It Chapter 2 - Kind of a Let Down

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Runtime: 04:17


Marquis Newman
Marquis Newman - 13 dager siden
So I really think you should do a video on a horror movie called Tamara if you havent already seen it. It's on Hulu and it's a masterpiece. I had to stop watching it 34 minutes in and then continue it like a week later cause it was the best movie ever.
Theodor Wulff Poloni
Theodor Wulff Poloni - 14 dager siden
I swear to God, the Bloodborne soundtrack is following me wherever I go
The One and Only Lord Farquaad
I actually fell asleep during this movie 🤣
Téa Leigh
Téa Leigh - 25 dager siden
They totally annihilated Mike in this movie. Poor Mike. He was such a caring and genuine character in the book and miniseries
RaziDl - Måned siden
Why do i hear boss music ??
Hellmaster -07
Hellmaster -07 - Måned siden
It is kind of a let down
Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend - Måned siden
The kid actors just took a "Which Celebrity Do You Look Like?!" quiz and called it good
Yaswanth Ikkada
Yaswanth Ikkada - Måned siden
It chapter two is atrocious that I walked out of theatre without even watching third act
Ditshego Kganyago
Ditshego Kganyago - Måned siden
It Chapter 2 was just Sad... not scary.
LloronasCollection - Måned siden
Everyones just been so good i think ill give them each an individual jump scare. You get a jump scare. And YOU get a jump scare.
Obi- Wan Kenobi
Obi- Wan Kenobi - Måned siden
You always have the exact opposite of what others think lol
Melissa Hurt
Melissa Hurt - Måned siden
I really like Jane's macavoy(bill) but he was.. meh in this. James ransone(eddie) was great!
H. Haussermann
H. Haussermann - Måned siden
They Were Faithful To The Book. Which Is What I Appreciated. They Do Face Pennywise Alone As Adults (In The Book). I Think Stephen King Can Be Difficult To Switch Over. However I Agree. There Were Many Things They Could Have Replaced In That Movie From The Story That Would Have Made It Amazingly Better. And Their Names Are Tom Rogan, Audra Denborough And Henry Bowers.
Skiivin - Måned siden
The first movie was a coming-of-age story with horror elements. The second was just a mediocre horror movie
Demonofive - Måned siden
So basically an R rated Scooby Doo movie
Exterminator05 - Måned siden
Tbh I was fine with this movie
Pedro T
Pedro T - 2 måneder siden
First movie I walked out on.
WarLead2792 - 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about how good that fortune cookie scene was? That was the only memorable scene I had of this movie. I got goosebumps when we read that last fortune cookie and the characters trying to figure out the meaning of the other fortunes without the last one is hilarious. Then all that supernatural ooga booga type shit happens and it ruins the moment. if they just left it as "Guess Stanley could not cut it" it would've been sop\ good.
Anthony Padgeon
Anthony Padgeon - 2 måneder siden
I could just picture marcus saying stupid things to pennywise as its “tormenting” him🤣
Chcuf Cicufufu
Chcuf Cicufufu - 2 måneder siden
Garbage movie
Kunisake - 2 måneder siden
I don't find either movie scary. They have one or two kinda creepy scenes. But I can forgive them because of the characters
JOSEPH KOSS - 2 måneder siden
I read the intro title "Kind of a letdown" in the narrator's voice
Simon-peter Williamson
Simon-peter Williamson - 2 måneder siden
Honestly these moments couldve been scary. But then they decided to do something really funny. Like it was scary at the chinese restaurant. But then the demon baby made me laugh. The lady at bevs house was creepy. But then she started dancing around naked like she was home alone. The circus thing was cool but i burst out laughing when he decided to bang his head on the wall
x_why_tho - 2 måneder siden
I thought it was alright
Cybernerd Studios
Cybernerd Studios - 2 måneder siden
Too much stupid jokes, pacing SUCKED DICK, the opening was stupid asf as it didn’t even matter later on, I hate this movie with a passion. 3 hours of pure GARBAGE
blooperdooper5000 - 2 måneder siden
When me and my friends went to see this movie I was excited, but every time there was a jump scare me and one of my friends couldn't stop laughing. And I'm 12 YEARS OLD. (That's saying something.)
