HBO's Watchmen is Fine, You Guys Are Just Mean

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CaptainGinyu - 11 timer siden
imo there's a big difference between the classic liberalism of the 80s and 90s and the regressive leftism of today
SgtMonkeyPirate - Dag siden
Ugh. Why does everything gotta be about politics? You got people that shit on games and movies for not even having a political opinion too. Everything and everyone HAS to make a statement. Great video as always you got my thumb.
Ron Carter
Ron Carter - 7 timer siden
@SgtMonkeyPirate Okay, gotcha. In that case I agree. Lol everything in the world is basically a political compass meme for sure it does get exhausting and it is a shame we haven't gotten passed this.
SgtMonkeyPirate - 7 timer siden
Ron Carter the ugh was my genuine disgust in everything politics. Not specifically to watchmen. I actually agreed with why it didnt go woke.
Ron Carter
Ron Carter - 7 timer siden
@SgtMonkeyPirate Your comment seemed to ask why does everything have to be politcal "these days" and not just a why does everything have to be political... it seemed like you were lamenting to go back to a time when things weren't so political so I replied as I did. But, even if that wasn't your actual point (and my bad if it was not) to "ugh" the politicizing of a Watchmen sequel is kind of ridiculous wouldn't you say? I mean the original comic was politcal as Hell so this just seems par for the course, right?
SgtMonkeyPirate - 7 timer siden
Ron Carter exactly so why does there have to be politics. Literally my question. Never said there wasn’t. Help me understand how you thought I said that.
Ron Carter
Ron Carter - 8 timer siden
When was eveything not about politics? Especially comics? Superman, X-Men, The Justice League etc. was poltical so... can you help me understand when was everything not politcal?
P. Villa
P. Villa - Dag siden
As someone who enjoyed the movie years ago, but didn't read the comics: it was indeed confusing in the first 2 epsodes, but so was Dark and even shows like Sense8 can be somewhat confusing. By the third and until the end we had most of our questions answered and everything was connected.
"The casual viewer won't get it" is just plain wrong.
It was amazing and it made me want to revist the movie and read the comics, actually.
P. Villa
P. Villa - Dag siden
Aside from that, I definitely agree with everything else you said. Yay
Grimnir - 2 dager siden
I do kind of agree with Rorschach, though. No matter what Alan Moore says.
RedShadow - 2 dager siden
Chittychitty bang bang
Chittychitty bang bang - 2 dager siden
Its real easy for me I don't watch woke bullshit I heard it was woke bullshit and didn't watch it boom problem solved no need to bitch cause it doesn't pander to your beliefs. Watch some thing else I've never understood why people cry both the conservatives and liberals about shows that don't follow there beliefs its easy it wasn't made for you so guess what you don't need to watch it.
Maria Navarro
Maria Navarro - 3 dager siden
I did not know this was a sequel until I watched this video and let me tell you, I was so fucking confused until the last episode, I still loved the though
William Lohman
William Lohman - 3 dager siden
liberal utopia is the definition of dystopia
Denzell Coleman
Denzell Coleman - 5 dager siden
A privileged mediocre white guy telling people what’s woke and what’s not is like Joe Biden Telling people, “If you don’t vote for me you’re not black” it makes no sense is what I’m saying
Will DG
Will DG - 4 dager siden
Marcus is black
Sean Froelich
Sean Froelich - 5 dager siden
There is a HUGE difference between Alan Moore's politics and the politics of this show. It's like going from Marx to Hillary Clinton
Jason Sealy
Jason Sealy - 6 dager siden
Are you ever gonna make a follow-up video? Given how hyped up this show is again. I don’t have twitter or anything and just got your patreon so idk your opinion on it and I’m curious!
CreedOfHeresy - 7 dager siden
lol dude just stop, you fucking basic SJW.
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman - 7 dager siden
Stick to watching Tim Pool video bro. Watchman is not for you.
