Into the Spider-Verse: Yeah Its Good

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Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 - 2 dager siden
i will never look at this movie again i hate it i think its really bad and my eyes gets hurt watching this animation style
Jensen Wang
Jensen Wang - 2 dager siden
Sony can make good movie, but can't do it on command 😂
TSZ - 3 dager siden
godspeed 11073
godspeed 11073 - 7 dager siden
They need to put the Stan lee costume miles morales suit in the new miles morales game
Nicholas Arno
Nicholas Arno - 17 dager siden
to be fair post Malone made the song for the movie
King Puddles -
King Puddles - - 18 dager siden
Charules - 18 dager siden
If the Spider-Man game was a movie it would be better than spiderverse. I said it
jemma_ac - 21 dag siden
The Donald Glover/Aaron Davis Easter Egg is probably one of my favourite tiny details. also because it's a community reference and community is my most favourite tv show ever.
Vincent Pey
Vincent Pey - 21 dag siden
Spider man is by far one of my favoriete comic series and i consider myself a big fan but i havent got around to watching this movie it just kinda went over my head i didnt even know it was made untill i saw a movie poster after it startet to run in cinimas
Epic Folds
Epic Folds - Måned siden
I really really don’t like hip hop, and I LOVE this movie
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Alexander - Måned siden
0/10 no big wheel
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger - Måned siden
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe - Måned siden
I love your reviews, and I take a drink every time you say you weren't planning on reviewing something. I am so drunk 😂
Outofvlue - Måned siden
Honestly, if this isnt a 10/10 superheroe movie for you, then idk what is.
SomeRandomIdi0t - Måned siden
U don’t like lisenced music is in movies boi literally every movie ever is going to have lisenced music
Coconut Pal
Coconut Pal - Måned siden
SomeRandomIdi0t yeah I know what you mean
SomeRandomIdi0t - Måned siden
Yes I know but like for other movies and stuff I meant dude
Coconut Pal
Coconut Pal - Måned siden
SomeRandomIdi0t I heard the music was specifically made for this movie (for the most part I think I don’t know).
Epicbobafett Man
Epicbobafett Man - Måned siden
I’m just gonna say the Gwen Stacy scene where she webs him and peter is stupid there was literally no reason
Roze olifant Studio's
Roze olifant Studio's - Måned siden
They were falling, she saved them
Eh Meh Smeh
Eh Meh Smeh - Måned siden
My mom got tired of all the spider-man so she refuses to watch this movie then again she likes the amazing spider-man movies
TheShanicpower - Måned siden
In retrospect he’s questioned why the hell didn’t give this movie a 10.
Pablo Da Panda
Pablo Da Panda - Måned siden
This video is cancerous to watch becuase WHY THE FUCK did you put a horrible 1950’s film effect on it why tell me why it just makes the whole video look HORRIBLE
Okayyako - Måned siden
He does it so his video doesn't get copyright claimed
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss - Måned siden
Was it just me or was Spiderman Noir the best part of the movie
YUMMY YUMMY - Måned siden
God I love this movie so muchhh and I can't wait for the second one
And a game about miles is coming out I think you should make a play trough on it
Ronan Ercan
Ronan Ercan - Måned siden
dislikes are kingpins from different dimensions
DB STYLE Z - Måned siden
All I got to say is they should have put the origin of the spider but it dont really matter
Nick Kottkamp
