Guys, Far From Home is So Good

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Wildfilm Productions
Wildfilm Productions - 15 timer siden
I love how Cosmonaut and Hi-tops taste in Spider-Man media is so different
Sundaram Jayaswal
Sundaram Jayaswal - Dag siden
This channel SUCKS
Nicholas Arno
Nicholas Arno - 2 dager siden
that suit case he took with him on the trip that he also lost on the trip belonged to his uncle be before he died and he just lost it and didn't care not even a simple OH NO
Vicente Barahona
Vicente Barahona - 2 dager siden
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Bananakin Skywalker
Bananakin Skywalker - 2 dager siden
I always thought that Spider-Man getting hit by a train was there to remind us that his spider sense wasn’t working. It’s not very obvious but I though that on my first viewing
Pedro Talons
Pedro Talons - 3 dager siden
2:35 It's not like it is a joke in that universe is more like it is what would happen naturally, ya know, for the left behind it's been 5 years so it's not as fresh and for the snapped it was just a "blip" instantaneous, it would be confusing but once the dust had settled (pun intended) it would eventually be just a normal topic!
Antonio Moraga
Antonio Moraga - 3 dager siden
Its good, toby is still the best
Smoke Dragon
Smoke Dragon - 3 dager siden
id like to think his spider sense was either out of wack because of the blip or he still hasnt gotten used to it completely yet, thus the "spidersense not working" thing.
¿ xd
¿ xd - 3 dager siden
Its the worst Spider-Man movie
abel sanchez
abel sanchez - 4 dager siden
But this movie is kinda trash tho, still pretty good tho
Ann Marie King
Ann Marie King - 4 dager siden
What the only thing i hate about the movie the fact he likes lizz in the last movie then like mj the lazy writing
Number Juan
Number Juan - 5 dager siden
nah, this movie was absolute garbage. big downgrade compared to homecoming
Molag Bal
Molag Bal - 5 dager siden
Yeah but it was a bad Spider-Man movie
Super God Fist
Super God Fist - 5 dager siden
who tf is “zendya”?
Killerpanther407 - 5 dager siden
Zendiya😂 4:39
ShardOfKingdoms - 6 dager siden
This one was pretty good. Leagues better then Homecoming
Gibson - 6 dager siden
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour:
"If people say this movie doesn't have consequences I WILL RIP OFF MY NOSE!!"
Me: can we get a face reveal
Peter .J
Peter .J - 7 dager siden
MCU Spidey: takes 2 hours to defeat mysterio.
Spectacular Spiderman: Takes 1 minute to defeat mysterio.
Hotdog - 8 dager siden
I’m subbed to both Cosmonaut Variety hour and Hitop Films so I couldn’t stop laughing when a video titled “Far From Home Broke me” was put next to “Guys, Far From Home was so good” in my recommended
bdpchamp - 9 dager siden
I honestly thought every scene that didn’t involve mysterio was lame. Too much cringey dialogue
The big Meatball sub
The big Meatball sub - 9 dager siden
0:17 even ams2
CD Bonoan
CD Bonoan - 10 dager siden
I agree with your point here!!! 7:54
Tarun Abisheik
Tarun Abisheik - 11 dager siden
This movies sucks and worst fuck you cosmonaut bastard🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
LaVerdadEsMuyCatólica - 11 dager siden
Spider-Man: Home Run
death boy
death boy - 12 dager siden
ITS FUCKING SUCKS FUCK TOM HALLEND raimi spider-man its better then mcu spiderman FUCK U AND UR CHANNEL
Jeff Lau
Jeff Lau - 12 dager siden
Peter lost his spiders sensor it’s because he’s shave his hand
Waffle Pancake
Waffle Pancake - 12 dager siden
“and if those people say that this movie has no stakes or consequence I will RIP OFF MY NOSE AND PUT IT BACK ON UPSIDE DOWN”
Jt Garcia
Jt Garcia - 12 dager siden
Guys, Far From Home is so bad
Number Juan
Number Juan - 5 dager siden
Jt Garcia
Jt Garcia - 6 dager siden
@Sal Reyes Thanks, I'll also respect your opinion
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 6 dager siden
@Jt Garcia I disagree but respect your opinion
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 6 dager siden
@G G I disagree heavily but respect your opinion
G G - 9 dager siden
Jt Garcia 👍🏿
CT 1228
CT 1228 - 13 dager siden
I liked this movie,but I don't find that rewatchable. Spider-verse is my favorite spider-man movie
Mason Routt
Mason Routt - 17 dager siden
6:26 Um.... Spiderman 2?
Mason Routt
Mason Routt - 16 dager siden
Alfie look at the clip where he loses his powers and falls down in the allley
Alfie - 16 dager siden
S3 - 17 dager siden
I think you are fuckin blind.
Dylan Sturch
Dylan Sturch - 19 dager siden
I would love to see this guy and hitop films argue about Spider-Man
Jonathan Dominguez
Jonathan Dominguez - 19 dager siden
Peters spider scenes was still recovering after being braught back
Kreamy Entertainment
Kreamy Entertainment - 19 dager siden
Wtf was he talking about mysterio wasn’t spiteful towards peter he even kinda liked him he hated tony and used his tech to become a famous superhero how the hell does that mean he hates peter
Afro Turtle
Afro Turtle - 19 dager siden
His spider sense is off because it is recovering from sensing his own death In infinity war
Erick Mii
Erick Mii - 19 dager siden
This movie has no consequences
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
@Erick Mii and me thinking they're overrated isn't a theory. You do realize that OPINIONS can't be theories?