LoFio MuffHugger
LoFio MuffHugger - 7 dager siden
Not connecting with people on an emotional level is homelanders whole shtick. He grew up without knowing what it felt to have a family. But sure. He’s just evil.
foxhound900 - 8 dager siden
I think you brought up some good points, especially in saying that the story of Watchmen is dependent on what we think. It’s just not how I would’ve taken it. But I might give it a chance now.
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HBO'S WATCHMEN is just bad...
mrwookie72 - 9 dager siden
Just binge watched the series. Totally amazing best TV of the year for me.
GamerBoy - 9 dager siden
The show was trash
Dauda András
Dauda András - 9 dager siden
hell Nah!
Oliver Crespo
Oliver Crespo - 9 dager siden
It would only make sense after Nixon, a republican left office, in this universe, especially after the events of the novel, it makes perfect sense for the country to go a super neo liberal route. I actually loved the first scene cuz I thought the show was gonna be woke. But when the cop got capped and you learn the the police wear masks I was like ok I see what they are doing here.
Aaron Misra
Aaron Misra - 10 dager siden
This show in my opinion is just bad, it is not about the politics it just about how all the characters are presented. For example the show portrays the past characters as racist and dumb like Rorschach. The worst part is how the director know that, he wrote 10 page essay of how the show is doing no service to the comic and how Alan Moore doesn’t like his IP going to waste.
He also mentions how him talking about his fathers death was just a way to get sympathy points
Aaron Misra
Aaron Misra - 9 dager siden
Creepy Closet what you mean Rorschach was not a genius? he was a street smart guy. Sure for some people that may not count as being a genius but he knew his work well. Even if he wasn’t a genius, he still wasn’t racist. Yes he was homophobic and misogynistic but never did he show signs of being a racist.
Creepy Closet
Creepy Closet - 9 dager siden
Well Rorschach was hardly a genius dude. He was just a hurt individual with a warped sense of black and white morality and took out his anger on criminals. He reminds me of Robert De Niro's character from Taxi Driver where he is a proto incel who drives in ghetto areas and talks about how better he is than the people there despite the fact he himself is a strange individual who also cant talk to women
jacobin endymion
jacobin endymion - 10 dager siden
I like that it doesn't try to spoon-feed people with a ton of backstory and exposition; it makes the story more organic and natural.
David Robles
David Robles - 10 dager siden
Funny thing about the intro is that the video Watchmen doesn't get Watchmen is about the movie
Paolo Paris
Paolo Paris - 11 dager siden
The Boys is a bad show... The superheroes are cynical beyond belief and the "real heroes" are stupid and naif. That's not the way life works. It's a basic flip on good guys, bad guys. Watchmen it's 10 times better.
DownSouth Ninja
DownSouth Ninja - 11 dager siden
give it another 6 months and every KAREN in california will make them change the name cause its called "watch MEN "...doesnt matter its shit anyway
DownSouth Ninja
DownSouth Ninja - 8 dager siden
@Creepy Closet yeah true
Creepy Closet
Creepy Closet - 9 dager siden
Karens tend to be on the right so no
The Swirl Experience
The Swirl Experience - 11 dager siden
I’ve never read the comics or heard anything about this series. I had no issues understanding what was going on. The aeries doesn’t a great job I’d explaining everything quickly.
Shari Anderson
Shari Anderson - 11 dager siden
You wouldn't like the show anyway. There's no blk women lusting after white men in it. Just a story showing A BLK man loving his BLK woman. Not something you would like at all.
Mimic 15
Mimic 15 - 12 dager siden
Anybody else not find anything to bad about the series but that fbi person who becomes chief of police is so fucking annoying I really don’t know if it’s on purpose
aaron medina
aaron medina - 12 dager siden
26 fucking Emmy nominations
Flying Cupcake
Flying Cupcake - 13 dager siden
I think people didn't like the show because it was fucking garbage.
Flying Cupcake
Flying Cupcake - 13 dager siden
The TV show was fkng garbage.
HamsterC6 - 13 dager siden
I feel like I've heard this music before but I don't remember where?
