luke and the rest of the cast. They should have just had JJ directing The Last Jedi, adding more to his vision from TFA and in turn connecting those films with the Rise of Skywalker, which the reasons it got all the hate it did was because JJ was trying to fix everything that the TLJ ruined, which ruined HIS story and HIS vision that he whole hearted worked with 'The Force Awakens'.
Captain Rex LOL
Captain Rex LOL - 8 dager siden
Like isn’t that big of a Mary Sue he piloted in beggars canyon with blasters on his ship too
Nalon - 10 dager siden
I didn't mind the force awakens. I thought that they would have a well thought out plan for the trilogy.

They didn't.
Mister Tom
Mister Tom - 10 dager siden
It was as bad as they say and it got more obvious as time went on.
But i will admit the worst one was episode 2.
But anyone that believes episodes 7,8,9 is better than 1,2,3 is probably agreeing with the political decisions and was never a StarWars fan before 7,8,9.
Joseph Zoe martin
Joseph Zoe martin - 12 dager siden
the thing that constantly bugs me about the mind trick thing that no one brings up,....KYLO IS LITERALLY TRYING TO TEACH REY HOW TO USE THE MIND TRICK ON HIM(Kylo) but she was against listening to him directly due to HIM BEING THE BAD GUY, but once Kylo leaves she is comfortable testing her abilities on the random storm trooper. she was even shocked it worked.
carealoo744 - 12 dager siden
Anakin was born without a father?
Sorry, I remember nothing from Star Wars... Especially Episode I...
carealoo744 - 12 dager siden
So close to 1M subs (997K at time of Commenting)
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
Ok people i like his channel just not this video alot. Yes she might know what a mind trick is but how can she do it on like her 2nd to 3rd try. Its like hearing about algebra when youre in kindergarten and solving it correctly without having it taught to you. idk tho, i have brain damage :)
Double Yell
Double Yell - 13 dager siden
No it’s not
Eoin Cleary
Eoin Cleary - 8 dager siden
Allow me to explain something (Opinion) °adjective° 1. The preference of one or more person who likes or dislikes something EXAMPLE: I like the force awakens, in my opinion, it is a good film and it's fine if you don't agree with me
Double Yell
Double Yell - 12 dager siden
Eoin Cleary Marcus do be kinda biased in this video doe
Eoin Cleary
Eoin Cleary - 12 dager siden
Need a tissue? Done crying?
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 13 dager siden
This video is super arrogant. Marcus states all of his opinions as fact and implies that you're wrong if you think this movie is bad and/or worse than the prequels. He also indirectly says that no one cares about your opinion if you don't like the unoriginality of the TFA? In category 3? That just alienates a large group of people for being wrong in his eyes. Not the ideal way to argue.
Alex Krall
Alex Krall - 6 dager siden
Joey Jerry
Joey Jerry - 15 dager siden
Tbh I think The Force Awakens is kind of overrated. Most people consider it the best of the sequel trilogy and one of the better Star Wars movies. I honestly disagree. I think it has great acting, emotion, dialogue, I liked the new characters, it was nice seeing the old ones back and the execution is flawless but the story itself is really mediocre. It’s just way too safe and literally takes no risks and it’s barely original, which really holds it back.
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 18 timer siden
That's very fair
DeadlyLazer - 16 dager siden
Anybody know the background music at 4:19?
Pedro de Matthaeis
Pedro de Matthaeis - 20 dager siden
Force awakens is ok, the other 2 suck
Pedro de Matthaeis
Pedro de Matthaeis - 16 dager siden
@RedPenguin i respect your opinion but i respectfully disagree Hard
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
I like Last Jedi lmao
Ole Schena
Ole Schena - 21 dag siden
Nice video, but I highly disagree with point 3. Rey is on a whole different scale than the other protagonists. Luke had more training than rey (which you falsely deny), Anakin is stupidly talented, but has the flaw of being cocky and in the end failing and succumb to the dark side. There are more points, but I am too lazy. I see your point, that Rey gets over critizised, but that critizism is in it's core still valid. That makes your 3rd point incorrect. It should fall under knitpicking.