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
@Erick Mii I find the first two movies heavily overrated. The first one especially. The second one is good but I don't love it. I don't think it's as good as people say and I think it's slightly overrated
Erick Mii
Erick Mii - 10 dager siden
@Sal Reyes please tell me some points on how raimis spiderman is overrated
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
@Erick Mii what's a theory exactly?
Erick Mii
Erick Mii - 10 dager siden
@Sal Reyes but hey thats just a theory A
OminousFlare - 20 dager siden
Disses Spider-Man 2. Praises this piece of shit. So glad I'm not subscribed to this lunacy of a channel. I'll bet you think Homecoming is Jesus' second coming or some shit.
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
Anal leak shit>Raimi Trilogy
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
Spider-Man 2 is overrated fucking schlock. That and the first one are stupendously outdated and overrated
Weirddeck - 25 dager siden
does anyone know if he's ever rated a movie 10/10 on the channel?
Joseph - 20 dager siden
The lighthouse
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - 21 dag siden
star wars and empire.
Steven A
Steven A - 25 dager siden
I love the suit in this movie am I the only one who likes Holland but rather toby
Navya Trehan
Navya Trehan - 25 dager siden
Peter needs to setup out of iron man's shadow and uses stark billion dollars high tech jet with a fucking secret lab to design his suit using stark technology and looks just like tony in the first movie even with the same movie and spiderman needs to be a seprate hero
John watts and writers be like fuck uncle Ben and responsibilities of spiderman
He is just iron boy jr
Like what in the actual fuck
Oves Du
Oves Du - 26 dager siden
lol I thought this movie sucked
;;Nick. - 20 dager siden
It sucks.
Oves Du
Oves Du - 26 dager siden
Little spider bitch😂has everyone and everything looking out for him, the lack of struggle and gangsta make this Spider-Man look like a little girl that can't even make his own decisions.
Big zu
Big zu - 27 dager siden
My only problem with the Spiderman mcu villians is that their motivations dont stem from Peter but Iron man. But the allusion scene was just whack.
ROnan Mckenzie II
ROnan Mckenzie II - 28 dager siden
this movie killed me. the scene where the villain got the glasses and gave his exposition monologue made me walk out of the theatres. so embarrassing.
Uitzi_ Romero06
Uitzi_ Romero06 - Måned siden
It's like ahsoka running from the clones in clone wars
Liimo-Drake69 - Måned siden
i thought it was shit
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 9 dager siden
@G G well my opinion is that it's not
G G - 9 dager siden
Sal Reyes opinion
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
@;;Nick. it's not
;;Nick. - 20 dager siden
It is.
crunchy - 29 dager siden
WilfordThe 4th
WilfordThe 4th - Måned siden
I actually disagree, i dont think mysterio wanted to kill spider-man, I think he only had to because he was in his way of achieving his goal.
Walter Mitchell
Walter Mitchell - Måned siden
Chad Kensington
Chad Kensington - Måned siden
guys get a load of this simp
Angry Trooper
Angry Trooper - 26 dager siden
Guys, get a load of this guy that doesn't know how to use simp
ROnan Mckenzie II
ROnan Mckenzie II - 28 dager siden
thats funny
Smoke Smith
Smoke Smith - Måned siden
Anyone who looks to hitop films for reviews of these movies should look here instead since he’s admittedly biased towards the raimi trilogy and this guy is an actual comic fan
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 10 dager siden
@Boby Brown No Hitop doesn't. He's just a fucking hack who thinks he knows what's best but doesn't. Hes the very definition of a toxic Raimi fanboy
Boby Brown
Boby Brown - 14 dager siden
But hitops is speaking facts, this fucking dude doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.
ROnan Mckenzie II
ROnan Mckenzie II - 27 dager siden
@Smoke Smith yeah but when you watch them you just get that feeling. well i do at least. but thats just me. you do you. he is a perfectly good youtuber. i was just having an episode last night.
Smoke Smith
Smoke Smith - 27 dager siden
ROnan Mckenzie II and there’s literally no proof any of his videos are scripted
Smoke Smith
Smoke Smith - 27 dager siden
ROnan Mckenzie II his last original video was made about 7 months ago he streams and scripting that is not likely,and no I didn’t like my own comment,that was some other dumbass
Harisanker - Måned siden
Next up: SPIDERMAN: Home Alone
DJ A.M. - Måned siden
You said Zen-die-a, it's Zin-day-a
Cody Belk
Cody Belk - Måned siden
gotta admit, i am right there with ya brother, i , just, like, Spider-man. period
Sbeve Guggenheim
Sbeve Guggenheim - Måned siden
I was on board with what you said about the spider sense thing, but then i started thinking about it more and now i kinda disagree. I do think they should have mentioned it more than once, but they definitely do show it several times throughout the movie. He doesn't sense Nick Fury in the room, he doesn't sense the bell that knocks him down in the tower, he doesn't sense that Mysterio is lying to him for like half the movie, and he doesn't sense any of the illusions until the end
Owen Martin
Owen Martin - Måned siden
Spider-Man far from home 9/10
Blue Man Scoops
Blue Man Scoops - Måned siden
i personally dont like it
Bass 1113
Bass 1113 - Måned siden
“I don’t like half numbers”
If you still say boomer, you need to be executed.
Arachnid boy: not very close to house.
Jackson Self
Jackson Self - Måned siden
I heard like a year ago that there would be one trilogy for high school one for college and one for when he isn't in school. Would you want this to happen?
DIPIDI - Måned siden
plz watch hitop films opinion of this movie plz
crunchy - 29 dager siden