LucidBelief - 2 måneder siden
i’ve never hated a movie so much
Unoriginal disappointment
Unoriginal disappointment - 2 måneder siden
The bloodborne music scares me
Troy Blackford
Troy Blackford - 2 måneder siden
I agree completely. King is my favorite author, this is one of my favorite books, the first movie was great, but when we finally saw this movie, Part 2, we turned it off about thirty to forty minutes in because we were bored and we just never went back to watch it. I do want to see it still but it's not nearly as easy to enjoy as Part 1, which is pretty disappointing.
Sea Lion
Sea Lion - 2 måneder siden
Loved the movie but the way they defeated It in the final battle was kind of anti climactic. I mean it was like ‘yeah no shit of course that would work...?’
Jojo is bad
Jojo is bad - 2 måneder siden
I really really liked the first one.
It was scary enough and also the child actors were amazing.
I got kinda disappointed with this new one.
Arjane’ Blaine
Arjane’ Blaine - 3 måneder siden
i really enjoyed chapter two
Conner S
Conner S - 3 måneder siden
it chapter 2 is a mess, but a very enjoyable mess.
XxKevGodxX - 4 måneder siden
IT chapter one was so funny for me! Penny wise was hilarious
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost - 4 måneder siden
I think IT : Chapter Two is good but just barely. You could even say it's somewhere between decent and good. It has some good even great moments/scenes and it also has a few really bad moments. I think there are more good/great moments than bad/really bad moments though. Overall I like it and like I said, I think it's overall good but just barely, in my opinion. It should have been great though. So, yes, it's disappointing to me because it should have been much better. It : Chapter One is great though, in my opinion. I think the 1990 miniseries..the first part is great..the second part is decent at best. Overall, I think it's decent/good but I think the two new IT films are overall better than the 1990 IT miniseries.
Ken-20 - 4 måneder siden
The more i think about this movie,
the more worst it gets
Andrew K
Andrew K - 4 måneder siden
Honestly what opportunities are going to be available to the penny wise actor now? Maybe horror villains
Dominik Kowalski
Dominik Kowalski - 5 måneder siden
I like Father Gascoigne theme in background
Jen Hennessey
Jen Hennessey - 5 måneder siden
It chapter 2 is the reason I no longer see movies
Kadence Cook
Kadence Cook - 5 måneder siden
this was the worst movie that i ever seen
OctoBuddah009 - 5 måneder siden
Father Gascoigne?
Jesse Menbreno
Jesse Menbreno - 5 måneder siden
I watched this yesterday and i actually liked it, didn’t even think of it as a horro movie.
Geek Produções
Geek Produções - 5 måneder siden
Just imagine Joker ending like IT: Chapter 2
Arthur: Murray, when you bring me out...Can you introduce me as Joker?
Murray: Ok, clown
Arthur: *Haves a heart attack, and dies*
Royal Cage
Royal Cage - 6 timer siden
Thanks for whoever fuckin liked my Shit comment
Royal Cage
Royal Cage - 7 timer siden
This is Pure Gold
Paice Colombo
Paice Colombo - 5 måneder siden
Sorry buddy I like it and I love both of them there is gonna be a 6 hour super cut not hate btw love ur channal, I just disagree but hey bud ur opinion
angry lolbit
angry lolbit - 5 måneder siden
And it chapter 3 is coming and is ment to be about the losers children and I have a feeling it will be bad
Bainbow - 6 måneder siden
Tell you what the best scare for me is, which I think Part 2 should have really leaned in to more. When Pennywise bites Georgie's arm off and he's trying to crawl away, Pennywise sloooowly reaches out from the gutter to grab Georgie's leg. In this moment, you only see his arm, but as it reaches out, just for an instant, it's much longer than it should be, but the camera cuts away before it becomes obvious, leaving me with this feeling that something was off, amplified by the horrific graphic murder of a child. It's so creepy and unnerving, and that's the kind of thing they should have done for the adult portion of the story, be creepy and unnerving rather than jumpscarey.