Mgolds66 - 21 dag siden
The Mary Sue topic:
I was with you a little while you were talking about Anakin, but nothing he really did besides being a pilot, which would equate to reflexes which they explained, and he didnt seem as natural as Rey, but could see the argument. When talking about Luke, he was a good pilot who then had Obi-Wan teach him about the force. We dont know what happened off screen between movies with Luke's Jedi training from one of the best Jedi Masters compared to Rey, who received no instruction whatsoever. Rey is a capable fighter so I can concede some lightsaber abilities there. Overall, it is really just the pace and strength that she gets without anything that a Luke or Anakin went through. Unless now, years later after the trilogy is finished, you want to make an argument that Palps was whispering in her ear the whole time, I guess, but that was just never even suggested in her actions, her mind was always clear.
Mgolds66 - 9 dager siden
RedPenguin so after basically 10 years of training at the Jedi Temple during the clone wars surrounded by so many amazing Jedi Masters, when he was the chosen one, with a higher midichlorian count than ever seen before? Yea. Compare that to Rey, no Jedi training at this point and even in the end she had like 2 days of a nonchalent Lukr and read some books. She was self trained for fighting, she can have her fighting skill, thats fine, she should not be that strong in the force unless its an accidental moment. Like in Rise of Skywalker when she shoots out sith lightning. That was organic.
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
Anakin was on the level of a Jedi Master when he was only 22.
Mgolds66 - 21 dag siden
For Rey, the Jedi are basically extinct. They are not discussed in the world at this point. Prior to that Jedi were accepted as large part of society, they were Generals in the Army of the Grand Republic. Even in Luke's case there were only 2 Jedi, Obi Wan and Yoda that we meet in Ep 5. Jabba was around for the Clone Wars, and interacted with Jedi, whereas Rey would only know stories and not how to do it.
Justin Showalter
Justin Showalter - 21 dag siden
Fucking baby yoda uses the force and he’s a baby.
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 18 timer siden
Baby fucking piss boy yoda
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
Comrade Tim
Comrade Tim - 21 dag siden
"The movie was absolute garbage "
"The acting, this is the worst acting I have seen in my life"
*Clearly my man hasn't been through the pain of watching the Emoji Movie*
Meme Studios
Meme Studios - 22 dager siden
Well Rey is a Palpatine
Kurt Hurt
Kurt Hurt - 24 dager siden
I don't even watch star wars and this makes sense to me!
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 18 timer siden
Kurt hurt that's pretty cool man. Very epic
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
To be fair, no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans
Dennis Myers
Dennis Myers - 25 dager siden
The lightsaber duels are not the best the have a heavier slower feel
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 26 dager siden
People will say this film is bad than turn round and say tpm and aotc are good
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
faze boy
faze boy - 26 dager siden
I liked BB8 but that's because I'm 12 right now and that was 4 years ago
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 18 timer siden
Very cool. Now I know I can trust you
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
@Rigz Movie Diaries oof
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 13 dager siden
You're not old enough to have a youtube account lol
Danger Dash
Danger Dash - 27 dager siden
Yes, it's OK to like TFA. It's not, however, OK to go on a Necromonger crusade and forcing your opinion down the throats of everyone disagrees with your thoughts. That goes for both sides of the coin.
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 28 dager siden
I'm so glad this comment section is filled with intellectuals who see this is a really good movie
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 12 dager siden
@HamburgerToe I guess I spoke too soon🤡
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow - 28 dager siden
This is a great movie, one of the best star wars movies
Ben Skates
Ben Skates - 29 dager siden
TFA: It's too similar!!
TLJ: It's too different!! >:(
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 13 dager siden
That's a bad argument. You're putting huge groups of people in the same boat without considering that they could have been different boats of people from the start. Also, TLJ's problem isn't that it's too different, but people's main problem is with the writing and illogicalness of that movie.
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
Pretty much.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - Måned siden
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
Yes... yes he is.
Gosvern Vul Sil
Gosvern Vul Sil - Måned siden
C'mon, Anakin from Episode 1 did most heroic act by accident. From Episode 2 to 3 he received years of training yet he fucks up from time to time.
Louiemeister - Måned siden
But let me guess it’d not ok to like the prequels and if I do I’m brainwashed?
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
Oh no ive been brainwashed my whole life:(
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 13 dager siden
He says that if you think TFA is too similar to ANH, that no one cares about your opinion and that you should just shut up. Which really isn't a good way to make an argument. He also straight up states his opinions as fact and says that thinking the sequels are better than the prequels is wrong.
James Loucks
James Loucks - Måned siden
I liked your vid..until you got your Mary sue bit., basically Strawman: the segment.
