Halloween (2018) - Worth Watching?

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 03:35


Marko Delich
Marko Delich - 3 dager siden
It was exciting, pulse beating and awesome movie. A few minor flaws were that there were way too many unnecessary kills and subplots, it didn't made me care for this Vicky chick, or Ray or the two cops and there were so many forgettable characters
Brett Nickel
Brett Nickel - Måned siden
I gave it 8.5, its high but in terms of what its trying to do and the categories its a part of thats what id give it
Alan Gummy
Alan Gummy - 3 måneder siden
Yes sir
montae bound
montae bound - 4 måneder siden
Yup sequels called Halloween kills and Halloween ends
Xehanort10 - 4 måneder siden
1:52 That'll be the "The world is not a dark and evil place. It is full of love and understanding and I am not letting your psychotic rants confuse me or convince me otherwise" bit I'm guessing. I know the character of Karen is supposed to be naive and in denial until Michael comes back but the delivery is still bad.
Unkown Figure
Unkown Figure - 5 måneder siden
3:03 we’ll see about that when halloween kills comes out
Devin Harbert
Devin Harbert - 5 måneder siden
NOTHING, Compared to Halloween H20
Devin Harbert
Devin Harbert - 5 måneder siden
This film is FUCKING BAD
Devin Harbert
Devin Harbert - 5 måneder siden
This is by FAR the most Disappointing film I’ve ever sat
Tom Ffrench
Tom Ffrench - 6 måneder siden
But is it as good as Friday the 13th part 4?
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz - 7 måneder siden
Take it from someone who's seen every horrible sequel since 4 in the theater, this counts as a "good movie"
MR. KRABZ - 7 måneder siden
Wait, there’s ads, how did he not get copyrighted to hell with the music at the end
TheTdroid - 10 måneder siden
I really enjoyed the setup for it, but the long take where he murders people just kinda made me lose interest. Prior to that, you had to pay attention to the background to get a feel for what was happening or be left wondering when he had time to murder this or that person and that knocking on the bathroom stall and dropping the teeth was scary as fuck and a great climax to a scene establishing just how dangerous this bastard is. Then they spoil the suspense by showing him do it directly on screen, revealing that while physically intimidating, it wouldn't take more than half a brain to foil him if you knew he was coming, which completely fucks the climax of the whole film.

Honestly, I think slasher fics like this would work better if most of the film was more like the bathroom murder and that a lot of the "showing" of him murdering would be people trying to figure out how the hell he managed it after the fact, by following clues. You know, leave the audience in suspense when it comes to just how he does things. This would also let the writers throw in a couple of curve balls by having characters wrongly interpret his methods and prepare for his assault in the wrong way, putting them in the bind for the final act.