Icy Dimensions
Icy Dimensions - 6 måneder siden
Father Gascoigne theme in the background...ok, gg, well played.
s rico
s rico - 6 måneder siden
Weak cgi creatures made for tv b movie shit. Weak non scary music . Pennywise doesn’t transform to full spider 🕷 missed opportunity
Captin Rex
Captin Rex - 6 måneder siden
He has Bloodborne music in the background
Arya K
Arya K - 6 måneder siden
3:23 looks like a Tiktok
battuvshin batzorig
battuvshin batzorig - 6 måneder siden
It was just comedy with shit ton of jump-scares, they did not even bother to try making this train wreck a horror movie. But I enjoyed the movie...
dynamiteman100 - 6 måneder siden
Is that the Father Gascoigne song in the background? Now I just want Pappa G best the snot out of Pennywise...maybe Pennywise was that bloody pig...
nicole - 6 måneder siden
i watched the end of it chap one again and when they left the meadow one by one they left in the order they died (stan, eddie...) so yeah i’m sad
dicko. - 6 måneder siden
Can you imagine if IT went to a black neighbour hood instead of Derry
Markus G
Markus G - 7 måneder siden
I really didnt like this movie. I thought the 1st IT was a truly fantastic remake and did a great job of putting the viewer in the position of the children, and it succeeds, but the 2nd IT just tries to hard to top the 1st and it just fails to do that ummmmm cuz
WE ALREADY KNOW ITS NOT FUCKING REAL and none of it was scary cuz it's just a scary do the same thing the 2nd time around, and y is it almost 3 hrs long while being completely boring. And its definitely not as funny as the 1st movie
Adrian Gauna
Adrian Gauna - 7 måneder siden
It Chapter Two is a terrible movie.
1. The scare scenes were terrible!
2. The adult acting was really bad (especially the guy that played Ritchie).
3. The climatic ending with the clown head on a spider was stupid.
4. The movie ran too long.
5. CGI is too overused.
Did the adult actors really have to drop that many F-bombs in this movie? The whole film just felt like they were trying way too hard to please everybody with a scary movie. And what was with that scene with the old lady, she turned into a female slender-man with tits, I cracked up laughing! The only thing I liked about this movie is the scene with the gay man going over the bridge and getting eaten by the clown, that was in the book and I liked that, that's probably the only thing this movie has over the 1990 original.
Tim Curry all the way! He literally just had to stand there on the riverbank and it scared the shit out of you! But this movie is more funny than scary.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 7 måneder siden
I like the father Gascoigne music
HyperionFTW - 8 måneder siden
How to kill evil demon sewer clown
Step 1:Call him Gay
Step 2: Call his mom gay
Step 3: Profit
Joshua Thomlinson
Joshua Thomlinson - 8 måneder siden
Pennywise is at his best when he’s being just plain goofy.
Marko Delic
Marko Delic - 8 måneder siden
I know the reason everyone doesn't like this movie. It's because it's not pure horror story,but it isn't meant to be. Look at it this way; you have romantic,gore/bloody,emotional and funny movie wrapped into one. Amazing development of the characters,just as we remembered them 27 years before. But,there are things I didn't like about this movie. Screenwriter was like:"I'm gonna put some jumpscare carnival" But the carnival isn't needed,and the movie would be much better if Vicky's death was the opening scene. Also,Henry Bowers just shows up for no reason,but on the other hand,you get emotional scary movie,10/10