Jake Call
Jake Call - 13 dager siden
Haters: this show isnt relevant even. Race relations in America havent been this dramatic for decades.
Police like 4 months later: 👁👄👁
George Stephenson High School
Earnest Scribbler
Earnest Scribbler - 14 dager siden
It's not just Watchmen that far-right fanatics don't seem to understand. I didn't write this, but found this is on social media and shortened it a little:
. X-men is about social justice. If you didn't get that, you didn't get X-men.
. Captain America literally fought and hates Nazis. He's the embodiment of fighting the far-right.
. The Galactic Empire's fascist and the Rebel Alliance is anti-fascist. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Star Wars.
. Star Trek advocates an egalitarian society that's overcome capitalism and is pro-choice. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Star Trek.
. Superman's literally an immigrant who promotes equality and acceptance. If you didn't get that, you didn't get Superman.
. Stan Lee said, "Racism and bigotry are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today." If you didn't get that, you didn't get Stan Lee's work.
If you consider yourself a fan of that stuff, but hate SLJ or BLM, you're not much of a fan at all. If you're upset that there are strong female characters in Marvel and DC movies or that Star Wars movies have a culturally diverse cast and you claim that it's suddenly become 'woke BS', 'anti-white trash' or that it's been ruined by 'leftist agenda', you never got that stuff in the first place.
Seventh Prodigy
Seventh Prodigy - 14 dager siden
Dr Manhattan pulled a reverse Michael Jackson
Bigga Bless
Bigga Bless - 15 dager siden
Did you read The Boys??
NEFF WARFARE - 15 dager siden
My main problem with the show is how they handle past characters.
Lori(Silk Spector) and Ben break up even though it makes no sense that they would.Lori got with Ben for the fact that Dr.Manhattan could not love her and she needed human interaction which Ben could give him.The creator of the show said that he didn’t believe Lori just needed to spoon and it would fix all her problems but missed why Lori got together with Ben.
Ozymandias at the end of the book still questions of what he did was right which is shown with him asking Dr.Manhattan that very question.The show however has him make a video of him bragging about it like it was a great accomplishment but in the book he was ashamed of it.Even the movie knew he was ashamed of it.His plot was also kind of boring
Rorschach is actually pretty realistic to how someone could take his beliefs as Rorschach hated every one and was shown uncomfortable around women and said somethings about minorities.He himself is not a racist in my opinion as I just think he hates people in general but his lessons could be used against any group of people like the Bible was throughout history
Dr.Manhattan was also very stupid.At the end of the book he says he’s leaving he galaxy as he’s done with humanity implying he will come back after they are dead not go to mars.Lastly if Ozymandias has something to get rid of his memory’s he would have done it before his plan instead of him doing the cancer story plot
The new characters I don’t care about and Hooded Justice being black makes no sense.Also the movie’s ending was better then the comics as it set up people were afraid of Manhattan and aliens would be so far fetched
Wlof25 - 6 dager siden
Lori was redundant in the show. She didn't move plot forward and barely contributed to anything. The only contribution to the plot she gave, if my memory serves me well is that Angela took all the pills and Lori brought her to that Asian woman and then there Angela learns about her plans. If that was her purpose in the whole story, then she was a pretty worthless character.
NEFF WARFARE - 7 dager siden
Shari Anderson Yes but there is a huge difference between those two events one he left to mars but people wouldn’t stop bothering him like Laurie who kept asking him for help and after he did he realized that he had nothing left and was tired of humanity and left the whole galaxy so no one could talk to him.The reason he came back and how he lost his powers temporarily made no sense.As he also left to help with Ozzys plan as if he was there no Alien threat would be big enough to stop him and the world would just go back to normal
Shari Anderson
Shari Anderson - 8 dager siden
@NEFF WARFARE But he DID leave earth in the comic, and he DID come back when Laurie asked him to. So if he left and came back once, he could do it again.