You present all those criticisms as separate ideas, ignoring that they all happen in ONE movie and THAT is the real problem people had. The FIRST movie in the trilogy already starts off with a stupidly perfect protagonist. Its not a problem that she figures out the ship, or beats Kylo first try.
The issue is that she knows Han Solos ship better than him, she instantly understands advanced force uses, is a better pilot than Han Solo on her first try, everyone immediately likes her upon meeting, after she leaves her planet she suddenly cares about what's happening in the universe and works to save it even though her character should not give a fuck(she is a paragon of morality)...AND she beats a trained lightsaber user so powerful with the force he could stop a blaster mid air. All in the FIRST movie...with zero knowledge, without earning anything. Luke got lucky and had some hidden power but he wasnt perfect. The people you mock in this segment didnt hate her because shes super powerful they hated her because shes super powerful and has no flaws to balance it, and this is our FIRST meeting, what is there to root for? Also how dishonest can you be to use footage of luke calling his lightsaber to him in the Wompa cave as an example of "ah boy, pfft, look. How'd he know how do that, Luke's a dumb Gary sue!" When that footage was from the SECOND movie taking place after a large time jump from the first.
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 23 dager siden
James Loucks I mean Rey says she’s a pilot and flown ships before and I don’t remember any scene that shows she’s better than Han. Han completed the Kessel run in 12 parsecs his first time flying it. And in Solo we learn the ship is half autopilot anyway because it’s operated by the consciousness of a droid. Also in the novelisation it says she snuck on the ship a lot and studied it a lot.
James Loucks
James Loucks - 23 dager siden
@Nuyxo @Nuyxo you didnt prove shit moron, I "skipped" that point because I dont want to have to write a book back in response to your every little stupid point. She fixes something INSIDE the ship, a mechanical failure when Han couldnt figure it out. Lando broke something off the ship? So what? You think that's comparable? He was being chased through a tiny tunnel in the middle of a battle. Damage happens, Rey scratched the outside of it too that's not what's illogical. She immediately upon getting in the ship flies it through a wreckage and pulls off a ridiculous maneuver you conveniently dont bring up where she turns the engines off, falls backwards, they shoot the ship chasing them and then she turns it back on just before hitting the ground. I make nothing but assumptions?! That's the first time we see her fly it and she pulls off the most complicated move we've every seen that ship pull off. The movie itself even brings light to how stupid it was with the dialogue right after "How did you DO that?!"" "I DONT KNOW?!""" From a character who has never flown a spaceship before. And THEN she also somehow firguers out how to fix the inside workings better than Han. This is the same character who will go on to get a triple kill in 1 shot in the next movie with this ship. You cant argue this dude, this character, by definition! Is a Mary Sue and she only got worse in the follow ups. You See that? You see how taking the time to fully respond to just ONE of your bullshit points took that much text? Dont mistake me skipping your nonsense for you making good points, you haven't made a single one, it's because some were so stupid it wasnt worth my time. You dont make good arguments, you just use the "Shotgun fallacy" you spew a dozen unconnected arguments out, all arguing different points to where NOBODY could feasibly answer them all, then declare victory because someone didnt respond to EVERY little thing you vomitted out. Its pathetic. Focus your argument or I'm done, you aren't worth it if you're going to use this many logical fallacies.
James Loucks
James Loucks - 24 dager siden
@Josh Mitchell unfortunately I did, which made the Last Jedi even worse.