Nick Kottkamp - 2 måneder siden
miles was animated at 12 frames in the beginning while the others were at 24 frames per second, this was to show how miles was clumsy and inexperienced but then at the end when he found his grove he was animated at 24 frames. I think that really added to it because even though you don't actively notice it your brain is like hold up, he seems jittery and not very smooth
Nick Kottkamp
Nick Kottkamp - Måned siden
@roben mage I CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nah it was just a random factoid
roben mage
roben mage - Måned siden
Who cares
crystalpie - 2 måneder siden
*just a **_fool_*
B Z - 2 måneder siden
Cosmonaut: the movie is perfect and flawless everyone should watch it
Also Cosmonaut: 9/10
Because there can always be something better
Proto Mask
Proto Mask - 12 dager siden
TheShanicpower did he really when?
TheShanicpower - Måned siden
He’s actually said later that he should’ve given this a 10/10.
roben mage
roben mage - Måned siden
10 doesn't mean perfect fuckheaf
Tasty Pancake
Tasty Pancake - 2 måneder siden
Spiderman 3 was better
crunchy - Måned siden
CHADAM!!!! - 2 måneder siden
The leap of faith is soooo good
DarthBear 356
DarthBear 356 - 2 måneder siden
I admit it, when I first saw the trailer, I was dreading this film. I have been a spiderman fan for as long as I can remember. The Tobey maguire movies were films I grew up with, and spiderman 1 and 2 have become 2 of my favourite superhero films of all time. After decades of seeing Sony butchering my favourite web slinger and their last attempt at a reboot (amazing spiderman) leaving me less than impressed, I was dreading seeing this, but I admit I was wrong. This was the spiderman film I never knew I wanted, it is a well written, beautifully animated love letter to a timeless character. Overall, I loved this film and even though I still love the Tobey maguire movies, this has become my favourite spiderman film. The music did annoy me, but apart from that, awesome film.
HeadCanon - 2 måneder siden
Deep down, we all know the best song in this movie was the Spidey Bells
I got a 100 in science
I got a 100 in science - 2 måneder siden
Unpopular opinion: both mcu movies about spider man are better than into the spider verse
I got a 100 in science
I got a 100 in science - Måned siden
Warden Of Purgatory I know
Warden Of Purgatory
Warden Of Purgatory - Måned siden
I got a 100 in science meant no offense.
I got a 100 in science
I got a 100 in science - Måned siden
Warden Of Purgatory yeah, but it’s mine
Warden Of Purgatory
Warden Of Purgatory - Måned siden
I got a 100 in science very unpopular opinion indeed.
Alex Juarez
Alex Juarez - 2 måneder siden
Marcus actually just retconned this video by saying that he really thinks its a 10/10 on twitter.
Cash ordeals
Cash ordeals - 2 måneder siden
This movie's can be year's old and still i will love it while vibing to post Malone
CajDoesStuff - 2 måneder siden
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
36, 767 Th like my man.
R. pizzamonkey
R. pizzamonkey - 2 måneder siden
Honestly my favorite thing about this movie is the insane attention to detail. Every single frame is like a work of art and there are so many cool background details and artistic decisions that make this movie amazing. It really feels like the only movie that seems truly deserving of the phrase "comic book movie".
Just1 RandomGuy
Just1 RandomGuy - 2 måneder siden
I just noticed when watching this that in the Prowler chase scene at night there's a truck with RedEx on it, which, I can only assume is a parody of FedEx.