NEFF WARFARE - 8 dager siden
Shari Anderson still don’t think he would return.Manhattan in the comic and the movie showed signs he was losing the ability to feel or see the importants of life.He was meant to represent super man or a man that’s given unbelievable powers and how they could easily stop caring about life as they would see everything as pointless after watching people die or seeing the harm humanity does.I don’t know the HBO series is very weird on what they choose to do as I could see him coming back but just not how the show did it
Shari Anderson
Shari Anderson - 11 dager siden
You forget that Manhattan also said he would make life, and he did. But the life he made was considered a failure by him, which made him miss humans and that's why he returned.
Earnest Scribbler
Earnest Scribbler - 15 dager siden
As a geek, it was disturbing for me to find out that so many folks in the geek community use words like 'libtard', 'woke' and 'anti-white trash'. It's partly what caused me to reevaluate Wonder Woman and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
HamsterC6 - 9 dager siden
@Kind Brute I can agree with that. The dumb cliche dc cgi battle at the end really sucks, but it doesn't make the movie bad.
Kind Brute
Kind Brute - 10 dager siden
@HamsterC6 Wonder Woman was let down by its trash ass 3rd act. Before that it's actually really good
HamsterC6 - 12 dager siden
@Earnest Scribbler wow. I'm glad I never knew about this, at least based on the Last Jedi's response and the fact that I like wonder woman.
Earnest Scribbler
Earnest Scribbler - 13 dager siden
@HamsterC6 People were. Not a big or noticable crowd, but there were folks who said it was only popular, 'cause of its cultural significance. That's probably partly why, but it's definitely not the only reason.
HamsterC6 - 13 dager siden
Wait wait wait... People were trashing wonder woman?!
Mike Tyson Jr
Mike Tyson Jr - 16 dager siden
The show was great. All the people crying woke are clearly just shouting out buzzwords. The show was pro gun, pro cop, it even took a dig at Europa which I guess would be classed as a liberal paradise where everyone is nice to each other, it was so liberal that even Dr Manhattan wanted to comeback to earth. Also lets talk about Lady Triue who wanted to play god and get rid of poverty and make the world a equal place, but even she was considered extreme just like the racists. Being Anti racism is not woke, also Rorschach teachings were fine, racists manipulated his words to justify their own actions, which happens in the real world with religion. The show was great, enjoyed it. It played with many uncomfortable topics. The extreme left and extreme right, i think the message was neither is good
F4MOUSxN4STY - 16 dager siden
What I find so irritating about watchmen is that the completely flip the right and the left; the extreme left are the people who dox, hate, and have in some scenarios killed police, like David dorin and Dallas 4 years ago. Police wouldn’t have to hide their identities from people on the right.. in real life police are scared of what the left will do to them, they show up at the homes of people ideologically opposed to them!!
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth - 14 dager siden
NEFF WARFARE You clearly don’t understand the argument, they wouldn’t be in charge of traffic violations anymore, that would be a separate department not funded by police funding. You don’t need a gun to give somebody a speeding ticket. The part about most social workers being less trained is a lie, I guarantee a social worker has more training than a police officer ever will, and reason a lot of those situations turn violent is because the presence of a man with a gun (police) escalates the situation, just by being there the police elevate the danger to themselves and the public. That also doesn’t make sense with situations like suicide prevention, noise complaints, and other misdemeanor and petty crimes which is literally most of what police respond to, and again when those situations do turn violent its the presence on the armed police that escalate it in the first. Think of it like taking money from The Air Force for launching satellites, and then giving it to the Space Force. Technically you’d be “defunding” the Air Force, but if the money is just moving somewhere else to be used for the same thing just in a better and more efficient way, why does it matter? That’s the nuance behind defunding and I don’t agree with it %100, but police have shown that they refuse to reform, and the bad apples that get fired usually just get a job at a different police force and generally don’t face any punishment outside if the most well know examples. You can’t reform a system that refuses to follow those reforms, and can’t excise a cancer without giving chemotherapy