Nuyxo - 24 dager siden
@James Loucks Again, all you do is make assumptions. You're not actually going off of what's being clearly demonstrated in the movie.. 1. Assume all you want that Han could never be rusty in the falcon after so many years, but at the end of the day it's clearly demonstrated that's what's happening, and it's happened in Star Wars before. "The Falcon is HIS ship" The Falcon was also once the prized possession of Lando, yet he's so rusty he ends up knocking off the radar dish at the end of ROTJ. So you're fine with Lando being rusty in a ship he hasn't been on in a very long time but it's different for Han? That doesn't make any sense. 2. Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. Finn was trained as a stormtrooper yes. But the movie goes out of it's way to show us that Finn is not a fighter. He refuses to fight at the beginning, gets his ass beat by Rey and another Stormtrooper even though he had a Lightsaber. This shows us that, unlike Rey, Finn is bad with a melee weapon. Finn was unable to beat a common stormtrooper with his lightsaber, there's no way he would ever beat Kylo Ren, even if he's wounded. Again, pay some fucking attention and Finn's ineptitiude with melee weapons is clearly demonstrated. Also what's this "years of military training" As if these 'battle hardened soldiers taken from birth to be vicious killers' were EVER a threat in any Star Wars movie. Give me a fuckin break lol. 3. All you fucking do is assume shit that's not shown in the movie. She's never once shown to 'care about the universe at large'. Please point to a part in the movie where she wants to 'destroy the First Order and bring peace to the galaxy'. That motive doesn't come until the end of the movie when she's given probable cause to care, after she was kidnapped and nearly killed by Kylo. Of course she has a problem with the First Order lol. If anything your criticism falls on FINN. After the First Order fires it's weapon he gets a force vision and suddenly cares about the universe. Yet i'm the dunce.. pay attention you fuckin knob. Also I like how you skipped over the part of Rey being a better pilot than Han because I proved you completely wrong lolll
Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell - 24 dager siden
James Loucks I feel didn’t even watch the movie
Roxie Bear
Roxie Bear - Måned siden
I love the force awakens
Alex Zawacki
Alex Zawacki - Måned siden
I bet that RedLetterMedia is pretty upset that Max Landis wore a 'very cool' shirt, referencing their nerd crew show. they kinda scrubbed their videos with him from search results
John McWeasel
John McWeasel - Måned siden
I think the reason he survived the bowcaster shot was because of how far away it was.
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
And also if you look, it only grazes his side and it’s not a direct hit
Aiden the Second
Aiden the Second - Måned siden
Cosmonaut: 15:21-16:27
Me: so what you are trying to say is... ANAKIN SKYWALKER Born strong with the force and naturally the best pilot? Didn’t he drive a pod racer? Uhh Anakin a master at using a lightsaber! In his fight with count dooku.. he gets his arm chopped off? And gets saved by Yoda... uhh and he takes on his master obi wan Kenobi.. then he gets his arms and legs chopped off... Anakin Skywalker, a master force user! Wait wasn’t he not strong enough with the force because of how obi wan was able to slice him? Uhh.. He beat the entire trade federation by himself! By accident? Uhh cosmonauts u good? Uhh HE WAS THE CHOSEN ONE but people in the Jedi council don’t trust him anyway and the chosen one, WAIT? THEN ANAKINS SACRIFICE WAS POINTLESS SINCE REY STORED PEACE SO BEING THE CHOSEN ONE IS POINTLESS!!!
LUKE SKYWALKER!!! HE BLEW UP THE DEATH STAR BY USING THE FORCE! Wait Yoda said: For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. Doesn’t that make like.. obi wan connected with the force since Obi wan is: being an ally to Luke, and surrounds him... COSMONAUT YOU FULL OF SHIT! Wait, LUKE SKYWALKER IS GOOD AT USING A LIGHTSABER WHILE NOT HAVING ANY TRAING! What do I say to that? HIS HAND GETS CHOPPED OFF AND VADER LETS HIS GUARD DOWN/UNDERESTIMATED LUKE IN THE THIRD MOVIE! IN THE THIRD MOVIE WHILE REY BEATS KYLO IN THE FIRST MOVIE!!!

Btw this video came out in 2017 so what I said about Anakin being the chosen one in 2017 is... STILL POINTLESS! because you shouldn’t expect Disney to listen to follow the whole chosen one stuff.
Result: i still love force awakens but what you said is dumb

Rey who?
(Stolen joke from E;R)
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
Anakin is on the level of Jedi Masters at the age of 22.
Kelson Gardner
Kelson Gardner - Måned siden
Let’s not forget that Luke flew the T-36 sky hopper. And I know this is nitpicking, but, screw it.
Spino_I_Guess - Måned siden
TFA :)
TLJ :/
TROS >:[
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith - Måned siden
Everything except the storyline of the prequels is bad
Everything about the sequels is good except the storyline
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
@RedPenguin yea ur right. i like the prequels, but his turn to the dark side was pretty bad. I still dont like the sequels in my opinion.
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
I actually thought that TFA and TLJ were pretty well written. Also the prequels do have some writing issues, such as Anakin’s turn to the dark side being unconvincing.
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith - Måned siden
James Rodgers Some things about the sequels do hold some value. The special affects and cgi are outstanding, it has good pacing and some good characters. The dialogue is way better compared to the atrocious dialogue we received in the originals and it did have some great moments. Over all, it did ruin the storyline completely and they could have done it way better but it still does have some great qualities.