Done that way, you could actually have characters that aren't half-wits end up in tense and dangerous situations, which would probably leave a more positive impression.
This movie was pretty good.
Shy Bug
Shy Bug - 11 måneder siden
🖤 🎃🎃 🧡
Jack backerrack
Jack backerrack - 11 måneder siden
Movie pissed me off. Music was good but fuck this shit. I'd rather have it continue from part 6 lol fuck it.
SkullCap Productions
SkullCap Productions - 11 måneder siden
By far, my favorite movie in the Halloween franchise, aside from the original (because its obviously not only the best Halloween movie, but possibly one of the best horror movies), is Rob Zombies Halloween 1 and 2. Why do I like them? Apart from the 2nd half of the first one, they're original stories. Michael is not the same as he is in every Halloween movie, he's actually different and laurie is also different. The rest of the Halloween films, granted I've only seen H20 and this new one, feel the same. Masked guy kills people, gets "killed," main characters live for the sequel. In Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, everybody dies including Michael. They aren't the best films, but if you pretend they are their own movies, they can kind of stand on their own. It's like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. It's not the same grotesque artistic masterpiece the original is, it's kind of what you expect from the title and it's kind of interesting.
Idk. Maybe I'm just an idiot. I'm a sucker for original remakes (example, The Thing and The Fly.)
Deka M
Deka M - 11 måneder siden
Hey. You gave this movie the same score as spider man 2. I'm calling the cops
Thomas Hitchings
Thomas Hitchings - År siden
it’s an Axem rip off how unorigional
Zak Harrison
Zak Harrison - År siden
If you’re a fan of the original then you’ll fucking hate this movie
Colin - År siden
Review Hereditary!
Bear Grills
Bear Grills - År siden
Come on Kane! Nick castle returned as The Shape, Robert did a small special episode of the Goldbergs as Freddy now it's your time to shine again.
Cultist - År siden
The shape hunts allyson
Robbie Connor
Robbie Connor - År siden
8\10 for me
Hazard Rider
Hazard Rider - År siden
For the sequels, they should just attempt the anthology thing again! Who fuckin’ cares about Michael anymore!? The sequels are just gonna ruin his “character” all over again
Sophia Doulis
Sophia Doulis - År siden
I know it's late but,,,,, Haunting of Hill House review?
JogaOhio - År siden
Best Halloween since the first one.
David W
David W - År siden
Rob Zombie's remake was better
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan - År siden
Good review! I liked it better the second time. It's done in the style of the original, but does a weirdly good job bringing it into the 21st Cent. So you kinda have to have seen the original in the 70s in order to fully appreciate the "homage" aspects. The reason for the strange angles, the plot tricks, and strange cuts is done as a callback to the original. It's *meant* to be schlocky. : )
R Rodey
R Rodey - År siden
What was the bad line though
Thomas Powers
Thomas Powers - År siden
Morten Heidelbach
Morten Heidelbach - År siden
I think this movie is a perfect sequel to the original
It has most of the same characters, the same feel and has some really great kills and tense moments.
That said it does have some stupid shit
SuperZrs - År siden
The real question is if Michael Myers escapes from prison... is Halloween ruined?
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan - År siden
My favorite part is the whole film because I like both the first and this one.
Graveyard rat
Graveyard rat - År siden
the soundtrack made me bust a nut
Rickey Ammons
Rickey Ammons - År siden
Bro please review Tusk lol your commentary on it will be fuckin hilarious
t - År siden
I was very excited for this movie seeing how much of a horror movie classic the first movie was. The first part of the new movie was bad. The movie was just boring up until Michael Myers escaped. But after he escaped, it was amazing! He was vicious and they showed every gruesome detail of every death, without it looking like bad acting. BUT THE THING THAT MAKES THIS MOVIE BAD IS THE DAD, HIS ACTING IS FUCKING TERRIBLE. I’m not a huge fan of explosions in horror movies but, this one pulled it off. I’d rate this a 9/10 if they edited out the cheesy beginning part.
JMW Universe
JMW Universe - År siden
Nigga you don’t know nothing because this movie is a 8/10
Alexandre Dion
Alexandre Dion - År siden
What’s sad about this franchise is it will never end... This would have been a great last movie, just like the original Halloween II or H20 back in ‘98
Scythe LDN
Scythe LDN - År siden
Why did I find the Castlevania Bloodlines music hilarious in this video 😂
Andrew Robles
Andrew Robles - År siden
U should watch terrifier
simon delisle
simon delisle - År siden
I watch all the halloween films before watching this one and it might be my favorite halloween film.
Nick Zezza
Nick Zezza - År siden
Dude, you should do reviews of the Lord of the Rings movies. I can’t be the only one who feels like I wasted 9 hours of my life. 😒
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan - År siden
Marcus I went to HALLOWEEN (2018) and the shit that your saying your wrong
verzögern - År siden
Holy shit Stan Lee died!!!
Cruzinthruspace - År siden
Worst movie ever. And you liked it? It should've had more kills. This movie was boring up until the time Mike came out. Ur an idiot reviewer.
Ivan Gravatá
Ivan Gravatá - År siden
Dude, you guys gotta make Interstellar review
Brandon Foord
Brandon Foord - År siden
Review batman ninja
SesameStFighter - År siden
Fuck no, this movie was absolutely trash. If you can stay awake through the first 30 minutes you'll be treated with Jamie Lee Curtis' absolutely moronic motivation. Oh and the ending, the fucking ending! 2 hours of Laurie being a paranoid bitch driven to kill MM, to only leave him in an escapable scenario and not confirm her kill. Waste of time and money.
Ty Spikes
Ty Spikes - År siden
Is this at least better than Predator in comparison?
Ophid Official
Ophid Official - År siden
Hey my guy, what's the effect you put on to make it look like an old movie to evade getting copywrite strikes?
Tobias Holm
Tobias Holm - År siden
I would give it the same rating. It was not bad at all
Blaze_Sportelli - År siden
Halloween was one of the worst movies ive ever seen. I laughed the whole time bc it was so dumb. 5/10 for being hilarious
Yeezy ASMR
Yeezy ASMR - År siden
The movie is pretty great, the thing that bothered me was the ending, it was so plain and very “is that it?” Like
Cayonicle - År siden
I keep thinking it says fucking cosmonaut quiche
Greed - År siden
Saw Halloween on the weekend, it was pretty boring and just made like no sense and some writing was lazy and most of the cuts are trash
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath - År siden
Harold - År siden
I tried to turn my brain off while watching the movie but I honestly think the best parts where Just Micheal killing people, I feel like they could've killed (unnamed important character) and the movie would've been the same, this movie just didn't need to be made, yea the other Halloween movies/sequels where dumb, but this was just way to stupid even for me
_ Quirky_
_ Quirky_ - År siden
This is a cool movie but it isn't a scary movie.
Parker Edinger
Parker Edinger - År siden
Love your videos but Jamie Lee Curtis performance was dogshit
Justin Willis
Justin Willis - År siden
Parker Edinger wowwww. wrong lol