NEFF WARFARE - 14 dager siden
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth The whole thing you said about defunding the police and instead giving the money to social workers who have studied is untrue.Most social workers have not gone to college or have experience.The police are over all better as if you look at it a lot of jobs that social workers could be sent into could become extremely violent.Also if you defund the police you will get worse cops with less training and they will try to get money back through other things like traffic violations even minor ones you wouldn’t get in trouble for now.Instead move funding around in police departments to focus more on training as well trained cops can do a lot of stuff social workers can but faster and get rid of police who have been shown to be violent
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth - 15 dager siden
NEFF WARFARE first of all, no, the right doxxes just as many people as the left and participates in targeted harassment campaigns just as often, that’s why I talked about Kiwi Farms, the biggest doxxing site of all, and I can tell you it’s not run by liberals or leftists. The left wanting to defund the police is a misnomer, why give more money to police who have shown that they will literally ignore laws meant to reform them when you can take the funding away and make different unarmed branches for non violent offenses, like we already do for parking patrols and park rangers. Not even life 5 percent of a police’s job is responding to violent offense, why do we send armed men to deal with attempted suicides and minor disputes when we could send social workers who have studied for years instead of throwing more money at police to get a watered down training for the same thing. There are counties that have passed laws to reform police, like one that outlawed warrior training which is responsible for a lot of the unjustified police deaths, but the police unions gave their officers the training anyway circumventing the law. Clearly reforms and training haven’t worked, and giving police literal billions in funding has yet to give any positive results. Defunding police is not just give them less money, it means reforming how they spend that money and diverting some to other programs that will do literally the same jobs but with better results
NEFF WARFARE - 15 dager siden
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth the right doesn’t dox people as often as the left does were if your not woke and you say something they don’t like they will try to get you fired but the right does it far worse then the left when they get the chance which proves both sides have a cancel culture.The police thing about the right is true the right didn’t like the way cops worked but due to the way the left wants to fix cops not through training but by taking away funds the right won’t support it
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth - 15 dager siden
The left doesn’t have entire sites like Kiwi Farms set up to publically display as much information as they possibly can about people they don’t like unlike the right, so I’m gonna have to call bullshit on the left being worse than the right with doxxing. While nowadays the general consensus is that the far left is more anti-cop, the far right was just as anti-cop before the Trump presidency, with groups like Sovereign Citizens being a far right movement that hates cops, as well as incidents like the occupation of Malheur National Park by a right wing militia. Also, pretty sure it wasn’t a left winger who shot a cop over being told to put on a face mask.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 18 dager siden
Is that All Along the Watchtower in the background?
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 19 dager siden
Love how people who never read the actual comic can make reviews on this dumpster-fire of a show
Proceeds to Sneeze
Proceeds to Sneeze - 19 dager siden
You’re wrong
Big Bio
Big Bio - 20 dager siden
Guys nothing matters....... EXCEPT LUBE MAN!!!
mike deck
mike deck - 20 dager siden
It be interesting to see your take if you actually watched the whole thing. Your absolutely right to point out that the show is hardly a ringing endorsement of the new left leaning system imposed by Redford, it just says this in an undertone, when it says it at all and skirts the issue since its not really a major plot point. It is fairly clear to us that this new order is based on a lie and the deaths of millions of innocent people who were not given the choice to sacrifice their lives for it. At the same time Redford is aware of this and is probably a dictator of sorts. So this new system is on the same shaky ground that the last one was.