James Rodgers
James Rodgers - Måned siden
Everything about the sequels is bad, period. The sequels didn't even have continunity, world building, structure, cool space battles, great lightsaber duels, or interesting characters, unlike the prequels.
Currently Eating
Currently Eating - Måned siden
Leave it to Star Wars fans to hate a love letter to the original Star Wars movie.
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 13 dager siden
They have every right to
Noob Plays
Noob Plays - Måned siden
Well they made Rey op. Using mind tricks without any training. Then they just went well Anakin did kill Palestine and did bring balance to the force but we want REY to do it so..... yea
Edit: the prequels have the best lightsaber fights and they got obi wan and my favourite episodes
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
Francisco cantu
Francisco cantu - Måned siden
Fuck you it sucks.
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 18 timer siden
You angry
my channel
my channel - 9 dager siden
Okay ❤️✨
Stanley Crowley
Stanley Crowley - Måned siden
It is not ok to like this abomination. Neither of these so called categories valid.
Stanley Crowley
Stanley Crowley - 17 timer siden
@Justin Htoo not much of a conversation, actually.
Justin Htoo
Justin Htoo - 20 timer siden
Love how this conversation went on for a month
HamburgerToe - 12 dager siden
@RadBear ! the writing for the sequels ia pretty trash too and the action also doesn't have much weight because u basically knew rey was gonna win. And memes are funny so yea.
Stanley Crowley
Stanley Crowley - 16 dager siden
@RedPenguin Gosh. How am I salty when every single person here acts like an aggroed schoolboy (including yourself) and unsuccessfully tries to ridicule me. I'm actually the only one who tried to make productive conversation with rather salty people.
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
Oh my godness look at these replies. You are either a mega troll or a salty 9 year old.
Lifeline - Måned siden
i wish there was one of these for the last of us 2
Zach VanKeulen
Zach VanKeulen - Måned siden
Oh a simple story Star Wars is, it doesn’t have to be simple. The story of Star Wars from 1977 was simple because it was in its foundation it did not shove everything at the same time. That is why Lucas use every movie to progress the world building and story telling.
Pro 92
Pro 92 - Måned siden
Disney: oops .... the sequels are gone now!
The Animator
The Animator - Måned siden
Floral fury is the name of the song it's in cuphead
Stefan - Måned siden
The Force Awakens is a masterpiece, I just said that
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
I really liked it but I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Måned siden
Other characters aren’t called perfect and Mary Sues because their male. That sounds stupid but a lot of awful nerds want to think their quintessential male characters are good at everything.
Truly Greg
Truly Greg - Måned siden
this is my favorite movie of the sequels
Phobos TheHobo
Phobos TheHobo - 25 dager siden
Same. Its interesting, all of my top 3 favorite are from each trilogy 3. The force awakens 2. The revenge of the sith 1. Empire strikes back
Collin Guitars
Collin Guitars - Måned siden
I like that its a “copy” of a new hope. I didnt like the force awakens it just wasnt good to me but I do like that having it close to the narrative story of a new hope with different characters that are purposefully somewhat representative of the original characters ushers in a new era of star wars. It sort of resets the story in a different way. Call this a “ripoff” if you want. I personally didn’t like it but whatever
Flight Train11
Flight Train11 - Måned siden
12:03 I can never take amazing Lucas seriously especially when he said the acting was bad when the prequels have probably the worse acting out the entire franchise but I came out of the force awakens pretty satisfied the later films don’t change that for me I have problems with the sequels but still enjoy the force awakens
Flight Train11
Flight Train11 - 16 dager siden
RedPenguin well yeah Hayden Christensen is probably given some of the worse dialogue in the entire franchise and the line delivery ain’t that well either I think he does better acting with his face instead of his line delivering
RedPenguin - 16 dager siden
To be completely fair, the prequels actually have pretty good actors it’s just impossible for them to make any of the terrible dialogue sound natural.
XALYAXSUXX - Måned siden
Imagine bruh, i'm a literal Martial Artist with 7 years of Training, i have the LITERAL BLACK BELT, and i wouldn't be able to fight with a MOTHERF*** BULLET IN MY *GUT*!!!, literally moving with a gun wound is just impressive, i mean i can dodge and slice bullets from a handgun, but a AK-47 for example would f* me up BIG TIME.