CO2000A_A - 2 måneder siden
Let’s hope in Spider Verse 2 or Live Action, Maguire Holland and Garfield can make an appearance. I like Spider Verse 1 it was really good I like the idea how an idea (MCU or Sony-verse) can make a good story not for fans but for everyone
Satherian - 2 måneder siden
My favorite part is when the scientists draw their guns, there's one scientist on the right side that just rolls her eyes and goes back to her coffee

4:19 If you're wondering
Arturo Hernandez
Arturo Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
Fun Fact: Marcus on Twitter today, said he should’ve given this movie a 10/10 but said he didn’t probably cause he didn’t want the first 10/10 on his channel to be a Marvel Movie.
p rico
p rico - 2 måneder siden
Everyone in puerto rico jizzed for that 5 second school song.
p rico
p rico - 2 måneder siden
Yeaa the song 5 second school song scene is anuel AA.. Good for him.
p rico
p rico - 2 måneder siden
I took my son to see this in the movies.. It was for him.. I wasnt gonna pay atention.. Usually i just pick the cartoon thats playing without caring.. But this time i was at least be familiar with it... And after i saw it.. I would totaly went by myself to see it just for me. Im glad i didnt netflix this.
Paper Bag
Paper Bag - 2 måneder siden
Disney MCU fangirl
Warden Of Purgatory
Warden Of Purgatory - Måned siden
Paper Bag this has nothing to do with the MCU at all.
Paper Bag
Paper Bag - 2 måneder siden
Fuck you Marcus you like this mediocre shit
Warden Of Purgatory
Warden Of Purgatory - Måned siden
Paper Bag give us your reasons for hating this amazing movie.
sushi trash
sushi trash - 2 måneder siden
Paper Bag chill tf out it’s a great movie but it’s the best in the world
Paper Bag
Paper Bag - 2 måneder siden
Yeah its shit
CT 1228
CT 1228 - 11 dager siden
In your opinion
The Hard to Destroy Lizard
The Hard to Destroy Lizard - 3 måneder siden
My Dad has doubts with this movie, same with my sister. I had faith in this movie, Spider-Man was my past life. (Same with my dad)
The movie was sad as hell. My Dad and my Sister were like insanely impressed after the film. As a spider fan, I know if a spider film is a good film and a good spidey film.
Nela Giurchita
Nela Giurchita - 3 måneder siden
My only problem with this movie is with Miles's uncle death scene and his reason to be The Evil Purple Gloves that didn't made any sense
Ayo Jelly
Ayo Jelly - 3 måneder siden
The only thing I didn’t like about this movie was the anime spider man robot
matthew boucher
matthew boucher - 3 måneder siden
I think when you animate a Spider-Man movie it gives the writers so much more freedom and I think that 90% of Spider-Man media that people prefer is animated whether it’s a movie or a tv show or whatever
East Wind
East Wind - 3 måneder siden
Turn the beat back
Jason Ryan
Jason Ryan - 3 måneder siden
Ahhhh 2018, my fav year. Spider-Man PS4, infinity war and let’s not forget this masterpiece. How much id pay sometime to just wipe my mind So that i can rewatch this again
Ermhs Parasoidis
Ermhs Parasoidis - 3 måneder siden
Into the Spider-Verse: Good ? No . But Medicare and overall Racist blackwashing
Proto Mask
Proto Mask - 12 dager siden
Bruh what
Jon - 2 måneder siden
Did you watch the movie? Your literal only argument to why it’s bad is Miles is black. Peter is in the movie and dies in Miles’ universe. If Miles was white would that not matter? What is your argument.
V.I.C Tha K.I.D
V.I.C Tha K.I.D - 3 måneder siden
Watch this on LSD it literally is mind blowing.
The Hash Slinging Slasher
The Hash Slinging Slasher - 3 måneder siden
I'm glad you don't give 10/10 reviews. Nothing is perfect
Nyx12 - 3 måneder siden
I shouldn’t have laughed at spider dude inside the spider world but for some reason that joke got me and I feel like a dumbass
The Phoenix Project
The Phoenix Project - 3 måneder siden
I wonder if this channel has ever rated anything 10/10😂
walter hank
walter hank - 3 måneder siden
The music is the only flaw in this movie
Matheus Albuquerque
Matheus Albuquerque - 3 måneder siden
I absolutely HATED the pig and the anime spider-"man"... For me... That's was absolute garbage... Loved the movie... But those things downgraded the movie from a 9.8 movie to a 7...
Red Floyd
Red Floyd - 3 måneder siden
One criticism I personally have is that Mile's relationship towards his uncle isn't really fleshed out in the end. The uncle turns out to be a villain, but we don't really know why or how that happened, which I found to be a shame because that might have been interesting to explore.

Also, kingpin's voice acting sounded a bit off to me.

Other than that, it's pretty much just an awesome work of art.
Clarence Alexander
Clarence Alexander - 3 måneder siden
What’s up danger was one of the most fitting and exciting songs for a movie