As far as Walter Kovacs goes. I mostly agree with you about his mantle and his journal being embraced by extremist groups. While Kovacs admires the Comedian, the Comedian is in bed with the government, which is something Kovacs would never do as he seems to consider politicians as being inherently corrupt. He is an extreme libertarian. By his own admission he wants to see the world fall apart and then when the world asks for his aid he intends to refuse it. We do have to keep in mind that this guy is not right in the head. His character is full of contradictions and paradoxes. He'd never support a group like the the 7th cavalry since its simply a front for power hungry elites. At the same time by giving his journal to a far right publication he clearly knew that many people simply would choose not to believe it. There is one scene in the book where he needs to show Dan a newspaper headline and he buys a mainstream publication for this purpose instead of showing him the copy of the New Frontiersman that he purchased at the same time. He knew Dan might doubt the veracity of the story if was in his far right newspaper. Crazy or not we are told that this man is intelligent, he knew he was likely to die in Antartica and probably wouldn't be surprised that extremists ended up drawing inspiration from his journal.
inferno0020 - 20 dager siden
A lot of people, including those die-hard fans, missed the point that characters like Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach and Ozymandias are meant to be British PARODIES of superheroes/supervllains and they are not supposed to be characters to be idolized.
inferno0020 - 15 dager siden
Ozymandias = parody of US realpolitik + Alexander the Great + Superhero "Thunderbolt" Rorschach = parody of US law-and-order vigilantism + Inspector Javert + Superhero "the Question" Dr. Manhattan = parody of US military might + Watchmaker analogy + Superhero "Captain Atom"
dieharddougie - 21 dag siden
Everything is about black and white watchmen proves open mind means a vulunerable to not seeing how liberal view white america...they hate us and want us dead...
Reincarnated Pewdiepie
Reincarnated Pewdiepie - 24 dager siden
Ah sorry Cosmonaut but I think you might wanna reread the comic. I never did but I believe this video is made by someone who understands the comic.
Arislanbek Kosnazarov
Arislanbek Kosnazarov - 24 dager siden
Along the watchtower? Background music?
Darth Rue
Darth Rue - 24 dager siden
I want to see what Marcus thinks about the show as a whole
Sidney Suen
Sidney Suen - 24 dager siden
One of the problems about Rorschach in the show is that, as the show's creator admits, is that Rorschach isn't alive to approve or disapprove of the 7th Calvary's ideology.
It would be pretty ironic to see Rorschach beating up 7th Calvary members because they were engaging in criminal behaviour.
Wlof25 - 6 dager siden
The problem for me is that his journal have led to nowhere story wise. His image was taken from some other faction for their own purpose. Other than masks, Rorschach is pretty worthless in the show, which sucks.
SMARTART - 25 dager siden
The show is a critique of neoliberalism and the number of people who gloss over the fact that Moore is an anarchist is interesting cause the Watchmen isn’t “liberal”.
NoLaKazi - 25 dager siden
watchmen is better that Arrow post season 4 and the rest of the cw shows
Hating on Y’all 2020
Hating on Y’all 2020 - 25 dager siden
Rorschach is what edge-lords think they are
David Alexander
David Alexander - 25 dager siden
Yeah rorschach was never supposed to be celebrated. Moore actually found people celebrating him to be appalling
Kujakuseki01 - 26 dager siden
I’d love to hear your thoughts after the end of the series.
Kujakuseki01 - 26 dager siden
The series is fucking incredible. Finally watched it. Amazing.
PizzaPringles 69
PizzaPringles 69 - 26 dager siden
This was my dads favorite show of the year and he had no prior watchmen knowledge. I think it actually does a really good job of just throwing you into the middle of this already established world and slowly unravels and makes you figure out what’s going on. By the end it all comes together
Ultra Xela
Ultra Xela - 26 dager siden
Marcus constant finds a way for me to like everything
A. Bobs
A. Bobs - 27 dager siden
I have neither seen the Watchman movie nor read the comic, though I am familiar with Alan Moore's work. Actually, years ago I had no interest in the material despite all the hype from my friends. I only gave the series a shot because of the actors and HBO's treatment of other properties. I absolutely loved it. I fucking cried watching the last two episodes. Though I did have to watch the series twice in order to parse the references to the older movie. But the groundwork is there for you to enjoy the plot even without that added layer.
Charles Puruncajas
Charles Puruncajas - 27 dager siden
Watchmen was never about racism. (Even black characters like Dr. Malcolm had personality)